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Crouching Trophy, Holding Heisman
David M. Dorey

The Downtown Athletic Club made it's annual selection of the best college player in the country (that must handle the ball) by selecting Eric Crouch, the Nebraska quarterback (and running back and even receiver).

Crouch received 162 first place votes and 770 points overall. The second place finisher, and you can keep the his fresh in your mind for next season was Florida quarterback Rex Grossman who recieved 137 first place vote and 708 total points. It is possible that Crouch received a little more consideration as a Senior than Grossman who is only a Sophomore.

This season Eric Crouch ran for 1115 yards and 18 touchdowns and passed for 1510 yards and seven touchdowns. He also caught one pass for a touchdown as well.

What does this mean for the NFL prospect of Crouch? Certainly receiving the highest award in college never hurts a resume', but Crouch is 6'1" and 200 lbs. and is a shorter and lighter than what is considered as prototypical for a professional quarterback though he is relatively the same size as Michael Vick (6'0", 215 lbs.).

Some interesting facts you should know before you sign your kid up for PeeWee football in order to give him better odds at getting the Heisman:

  • If you want a lucky number for your kid in peewee football, give him the #20. This number leads all others for Heisman winners - Billy Sims ('78), Earl Campbell ('77), Johnny Rodgers ('72), Mike Garrett ('65) and Billy Cannon ('59). I know Barry Sanders made #20 famous, but he was #21 at Oklahome State.
  • Make him be the running back as they lead the quarterbacks in Heisman's 41-20. You might need to be a Head Coach to accomplish this.
  • Influence your kid go to either Notre Dame (seven winners) or Ohio State (six winners). No other college has more than three.
  • Just because your son gets older, do not worry about changing his first name to something more mature sounding. In the past three decades, winners have had the first names of Ricky, Danny, Eddie, Charlie, Ty, Tim, Vinny, Bo, Billy and Archie. Now - do you remember their last names?

Almost interesting facts you thought you could live without:

  • Only two tight ends have won - Leon Hart ('49) and Larry Kelley ('36).
  • Only two wide receivers have won - Tim Brown ('87) and Desmond Howard ('91)
  • Only one defensive player has ever won - Charles Woodson ('97). It is notable that Woodson did, at least once, get used as a receiver as well.

Let's take a final look at the most recent Heisman awards, back to the oldest winner still active in the NFL.

Year Pos Winner School NFL Impact
2000 QB Chris Weinke Florida State The best QB from Florida, sadly
1999 RB Ron Dayne Wisconsin Gained more yards in the Rose Bowl
1998 RB Ricky Williams Texas Raging bull with an injury history. Maybe.
1997 CB Charles Woodson Michigan Starting Cornerback
1996 QB Danny Wuerffel Florida Renamed Danny Awful
1995 RB Eddie George Ohio State Prototype workhorse
1994 RB Rashaan Salaam Colorado One glorious year and then nada
1993 QB Charlie Ward Florida State Um... that ball has no laces. And it's round.
1992 QB Gino Torretta Miami Florida QB thing again
1991 WR Desmond Howard Michigan Kick return specialist
1990 QB Ty Detmer Brigham Young Banged around as an almost starter
1989 QB Andre Ware Houston There is money in holding clipboards
1988 RB Barry Sanders Oklahoma State This one was pretty good. Come back!
1987 WR Tim Brown Notre Dame Started slow, now will not stop
1986 QB Vinny Testaverde Miami Several good years, more bad ones though
1985 RB Bo Jackson Auburn Bo knows hip injuries
1984 QB Doug Flutie Boston College Awesome

Now coming to a TV near you in April, the NFL draft!