Your Draft Plan - First Three Picks in 12 Team Leagues

David Dorey, @DMDorey

This is a sample draft using the current Huddle rankings and what we suggest at each pick. The names are less important than the positions because each draft slot will have its own unique situation. Just as important is what you plan on doing with your future picks and what you must do given where you are at after three rounds. Below uses the three main types of drafts.

Performance Scoring (Non PPR) Leagues - 1/10 rush and receive yards, 1/20 pass yards, TD = 6 except pass = 4.

Point Per Reception (PPR) Leagues - Same as Performance but with one point per reception.

QB Heavy Leagues - Assumes QBs are significantly more valuable than other positions and/or you can start two of them.

12 Team leagues call for the most balanced approach since the drain on talent in drafts means you have to approach it carefully or you end up with weaknesses in some positions. It is the most common but only barely over 10 team leagues. Basically you will get four of the top 50 players and that is where a drop-off occurs in talent or risk. Depth is more important in this league over a 10 man because there will be fewer decent free agents on the waiver wire.

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Performance Scoring (Non PPR) Leagues

Having no reception points, this scoring favors running backs and quarterbacks though it does make elite wide receivers even more important since they offer a difference. You can leave the first three rounds without a running back but most teams prefer to get at least one if not two. For some reason, wideouts are being taken more often in the first two rounds than last year. Likely more about the question marks around backs after the top ten are gone.

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