Tunnel Vision: Week 2
David Dorey
September 17, 2012
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Sunday Salutes
Quarterbacks Yards TD
Eli Manning 510 / -2r 3
Robert Griffin III 206 / 82r 3
Michael Vick 371 / 34r 3
Cam Newton 253 / 71r 2
Sam Bradford 310 /10r 3
Running Backs Yards TD
Reggie Bush 197 2
C.J. Spiller 180 2
Trent Richardson 145 2
Arian Foster 147 1
Ben Tate 97 2
Wide Receivers Yards TD
Danny Amendola 160 1
Hakeem Nicks 199 1
Victor Cruz 179 1
Dwayne Bowe 102 2
Vincent Jackson 128 1
Tight Ends Yards TD
Dante Rosario 48 3
Vernon Davis 73 2
Brent Celek 157 0
Rob Gronkowski 75 1
Martellus Bennett 72 1
Placekickers XPT FG
Lawrence Tynes 3 4
Jason Hanson 1 4
Stephen Gostkowski 0 4
Mason Crosby 2 3
Justin Tucker 2 3
Defense/Special Teams TDs Sacks TOs
Packers 1 7 4
Seattle 1 1 2
Bills 1 5 3
Redskins 1 2 3
Buccaneers 1 0 3

Bumps, Bruises and bowouts

Matt Forte - High Ankle Sprain
Kevin Boss - Head Injury
Aaron Hernandez - Ankle Sprain
Shonn Greene - Head Injury
Steven Jackson - Quad or benched. Flip a coin 'cause no one agrees.
Ahmad Bradshaw - Neck Injury
Jeremy Maclin - Hip Pointer Re-aggravated
Eddie Royal - Shoulder injury

Ten stats you need to know

1. Trent Richardson (145 yards, 2 TDs) - Unlike the season opener that saw Richardson still rusty, he was a force in week two. On the road in Cincinnati, he rushed for 109 yards on 19 carries with one touchdown and added 36 more yards and a score on four receptions.

Richardson doesn’t share carries and gets almost the entire workload from the backfield. A tough schedule makes him scary for a fantasy start but games like this shows he's worth the risk regardless of the opponent.

2. Justin Blackmon (4 targets, no catches) - While the best college wide out was thrown four passes, he caught none and worse yet Blaine Gabbert reverted to 2011 when he only completed seven of 19 passes for 53 yards and the one touchdown thrown to Maurice Jones-Drew who is not even a receiver. The Jaguars spent their 1.05 pick in the NFL draft on the Oklahoma State star and even brought in Laurent Robinson as one of the most coveted free agents.

And it just doesn't matter when the quarterback throws for only 53 yards in a game. Forget week one and downgrade anyone on the Jaguars who did not spend all summer holding out for no apparent gain.

3. Vincent Jackson (5-128, TD) - Not only did the Buccaneers prized free agent lead the receivers this week, he had four catches of 19+ yards including 41-yard gain and a 29-yard touchdown. For both games he has been the preferred target for Josh Freeman with ten passes aimed his way - more than double any other receiver.

This is a very favorable sign for a team with a softer schedule this season and an  offense much improved from 2011.

4. Martellus Bennett (40 yards + TD) - After his first two weeks as a starter, 40 yards and a touchdown has been the least you will get from the ex-Cowboy turned Giant. This week he reeled in five passes for 72 yards and a 33-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter.

While he is no equal to Hakeem Nicks or Victor Cruz, he is the third most used target for Eli Manning. With three road games on tap in the next four weeks, figure on Manning throwing no less and probably needing his new tight end even more.

5. Darren McFadden (54 rushing yards) - After two games, the Oakland star gained only 54 yards on 26 carries for a paltry two yards per carry. In week one he salvaged his fantasy value with 13 catches for 86 yards but only produced two receptions for 19 yards to go along with his 22 rushing yards in Miami. Is it a reason to be concerned? Well…Yes.

That all said, you cannot bench him knowing that he can turn in a touchdown on almost any play. McFadden has been the focus of the defense for two weeks and both the Chargers and Dolphins were effective. But the Chargers just stuffed Chris Johnson even worse while the Dolphins spent week one holding Arian Foster and Ben Tate to only 85 yards on 31 carries. It has been a rough start for McFadden who faces the visiting Steelers this week. Watch the McFadden owner by the Raiders week five bye since he may trade him on the cheap even though his schedule lightens up the rest of the way. The Raiders final six games of the fantasy season are NO, @CIN, CLE, DEN, KC and @CAR. It just hurts deeply for now.

6. Reggie Bush (197 yards, 2 TDs) - Bush was drafted as a second if not third starting running back for fantasy team owners but he's posting fantasy points like he was a first round pick. In week one, Bush gained a respectable 69 yards on 14 runs in Houston while adding six catches for 46 more yards. In his home opener against the Raiders, he was unstoppable. He rushed for 172 yards and two scores on 26 carries and any fears about his durability are unfounded in Miami.

What used to look like a bad schedule is getting softer with the Jets giving up 169 rush yards to C.J. Spiller and facing the Dolphins twice in the next five games along with Cardinals, Rams and Bengals. Better yet, from week 12 through 16 when you need him most he has four home games and just one road trip to San Francisco in week 14.

7. Brandon Gibson (2-53, TD) - All the hype will deservedly go to Danny Amendola after his 15 catch, 160 yard effort against the Redskins set a franchise record. Certainly the defensive focus by future opponents will be on the new "Wes Welker of the West". But Brandon Gibson turned in four catches for 51 yards and a touchdown in week one and just ended with two receptions for 53 yards and a score versus the Redskins. While that's still a bit thin for a fantasy starter, 50 yards and a touchdown every week means he needs to be on your roster filling bye weeks and standing in if your starters get injured.

8. Jake Locker (174 pass yards, TD) - After posting 266 yards and one score in the season opening loss to the Patriots, Locker only completed 50% of his passes for 174 yards and one score in San Diego. The problem with his struggles in the first two games is that it will only embolden defenses to stop the run and blitz more until Locker makes them pay. That has not happened yet and Chris Johnson totals 19 carries for just 21 yards after two weeks. The Titans line is not good enough to make the holes when almost all the defenders are clogging up every lane.

Locker will improve as will the Titans offense but so far none of them offer more than mediocre fantasy value. The next five games include three more road trips and home stands against the Lions and Steelers. With a defense that has allowed 72 points in just two games, there is little reason to expect any turnaround soon.

9. Michael Crabtree (17 targets) - After two weeks, Crabtree remains the primary target for Alex Smith. In a season where the 49ers finally acquired credible help with Randy Moss and Mario Manningham, it has been Crabtree who benefited the most. Instead of detracting from his chemistry with Smith, the other receivers have actually freed up Crabtree to have a solid start to the season with 13 catches for 143 yards.

10. Dennis Pitta (15 targets) - The Ravens tight end led the team with 15 targets - in one game. Pitta snagged eight passes and gained 65 yards against the Eagles. He also was Joe Flacco's preferred target in the opener when he turned nine passes into five catches for 73 yards. 17 catches for 138 yards is someone who should not be on the waiver wire in a league requiring a tight end. Torrey Smith and Anquan Boldin will always figure in, but Pitta has become the Raven's version of Rob Gronkowski.

Sunday Snippets

CHI 10, GB 23 All kinds of bad in this game. First - little scoring. Aaron Rodgers only threw 219 yards and one score and that went to Donald Driver. The other touchdown was a special teams play to Tom Crabtree. Cedric Benson ran for 81 yards on 20 carries against his original employer. But the best wideout was Jordy Nelson with just six catches for 84 yards and no score. No better for the Bears with Cutler only throwing for 126 yards, one score and four interceptions. Forte was lost and now Michael Bush (14-54) gets a month making fantasy owners feel kinda lucky. Brandon Marshall was shut down with only two catches for 24 yards. A yawner of a game unless you started the Packers defense. The 1-1 Bears host the Rams this week and the 1-1 Packers head to Seattle.
KC 17, BUF 35

The Bills went from being demolished by the Jets to laying down the hurt on the Chiefs. Ryan Fitzpatrick (178-2) had a decent game with Steve Johnson (2-56) and Scott Chandler (2-53) both scoring. But the man of the game was clearly C.J. Spiller who once again went nuts and gained 123 yards and two scores on just 15 carries and added three catches for 47 yards. Once again - turns it on like magic when Fred Jackson is out. The Chefs got 301 yards and two scores from Matt Cassel that mostly went to Dwayne Bowe (8-102, 2 TD) while Jamaal Charles only produced three yards on six runs while Peyton Hillis went 66 yards on 11 carries. Now the 0-2 Chiefs head to New Orleans while the 1-1 Bills go to Cleveland.

NO 27, CAR 35 One of the bigger surprises this year has been the Saints who are doing nothing to prove that week one was a fluke when they lost to the Skins. At least they are still generating fantasy points with Drew Brees throwing for 325 yards and one score and Darren Sproles turning in 13 catches for 128 yards. Jimmy Graham (7-71, TD) was the only other decent receiver though. Pierre Thomas (9-110) and Mark Ingram (16-53, TD) were effective as runners. But the Panthers not only saw Cam Newton pass for 253 yards and one score, he rushed for 71 yards and a second touchdown. DeAngelo Williams made up for last week when he gained 69 yards and a touchdown on 14 runs and Jonathan Stewart turned in 51 yards on 11 runs and scored on his 17-yard catch. Both Steve Smith (3-104) and Brandon LaFell (6-90) had nice efforts. The 0-2 Saints return home to host the Chiefs and the 1-1 Panthers host the Giants.
CLE 27, CIN 34

Sure, we all expected the Bengals to win but Brandon Weeded went from his horrible season opener to throwing for 322 yards and two scores with no turnovers in Cincy. Granted, there were no decent fantasy plays here other than Greg Little (5-57, TD). Trent Richardson had his first big game with 109 yards and a score on 19 carries and he added four catches for 36 yards and one more TD. Compared to last week, it was a huge explosion of offense. The Bengals had Andy Dalton pass for 318 yards and three scores but once again the only fantasy play was AJ Green (7-58, TD), BenJarvus Green-Ellis never scored but ended with 105 total yards. Lots of points that somehow had almost no fantasy bearing. Now the 0-2 Browns host the Bills and the 1-1 Bengals head to Washington.

MIN 20, IND 23 This was almost the Game-O-The-Week. If you were a Colts fan, it definitely was. Christian Ponder passed for 245 yards and two scores and went with Percy Harvin (12-104) so often it was surprising they covered the other receivers. Adrian Peterson only gained 60 yards on 165 carries and maybe is not 100% vintage ADP quite yet. Andrew Luck (224-2) had an impressive game by bringing the Colts back for the win. Donald Brown (16-45) was pretty much what you expected when you passed him by in your draft. Reggie Wayne (6-71, TD) and Donnie Avery (9-111) were the only two receivers with more than 16 yards. Bottom line - The Vikings tied the score with 36 seconds left to play and could not prevent the Colts from gaining 55 yards in 19 seconds and kicking a 53-yard field goal to win. The 1-1 Vikings return home to host the 49ers and the 1-1 Colts welcome the Jaguars to town.
HOU 27, JAC 7

And Cinderella goes back to pumpkins. After an impressive opener over the Vikings, Blaine Gabbert was every bit as bad as 2011 when he only completed 7 of 19 for 53 yards and one touchdown (go figure). Horrible. And Maurice Jones-Drew only had 12 carries to gain 60 yards though he did catch the one touchdown pass. One pictures Justin Blackmon on Saturdays watching Oklahoma State play and openly weeping. This is a much worse sign for the season than week one was a good one. They cannot all be the Vikings... other than the Vikings. The Texans had little more than dink and dunk passing with 195 yards by Matt Schaub and just 21 yards on three catches by Andre Johnson. Arian Foster ran for 110 yards and one score on 28 runs while Ben Tate gained 74 yards on 12 runs and had two touchdowns. It was an easy win and once again - it all pointed to Gabbert and the lack of any credible passing. Now the 2-0 Texans head to Denver and the 0-2 Jaguars head to Indianapolis.

ARI 20, NE 18 Another Game-O-The-Week contender that still makes you shake your head and rub your eyes. The Pats lost their home opener - which never happens - and Tom Brady passed for 316 yards but only one touchdown and one interception. Losing Aaron Hernandez hurt but Rob Gronkowski (6-75, TD) remained the one receiver that is always a fantasy treat. Wes Welker (5-95) and Brandon Lloyd (8-60) had moderate fantasy games where much more was expected. Even Stephan Ridley only gained 71 yards on 18 runs. The Cardinals won by playing good defense and great special teams. Kevin Kolb (140 yards) threw one score and rushed in another. But Beanie Wells (14-44) and Ryan Williams (10-13) were not only ineffective, but Williams lost a fumble that would have lost the game about 9 out of 10 times. Larry Fitzgerald? One catch for four yards was all. The Cards won this one with defense, special teams and a bit of luck. The 2-0 Cardinals return home to host the Eagles and the 1-1 Patriots head to Baltimore.
BAL 23, PHI 24

Two weeks in a row the Eagles pull out a comeback win in the waning minutes. Michael Vick passed for 371 yards and one score to Jeremy Maclin who had just that one catch. DeSean Jackson (7-114) and Brent Celek (8-157) were the two receivers doing the damage. LeSean McCoy ran for 81 yards and a score on 25 runs but only added two catches for eight yards. Ray Rice rushed for 99 yards and gained 53 yards on six catches as the main weapon for the Ravens who only really used Dennis Pitta (8-65). That left Torrey Smith (2-51) and Anquan Boldin (2-7) as bad fantasy plays this week. It was a tough game that the Eagles managed to comeback and win. That sends the 2-0 Eagles to Arizona while the 1-1 Ravens host the Patriots this week.

OAK 13, MIA 35 The Dolphins reversed their direction after getting pummeled in week one and instead handed out the beating themselves. Ryan Tannehill passed for 200 yards and one score to Anthony Fasano but had no interceptions which is maybe more important. Reggie Bush gained 172 yards and two scores on 26 runs and added 25 yards on three catches to be the stud of the game. The Fins won so easily that they even allowed Lamar Miller to come in and gain 65 yards and a score on ten runs. Brian Hartline (9-111) had the very rare fantasy relevant game unlike all other Miami receivers. The Raiders passed for 373 yards and one score that went to Mike Goodson on a 64-yard catch and run. Darren McFadden (11-22) had no success rushing or receiving (2-19). Denarius Moore was able to play but ended with 67 yards on three receptions. The Raiders could never get it going and the Fins could not stop. Now the 1-1 Dolphins host the Jets this week and the 0-2 Raiders get to play against the visiting Steelers.
DAL 7, SEA 27

The Cowboys looked as bad this week as they did good in New York in the opener. Tony Romo passed for 251 yards and one score despite the second half being mostly trash time. Miles Austin (5-63, TD) was the lead receiver and Jason Witten (4-58) dropped a touchdown. Dez Bryant was held to only 17 yards on three catches. Even DeMarco Murray only gained 44 yards on 12 runs. The Seahawks had great defense and special teams play to get the win, along with 122 yards and a TD from Marshawn Lynch. Russell Wilson passed for just 151 yards and one score but made no mistakes. No Seattle receivers mattered let alone had any fantasy significance. The loss sends the 1-1 Cowboys home to host the Buccaneers while the 2-0 Seahawks remain in Seattle to play the Packers this week.

WAS 28, STL 31 Yet another game that makes you reassess just who is who this year. Robert Griffin III was a great fantasy play with 206 yards and a score as a passer and then 82 yards and two touchdowns on 11 runs. Alfred Morris (16-89) had no catches but was the starter for two games straight. Leonard Hankerson's 68 yard touchdown catch provided pretty much all the passing fireworks on one play. The Rams were able to get 310 passing yards from Sam Bradford along with three touchdowns. The only receiver that really mattered was Danny Amendola with 15 catches for 160 yards and one touchdown as the new Wes Welker in the NFL. Brandon Gibson (2-53) did score for the second week in a row. The interesting part of this game was Steven Jackson spiking the ball after an apparent touchdown and being flagged. The refs also failed to notice it was a touchdown but HC Jeff Fisher did not challenge because he was too busy giving a timeout to Jackson (AKA the most senior and productive of all active running backs). And he actually got away with it even though Daryl Richardson (15-83) lost a fumble on the WAS-41 yard line with 2:50 left to play. The Skins missed their 62-yard field goal attempt to give the win to the Rams. The 1-1 Skins will host the Bengals this week and the 1-1 Rams head to Chicago.
NYJ 10, PIT 27

And back go the Jets. Mark Sanchez reverts a bit with only 10 of 27 for 138 yards and one score that went to Santonio Holmes (3-28) on their first offensive series. After that - downhill fast. Shonn Greene (11-23) gave way to Bilal Powell (9-33) and nothing worked like last week when everything worked. The Steelers had virtually no rushing game with 24 carries for 53 yards from all backs though Isaac Redman ran in one touchdown. Ben Roethlisberger had a healthy 275 yards and two scores split between Heath Miller (3-19) and Mike Wallace (5-74) while Antonio Brown had a team high seven receptions for 79 yards. The Jets had a nice opening drive then this was all Steelers the rest of the game. The 1-1 Jets head to Miami this week and the 1-1 Steelers head west to play in Oakland.

TEN 10, SD 38 The Titans season is not starting that strongly. Chris Johnson (8-17) now has two games of being invisible and did not even have the receptions this time to compensate. Jake Locker only completed 15 of 30 for 174 yards and one score that went to Kendall Wright. No receiver had over 46 yards while the Titans offense only produced a total of 212 yards in the game. The Chargers got 284 yards and three scores from Philip Rivers that all went to Dante Rosario (4-48) who filled in for Antonio Gates who was a late scratch due to his sore ribs from the afternoon game. Malcom Floyd led all receivers with six catches for 109 yards and Jackie Battle ended up with 14 runs for 69 yards and two scores in the fourth quarter after Curtis Brinkley had 18 runs for 43 yards. This was just a beat down no matter that the Chargers had no starting running back or tight end. The 0-2 Titans are looking very bad and return home to host the Lions this week. The 2-0 Chargers will play the visiting Falcons.
DET 19, SF 27

Good way to wind down from the day full of upsets. The 49ers defense predictably put the thumb down on all things Detroit which left Matthew Stafford with only 230 yards and one score (most of it late game) and Calvin Johnson (8-94) accounted for nearly half of all completions and all of the fantasy value. Brandon Pettigrew snagged the one touchdown but only ended with three catches for 18 yards. This early in the season means Frank Gore (17-89, TD) is still looking spry while Alex Smith played an effective, controlled game with 226 yards and two scores and no turnovers. Vernon Davis accounted for both passing touchdowns on his five catches for 73 yards and Michael Crabtree ended with 67 yards on six receptions. The game was mostly the 49ers flexing their defensive muscle while their offense continues to look improved as well. The Lions head to Tennessee while the 49ers go to Minnesota.

Huddle Player of the Week

Eli Manning - Yeah, okay so he threw three interceptions but he ended with 510 passing yards and three touchdowns - none of them shorter than 23 yards. He averaged 16.5 yards on his 31 completions and becomes the 13th quarterback to ever throw for over 500 yards in the NFL. Of the 13 passers, four others are still playing - Matthew Stafford, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger. Gotta love watching your fantasy quarterback turn in the 8th most passing yards in a game in NFL history.


Drama 101 - Somebody has to laugh, somebody has to cry

Comedy Yards TDs Tragedy Yards TDs
QB Sam Bradford 320 3 QB Aaron Rodgers 219 1
RB Andre Brown 90 1 RB Ahmad Bradshaw 16 0
RB Jackie Battle 69 2 RB Chris Johnson 28 0
WR Donnie Avery 111 0 WR Larry Fitzgerald 4 0
WR Brian Hartline 111 0 WR Brandon Marshall 24 0
WR Brandon Tate 71 1 WR Andre Johnson 21 0
TE Dante Rosario 48 3 TE Aaron Hernandez zip 0
PK Justin Tucker 2 FG 3 XP PK Dan Bailey 1 XP

Huddle Fantasy Points = 129

Huddle Fantasy Points = 22

Sunday's Couch Commentary

Some jaw droppers this week. You watch week one and think maybe you have some sort of handle on what teams will be like this year and it only takes week two to remind you that it will be at least a month before you can get comfortable with most teams if in fact you can ever really rely on a franchise to be highly consistent.

A few changes from week one to week two:

Teams that were not really that bad: Packers, Bills, Giants, Bengals, Dolphins and Rams

Teams that were not really that good: Bears, Redskins, Jets, Ravens and Cowboys

Teams that make you go "hmmm" : Saints, Patriots, Giants, Cardinals, Rams and Chargers

Important key to games so far - 13 of 15 games were won by the home team last week. The Patriots losing at home to the Cardinals is amazing. There are just a lot of teams that could go either way this year and next week will probably mix it all up more than clarify who is good and who is bad.

The Game-O-The-Week? Several contenders you have to love a game with 75 total points that saw the reigning Superbowl champ need to score 24 fourth quarter points to pull out a win.

Buccaneers 34, Giants 41

This game opened with field goals ending the first three series for a Giants 6-3 lead. At the top of the second quarter, Eli Manning threw an interception that was returned to the NYG 28-yard line and after two plays for a one yard loss, Josh Freeman hit Vincent Jackson for a 29-yard touchdown and a 10-6 lead.

After trading the ball, Manning threw another interception that was returned to the NYG 13-yard and turned into a Doug Martin touchdown in two plays. 17-6 in favor of the Buccaneers with 6:30 left in the second quarter. But Manning engineered a ten play drive that ended with a 23-yard score to Hakeem Nicks. 17-13 with 1:59 left to play.

The Bucs could get no first down and punted to the Giants with 53 seconds left and the Giants started on their own 25-yard line. After five plays, the Giants are at the TB 39-yard line with 23 seconds left before halftime when Manning throws to Victor Cruz and watches the interception go 60 yards the other way for a 24-13 Buccaneers lead at the half. Not a good half for Manning.

The third quarter saw both teams kick a field goal for a Buccaneers lead 27-16 to start the fourth quarter.

At 12:26, The Giants kick a 24-yard field goal when they cannot score after first and goal to go at the five yard line. 27-19.

The Buccaneers reach midfield and punt next and the Giants take over at their own 12-yard line. On third and two, Manning finds Victor Cruz for an 80-yard touchdown and since the two point run by Andre Brown was good, the score is tied 27-27 with 6:59 left to play.

Three and out and the Giants go to work from their own 33-yard line. Four plays later and Martellus Bennett scores a 33-yard touchdown for a 34-27 lead with 3:59 left to play.

But the Buccaneers are not done. Starting at their own 20-yard line, they only need five plays to score a 41-yard touchdown pass to Mike Williams for a 34-34 tie with only 2:08 left to play.

First and ten from their own 20-yard line and Manning finds Ramses Barden for 24 yards. With 1:28 left to play, Nicks catches a 50 yard completion down to the Tampa Bay 11-yard line, Andre Brown gained nine yards up the middle and then with 34 seconds left to play, he bulls it over from two-yards out for the 41-34 win. Bucs throw an interception with 12 seconds left to end the game.

The Giants lost Ahmad Bradshaw in the game to a neck jam but then did not use David Wilson because once you are in the doghouse for fumbling, all is not forgiven next week. So Andre Brown ran for 71 yards and one score on absolutely no ones starting lineup. But all the right plays posted big fantasy points in this one.

Freeman passed for 243 yards and two scores and Vincent Jackson made a difference with 128 yards and one score. Doug Martin ran for 66 yards and scored once.

Manning passed for 510 yards and three scores while Hakeem Nicks (10-199, TD) and Victor Cruz (11-179, TD) had monster games and Martellus Bennett scored for the second week in a row.

The NFL season is unfolding and its going to be one of great change. 32 teams started the season and after two weeks, only six teams will have a 2-0 record and six are 0-2. Twenty teams are 1-1 and still trying to figure out who they are going to be. The undefeated - the Cardinals (underdogs in both games), the 49ers, the Eagles (won 2 squeakers), Chargers (really?), Texans and the winner between Atlanta and Denver.

The four players that have a league leading three touchdowns are Arian Foster, Dante Rosario, C.J. Spiller and Vernon Davis. Ryan Fitzpatrick leads the NFL with five passing touchdowns even though he only averages 186.5 yards per game.

Larry Fitzgerald only had one catch for four yards against the Patriots and it came on their first offensive series. And they won the game.

This season is proving to be unpredictable, painful, frustrating and humbling. It also offers moments of incredible highs, excitement and a great sense of anticipation. Just when you write it off you get lucky and yet when you think you have a sure thing, you end up head in your hands wondering how it all went wrong. And it all makes me feel very confident in my conclusion.

This season is a woman and I used to date her back in college. That means this is going to be expensive, last for about a semester and the memories we gain can never be told to our spouse or children. And it is totally worth it...

Now get back to work...

a d v e r t i s e m e n t