Team Defense Rankings: Week 12
John Tuvey
November 21, 2012
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Rank Team Opponent Comments
1 Broncos at Chiefs Denver (first in sacks, second in DST TDs) against a Chiefs' offense that's turned the ball over 31 times. Yes, please.
2 Bears vs. Vikings Minnesota's offense already has some issues; add the strip-happy Chicago tacklers and Devin Hester in the return game and this could get interesting.
3 Texans at Lions You can pencil J.J. Watt in for at least two drumsticks off that turducken.
4 Panthers at Eagles Carolina's D is underrated; Nick Foles' ability to emulate Michael Vick's turnovers is spot-on.
5 Ravens at Chargers Where have we seen the face Philip Rivers made when Ed Reed's suspension got lifted? What was that Olympic gymnast's name?
6 Patriots at Jets Taking the old checkers/chess analogy a step further, Bill Belichick is playing chess; Mark Sanchez is playing tic-tac-toe.
7 Redskins at Cowboys Washington ranks sixth in interceptions; funny, Tony Romo has been known to throw six interceptions from time to time.
8 Giants vs. Packers The Packers are darn near out of offensive linemen, while the Giants have a seemingly endless pool of pass rushers. Something's bound to get double-checked here.
9 Vikings at Bears Minnesota's pass rush goes after Jay Cutler behind a really bad offensive line helmed by their former coach. Get your popcorn.
10 Bills at Colts Andrew Luck is better at home, but that doesn't mean Buffalo's playmakers in the secondary can't still have some fun at his expense.
11 Chargers vs. Ravens Maybe his roommate snores. Maybe he gets motion sickness. Whatever the reason, Joe Flacco on the road is not a pretty sight.
12 Packers at Giants No Woodson, maybe no Mathews, and a Giants o-line that's allowed the fewest sacks in the league. At least Eli has thrown 11 picks.
13 49ers at Saints Aldon Smith will seriously test just how quick Drew Brees can get rid of the football.
14 Bengals vs. Raiders What better way to welcome Carson Palmer back to Cincinnati than with a Bengals D that ranks third in taking down the opposing quarterback?
15 Rams at Cardinals Arizona has given up almost a sack a game more than the next closest team. That bodes well for Chris Long's sack total.
16 Seahawks at Dolphins Seattle's defense isn't quite as effective only playing with 11.
17 Browns vs. Steelers Charlie Batch. Charlie. Batch. Bet you can't say it three times without laughing.
18 Cardinals vs. Rams Expected more from Patrick Peterson? Same here. Here's his chance to make it up to us.
19 Titans at Jaguars Chad Henne didn't look nearly as bad as expected last week; no reason to think the Titans will pressure him into something different.
20 Buccaneers vs. Falcons If last week's Matt Ryan--the one who threw five INTs--shows up again, the Bucs are dramatically underrated here.
21 Jets vs. Patriots Not only do the Patriots put up points, they protect the ball--and their quarterback. Rex has his work cut out for him.
22 Steelers at Browns You'd think the Steelers are still a pretty good defense, but a bottom five ranking in fantasy points generated says otherwise.
23 Falcons at Buccaneers The knock on Josh Freeman used to be an inability to take care of the football. That's changed dramatically this season.
24 Dolphins vs. Seahawks Miami can get to the quarterback, but Russell Wilson is mobile. And Seattle is going to pound the rock anyway.
25 Colts vs. Bills No team has generated fewer turnovers than the Colts, which means Ryan Pickspatrick should be safe for at least a week.
26 Jaguars vs. Titans If it weren't for the Raiders Jacksonville's D would be dead-dog last in both sacks and turnovers generated. That's not a good combo.
27 Saints vs. 49ers Disproving the theory that the best defense is a good offense, your New Orleans Saints!
28 Cowboys vs. Redskins This should be a much more favorable matchup for the Cowboys' DST, but dang if RG3 isn't taking pretty good care of the football.
29 Eagles vs. Panthers Clearly, it's the defensive coordinator's fault. Oh, wait...
30 Raiders at Bengals No team generates fewer fantasy points than the Raiders, but Cincy has served up four DST TDs already so maybe they can help.
31 Chiefs vs. Broncos In theory the Chiefs have the defensive horses to cause problems for Peyton Manning. In practice, not so much.
32 Lions vs. Texans Detroit isn't generating turnovers, which in turn is not leading to scoring defensive touchdowns. And Houston's offense will offer no assistance.

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