Planning Your First Two Draft Picks

Your first two draft picks have a major impact on how your team comes together. The reality is that after the first two rounds remove the best two dozen players, you have to be in a position to benefit the most from the players that are still available to be drafted. After all, you are trying to build the optimal team.

You have a draft slot. That means only certain players will to be there when you draft, and that in turn limits what you can do with your second pick. The best you can do is to plan what you intend to do with your first two picks knowing which players will most likely be there for you. Obviously players you are high on may drop into your lap and that forces you to deviate from your plan. That does bring up the one important caveat:

Never let a plan prevent you from taking a player who falls significantly.

Seriously. I have seen great players slide because no one planned on him being available. Don't do it. Take the best player even if you did not plan on it. Being prepared will allow you to build a more optimal team and help you recognize when great players drop into your lap unexpectedly. Plan ahead, re-evaluate at every pick and you can the best team you can at your draft spot in that unique draft.

To plot out how I see the season currently, let's set the stage first considering a 12 team league that uses standard performance scoring. Let's walk through each pick and see what unfolds and what plans we can make based on what happens.

Those in a point per reception (PPR) league may want to check out the PPR league version of this feature.

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