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  • Matt Forte - RB - Chicago Bears
    Posted 2/11/16 9:19am ET

    Chicago Bears impending free-agent RB Matt Forte probably won't be pursued by the New York Jets in free agency despite the Jets having three impending free-agent running backs of their own.

    Huddle Up: Expect the Jets to get younger at running back, and pursuing a 30-year old free agent is not the way to accomplish that task.

  • Colin Kaepernick - QB - San Francisco 49ers
    Posted 2/11/16 9:19am ET

    San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick (shoulder) is rehabilitating his surgically repaired shoulder in Colorado as opposed to San Francisco's team facility.

    Huddle Up: You'd think if Chip Kelly were a huge Kaepernick guy he'd have Colin at team facilities to participate in all of Chip's unique approaches... and maybe have some discussions about how his offense works as well. So reading between the lines suggests Kaepernick is headed for a new team in 2016.

  • Andy Dalton - QB - Cincinnati Bengals
    Posted 2/11/16 9:19am ET

    Huddle Up: Andy's right, there's no reason for him to be throwing now. He can start up when the Bengals begin offseason workouts, which will allow him to get comfortable not only with the health of his hand but also with any tweaks Cincy's new OC adds to the offense.

  • Doug Martin - RB - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Posted 2/11/16 9:19am ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers impending free-agent running back Doug Martin may draw interest from the Tennessee Titans this offseason, in the opinion of Terry McCormick of New Titans general manager Jon Robinson is coming off a fresh stint as director of player personnel with the Buccaneers, so he and Martin are acquainted.

    Huddle Up: There is certainly some familiarity with Martin, and the Titans definitely need help at running back, so if the Bucs don't lock him down it would make sense for Tennessee to make a run at him. It's a story line to follow in the offseason.

  • Calvin Johnson - WR - Detroit Lions
    Posted 2/11/16 9:19am ET

    Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson's body and injuries are the main reason he is contemplating retirement, according to WR teammate Golden Tate. 'But his body just isn't holding up. With his body type, and how he plays the game, he plays at a high level all the time for a bunch of years,' Tate said. Johnson needed weekly knee drains in 2013 in order to play, and he missed three games and was used as a decoy in two other games with a high ankle sprain in 2014. Johnson also battled ankle injuries this year.

    Huddle Up: Sounds like Megatron wants to walk away from the game before he really does need artificial parts, and despite him obviously having something left in the football tank you can't fault him for that.

  • Andrew Luck - QB - Indianapolis Colts
    Posted 2/11/16 9:19am ET

    Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck is in the final year of his rookie contract, but team owner Jim Irsay expects extension talks to begin in the coming months. ďAndrew is going to be here. I don't know when that might be, but itís just a matter of time before we talk about this new contract and agreed to. Itís going to be a big number. Itís going to be a shocking number, nine figures and probably a $20 (million) starting point per year, but again we will find the right number to get to," Irsay told WISH-TV last week.

    Huddle Up: Indy's been here before, paying top dollar to a quarterback and then building around him. Worked once, so they'll give it a go with Luck.

  • Mike Wallace - WR - Minnesota Vikings
    Posted 2/11/16 9:19am ET

    Minnesota Vikings WR Mike Wallace is likely to be cut in the offseason as he carries an $11.5 million salary for 2016.

    Huddle Up: That's a lot of money for a run-first team to pay to an underachieving wideout. Expect Minnesota to clear cap space and Wallace to be shopping for a new team this offseason.

  • Dwayne Allen - TE - Indianapolis Colts
    Posted 2/11/16 9:19am ET

    Indianapolis Colts impending free-agent TE Dwayne Allen is unlikely to re-sign with the team. Allen was forced to block for much of the season and was targeted on just 29 passes.

    Huddle Up: Two quality tight ends is a luxury in the salary cap age, and it looks as if the Colts are opting for Coby Fleener over Allen going forward.

  • Andre Johnson - WR - Indianapolis Colts
    Posted 2/11/16 9:19am ET

    Indianapolis Colts WR Andre Johnson is likely to be released in the offseason. The team will have to eat $2.5 million in dead money if he's cut.

    Huddle Up: Johnson never quite captured the old Houston magic as a Colt, save for his two-TD game against his former mates. With Indy flush with young receiver talent it makes sense for the Colts to take the dead money cap hit and move on.

  • Stedman Bailey - WR - St. Louis Rams
    Posted 2/11/16 9:05am ET

    Los Angeles Rams WR Stedman Bailey (head) posted on social media that he has been moving around in the hospital, as he recovers from two gunshot wounds to the head. He intends to resume his NFL career, but indicated doctors feel otherwise. 'Since that incident, doctors have told me that they don'ít think I'll be able to make a return to the NFL,' Bailey said Tuesday, Feb. 9. 'When somebody tells me that they don't think I can do something, you know I'll do everything that I can to prove them wrong.'

    Huddle Up: Don't count on Bailey fantasy-wise, but we wish him nothing but the best as he attempts to return to the NFL.

  • Peyton Manning - QB - Denver Broncos
    Posted 2/11/16 9:05am ET

    Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning has 'no deadline' for making a retirement decision, general manager John Elway said Tuesday, Feb. 9.

    Huddle Up: While there's no official deadline, expect a decision by early March so the Broncos can plan accordingly for free-agent-to-be Brock Osweiler as well as their salary cap.

  • LeSean McCoy - RB - Buffalo Bills
    Posted 2/11/16 9:05am ET

    Updating a previous report, Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy might be served with a self-surrender by midweek, law enforcement sources in Philadelphia said Tuesday, Feb. 9.

    Huddle Up: McCoy's little scuffle with police may end up costing him a game or two courtesy of the league's personal conduct policy--or worse if he faces charges.

  • Victor Cruz - WR - New York Giants
    Posted 2/9/16 10:25pm ET

    New York Giants WR Victor Cruz may be willing to take a pay cut this offseason in order to stay with the Giants. Cruz has three years and $24 million remaining on his current deal.

    Huddle Up: A pay cut certainly would seem to be in order for Cruz, who hasn't played since ripping up his knee in Week 6 of the 2014 season.

  • Reggie Bush - RB - San Francisco 49ers
    Posted 2/9/16 10:25pm ET

    San Francisco 49ers impending free-agent RB Reggie Bush's (knee) rehabilitation is going well. He is scheduled to start running in two weeks and does not plan to retire this offseason.

    Huddle Up: Bush turns 31 in early March, but he did only have 12 touches this past season. Still, he'll likely have to settle for an incentive-laden deal considering he hasn't played a full season since 2012.

  • Cam Newton - QB - Carolina Panthers
    Posted 2/9/16 7:29pm ET

    Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton said he didn't dive after a second-half fumble in the Super Bowl because of the way his leg was positioned. 'I don't dive on one fumble because the way my leg was - it could have been (contorted) in a way,' Newton said. 'OK, you say my effort. I didn't dive down. I fumbled. That's fine. But we didn't lose that game because of that fumble. I can tell you that.'

    Huddle Up: Yeah, that play certainly looked like it could've used a little more effort from Newton, but at the same time, everything he does -- or doesn't -- do these days seems to elicit some sort of national response.

  • Montee Ball - RB - Free Agent
    Posted 2/9/16 7:25pm ET

    New England Patriots RB Montee Ball was released Tuesday, Feb. 9.

    Huddle Up: The stunning career free-fall continues for the 2013 Broncos second-round pick who has only played in five games -- all in 2014 -- since his rookie season.

  • LeSean McCoy - RB - Buffalo Bills
    Posted 2/9/16 7:25pm ET

    Buffalo Bills RB LeSean McCoy's case was investigated by police and has been turned over to the district attorney's office, which is reviewing it for potential charges. McCoy was allegedly involved in an altercation that sent two off-duty police officers to a Philadelphia area hospital last weekend.

    Huddle Up: Anything but good news and definitely something to keep an eye on here over the next few weeks.

  • Mike Tolbert - RB - Carolina Panthers
    Posted 2/9/16 7:25pm ET

    Carolina Panthers FB Mike Tolbert said there have been no contract talks with the Panthers yet. Tolbert already said he would like to return to Carolina next season. He may be asked to restructure his current deal, which stands at $3.4 million.

    Huddle Up: The now 30-year-old Tolbert is aiming to play a fifth season, but his 80 total touches marked a full-season low since 2009, and some restructuring certainly looks to be on the table.

  • Peyton Manning - QB - Denver Broncos
    Posted 2/9/16 7:25pm ET

    Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning still has one year remaining on the contract he signed in 2012. His $19 million base salary becomes guaranteed on March 9, and the deal counts $21.5 million against Denver's salary cap. The Broncos' available cap space will be impacted greatly by his decision.

    Huddle Up: In other words, the Broncos would like to know well before March 8 as they a number of key free agents to sign, topped by Super Bowl MVP Von Miller.

  • Adam Vinatieri - PK - Indianapolis Colts
    Posted 2/9/16 7:25pm ET

    Indianapolis Colts impending free-agent PK Adam Vinatieri said he plans on playing a 21st season in the NFL and maybe more. Vinatieri will be 43 when training camp starts in August. Vinatieri is expected to re-sign with the Colts. He missed just three field goals in 58 attempts in the last two years with Indianapolis. Vinatieri is also third all time in made field goals (503).

    Huddle Up: The ageless wonder is still going strong and will once again be among the top fantasy-kicker considerations.

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