2013 Free Agents That Matter
David Dorey
Updated April 5, 2013
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This season doesn't have nearly so many higher profile free agents as in past years. But while there may not be any "major piece of the puzzle" to be found as an unrestricted free agent, there are still several out there that represent upgrades for teams looking to improve on offense. And more than a few names we've seen on fantasy rosters in the past that are looking for that last little spark for their career.


Almost never have any notable UFA's because if a player is good, the team will seek to retain or at worse trade him. Letting Drew Brees go to the Saints may have been a slight miscalculation, but it is also a rarity. This year as with most, there are no notable starters likely to become free agents and land on new teams. Joe Flacco just signed for a King's ransom. Alex Smith was traded to the Chiefs. But no other big news is likely within the position other than the rest of the NFC East applauding when the Cowboys extend Tony Romo's contract.

Running Backs

Ahmad Bradshaw - Signed with the Colts.

Rashad Mendenhall - Signed with the Cardinals

Reggie Bush - . Signed with the Lions.

Ryan Grant - Grant is 30 years old and was of little help to the Packers last year. He won't be re-signed and may not land anywhere.

Shonn Greene - Signed with the Titans.

Peyton Hillis - Signed with the Buccaneers

Steven Jackson - Signed with the Falcons.

Felix Jones - Signed with the Eagles

Danny Woodhead - Signed with the Chargers.

Wide Receivers

Danny Amendola - Signed with the Patriots

Donnie Avery - Signed with the Chiefs.

Deion Branch - Branch turns 34 this year and only had 15 catches last season in New England. He'll only be depth where ever he ends up.

Plaxico Burress - The 36-year old is done. He wants to keep playing but so does Terrell Owens. He's only managed to make "drop the Glock" become the NFL version of "jump the shark".

Braylon Edwards - Re-signed with the Jets

Michael Jenkins - Signed with the Patriots.

Greg Jennings - Signed with the Vikings.

Mohamed Massaquoi - Signed with the Jaguars.

Randy Moss Moss won't be kept by the 49ers and while he says he wants to play one more year, chances are that he won't. He was of almost no consequence in San Francisco anyway.

Mike Wallace - Signed with the Dolphins.

Wes Welker - Signed with the Broncos.


Tight Ends

Martellus Bennett - Signed with the Bears.

Jared Cook - Signed with Rams.

Dustin Keller - Signed with the Dolphins.

Brandon Myers - Signed with the Giants.

Benjamin Watson - Signed with the Saints.

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