What To Expect In Week One

You just drafted that shiny new team and it is apparent that your championship is a mere formality. At least until week one rolls past. Sudden you have a full-on freak out because you already fear your league fee is heading to someone else. Or maybe you are convinced that you are a gridiron savant now that all your players just exploded. After all, you can be sure that repeats 15 more weeks before the end of the season. But opening weekend is always different than the rest. It never fails. And it will likely never be that good (or bad) again.

Now we can actually see the real offenses of the Cardinals, Bills, Bears, Jaguars and Eagles. Sure, they played in preseason games but rest assured the good stuff happened on a practice field with no cameras. Chip Kelly’s prolific Oregon scheme now belongs to Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy. Marc Trestman’s success with passing will be on display using Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall. Doug Maronne helped create the prolific Saints offense before resurrecting the program in Syracuse. Now in Buffalo, he starts over using rookies at quarterback and wideout.  There will be change across the league and it will deeply affect each fantasy league. How? We won’t know until Sunday.

 Players smile and shrug their shoulders when asked about their workload. The roles and responsibilities of each are intentionally cloaked for a competitive advantage. There is a reason why Bill Belichick is as chatty as a mime about his game plans and treats the injury report like a subpoena from an ex-wife. That is the beauty about the season opener. We finally get to see what is really going to happen. But not one day before.

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