Start Bench Tool

2018 Season, Week 17

Start Bench Tool Info, Notes & Tips

Welcome to our Start Bench Tool, where you can pull up The Huddle's weekly player advice/analysis and projections based on your specific league(s) rosters and scoring profiles set up in myHuddle. Or just pull them up based on team and/or position using one of The Huddle's preset scoring profiles. Your choice. You're in control. Fantasy points projected is based on the scoring profile selected and the "Confidence Factor" (ConFac) represents how likely the projections are based on variables and past history. All defensive statistic statements are for the last five weeks unless otherwise noted.

Important Notes: This tool will be released each week on Thursdays. Players with no projections for this week, or on bye, will not display below.

Helpful Tips: Set up your teams in myHuddle. Then view those players only by using the "Players" filter below. View all players using the "Players" filter and one of the "All Player Options" selections. View specific positions using the "Positions" filter and specific NFL teams with the "Teams" filter.

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