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2007 NFL Off-Season Roster Changes
Updated: August 9, 2007

The Huddle is commited to bringing our members everything they could possibly need for the fantasy football season. An example of this is the vast fantasy football resources we provide. Updated constantly and paired with expert analysis, our fantasy information is always available so fantasy team owners can find everything they need to make the best possible decisions come draft day.

The following players have retired, been cut or changed their team during the offseason. These are not all the players changing in the NFL, only the most notable that had at least some fantasy value as of last year or rookies that have some interesting appeal.

* Rookie Quarterbacks Running Backs Wide Receivers Tight Ends
ARI New:   Terrelle Smith (CLE) Sean Morey (PIT)
Laurent Robinson (3.11)
Gone: John Navarre (IND)   Troy Walters (DET)  
ATL New: Joey Harrington (MIA) Ovie Mughelli (BAL) Joe Horn (NO)  
Gone: Matt Schaub (HOU) Justin Griffith (OAK) Ashley Lelie (SF) Eric Beverly (DET)
BAL New:   Willis McGahee (BUF) Yamon Figurs (3.1)  
Gone:   Ovie Mughelli (ATL)
Jamal Lewis (CLE)
BUF New: Trent Edwards (3.29) Josh Scobey (SEA)
Marshawn Lynch (1.12)
Dwayne Wright (4.12)
Gone:   Willis McGahee (BAL) Andre Davis (HOU)  
CAR New: David Carr (HOU)   Dwayne Jarrett (2.13)  
Gone: Chris Weinke   Keyshawn Johnson
Karl Hankton
Mike Seidman (IND)
CHI New:   Garrett Wolfe (3.30)   Greg Olsen (1.31)
Gone:   Thomas Jones (NYJ) Justin Gage (TEN)  
CIN New:   Kenny Irons (2.17)    
Gone: Anthony Wright (NYG)   Kelley Washington (NE) Tony Stewart (OAK)
CLE New: Brady Quinn (1.22) Jamal Lewis (BAL) Tim Carter (NYG)  
Gone:   Terrell Smith (ARI)
Reuben Droughns (NYG)
Dennis Northcutt (JAC)  
DAL New: Brad Johnson (MIN)      
Gone: Drew Bledsoe (ret)      
DEN New: Patrick Ramsey (NYJ) Travis Henry (TEN)
Paul Smith (STL)
Brandon Stokley (IND) Daniel Graham (NE)
Gone: Jake Plummer (ret) Tatum Bell (DET)    
DET New: Drew Stanton (2.11) Tatum Bell (DEN)
T.J. Duckett (WAS)
Marcus Robinson (MIN)
Cliff Russel (MIA)
Shaun McDonald (STL)
Troy Walters (ARI)
Calvin Johnson (1.02)
Eric Beverly (ATL)
Gone: Josh McCown (OAK) Cory Schlesinger (MIA)
Arlen Harris
Mike Williams (OAK)
Corey Bradford (WAS)
Marcus Pollard (SEA)
GB New:   Brandon Jackson (2.31) James Jones (3.14)  
Gone:   Ahman Green (HOU)
William Henderson (ret)
  David Martin (MIA)
HOU New: Matt Schaub (ATL) Ahman Green (GB) Andre Davis (BUF)
Jacoby Jones (3.09)
Bethel Johnson (MIN)
Keenan McCardell (SD)
Gone: David Carr (CAR)   Eric Moulds (TEN)  
IND New: John Navarre (ARI)   Anthony Gonzalez (1.32) Mike Seidman (CAR)
Gone:   Dominic Rhodes (OAK)
James Mungro
Brandon Stokley (DEN)
Terrence Wilkins
JAC New:     Dennis Northcutt (CLE)
Mike Walker (3.15)
Jermaine Wiggins (MIN)
Gone:     Cortez Hankton (MIN) Kyle Brady (NE)
KC New:     Dwayne Bowe (1.23)  
Gone: Trent Green (MIA)   Dante Hall (STL)  
MIA New: John Beck (2.08)
Trent Green (KC)
Cory Schlesinger (DET)
Lorenzo Booker (3.07)
Az-Zahir Hakim (SD)
Ted Ginn Jr. (1.09)
David Martin (GB)
Courtney Anderson (OAK)
Gone: Joey Harrington (ATL) Sammy Morris (NE)
Travis Minor (STL)
Cliff Russel (DET)
Wes Welker (NE)
Randy McMichael (STL)
MIN New:   Adrian Peterson (1.07) Bobby Wade (TEN)
Cortez Hankton (JAC)
Sidney Rice (2.12)
Visanthe Shiancoe (NYG)
Gone: Brad Johnson (DAL)   Marcus Robinson (DET)
Bethel Johnson (PHI)
Travis Taylor (OAK)
Jermaine Wiggins (JAC)
NE New:   Sammy Morris (MIA) Kelley Washington (CIN)
Wes Welker (MIA)
Donte Stallworth (PHI)
Randy Moss (OAK)
Kyle Brady (JAC)
Gone:   Corey Dillon (ret)
Patrick Pass
  Daniel Graham (DEN)
NO New:   Pittman, Antonio 4.08 David Patten (WAS)
Robert Meachem (1.27)
Eric Johnson (SF)
Gone:     Joe Horn (ATL) Ernie Conwell
NYG New: Anthony Wright (CIN) Reuben Droughns (CLE) Steve Smith (2.19)  
Gone:   Tiki Barber (ret)
Chad Morton
Visanthe Shiancoe (MIN) Tim Carter (CLE)
NYJ New: Marques Tuiasosopo (OAK) Thomas Jones (CHI)    
Gone: Patrick Ramsey (DEN) B. J. Askew (TB)
Kevan Barlow (PIT)
Derrick Blaylock (WAS)
OAK New: Josh McCown (DET)
JaMarcus Russell (1.01)
Dominic Rhodes (IND)
Michael Bush (4.01)
Travis Taylor (MIN)
Mike Williams (DET)
Johnnie Lee Higgins (3.36)
Tony Stewart (CIN)
Zach Miller (2.06)
Gone: Marques Tuiasosopo (NYJ)
Aaron Brooks
  Randy Moss (NE) Courtney Anderson
PHI New: Kevin Kolb (2.04) Tony Hunt (3.27)
Kevin Curtis (STL)
Gone: Jeff Garcia (TB)   Donte Stallworth (NE)  
PIT New:   Kevan Barlow (NYJ)   Matt Spaeth (3.13)
Gone:   Verron Haynes Sean Morey (ARI)  
SD New:     Craig Davis (1.30)  
Gone:     Az-Zahir Hakim (MIA)
Keenan McCardell (HOU)
Aaron Shea
SEA New:       Marcus Pollard (DET)
Gone:   Josh Scobey (BUF) Darrell Jackson (SF) Jerramy Stevens (TB)
SF New:     Ashley Lelie (ATL)
Darrell Jackson (SEA)
Jason Hill (3.12)
Gone:     Antonio Bryant Eric Johnson (NO)
STL New:   Travis Minor (MIA)
Brian Leonard (2.20)
Drew Bennett (TEN)
Dante Hall (KC)
Randy McMichael (MIA)
Gone:   Marshall Faulk (ret)
Stephen Davis
Tony Fisher
Paul Smith (DEN)
Shaun McDonald (DET)
Kevin Curtis (PHI)
TB New: Jeff Garcia (PHI) B. J. Askew (NYJ)   Jerramy Stevens (SEA)
Gone: Tim Rattay (TEN)     Doug Jolley
TEN New: Tim Rattay (TB) Chris Henry (2.18) Justin Gage (CHI)
Paul Williams (3.17)
Eric Moulds (HOU)
Gone:   Travis Henry (DEN) Bobby Wade (MIN)
Drew Bennett (STL)
Erron Kinney
WAS New:   Derrick Blaylock (NYJ) Corey Bradford (DET)  
Gone:   T.J. Duckett (DET) David Patten (NO) Christian Fauria

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