Team Defense Rankings: Week 4
John Tuvey
September 26, 2012
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1 Giants at Eagles The Giants' relentless pass rush against the turnover machine that is Michael Vick? Better pack an extra layer or three of Kevlar in that vest.
2 Cardinals vs. Dolphins A dozen sacks, six takeaways, a home game with a rookie quarterback, and Patrick Peterson. It's like printing money.
3 Falcons vs. Panthers Atlanta leads the league in takeaways with 11; the Panthers are second in giveaways with eight. That right there is a recipe for fantasy success.
4 Ravens vs. Browns Brandon Weeden, welcome to the AFC North. Early line says he connects more with Ed Reed than Greg Little; who's in?
5 Bears at Cowboys A league-best 14 sacks, a sketchy Cowboys o-line, and Devin Hester in the return game. Lots of win to be found here.
6 Seahawks at Rams If the Seahawks get after Sam Bradford with the same vigor they showed in harassing Aaron Rodgers, they're undervalued at this spot.
7 Cowboys vs. Bears Jay Cutler has been known to throw a pick or two, and the Cowboys do well for themselves getting after the passer. Should be a fun time in Big D.
8 Texans vs. Titans It'll be fun to see J.J. Watt get after the Tennessee offense, maybe force Jake Locker into a bad decision or two.
9 Vikings at Lions Jared Allen broke the sack seal; as an added bonus they may be going after Shaun Hill this week instead of Matthew Stafford. And, oh yeah, Percy Harvin.
10 49ers at Jets The Niners have faced some pretty tough competition; now they get to host Mark Sanchez. Things are definitely looking up.
11 Packers vs. Saints If your league's scoring system factors in points allowed, this would be a good one to avoid at all costs. Otherwise… return opportunities galore!
12 Jets vs. 49ers The post-Revis era begins against a conservative offense that doesn't offer much opportunity for defensive points. At least it's at home.
13 Eagles vs. Giants Things always get interesting when these clubs cross paths. Between the Giants' o-line issues, Eli's penchant for gaffes… yep, they could get interesting.
14 Broncos vs. Raiders We have yet to see the turnover machine formerly known as Carson Palmer; maybe Von Miller and Elvis Dumerville can bum rush it out of him.
15 Chargers at Chiefs KC has served up 11 sacks and nine turnovers; if only the Chargers could capitalize on the matchup.
16 Saints at Packers Another tilt that is expected to play to the over, so if points allowed matters you'll want to look in a different direction.
17 Browns at Ravens Even without Joe Haden the Browns are doing a fine job of creating turnovers. Problem is, "fine" ain't gonna cut it on Thursday night in Baltimore.
18 Redskins at Buccaneers Washington's scheme last week covered for the loss of Brian Orakpo… but they still have two ex-Vikings in the secondary.
19 Bills vs. Patriots Tom Brady hasn't been very Tom Brady-esque of late, and the Bills' secondary is its typical ball-hawking self. Now if only that billion-dollar d-line caught fire…
20 Buccaneers vs. Redskins Few defenses have demonstrated as much improvement as the Bucs… and now RG3 is about to rip that theory to shreds.
21 Patriots at Bills New England's defense is vastly improved and will test a Bills' offensive line that's surrendered a league-low one sack.
22 Dolphins at Cardinals The underrated Dolphins D against a suddenly competent Kevin Kolb? Vegas would say this feels like a trap game.
23 Titans at Texans Fresh off a return game bonanza, the Titans travel to Houston. Don't expect nearly the fireworks… though the kickoff return team will get a workout.
24 Bengals at Jaguars Cincy's giving up a bunch of points, though facing the Jags will help. Come to think of it, facing the Jags should help Cincy pad its sack total as well.
25 Rams vs. Seahawks Jeff Fisher has his Rams D flying around creating havoc, but the Seahawks' conservative offense doesn't present many opportunities.
26 Lions vs. Vikings Toby Gerhart owns three of the Vikings' four fumbles; there's a better chance of Jim Schwartz getting five timeouts than Toby touching the ball this week.
27 Raiders at Broncos Peyton Manning has been uncharacteristically turnover-prone; too bad the Raiders haven't intercepted a single pass this season.
28 Chiefs vs. Chargers The Chiefs have created exactly one turnover thus far this season. But hey, Ryan Mathews is back so we're sayin' there's a chance.
29 Jaguars vs. Bengals Two sacks, two turnovers… no team has produced fewer fantasy points than the Jags. Probably doesn't even matter that Cincy's served up a dozen sacks.
30 Panthers at Falcons The high-flying Falcons have turned the ball over exactly once en route to a league-high 94 points. Don't throw the Carolina D under that bus.
31 Steelers BYE BYE
32 Colts BYE BYE

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