Minnesota Vikings
  • 6'1"
  • 217
  • 30
  • 9th season
  • Oklahoma
  • 2007 R1 P7, Vikings

Historical Stats

Year Team Gms Plays Car Rush Yards YPC Rush TDs Fum Targets Catch Catch Yards Catch TDs Total Yards Total TDs 50+ Yd TDs 100+ Yard Gms 1+ TD Gms
2007 MIN 14 266 238 1341 5.6 12 3 28 19 268 1 1609 13 0 7 7
2008 MIN 16 402 363 1760 4.8 10 4 39 21 125 0 1885 10 0 11 8
2009 MIN 16 371 314 1383 4.4 18 6 57 43 436 0 1819 18 0 10 12
2010 MIN 15 333 283 1298 4.6 12 1 50 36 341 1 1639 13 0 9 9
2011 MIN 12 232 209 973 4.7 12 0 23 18 139 1 1112 13 0 5 9
2012 MIN 16 399 348 2097 6.0 12 2 51 40 217 1 2314 13 0 13 9
2013 MIN 14 319 279 1266 4.5 10 3 40 29 171 1 1437 11 0 7 7
  Avg 13 293 257 1274 4.8 11 2 36 26 214 1 1489 13 0 8 8

Season To Date Statistics

Year Team Gms Plays Car Rush Yards YPC Rush TDs Fum Targets Catch Catch Yards Catch TDs Total Yards Total TDs 50+ Yd TDs 100+ Yard Gms 1+ TD Gms
2014 MIN 1 24 21 75 3.6 0 0 3 2 18 0 93 0 0 0 0

Recent Player News

  • Posted: 3/2/2015 6:31pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson, who was put back on the commissioner's exempt list last week, has had 'open dialogue' with the team, according to general manager Rick Spielman. Spielman continues to say that the Vikings want Peterson to return in 2015. However, Peterson has been 'uneasy' about returning. The Vikings can cut Peterson or talk to him about restructuring his contract at any time since he's back on the exempt list.

    Huddle Up: Expect this one to come down to money, as Peterson is unlikely to find another team willing to pay a 30-year-old running back $12 million. Unless Peterson really wants out of Minnesota, in which case he can either hold out and get nothing or hope the Vikings get an offer they can't refuse.

  • Posted: 2/27/2015 8:05pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson could be a trade target for the Indianapolis Colts. QB Andrew Luck hasn't had a successful running game behind him so far in Indianapolis. However, Colts running backs not named RB Trent Richardson averaged close to 5.0 yards per carry in the last two seasons.

    Huddle Up: Arizona and Dallas (still) also are mentioned as trade destinations for Peterson as signs are starting to point that his run in the Twin Cities might be finished once he's reinstated by the league. A Luck-Peterson pairing would most definitely be juicy, and Indy is certainly in need of a RB after the first-round-pick-for-Richardson trade proved to be a colossal flop. Stay tuned ...

  • Posted: 2/26/2015 7:02pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson's suspension was overturned by U.S. District Judge David S. Doty on Thursday, Feb. 26. However, the NFL also announced that they will appeal the ruling, and Peterson will return to the Commissioner's Exempt List. 'Judge Doty's order did not contain any determinations concerning the fairness of the appeals process under the CBA, including the commissioner's longstanding authority to appoint a designee to act as hearing officer,' the league said in a statement.

    Huddle Up: The Vikings and Peterson cannot have contact with each other and nothing can happen until he is formally reinstated by the league -- and who knows when that will happen if it carries through with the appeal. At least (we believe) the latest it will be is April 15 -- the date when his suspension was originally due to end. Just don't say we didn't warn you that this would be a true soap opera.

  • Posted: 2/26/2015 4:38pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson's suspension has been overturned after a judge granted a motion from the NFL Players Association to vacate the suspension. The NFL is expected to appeal the decision.

    Huddle Up: Peterson was originally scheduled to be reinstated April 15, but that has been pushed up almost two months, barring the league winning an appeal. In the meantime, there still remains much uncertainly over whether the RB will return to play for the Vikings, where he's scheduled to count $15.4 million against the salary cap. Peterson can be traded when the new league year begins March 10.

  • Posted: 2/23/2015 11:15pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson's father denied a report that Peterson no longer wants to play for Minnesota. Peterson's father said Peterson is still open to a return to the Vikings. Peterson himself said earlier this month that he feels uneasy about returning to Minnesota because he felt there were some people in the organization who wanted him off the field last season. It was also previously reported that Peterson's agent and members of the Vikings' front office had a heated exchange during the NFL Scouting Combine this week.

    Huddle Up: On the one hand it appears as if Peterson is doing everything possible to burn his bridges with the Vikings; on the other, seeing as the team can't officially have any contact with the suspended Peterson it's quite likely no trade request has taken place... at least yet. It's also likely that should the Vikings opt to guarantee some of Peterson's hefty contract through the next two seasons, all will be forgiven and he'll happily collect paychecks in Minnesota--once the league clears him to return to action.

  • Posted: 2/23/2015 3:55pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson's situation with the team worsened during the NFL scouting combine as his agent and members of Minnesota's front office had a heated verbal altercation, according to sources. Peterson's agent, Ben Dogra, reportedly said that Peterson would never play for the Vikings again.

    Huddle Up: Peterson is doing just about everything he can to burn any remaining bridges back to the Vikings, and in the process driving any possibility of a trade opportunity into the tank as well. Of course, pending the results of his appeal hearing he can't even petition for reinstatement until April so at this juncture you have to believe the Vikings' Plan A calls for moving forward--and away from Peterson--at the running back position.

  • Posted: 2/23/2015 1:41am ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson has not asked for a trade to the Dallas Cowboys and has not had any conversations with Vikings general manager Rick Spielman, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

    Huddle Up: The Peterson-to-Big D rumors have been circulating for years, but have recently picked up steam with AD's off-field troubles and DeMarco Murray's free agency. It's a juicy story line that figures to have legs for a while.

  • Posted: 2/20/2015 5:45pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson hasn't softened his stance, despite general manager Rick Spielman and head coach Mike Zimmer reaching out to him. Peterson said he is "Uneasy" about the prospect of returning to play for the team and may want a fresh start somewhere else. Peterson said lack of trust is a major issue in his uneasiness to return. The team has no intentions of cutting him, so a trade would be the only option.

    Huddle Up: As of right now, Peterson won't be reinstated until April 15, and the Vikings cannot have direct contact with him in the meantime, so it remains quite the uncertain mess. Complicating matters is that Peterson is due to make $12.75 million in base salary this coming season so there is much to still be decided. Stay tuned ...

  • Posted: 2/19/2015 9:18am ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson continues to have the support of the team, and general manager Rick Spielman said, 'We expect Adrian Peterson to be part of our football team' next season. President Mark Wilf said earlier this week that the team would welcome Peterson back with open arms. Peterson can't be reinstated until April 15, but the NFL Players Association is suing the league in federal court to expedite his return. It's unknown if Minnesota would keep Peterson on his current contract with a base salary of $12.75 million for 2015.

    Huddle Up: It doesn't seem like fitting AD under the salary cap will be an issue, and so long as he is taking the requisite steps to get out from under his suspension he'll be welcomed back by the franchise. Of course, there's still an appeal to be heard and a suspension to be lifted, plus the possibility Peterson may be looking for a fresh start with a team closer to Super Bowl contention than the Vikings.

  • Posted: 2/11/2015 8:13pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson said he would like to return to the team, and owner and president Mark Wilf said the Vikings reciprocate that feeling. However, Peterson must comply with the NFL before doing so.

    Huddle Up: The Vikings need to hope the league gives them some idea of Peterson's status prior to free agency and the draft; thus far the league hasn't exactly been expediting the process.

  • Posted: 2/11/2015 5:58pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is undergoing counseling in order to fulfill the conditions for reinstatement by the NFL. An NFL spokesperson declined to comment on what impact it could have on his suspension. Peterson is not eligible to apply for reinstatement until April 15. Peterson acknowledged regretting the incident and said it will never happen again.

    Huddle Up: The league continues to hope Peterson will just go away, but so long as he continues to clear the stated hurdles for reinstatement he should return from his 15-game suspension for a misdemeanor in time for the start of the 2015 season. Whether or not that will be with the Vikings, however, remains to be seen.

  • Posted: 2/5/2015 4:03pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson's reinstatement hearing will be held Friday, Feb. 6, in federal court in Minneapolis. The NFLPA filed a lawsuit in December for his immediate reinstatement, seeking to overturn a November ruling that he be suspended until at least April 15.

    Huddle Up: This hearing will be just the first domino to fall in what's sure to be a headline-filled offseason for the soon-to-be 30-year-old RB.

  • Posted: 1/27/2015 11:37pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson was directed by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to meet with a league-assigned psychiatrist following Peterson's suspension. The National Football League Players Association is now crying foul on the commissioner's mandated counseling, arguing that Goodell did not have the power to enforce such a stipulation. The NFLPA said the terms of Peterson's suspension violate the limits of Goodell's power under the collective bargaining agreement.

    Huddle Up: Just when you think the Peterson drama has passed and all parties can move on, more back-fighting and bickering surface, clouding the RB's already murky future.

  • Posted: 1/15/2015 2:51pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is wanted back by general manager Rick Spielman once he is eligible to apply for reinstatement April 15. 'I don't know if there's a team in the NFL that wouldn't want Adrian Peterson on the football team,' Spielman said Wednesday, Jan. 14.

    Huddle Up: In the very least, Peterson will have some trade value, although the 3 years remaining on his 6-year, $86.3 million contract will be a sticking point with any team.

  • Posted: 12/31/2014 12:34am ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson will be wanted back by head coach Mike Zimmer when Peterson's suspension ends next year. "I think he's a good person. I think obviously he's a great running back, and if it works out that way and things work out and he gets his life in order then I will be in his corner whenever the decision is made [to bring him back or not]." Peterson was told earlier this month that he would serve a two-game suspension next year for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy.

    Huddle Up: Peterson's fate will certainly be one of the bigger stories of the off-season after playing in only one game in 2014, and his big-$$$ contract will be a key factor in any decision.

  • Posted: 12/13/2014 10:27am ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson said he considered retirement from the NFL because he is disappointed with the disciplinary system. 'I've considered retiring from the NFL,' Peterson said. 'I still made $8 million dollars this year. I've thought about getting back into the real estate (business in Texas) I'm already in. That's something I've been interested in, something I'm involved in. I've thought about getting back into that. I've thought about going after the Olympics -- you only live once. It might be time for me to pursue that, as well. I love playing football, don't get me wrong, but this situation is deeper than that. For me, it's like, 'Why should I continue to be a part of an organization or a business that handles players the way they do? Making money off the field anyway, why not continue to pursue that (Olympic) dream and pursue other dreams and hang up the cleats?''

    Huddle Up: Peterson may be frustrated with the NFL's disciplinary system but he's not going anywhere. He'll do everything he can to get back on the field in 2015. Peterson is still a must-hold in dynasty leagues.

  • Posted: 12/12/2014 10:37pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson's appeal of his suspension has been denied by the appointed appeals officer. Peterson likely will be reinstated if he does what he needs to do between now and April 15. Peterson could take his case to federal court.

    Huddle Up: Peterson's forgettable 2014 season has come to an end. His future with the Vikings is up in the air. Peterson turns 30 in March and despite his off-the-field issues is still a strong hold in dynasty leagues.

  • Posted: 12/5/2014 10:19am ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is likely, but not certain, to be reinstated by league appeals officer Harold Henderson next week, in the opinion of columnist Peter King. The team would have to decide whether to activate him for the final three games.

    Huddle Up: You think things are interesting now, wait and see what happens if the league and Peterson put the ball in the Vikings' court. There have been reports that the team's own counsel worked against Peterson being reinstated this year; then there's the issue of what fans and--more importantly--team sponsors say about his return. And football wise there's the possibility that the Vikings are looking to get out from under Peterson's contract sooner rather than later. That's a whole lot to take place in the next few days; as the kids say, get your popcorn.

  • Posted: 12/3/2014 10:25am ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson hasn't received a settlement offer by the NFL or the NFLPA, as arbiter Harold Henderson has urged.

    Huddle Up: Little chance this situation gets resolved in time for Peterson to play this year, but some closure would be nice heading into the offseason so keeper leaguers can plan accordingly.

  • Posted: 12/2/2014 10:48am ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson could have his appeal of a suspension by the NFL end up in federal court if the National Football League Players Association is not convinced of the hearing officer's neutral status.

    Huddle Up: What, you thought this situation would clear itself right up? Peterson may not play again this season, but the courtroom battle is far from over.

  • Posted: 11/18/2014 10:05am ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson was suspended without pay for at least the rest of the 2014 season for violating the NFL Personal Conduct Policy Tuesday, Nov. 18. Peterson is appealing the suspension. Peterson would be eligible for reinstatement no earlier than April 15, if his suspension is upheld. Commissioner Roger Goodell said in a letter to Peterson that he 'has shown no meaningful remorse' and laid out a counseling and treatment program that will determine how long the ban lasts.

    Huddle Up: Get out your popcorn, this one's going to get interesting. The league looks to lean on the court of public opinion, banning Peterson for a misdemeanor with no language that violates the new ad hoc abuse rules thrown together in the wake of the Ray Rice case. Already battling the NFLPA on Rice, the league opens another front on Peterson. With the wheels of justice spinning slowly in the NFL, don't look for Peterson to come back and help your fantasy squad this season. As for his future in Minnesota, that may be determined as much by his price tag as it is by whatever outrage Goodell can drum up from the public--and, perhaps more importantly, the team's corporate sponsors.

  • Posted: 11/17/2014 8:06pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson had his grievance heard Monday, Nov. 17, by an independent arbitrator, and it only lasted around 30 minutes, according to sources. Peterson is looking for immediate reinstatement since his court case was resolved. The arbitrator told both sides that a decision will come quickly, and a decision could be made as soon as Tuesday, Nov. 18.

    Huddle Up: A quick decision is definitely what the Vikings and fantasy GMs are hoping for so we can all move on to the rest of the season.

  • Posted: 11/15/2014 6:13pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson did not show up for a scheduled hearing Friday, Nov. 15, despite agreeing to the meeting earlier in the week, according to a source. Peterson did not provide the NFL with an alternative date. Friday's hearing would have been for a disciplinary decision about Peterson's past and future regarding family violence. Peterson is also scheduled for a conference call hearing Monday, Nov. 17, dealing with Peterson's status on the commissioner's exempt list.

    Huddle Up: There's a chance Peterson could suit up for Week 12. A decision is expected to made to be made about Peterson's status next week, so owners should know something soon.

  • Posted: 11/12/2014 9:56am ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson's hearing on his expedited grievance will happen by Monday, Nov. 17. The grievance must be resolved within five days after the hearing, which means a decision must come by Saturday, Nov. 22.

    Huddle Up: It looks like we'll have some clarity soon so definitely try to hold on another week if you've been stashing Peterson.

  • Posted: 11/10/2014 7:55pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson had a grievance filed on his behalf against the NFL by the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) on Monday, Nov. 10. The NFLPA asks that Peterson be removed from the Commissioner's Exempt list "based on explicit language in a signed agreement."

    Huddle Up: More wrangling and red tape surely awaits, but hang tight to Peterson if you can spare the roster space.

  • Posted: 11/6/2014 6:50pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson has been informed by the NFL that his case will be reviewed under the personal conduct policy. Peterson has the right to a hearing before any possible punishment is imposed. Peterson will remain on the commissioner's exempt list until the review is over. According to a source, Peterson could still face a league-imposed suspension as being on paid-leave is not considered discipline.

    Huddle Up: Even though there are far more questions than answers at this point, Peterson is still worth a speculative roster spot in almost all leagues.

  • Posted: 11/5/2014 4:35pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson still has many steps ahead of him before NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reinstates him after he reached a plea deal in his child abuse case, according to a league source. First, the NFL will examine the court documents and police reports of the case. The NFL will convene experts on domestic violence and domestic abuse. Next, the NFL will hold a hearing with Peterson and the NFLPA. It is possible there will be a direct meeting with Goodell and Peterson, unless Goodell appoints another hearing officer. Next, the NFL will consult with the Vikings and the union. Finally, the NFL will apply the personal conduct policy. There is no hurry, but there is also no delay in starting this process, according to a league source. Any decision isn't likely to come until next week at the very earliest.

    Huddle Up: Peterson's once-unlikely 2014 return now seems definitely more plausible, if not likely, but who knows if, when and/or where that will occur given the current state of disciplinary affairs in the league. Peterson, though, is most definitely worth a roster spot if he's somehow still out there in your league.

  • Posted: 11/4/2014 4:07pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson pleaded no contest to one count of misdemeanor reckless assault Tuesday, Nov. 4 in Montgomery County in Texas. The plea didn't include reference to family violence or violence against a minor. Under the agreement accepted by the judge, Peterson will pay a $2,000 fine, be put on probation and perform 80 hours of community service. He will not serve any jail time. It's unknown if the NFL will suspend Peterson in addition to the eight games he's served.

    Huddle Up: Peterson is on the commissioner's exempt list, and only Roger Goodell can reinstate him. Since this is misdemeanor charge with no jail time, there seems to be a decent chance he could be reinstated soon and assessed a hefty fine as has been paid during his 8-game absence. Definitely stay tuned ...

  • Posted: 10/9/2014 4:42pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson could be arrested again for admitting to smoking some marijuana while on bond, according to sources. Montgomery County prosecutors have filed documents to have Peterson arrested again.

    Huddle Up: Peterson continues to make inane choices, and it's just another reminder not to expect him back on the field anytime this season.

  • Posted: 10/8/2014 1:55pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson's trial for reckless or negligent injury to a child is tentatively scheduled to start Dec. 1, according to his attorney.

    Huddle Up: Peterson has been on the NFL's exempt/commissioner's permission list since Sept. 17, and is barred from all team activities until his case is resolved so unless he secures an earlier trial, his 2014 season is likely done.

  • Posted: 10/7/2014 3:04pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is expected to plead not guilty to child-abuse charges for allegedly disciplining his son when he appears in court Wednesday, Oct. 8. A trial date could be set, but it is not certain if that will happen.

    Huddle Up: There's certainly a new player-conduct climate in NFL 2014, and don't count on Peterson being reinstated until his case is settled. When that happens is anyone's guess, so keep him well off your fantasy radar until further notice.

  • Posted: 9/22/2014 10:41am ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson wants his representation to accelerate his trial date for child-abuse charges, with the goal of getting it set for 2014, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. The broader goal will be to resolve the charges in time for Peterson to return to action for the Vikings this year. He would need to resolve the charges in a way that doesn't expose him to a potential suspension without pay under the personal-conduct policy.

    Huddle Up: Plenty of scuttlebutt about Peterson's future, with many opining that he's played his last game as a Viking. There's also word that his legal team wants to force the Vikings' hand by getting Peterson reinstated this season. From a strictly fantasy football perspective, only those banking on Matt Asiata aren't hoping for a quick resolution as to the availability of one of the league's elite backs.

  • Posted: 9/17/2014 8:57am ET

    The Minnesota Vikings announced RB Adrian Peterson was placed on the Exempt/Commissioner's Permission list Wednesday, Sept. 17, which will keep him away from the team indefinitely.

    Huddle Up: The time-table for Peterson's return now falls to the legal process - which is likely to take a while. His first court hearing isn't even scheduled until October 8th. The Vikings will now roll with Matt Asiata as their starter in the backfield, but don't sleep on the talented Jerick McKinnon.

  • Posted: 9/16/2014 4:05pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson doesn't have the support of Minnesota governor Mark Dayton. Dayton thinks the Vikings should suspend Peterson after the team announced Monday that he's cleared to play in Week 3 against the New Orleans Saints. Peterson was indicted Friday, Sept. 12, on charges of negligent or reckless injury to a child, and he sat out in Week 2.

    Huddle Up: Even though the Vikings have made their announcement, don't be the least bit surprised if the suddenly image-conscious NFL intervenes this week and suspends Peterson.

  • Posted: 9/15/2014 1:27pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is expected to play in Week 3 following his deactivation in Week 2, the team announced Monday, Sept. 15. He will participate in practice fully this week.

    Huddle Up: Peterson was activated on Monday and he'll start Sunday against the Saints. He obviously resumes his place as a Top 5 fantasy RB.

  • Posted: 9/13/2014 5:06pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson's trial for reckless or negligent injury of a child will likely occur in 2015. Peterson was released from jail on $15,000 bond Saturday, Sept. 13, after being arrested for a felony charge involving his son.

    Huddle Up: We'll know more about Peterson's future next week. As of right now, Matt Asiata should be picked up in all leagues with rookie Jerick McKinnon being more of a long-term stash.

  • Posted: 9/12/2014 7:57pm ET

    Updating previous reports, Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson admitted in a police report that he did 'whoop' one of his children last May when he visited him in Houston. When the 4-year-old boy returned home, his mother took him to a doctor, and the boy told police Peterson had hit him with a branch from a tree. The doctor said the boy had a number of lacerations on his thighs and bruise-like marks on his lower back and buttocks and cuts on his hand. Peterson regarded it as a normal spanking when he was questioned by investigators. A grand jury earlier this summer decided not to charge Peterson, but a second grand jury is now indicting him.

    Huddle Up: Peterson has been deactivated and won't play on Sunday. Owners of Peterson should be concerned about his availability beyond this week.

  • Posted: 9/12/2014 7:45pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson has been deactivated for the Week 2 game against the New England Patriots.

    Huddle Up: Peterson has been sidelined after being indicted on child abuse charges. Matt Asiata will start against the Patriots, while rookie Jerick McKinnon will be the No. 2 RB. Peterson's future is unclear right now, so Asiata should be added in all leagues until further notice. He's a RB3/flex play this week against New England.

  • Posted: 9/12/2014 6:43pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson has been indicted in Texas for reckless or negligent injury of a child, according to a person with knowledge of the case. Peterson reportedly used a switch to spank his son. He'll have to return to Texas to post bond, but there is no timetable for that to happen. Peterson returned to practice Friday, Sept. 12, after being absent Thursday, Sept. 11. The team is gathering information regarding the legal situation.

    Huddle Up: Troubling news -- particularly in light of the ongoing Ray Rice controversy -- but at this time, there's no indication as to how this will affect Peterson's immediate availability. You'll have no choice but to stay tuned here.

  • Posted: 9/12/2014 12:00am ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson did not participate in practice Thursday, Sept. 11. Peterson wasn't listed on the injury report Wednesday, Sept. 10.

    Huddle Up: Just a rest day for AD, who on Sunday will be looking to improve on his Week 1 rushing numbers (21 carries for 75 yards).

  • Posted: 8/28/2014 3:42pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson reportedly had a phone conversation with Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones in June where he stated he would be interested in joining the Cowboys when his time with the Vikings is over. Jones said he has not talked with Peterson since the phone call and does not believe that the call should be considered tampering. Peterson, a Texas native, denied the report. 'This was a casual conversation between NFL colleagues in which I never indicated I wanted to leave the Vikings,' Peterson said in a statement. 'I have always said I understand the NFL is a business but that I would love to retire as a Viking.'

    Huddle Up: AD's current deal runs through the 2017 season, but Peterson is closing in on 30 and despite his wishes, you'd have to think the Vikes would explore the possibility of trading him should his play not match the paychecks the next few seasons.

  • Posted: 8/21/2014 6:42pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson (personal) did not participate in practice Thursday, Aug. 21.

    Huddle Up: As usual, it's another wash of a preseason for AD, whose mind is on the Sept. 7 season opener in St. Louis.

  • Posted: 8/12/2014 4:35pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson appears to be improving his pass-catching skills. He dropped one pass in practice Monday, Aug. 11, but had some nice catches.

    Huddle Up: It's no coincidence that AD's top fantasy seasons -- 290 points in 2009 and 307 in 2012 -- also have been the only two seasons in which he's caught 40 or more passes. Bet on a third -- in both categories -- this year.

  • Posted: 8/5/2014 11:51pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson will not play in the team's preseason opener, head coach Mike Zimmer said Tuesday, Aug. 5.

    Huddle Up: No surprise here as AD hardly needs the work and extra contact.

  • Posted: 7/28/2014 5:16pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson said he is looking forward to playing in the team's new offense because it is more versatile than the one the team had been using for the last several seasons. 'Let's call it what it is: I thought in the past, we've been predictable,' Peterson said. 'I'm sure you guys wrote stories about us being predictable the past seven years. You won't be able to write that story this year. That's pretty much all I'm saying. You won't be able to do that, because this offense is so versatile.'

    Huddle Up: Peterson is basically saying Norv Turner is a major upgrade over former OC Bill Musgrave, which is 100 percent correct. The Vikings have more talent on offense than some are giving them credit for and the addition of Turner will help them improve on that side of the ball. Many Minnesota offensive players like WR Greg Jennings (Round 13 ADP) are being undervalued heading into the season.

  • Posted: 7/18/2014 5:16pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson will reportedly have some of his carries converted into catches as the team wants to use him more in space and alleviate his wear and tear.

    Huddle Up: Norv Turner's backs have caught passes, so there's no reason to think getting the ball to AP in space isn't a key component of his offensive game plan in Minnesota. Don't expect Peterson to be Roger Craig, but the thought of AP in the open field with just one man to run over, around, or through is definitely appealing to fantasy owners.

  • Posted: 6/19/2014 3:08pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson has no plans to be done playing football by the time the team opens their new stadium in 2016. His current contract runs through the 2017 season, but he's the only running back in the league with a salary cap hit of more than $10 million this year, and the team could cut him without a cap penalty after next year.

    Huddle Up: Peterson remains the preeminent RB in a passing-dominated league, but we have to wonder if we've already seen the best of AD with the RB having logged 2,239 total touches in 7 seasons.

  • Posted: 5/1/2014 11:39pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson (groin) said he is at "about 80 percent" right now and is spending time working on strength and balance.

    Huddle Up: Peterson followed up his 2,097-yard 2012 season with a 1,266-yard effort this past year, but he remains among the top handful of fantasy RBs.

  • Posted: 4/13/2014 4:22pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson could be used more in passing plays this season with the departure of RB Toby Gerhart.

    Huddle Up: AD has averaged 29 catches and 242 receiving yards over his 7 seasons in Minny and was right about at his average last year with 29-171-1. That could certainly change, though, with new OC Norv Turner taking the Purple reins.

  • Posted: 4/10/2014 12:37am ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson (groin) is close to full strength and plans on participating in offseason workouts when he does get back to full strength. There is no timetable for his return.

    Huddle Up: Given what he's recovered from in the past there's little reason to worry about Peterson or his availability this offseason. However, it'll be a new offense with potentially a new quarterback so a few reps wouldn't hurt before he hits the ground running in August.

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1 @STL 21 75 0 2 18 0

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1 @DET 18 93 2 4 18 1
2 @CHI 26 100 0 1 7 0
3 CLE 25 88 1 6 27 0
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6 CAR 10 62 0 3 21 0
7 @NYG 13 28 0 2 28 0
8 GB 13 60 1 3 23 0
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10 WAS 20 75 2 2 2 0
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6 @WAS 17 79 0 7 50 0
7 ARI 23 153 1 2 6 0
8 TB 15 123 1 1 4 0
9 @SEA 17 182 2 3 11 0
10 DET 27 171 1 3 5 0
12 @CHI 18 108 0 6 30 0
13 @GB 21 210 1 1 10 0
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16 @HOU 25 86 0 1 4 0
17 GB 34 199 1 1 2 1
P1 @GB 22 99 0 1 8 0

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Wk Opp Car RYd RTD Cat CYd CTD
1 @SD 16 98 0 2 6 0
2 TB 25 120 2 2 21 0
3 DET 17 78 1 4 19 0
4 @KC 23 80 0 1 3 0
5 ARI 29 122 3 0 0 0
6 @CHI 12 39 1 1 0 0
7 GB 24 175 1 1 0 0
8 @CAR 20 83 1 5 76 1
10 @GB 14 51 1 0 0 0
11 OAK 6 26 1 0 0 0
15 NO 10 60 0 0 0 0
16 @WAS 12 38 1 2 14 0

2010 Game Logs

Wk Opp Car RYd RTD Cat CYd CTD
1 @NO 19 87 0 3 14 0
2 MIA 28 145 1 5 41 0
3 DET 23 160 2 5 30 0
5 @NYJ 18 88 0 1 20 0
6 DAL 24 73 1 1 -2 0
7 @GB 28 131 1 2 41 0
8 @NE 25 92 1 5 50 0
9 ARI 15 81 1 4 63 1
10 @CHI 17 51 0 4 24 0
11 GB 14 72 0 1 16 0
12 @WAS 6 36 1 1 34 0
13 BUF 16 107 3 1 1 0
14 NYG 14 26 0 0 0 0
16 @PHI 22 118 1 1 11 0
17 @DET 14 31 0 2 -2 0

2009 Game Logs

Wk Opp Car RYd RTD Cat CYd CTD
1 @CLE 25 180 3 1 18 0
2 @DET 15 92 1 4 24 0
3 SF 19 85 0 2 14 0
4 GB 25 55 1 1 0 0
5 @STL 14 63 2 2 6 0
6 BAL 22 143 0 4 23 0
7 @PIT 18 69 1 4 60 0
8 @GB 25 97 1 1 44 0
10 DET 18 133 2 2 10 0
11 SEA 24 82 0 4 16 0
12 CHI 25 85 1 2 18 0
13 @ARI 13 19 0 6 46 0
14 CIN 26 97 2 3 40 0
15 @CAR 12 35 1 3 73 0
16 @CHI 24 94 2 3 43 0
17 NYG 9 54 1 1 1 0
P2 DAL 26 63 0 1 19 0
P3 @NO 25 122 3 2 14 0

2008 Game Logs

Wk Opp Car RYd RTD Cat CYd CTD
1 @GB 19 103 1 1 11 0
2 IND 29 160 0 4 20 0
3 CAR 17 77 0 0 0 0
4 @TEN 18 80 2 4 21 0
5 @NO 21 32 0 1 9 0
6 DET 25 111 0 1 -5 0
7 @CHI 22 121 2 1 9 0
9 HOU 25 139 1 0 0 0
10 GB 30 192 1 3 33 0
11 @TB 19 85 0 1 -3 0
12 @JAC 17 80 1 0 0 0
13 CHI 28 131 1 2 -1 0
14 @DET 22 105 0 1 15 0
15 @ARI 28 165 0 0 0 0
16 ATL 22 76 0 2 16 0
17 NYG 21 103 1 0 0 0
P1 PHI 20 83 2 0 0 0

2007 Game Logs

Wk Opp Car RYd RTD Cat CYd CTD
1 ATL 19 103 0 1 60 1
2 @DET 20 66 0 4 52 0
3 @KC 25 102 1 3 48 0
4 GB 12 112 0 1 6 0
6 @CHI 20 224 3 1 9 0
7 @DAL 12 63 1 1 12 0
8 PHI 20 70 0 0 0 0
9 SD 30 296 3 1 19 0
10 @GB 11 45 0 3 14 0
13 DET 15 116 2 1 10 0
14 @SF 14 3 0 0 0 0
15 CHI 20 78 2 1 17 0
16 WAS 9 27 0 2 21 0
17 @DEN 11 36 0 0 0 0

2005 Game Logs

Wk Opp Car RYd RTD Cat CYd CTD
3 CIN 0 0 0 1 7 0
5 @CLE 2 19 0 0 0 0
6 MIN 0 0 0 1 7 0
8 @DET 4 8 0 1 1 0
9 @NO 6 58 1 1 3 0
10 SF 24 120 1 0 0 0
11 CAR 4 37 0 0 0 0
12 @TB 5 27 0 0 0 0
13 GB 11 48 0 0 0 0
14 @PIT 1 3 0 0 0 0
15 ATL 3 6 0 0 0 0
16 @GB 8 30 0 0 0 0
17 @MIN 8 35 0 3 30 0

2004 Game Logs

Wk Opp Car RYd RTD Cat CYd CTD
11 IND 4 15 0 1 30 0
16 @DET 2 4 0 1 0 0
17 GB 0 0 0 0 0 0

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