When to Draft Your Fantasy Quarterback

David Dorey, @DMDorey

Quarterbacks make up just one of your starters and yet may be the highest scoring. They offer consistent points each week and are the most predictable players in a draft.  Their order and when they are taken will coincide very closely with the Average Draft and may even match exactly for the first ten. For 2014, there are four groups from which you will select your starter and knowing them going into your draft gives you an advantage against the less prepared team owners.

Group One - Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees

This trio will be the first three quarterbacks taken in your draft. Their order may change but these three always show up. These are the no-risk, high-reward quarterbacks that can make a major difference for your team depending on the scoring and league-size. In a ten team league where owning difference-makers is critical, all three will be gone by the end of the second round and potentially the first. In a 12-team league, all three are gone by the third round but usually last longer – Manning in the first and then Brees and Rodgers taken in the second. Taking a top three quarterback makes sense if they get six-point touchdowns and easily outscore all other positions. In leagues that allow more than one quarterback to be started, they become even more precious.

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