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What are Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets?

The primary purpose of a cheat sheet is to provide you with player rankings broken down by position in an easy to understand and use format. With just a glance, you can see how each player in the NFL ranks and compares to other players in the same position. This can be valuable in a variety of ways when preparing for your draft.

However, many fantasy football cheat sheets are based strictly on information from May and early June. With the NFL season not beginning until September, many fantasy football cheat sheets don't account for variables that occur after the spring draft.

The Huddle's cheat sheets take into account player shifts in training camps and during the pre-season to make sure our cheat sheets are as complete as possible.

How Cheat Sheets Help You Win

Fantasy football cheat sheets can help predict which round must-have players will be selected. Knowing that you can wait an extra round to pick up a particular player will allow you to pick the right players each and every round; ultimately giving you more of the players you wanted when the draft is completed.

So rather than letting your expertise keep you from utilizing fantasy football cheat sheets in your draft process, let them take your drafting strategies to a new level.

New & Casual Players

Cheat sheets can be a useful tool for fantasy team owners of any level. However, to a casual player or a newbie, they can be priceless. Providing you with player rankings for every position in the game can work wonders for you as you try to develop a drafting strategy.

Many new players fall into the trap of trying to draft players based on their favorite teams or who they just happen to favor as a football fan. Looking at player rankings based on specific performance criteria for every position can make it easy to see why this is not the best strategy. While everyone likes to support their favorite team, as a fantasy football team owner, it is wise to make your decisions based on more concrete information.

Customized Cheat Sheets

With customized cheat sheets, you can develop very sophisticated drafting strategies that go well beyond the casual player. You can use them to predict how and when other owners in your league will make their selections with a fair amount of certainty. In addition, customized cheat sheets allow you to identify key players which are ideal for your league's specific scoring system.

Knowing just how each player ranks in their respective positions will give you insight into when to expect players to be drafted, along with the ideal time to draft your picks. Join The Huddle today to gain complete access to our entire fantasy football draft guide.

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