Double Coverage: Week 15
David Dorey & John Tuvey
December 14, 2012
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For a deeper review of players that are either new to the scene or playing differently than expected, Double Coverage will give the respective views of John Tuvey (Start Bench List) and David Dorey (Game Predictions and Player Projections). We'll bring 47 years of combined fantasy football experience to bear and hopefully a few things to think about as you manage your fantasy team.

For the remaining weeks of the regular season, we will be reviewing players for next season considerations.

RB David Wilson (NYG)

DOREY: Have to know that all eyes are on Wilson for these final three games. Ahmad Bradshaw is a warrior and a favorite of Tom Coughlin but the reality is that Brown has never gone a full season without getting banged up if not missing games. They got rid of Brandon Jacobs last year in a purge and at the very least they need someone else who can run with Bradshaw and run for Bradshaw. Wilson is blazingly fast but he is not as small as some seem to think. At 5-10, 205 lb, he is 14 pounds heavier than Chris Johnson and just 12 pounds lighter than Adrian Peterson. We all fell in love with the guy in the preseason and then he fumbled and was stuck behind Andre Brown. I am always surprised at how little the Giants pass to their running backs in recent years since Wilson would be a tremendous asset as a receiver as well. He's one to watch for sure and can do himself a world of good by making use of this opportunity while Bradshaw is banged up. We'll know a lot more in two weeks just where Wilson should fall next year.

TUVEY: Wilson received a ton of hype heading into the season; three games, eight yards, and a bevy of fumbles later he was deep in Tom Coughlin’s doghouse and all but forgotten by the fantasy community. But you knew they hadn’t written off their first-round pick entirely, and once injuries winnowed the Giants backfield he returned to action. Buoyed by a kick return touchdown early in the game, the explosive Wilson turned 13 touches into 100 yards and two more scores last week. He still feels like he’s just a fumble away from the wrath of Coughlin, but so long as he’s paired with the perpetually-nicked Wilson and the injury-prone Andre Brown he’s going to find his way to the field. He’ll need to learn how to pass protect in the offseason to ensure playing time or threaten to take over as an every-down feature back, and some ball-security lessons are in order as well. However, no matter how muddy the Giants’ backfield picture is next year, the team has too much invested in Wilson for him to remain on the sidelines for long

WR Michael Floyd (ARI)

DOREY: Man, it is really easy to completely forget about Floyd who was just the 1.13 pick in the NFL draft coming off a record setting career at Notre Dame. He was taken as the second wideout drafted though this draft class has been rather lackluster overall. The guy is absolutely prototypical at 6-3, 220 with speed, moves, hands and a slight inclination to smoke weed in college. As a rookie, I guess you could characterize him as a monumental flop with only 28 catches for 312 yards and one touchdown. Based on everything we have seen this year, I have come to one conclusion about him. We have no idea what this guy is like. The early reports on him in training camp were good but later he was less impressive to the set of coaches who are about to be unemployed in three weeks. With such a pathetic quarterback situation in Arizona, how can we assess what anyone might do with an actual NFL-quality quarterback? Assuming they get one before next September. They said he was "not ready" to be more than a WR4 on the depth charts. The way the Cardinals have completely disintegrated this year, I would say no one was ready. I'm going to consider him as a first round rookie next year and see what the rest of the team looks like next summer.

TUVEY: There’s plenty to like about a 6-3, 225-pound wideout who scored on his first NFL catch and already has a couple of double-digit target games to his credit. Playing next to Larry Fitzgerald he won’t be drawing anyone’s top cover corner any time soon, so more often than not he’ll have the matchup advantage. Of course, here’s the issue: Arizona’s quarterbacking is somewhere between shockingly abysmal and downright horrifying, and until that is rectified Floyd is virtually unstartable. At this point you can stash him on your roster and hope Kevin Kolb can string together a couple games off the injury list, or Arizona uses the draft or free agency or whatever means necessary to upgrade the quarterbacks on their roster. If that ever happens, it’s Fitz/Boldin 2.0; the problem is that Kurt Warners don’t grow on trees.

RB Lamar Miller (MIA)

DOREY: Hmm... When HC Joe Philbin recent said he did not think that Miller could be "a good football player", I have to figure maybe it is time to call it a career. He signed a 4-year contract and there is virtually no chance he plays that out other than as a camp body and name on the depth chart. Reggie Bush is probably on the way out from Miami but I expect that means good things for Daniel Thomas and really nothing for Miller.

TUVEY: Miller carried 19 times for 113 yards and a touchdown in Weeks 2 and 3; since then, just 11 carries for 33 yards. But with Reggie Bush a potential free agent following the season, Miller’s workload could uptick dramatically next season. He’s an absolutely speculative pickup at this point, but the upside is undeniable. Miami’s offense seems to thrive on a two-back system, and with high picks spent on Miller and Daniel Thomas—and money previously paid for Reggie Bush earmarked for upgrades elsewhere—Miller appears destined for Bush-like production at a fraction of the cost—both for the Dolphins and for you, if you’re able to grab and stash him now.

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