San Francisco 49ers
  • 6'4"
  • 227
  • 23
  • 0 years
  • Baylor
  • 2019 R3 O, None
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  • Posted: 4/30/2019 4:08pm ET

    San Francisco 49ers WR Jalen Hurd is the most versatile player he's ever drafted, according to head coach Kyle Shanahan. Hurd was chosen in the third round and could play all over the field, including running back, wide receiver and tight end. Hurd played at 250 pounds when Tennessee asked him to line up in short-yardage rushing situations, and he shed 20 pounds to play wide receiver for Baylor. Hurd weighed 226 pounds at the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine, but general manager John Lynch said Hurd will be allowed to play at the weight he feels most comfortable before the coaching staff determines his ultimate positional role. 'He can do about everything,' Shanahan said. 'I think if he would have stayed a running back, I think he would have gotten drafted as an NFL running back. Today he got drafted as an NFL receiver, kind of. I believe if he tried to play tight end he would have gotten drafted as an NFL tight end. That's a pretty unique thing to have. I don't remember being able to say that about any player I've studied before. So, it's neat to be able to do that and he can help us out in a lot of different ways.'

    Huddle Up: Good for the Niners, not necessarily for fantasy ... players of this nature tend to be difficult to play, and then there's often the headache about how league software hosts allow gamers to deploy multipositional guys. At any rate, Hurd has a legit opportunity to find enough playing time to at least enter the fantasy conversation as the summer wears on. Stay tuned....

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