Rest of the Season Player Rankings - Running Backs: Week 7
John Tuvey
October 15, 2012
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These player rankings track a player's value for the remainder of the season.

Mv Rank Player Team Bye
  1 Arian Foster HOU 8
  2 Ray Rice BAL 8
  3 LeSean McCoy PHI 7
  4 Adrian Peterson MIN 11
  5 Marshawn Lynch SEA 11
Moving Up 6 Darren McFadden OAK 5
  7 Maurice Jones-Drew JAC 6
  8 Trent Richardson CLE 10
  9 Alfred Morris WAS 10
  10 Frank Gore SFO 9
  11 Jamaal Charles KCC 7
  12 Matt Forte CHI 6
  13 Ahmad Bradshaw NYG 11
  14 Stevan Ridley NEP 9
  15 Ryan Mathews SDC 7
Moving Down 16 DeMarco Murray DAL 5
  17 Michael Turner ATL 7
  18 Reggie Bush MIA 7
  19 BenJarvus Green-Ellis CIN 8
  20 Darren Sproles NOS 6
  21 Doug Martin TBB 5
  22 Willis McGahee DEN 7
  23 C.J. Spiller BUF 8
  24 Fred Jackson BUF 8
  25 Chris Johnson TEN 11
Moving Down 26 Rashard Mendenhall PIT 4
  27 Steven Jackson STL 9
  28 Michael Bush CHI 6
Moving Up 29 Daryl Richardson STL 9
Moving Up 30 Shonn Greene NYJ 9
  31 Alex Green GBP 10
  32 Mikel Leshoure DET 5
  33 Jacquizz Rodgers ATL 7
  34 DeAngelo Williams CAR 6
  35 Vick Ballard IND 4
  36 William Powell ARI 10
  37 Jonathan Stewart CAR 6
  38 LeGarrette Blount TBB 5
  39 Felix Jones DAL 5
Moving Down 40 Brandon Bolden NEP 9
Moving Up 41 Montario Hardesty CLE 10
  42 Jackie Battle SDC 7
  43 Kendall Hunter SFO 9
  44 Ben Tate HOU 8
  45 Bryce Brown PHI 7
  46 Isaac Redman PIT 4
  47 Mike Goodson OAK 5
  48 Danny Woodhead NEP 9
  49 Pierre Thomas NOS 6
  50 Jahvid Best DET 5
  51 Andre Brown NYG 11
  52 Bilal Powell NYJ 9
  53 David Wilson NYG 11
  54 Marcel Reese OAK 5
  55 Ronnie Hillman DEN 7
  56 Toby Gerhart MIN 11
  57 Shaun Draughn KCC 7
  58 Daniel Thomas MIA 7
  59 Donald Brown IND 4
  60 Cedric Benson GBP 10

Darren McFadden, RaidersMoving Up
Signs of life in his 98 yards from scrimmage and touchdown against the Falcons--30 touches, for starters, including 27 carries. Looks like the bye week helped Oakland remember where their offensive bread is buttered.

DeMarco Murray, CowboysMoving Down
No official word yet, and initial x-rays were negative, but too many times "foot sprain" means a date with that fickle beeyatch Liz Frank--and that's extremely bad news for a running back. If Liz takes up with DeMarco, give Felix Jones a goose upwards in the rankings.

Rashard Mendenhall, SteelersMoving Down
Maybe we were a tad hasty moving Mendy back up the charts; Thursday in Tennessee he looked less than stellar before exiting with an injury. Isaac Redman's third-down work suggest this could be back to a committee soon.

Daryl Richardson, RamsMoving Up
The breakdown of touches indicate Richardson is moving into a job share with Steven Jackson--and he's more productive as well.

Shonn Greene, JetsMoving Up
If the over/under on Greene TDs the rest of the way is set at three--the same number he fell into in Week 6--there would be a whole lot of play on the under. That said, his big game bought him a few more weeks of 2.9 yards per carry.

Brandon Bolden, PatriotsMoving Down
Hard to say if it was the knee injury or Bill Belichick's decision, but one way or another Bolden was back to junior partner duty and Stevan Ridley was getting the bulk of the workload.

Montario Hardesty, BrownsMoving Up
Trent Richardson left Cleveland's win over the Bengals with an injury, making Hardesty a speculative pickup. He's not particularly good, but he may be the only show in town.

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