Tunnel Vision: Week 13
David Dorey
December 2, 2013
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Sunday Salutes
Quarterbacks Yards TD
Peyton Manning 403 5
Cam Newton 331 3
Brandon Weeden 370 3
Matt Stafford 330 3
Alex Smith 339 2
Running Backs Yards TD
DeMarco Murray 102 3
Reggie Bush 182 1
Ben Tate 102 3
Le'Veon Bell 136 1
Fred Jackson 78 2
Wide Receivers Yards TD
Eric Decker 174 4
Alshon Jeffery 249 2
Josh Gordon 261 2
Brian Hartline 127 1
Calvin Johnson 101 1
Tight Ends Yards TD
Rob Gronkowski 127 1
Zach Ertz 68 2
Vernon Davis 82 1
Heath Miller 86 0
Charles Clay 80 0
Placekickers XPT FG
Adam Vinatieri 1 5
Justin Tucker 1 5
Josh Scobee 3 3
Blair Walsh 2 3
Phil Dawson 2 3
Defense/Special Teams TDs Sacks TOs
Lions 0 7 3
Panthers 0 4 2
Packers 1 1 4
Bengals 0 2 3
Eagles 0 5 3

Bumps, Bruises and bowouts

Brandon Weeden - Concussion
Delanie Walker - Concussion

Umm... wow. This is nice.

Looking Back at Week 13

Welcome to week one of the 2013 NFL season. Yes, it is really week 13 but for several players drafted highly last summer, this was finally what week one was supposed to produce.

No surprise that Steven Jackson rushed for 84 yards and two touchdowns on the Buffalo Bills. Never mind that he only totaled 255 yards, one touchdown and a 3.4 yard per carry average coming in. Jackson looked like his fantasy owners thought he would a short three months ago.

And that naturally means that Roddy White turned in ten catches for 143 yards on those Bills. Disregard his average game of 27 yards or that he never caught more than four passes or gained more than 45 yards in any other game. White is who you thought he was. Only it is 11 weeks later. For the next two weeks, he and Jackson will play in Green Bay and then home against the Redskins. It's do over time in Atlanta even if only for a week or two.

Greg Jennings also showed up for only the second time when he caught seven passes for 78 yards and one score in the overtime win over the Bears. His only other game with a score was seven weeks ago. Zach Ertz was the hot rookie tight end in Philadelphia but did little until this week when he caught five passes for 68 yards and two touchdowns in the win over the Cardinals. Jennings will be hard pressed to repeat his performance in Baltimore this week but at least the Vikings host the Eagles in week 15. Ertz is still a risky rookie, but he should end the year on a higher note going against the Lion, Vikings and Bears (oh my).

Ben Tate scored just once all season and never exceeded 100 rushing yards in any game. He was benched against the Jaguars in week 12. Naturally that was followed by a career best three touchdowns in the loss to the Patriots along with his first 100 yard game since 2011. He'll be on the road to Jacksonville and Indianapolis next and their defenses are not as good as the Patriots.

Michael Crabtree finally returned to the playing field and he only caught two passes. His first pass was not only incomplete, he was called for pushing off. But the second catch he made went for 60 yards and nearly a touchdown. That's a very nice sign of things to come for an offense that has been without any deep ball. The next two weeks will be tough hosting the Seahawks and then playing in Tampa Bay with Darrelle Revis potentially as a shadow. But make it to your league championship in week 16 and he'll be at home against the Falcons and that alone could repay your 12 week wait to watch him play.

The Patriots just rushed 25 times for 88 yards and two scores on the Texans. The Falcons just rushed 28 times for 134 yards and three touchdowns on the Bills. The Colts combined Donald Brown and Andrew Luck for 19 runs that gained 96 yards and one score on the Titans. So the Texans, Bills and Titans were not that great against the run. And they are also the next three opponents for the Jaguars only they will all be at Jacksonville. Maurice Jones-Drew was already more productive in the last two weeks and is nicely situated for more.

Andre Holmes went against his old team in Dallas over Thanksgiving and left as the Raiders top receiver. He gained 136 yards on seven receptions. He replaced Denarius Moore but this is not the start of anything big for the 25-year old wideout from Hillsdale College. His entire career had only five catches previous to this week. Just a one week wonder.

Josh Gordon was a supplemental draft pick by the Cleveland Browns in 2012 when they realized they had no talent in their receiver corps and were willing to grossly overpay for Gordon with a second round pick. All 32 teams wisely passed on him in the first round of the supplemental draft because it would cost the first round pick from this year. He was the only player taken in the supplemental draft. Gordon was a headcase who bounced around colleges but had talent. He didn't even play football in 2011 because he failed a marijuana test at Baylor. All he has done in his second season was to set the all-time NFL record with two consecutive games over 200 yards. He's broken 100 yards six times so far and currently totals 1249 yards on the year. And he has done this while catching passes from Brian Hoyer, Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell. On a team that presents no other receiver that would concern any secondary.

The Cowboys took down the Raiders last Thursday with three rushing touchdowns by DeMarco Murray who ran for 63 yards on 17 carries and added 39 yards on five receptions. Murray totaled 126 yards in the road win over the Giants and even scored once on his 95 yards of production in New Orleans. He's already missed the obligatory game this year and this week heads into Chicago to face the same team that was ranked 27th against running backs before they just let Adrian Peterson gain 211 yards. Murray then returns home to face the same Packers who left Detroit after allowing 310 total yards and two touchdowns to their running backs. Murray is heating up and getting more help from the schedule as well.

The Broncos prolific offense just gets more dangerous and not just because Eric Decker went off last week. Despite several early season fumbles, the Broncos have stuck with Monte Ball as the primary relief back for Knowshon Moreno. He was given eight carries for 25 yards to rack up two touchdowns in week 11 when the Chiefs visited. Last week he turned in 57 yards on ten touches while Moreno was over-used for 37 carries in New England. That wore down Moreno and the Broncos played the two running backs in equal measure this week. Moreno only gained 18 yards on 15 carries but gained 72 yards and a score as a receiver. And Ball was fed a season high 13 carries to gain 117 yards in the Broncos biggest game of the year so far - and on the road no less. Back at home versus the Titans and Chargers the next two weeks will provide more chances for Ball to serve a role in a devastating committee. And in this case, there really is enough to share.

It is interesting that there were almost no injuries this week. No blown knees. No lesson in medical latin describing a why a player would miss the season. Earlier this year the injuries were rampant and significant. Almost all fantasy teams had to be touched in some way. It made the waiver wire hum but it did little to help produce high and consistent points each week. So I had to wonder - how did this year stack up against the last nine years? Was this really the worst year for injuries?

What I did was to count the number of games played by the first 100 players drafted in The Huddle's Expert League over the last ten seasons. Granted, it doesn't show the impact of losing a player for half a game. Or when they play injured. But it is an interesting comparison. For the first 100 players drafted, how many NFL games did they play in over the first 12 weeks? Deducting a bye week, that would be a high of 11 per player. For each set of 25, that would be at most a possible 275 games played.

Drafted 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
1 - 25 231 240 254 241 238 258 250 243 252 244
26 - 50 224 218 264 218 241 249 235 236 243 226
51 - 75 199 249 230 244 240 247 240 218 246 241
76 - 100 220 232 240 249 222 239 228 244 213 237
Total 874 939 988 952 941 993 953 941 954 948

Ends up 2013 was pretty average and kept pace with the other three most recent seasons. 2004 was a killer season with rampant injuries to the likes of Stephen Davis, Charlie Garner, Steve Smith, Michael Bennett, Todd Heap and just on and on. This year they hurt when they happened. But it did not knock any more players out than about any year. We won't remember this next year when injuries start all over again but let's hope for a repeat of 2009 when injuries were at their lowest.

This will not go down as the Year of the Injury. But it is shaping up to still be the Year of the Big Game. Let's revisit the scoring results posted a month ago that counted games with two touchdowns scored by a player and those with three or more scored.

2+ TDs 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004
RB 47 55 54 69 84 92 54 81 83 86
TE 18 18 18 19 22 9 17 13 12 17
WR 60 57 56 64 46 39 64 40 46 66
Total 125 130 128 152 152 140 135 134 141 169

Though there are still four games left to play - 25% of the NFL season - the totals for tight ends and wideouts with multiple touchdown games would already be one of the highest ever. And the running backs are shaping up to be one of the lowest if not the lowest. What about three or more touchdowns?

3+ TDs 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004
RB 10 8 10 13 13 17 12 18 18 18
TE 2 1 2 1 3 0 0 1 2 3
WR 9 5 5 9 2 3 8 8 5 10
Total 20 14 17 23 18 20 20 27 25 31

Chances are high that the next four weeks will serve up at least two more wideouts with 3+ touchdowns in a game for the highest mark ever. And while running backs overall may not be scoring twice or more in games as often, those scoring three times or more is at least as good as recent years.

This week there were two wide receivers that gained over 200 yards. Let's look to see how many players topped 200 yards in a game over the last ten seasons:

200+ Yards 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004
RB 3 10 9 9 10 7 11 12 12 12
WR 7 8 3 6 6 3 3 3 3 2

Wide receivers are certain to shatter the record mark last year. But running backs are in for the worst. This is a great sign of what specialization in the backfield has done. Have to get the ball almost exclusively if a player is able to gain over 200 total yards in a game as a running back. So this is definitely the Year of the Big Game for wide receivers. What better sign of the decline in pass defenders than this jump in 200 yard games allowed in the last two seasons? Shut down corner? How about someone who can just slow them down?

Sunday Snippets

GB 10, DET 40 It is now apparent that Aaron Rodgers has the keys to the offense and he wasn't there in Detroit to start the engine. Matt Flynn (139 yards, 0 TD 1 int) looked like a guy they scraped off the waiver wire in November and took down all Packer receivers other than James Jones (3-79) because he had a 56-yard reception. Eddie Lacy only ran for 16 yards on ten carries. The Lions got 330 yards and three scores from Matt Stafford even if he did throw two interceptions. Calvin Johnson (6-101, TD) was the only receiver that mattered while Nate Burleson was a big fat NOTHING one week after a 7-77-1 stat line in his first game back. Reggie bush turned in a total of 182 yards and one score. The 5-6-1 Packers will host the Falcons and the 7-5 Lions head to Philadelphia.
OAK 24, DAL 31

Decent game to watch, lots of points. But Tony Romo faced the horrible OAK defense and only passed for 225 yards and one score while DeMarco Murray ran for 63 yards and three touchdowns. Dez Bryant (7-61, TD) got some love in a home game. Matt McGloin is no savoir and he passed for 255 yards and one interception. Andre Holmes (7-136) replaced the injured Denarius Moore and had a career best game against his old team. Rashad Jennings ran for only 35 yards but scored twice. Darren McFadden finally was back but only ran for 13 yards on five carries. Now the 4-8 Raiders head to New York to play the Jets and the 7-5 Cowboys will go to Chicago.

PIT 20, BAL 22 Very close game, a little low on points. Ben Roethlisberger passed for 257 yards and two scores but the only decent Steelers were Le'Veon Bell (136 yards, TD) and Heath Miller (8-86). Joe Flacco only passed for 251 yards and one score that went to Torrey Smith (6-93). Ray Rice was better than usual with 32 yards on 12 carries but he added 38 on six catches. Now the 5-7 Steelers host the Dolphins and the 6-6 Ravens greet the Vikings.
TB 6, CAR 27

Just a standard Panther beat down. Mike Glennon threw for only 180 yards but Vincent Jackson gained 73 yards on three catches thanks to one 60-yard catch. Bobby Rainey ran pretty well with 63 yards on 17 carries. But Cam Newton passed for two scores and ran in the third as the leading rusher (5-68). No one had a big game for the Panthers besides Newton who is the fantasy point sponge for the Bucs. Now the 3-9 Buccaneers host the Bills and the 9-3 Panthers go to New Orleans.

JAC 32, CLE 28 Nice upset here by the Jaguars when Chad Henne passed for 195 yards and two scores and the best receivers were Ace Sanders (8-67) and Cecil Shorts (6-64, TD). Maurice Jones-Drew ran for 77 yards on 23 carries. The Browns were much better than usual with 370 yards and three scores from Brandon Weeden and Josh Gordon turned in 10 catches for 261 yards and two scores. Even Willis McGahee was back with 57 rush yards and one touchdown. Gordon scored on a 95-yard touchdown pass but Henne hit Shorts for a score with 45 seconds left to win the game. Now the 3-9 Jaguars host the Texans and the 4-8 Browns have to play in New England.
TEN 14, IND 22

The Titans lost because Ryan Fitzpatrick passed for 201 yards and one score and he ran in another with 54 yards as a rusher. But he threw three interceptions and lost one fumble. Chris Johnson ran for 69 yards and caught the lone touchdown pass on his six catches for 32 yards. Nate Washington (5-81) and Kendall Wright (6-77) were good but never great. Andrew Luck only passed for 200 yards and one interception and the best receiver was Coby Fleener with only 50 yards on three receptions. Donald Brown scored the only touchdown in his 14 runs for 54 yards while Adam Vinatieri kicked five field goals. Pretty low key game all around. Now the 5-7 Titans have to go play in Denver and the 8-4 Colts head to Cincinnati.

CHI 20, MIN 23
Overtime game that could have gone either way since the Vikes made a field goal to win but a face mask made them try again and miss the 57-yard try. Then the Bears went and missed their 47-yard attempt so the Vikings mostly rode Adrian Peterson to the Chicago 16-yard line and kicked the winning 34-yard kick with only 1:47 left in overtime. Josh McCown passed for 355 yards and two touchdowns that most went to Alshon Jeffery (12-249, 2 TD) for his career best game. Matt Forte gained 151 total yards but Brandon Marshall was held to 45 yards. Matt Cassel threw for 243 yards and one score to Greg Jennings (7-78) but Peterson running 35 times for 211 yards made all the difference. Now the 6-6 Bears have to host the Cowboys and the 3-8-1 Vikings head to Baltimore.
MIA 23, NYJ 3

Wow the Jets offense is bad. After Geno Smith completed four of 10 for 29 yards and one interception, he was yanked so that Matt Simms could only throw for 79 yards and another interception. Chris Ivory somehow ran for 61 yards but there was a lot of nothing happening for the Jets. The Fins passed for 331 yards and two scores between Brian Hartline (9-127) and Mike Wallace (7-82). Lamar Miller gained 72 yards on 22 carries without that Thomas guy around. Low scoring game that had little going on other than the passing for the Dolphins. Now the 6-6 Dolphins head to Pittsburgh and the 5-7 Jets host the Raiders.

ARI 21, PHI 24 This was a great game for fantasy reasons. Carson Palmer passed for 302 yards and three touchdowns that included Michael Floyd (5-99) and Larry Fitzgerald (5-72). Rashard Mendenhall ran for 76 yards on 18 runs since Andre Ellington was out. Nick Foles passed for 237 yards and three touchdowns but only the tight ends mattered, Zach Ertz (5-68, 2 TD) and Brent Celek (4-29, TD) did all the scoring. LeSean McCoy gained 115 total yards but never scored. Now the 7-5 Cardinals host the Rams and the 7-5 Eagles welcome the Lions.
ATL 34, BUF 31

Great game, contender for GOTW. This was the Toronto game. The Falcons won a game! On the road no less! Matt Ryan passed for 311 yards and one score while Roddy White - that's RODDY WHITE - caught ten passes for 143 yards like he was Roddy White (any other year that is). Steven Jackson ran for 84 yards and two touchdowns just like they planned every week for the last 12 games only it just now worked. Even Tony Gonzalez scored once on his four catches for 42 yards. E.J. Manuel only passed for 210 yards and one score while no receiver gained more than 63 yards. C.J. Spiller had his "every so often" game when he ran for 149 yards and one touchdown and Fred Jackson also scored twice while gaining a total of 76 yards. This game went into overtime when Steven Jackson ran in a score from the one-yard line with 1:31 to play. In overtime, Manuel connected with Scott Chandler for a 22-yard gain until he coughed up the ball and lost it. The Falcons took over on the BUF 47-yard line and five plays later kicked the game winning field goal/ Now the 3-9 Falcons head to Green Bay and the 4-8 Bills travel to Tampa Bay.

STL 13, SF 23 This was about as exciting as the score suggests. Kellen Clemens threw for just 218 yards and one score but no Rams receiver gained more than 49 yards and Tavon Austin crawled back under his rock with 35 total yards. Zac Stacy was able to play and ran for 72 yards on 19 runs but not much offense was happening. The 49ers had Frank Gore only rushing for 42 yards but he scored once. Colin Kaepernick passed for 275 yards and one touchdown to Vernon Davis (4-82, TD). Anquan Boldin was better with 98 yards on nine catches while Michael Crabtree's first game back resulted in only two catches for 68 yards. One was a 60-yarder so a bit of optimism there. Now the 5-7 Rams play in Arizona and the 8-4 49ers host the Seahawks...hawks...hawks... (said with an echo).
DEN 35, KC 28

Clearly a GOTW contender. Peyton Manning passed for a healthy 403 yards and five scores but was intercepted twice to keep him mortal. Eric Decker only gained 71 yards in the first meeting but this time around ended up with eight catches for 174 yards and four touchdowns. Demaryius Thomas (3-106) had a 77-yard gain and Knowshon Moreno ran for just 18 yards but caught four passes for 72 yards and one score. Monte Ball ran 13 times and gained 113 yards. The Chiefs were productive as well with Alex Smith throwing for 293 yards and two touchdowns but that was split over 11 different receivers and none were better than Dwayne Bowe's 56 yards. Jamal Charles totaled 120 yards and one touchdown as stipulated in his contract. It was a good game but one that the Broncos took control of and held off the Chiefs. Now the 10-2 Broncos host the Titans and the 9-3 Chiefs play in Washington.

CIN 17, SD 10 The bad part is that both teams should have been much better on offense. Andy Dalton only passed for 190 yards and one score for A.J. Green (5-83). BenJarvus Green-Ellis ran for 92 yards and one touchdown. but Giovani Bernard only gained 66 total yards and caught just one pass. Philip Rivers only threw for 252 yards and one touchdown for Ladarius Green (2-45) while Keenan Allen had his standard 106 yards on eight catches. Ryan Mathews ran for 61 yards but that was about it. Score should have been doubled based on previous weeks. Now the 8-4 Bengals host the Colts and the 5-7 Chargers welcome, welcome, welcome the Giants.
NE 34, HOU 31 Another obvious contender for GOTW. This is just another sign of how bad futility hurts and how much it sucks to never quite be good enough. Tom Brady passed for 371 yards and two scores and that all favored mostly Rob Gronkowski (6-127, TD) and Julian Edelman (9-101). Do you have a friend who has an old beat-up truck behind their house? He has perfectly fine cars that he can drive. But you start to see him everywhere in the last two weeks driving that old truck for some reason. That's Edelman. Stevan Ridley felt the power of the fumble being inactive right when you really needed him. They split up the workload so that both LeGarrette Blount and Shane Vereen offered decent fantasy value. Case Keenum passed for 272 yards that mostly went to Andre Johnson (8-121). Ben Tate ran for 102 yards and scored three times but in the end Gostkowski kicked the winning field goal with 3:15 left to play from 53 yards out and the Texans could not mount a comeback.
NYG 24, WAS 17

The Giants put together a good effort here with Eli Manning only throwing one interception on his 235 yards and one score. Victor Cruz (6-80) was not terrible though Hakeem Nicks (2-34) and Rueben Randle (3-20) were. Andre Brown only gained 35 rushing yards but scored twice to make a big difference. The Redskins offense just seems weirder and weirder. Robert Griffin III only passed for 207 yards and one score but ran a team high 12 times for 88 yards. Alfred Morris was only allowed 11 carries to gain 26 yards and score once. Pierre Garcon was the only Skins receiver of note with nine catches for 61 yards. When you cannot beat the 2013 Giants when you are at home, you really need to rethink everything. And probably will. Now the 5-7 Giants are still in contention in the NFC East and head to San Diego while the 3-9 Redskins host the Chiefs. Bottom line to this game is when you are on the final drive and catch the all important fourth down play that gets a first down, you really need to not let the defender just grab it out of your hands. Ends up it ruins the whole comeback, cough, Pierre Garcon, cough.

Huddle Player of the Week

Eric Decker - This could be Josh Gordon though he was PoW just last week. It could be Alshon Jeffery with his 249 yards and one touchdown. And while it is Eric Decker I would guess somewhere out there a fantasy team started all three. Coming into this week, Decker has just three touchdowns and it was five weeks since he last topped 100 yards. Just two games ago, he ended with five catches for 71 yards against the same Chiefs while at home. So naturally he explodes for a career best four touchdowns and 174 yards on eight catches. His monster game scored around 50 points in a reception point league. 41 points if not. Right now when fantasy teams are struggling to reach their playoffs Decker had to help almost every owner win - as long as they actually started him.


Drama 101 - Somebody has to laugh, somebody has to cry

Comedy Yards TDs Tragedy Yards TDs
QB Brandon Weeden 370 3 QB Andrew Luck 242 0
RB Joique Bell 128 1 RB Eddie Lacy 38 0
RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis 95 1 RB Zac Stacy 71 0
WR Brian Hartline 127 1 WR Brandon Marshall 45 0
WR Andre Holmes 136 0 WR Jordy Nelson 14 0
WR Julian Edelman 101 0 WR DeSean Jackson 36 0
TE Zach Ertz 68 2 TE Jason Witten 53 0
PK Josh Scobee 12 pts PK Rob Bironas 2 pts

Huddle Fantasy Points = 136

Huddle Fantasy Points = 34

Sunday's Couch Commentary

The AFC still has only five winning records and only two teams are 6-6. The divisions are already almost certainly set with the Patriots (9-3), Bengals (8-4), Colts (8-4) and Broncos (10-2) all ahead by two games or more if only vie tie-breakers. The Chiefs will get the #1 wildcard and then stomp on either the Bengals or the Colts. That final wild card could be Miami, Baltimore or a slew of 5-7 teams. In the end it is probably just the Broncos, Chiefs and Pats that matter.

The NFC is much less settled other than the Seahawks are almost certain to be the #1 seed. After that a lot of things could happen.

There were two overtime games this week. There were 11 games that ended with a touchdown or less for a winning margin. I was really torn between the New England-Houston, Denver-Kansas City and Atlanta-Buffalo as the Game-O-The-Week. The Texans loss was a study in excruciating frustration. The Broncos win was a fun flexing of the Manning Muscles to show they are still the cream of the crop. And the Atlanta win was nice because it says that anything can happen in life. Anything. Even Jackson scoring twice and Roddy White breaking 100 yards. Just dang near anything is possible no matter what the odds seem to be.

The Game-O-The-Week? I will break from the norm for only the second time. About ten years ago I made the GOTW my son's pee-wee football game (which was really good in a different expectations sort of way). This time I have to do it:

Alabama 28, Auburn 34

Yes. A college game.

I honestly do not follow college ball too much by intention. It is really easy to get enamored with some running back or wide receiver who looks all-world when they are playing against a college you never heard of and facing a defense made up of guys soon to be working at a carwash. I pick it all up in earnest starting in February of course. but I don't watch a lot of college football. Too easy to see something that is not really there.

Having a son in college has changed that a little for just his school so I am generally aware of the top 25 and who is good or not. Hard not to be familiar with #1 Alabama. Or even #4 Auburn.

There is a tremendous energy when watching an NFL game and probably even more when it is college teams in a meaningful game with Championship implications.

Alabama scored a 99 yard touchdown pass with under 11 minutes to play and took a 28-21 lead to quiet the Auburn hometown crowd.

Bama reached the Auburn 27-yard line where the field goal attempt was blocked. Their kicker had already missed one other kick.

Auburn was able to drive 65 yards starting at 2:41 left to play by exclusively running Tre Mason (who I will eventually own in every league!) and finally Nick Marshall completed a 39-yard touchdown pass to Sammie Coats (who I will eventually own in every league!) to tie the game with only 32 seconds left to play.

Bama took over on their own 29-yard line and using just T.J. Yeldon (who I will eventually own in every league!) reached the Auburn 38-yard line with one second left. They attempted a 57-yard field goal despite their kicker already missing his other two attempts. It fell short - one yard from the back of the endzone. But in college as in the NFL, you can return those and Chris Davis ran it back for a 109 yard touchdown complete with the fans spilling onto the field until you could not see the field at all.

Very exciting and one every Auburn fan will never forget. Maybe the same is true for Bama fans as well. But it was what every big game aspires to be.

Now to update my Outlook calendar for the summer of 2015 when I can draft WR Amari Cooper, WR Sammie Coates and RB T.J. Yeldon. This year I have to get RB Tre Mason. Load me up on rookie backs and wideouts. Hmmm.. wait a minute.

Who is Johnny Manziel?

Now get back to work...

a d v e r t i s e m e n t