Auction leagues are fantasy football at its finest. For those true fantasy fans who want a more in-depth fantasy football experience, The Huddle has you covered. From cheat sheets and updated 2013 average auction values, to a road map designed to help you start your own auction league, at The Huddle we have all the information you need to start, run and maintain a fun fantasy football auction. To gain access to all of The Huddle's fantasy football information, tips, cheat sheets and much more, sign up to be a member of The Huddle today.

Auction Leagues

10-Team Auction Cheat Sheet
12-Team Auction Cheat Sheet
Average Auction Values (AAV)
Auction Budgeting - Dorey
Along with taxes, speeding tickets and flat beer, the notion of creating a budget is unpleasant for most people. The reality in auction drafting is that all teams have the same bidding constraints, so managing your auction well can give you a distinct advantage over the impulse buyers of the world.
10 Tips for Fantasy Auctions - Dorey
Auctions are the most fun way to have a local draft because it involves everyone in the room on every player. They create the most fair leagues in that way - any team owner can own any player, he just has to want him a little more than anyone else. They also bring an entirely new level of entertainment to the room.
The Three Styles of Bidding - Dorey
You have three basic bidding choices to make and each produces very different sorts of teams. Your decision on which one to pursue should depend on your comfort level with the team you end up. This is a critical decision because it will allow you to control your destiny for the season.
How to Start an Auction League - Kleinheinz

Any yahoo can swing by the bookstore on his (or her) way to the draft, find the cheat sheet page and come away with a half way decent team. How do I know this?  Because I’ve been victimized by such fantasy players. Auctions eliminate that problem. They allow the true fantasy football fan to rise to the top and reward owners for those late night list revisions, and hours spent on the internet. But how do you get started? 

Customized cheat sheets from The Huddle help you prepare for the unique situations within auction leagues. From avoiding over-valued veterans past their prime to acquiring break out rookies at bargain values, making the right moves involves advice you can trust. Along with our fantasy football cheat sheets, our auction league draft kits include draft day tips and how-to's on starting your own auction league for 2013.

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