Team Defense Rankings: Week 2
John Tuvey
September 12, 2012
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Rank Team Opponent Comments
1 Packers vs. Bears An aggressive pass rush against a shaky o-line and Jay Cutler, plus Randall Cobb in the return game; plenty to like here.
2 Texans at Jaguars The Texans beat up Ryan Tannehill last week; now they set their sights on Blaine Gabbert.
3 Ravens at Eagles Michael Vick threw a bunch of picks in Cleveland last week; Ed Reed has to be salivating over this matchup.
4 Patriots vs. Cardinals Kevin Kolb's first start of 2012 comes against the new and improved New England defense. Good luck with all that.
5 Steelers vs. Jets Mark Sanchez shredded the Bills' revamped defense last week; we're betting he doesn't fare quite as well against the far more formidable Steelers.
6 Jets at Steelers You have to believe Rex Ryan will find a way to exploit the Steelers' injury-ravaged offensive line.
7 Bears at Packers While Aaron Rodgers isn't nearly as susceptible to turnovers the Bears bring plenty of heat and have a return game to match the Pack's.
8 49ers vs. Lions The Niners did a number on Aaron Rodgers & Co. in Lambeau, so hosting Matthew Stafford shouldn't faze them a bit.
9 Vikings at Colts Minnesota can still get after the passer, and behind the Colts' rag-tag lineeven top pick Andrew Luck can be forced into mistakes.
10 Cowboys at Seahawks The Cowboys are capable of bringing plenty of pressure, and Russell Wilson is still a rookie. Dez Bryant in the return game doesn't hurt, either.
11 Bengals vs. Browns After licking their Monday night wounds, the Bengals limp home for a date with Brandon Weeden. That should help.
12 Raiders at Dolphins On the bright side Oakland held firm in the red zone against the Chargers. Ryan Tannehill may not even get the Dolphins that close.
13 Chiefs at Bills Ryan Fitzpatrick picked up where he left off--emphasis on "pick"--and while the Bills are losing key offensive players KC is getting key defensive players back.
14 Giants vs. Buccaneers josh Freeman was Captain Checkdown last week, a skill that will come in handy against the relentless Giants pass rush.
15 Lions at 49ers Keeping Sam Bradford in check at home hardly suggests the Lions are ready for an improved San Francisco attack.
16 Seahawks vs. Cowboys The Twelfth Man always comes into play in Seattle; the Dallas o-line has enough trouble as it is holding back 11.
17 Falcons vs. Broncos The promos barely mention that either team will field a defense as Peyton Manning and Matt Ryan exchange pleasantries and touchdown passes.
18 Colts vs. Vikings Christian Ponder was pick-free at home against the Jags; pressure from Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney presents a new challenge for Matt Kalil & Co.
19 Chargers vs. Titans San Diego's defense gave Oakland all kinds of problems, and they'll get either a banged up Jake Locker or backup Matt Hasselbeck.
20 Eagles vs. Ravens After facing Brandon Weeden last week the Eagles may not be ready for a legit quarterback--which is exactly what Joe Flacco looked like in Week 1.
22 Browns at Bengals Cleveland picked Michael Vick four times last week but didn't pick Andy Dalton at all last year and will be without Joe Haden here.
21 Redskins at Rams The Redskins looked pretty good against Drew Brees; putting up fantasy points on Sam Bradford and a beat-up line should in theory be easier, right?
23 Broncos at Falcons The focus in this one will be on the offenses, though it wouldn't be a shock if Von Miller and Elvis Dumerville created some problems for the Atlanta o-line.
24 Buccaneers at Giants Tampa Bay made Cam Newton look foolish at home, but doing the same to Eli on the road is a significantly larger hurdle.
25 Bills vs. Chiefs Buffalo's investment in their defense didn't exactly pay dividends in Week 1. No need to give them another fantasy shot here.
26 Dolphins vs. Raiders The Raiders looked so bad Monday night that even the Dolphins might be able to generate some fantasy points off of them.
27 Titans at Chargers The Bolts looked pretty efficient, at least between the 20s, while the Titans are still reeling from the body blows Tom Brady and the Pats delivered last week.
28 Rams vs. Redskins The Rams gave Matthew Stafford and the Lions all they could handle--but RG3 poses a different challenge entirely.
29 Cardinals at Patriots Patrick Peterson is dangerous, but aside from him this unit against Tom Brady feels like a dramatic mismatch.
30 Panthers vs. Saints Cam Newton vs. Drew Brees doesn't exactly scream "defensive fantasy points" now, does it?
31 Saints at Panthers Cam Newton vs. Drew Brees doesn't exactly… wait, seems like we've heard this somewhere before.
32 Jaguars vs. Texans Jacksonville's D couldn't seal the deal in Minnesota; hosting the Texans has all the makings of a bludgeoning.

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