• Alshon Jeffery - WR
    Posted 4/26/16 2:24pm ET

    Chicago Bears WR Alshon Jeffery (hamstring) did not show up for offseason workouts, according to a source. He is training in South Florida with the Bears' permission. Jeffery has already signed his franchise tag and is training in order to fix the soft tissue problems in his hamstring that plagued him in 2015. He is expected to report for mandatory minicamp from June 14-16, if not sooner, according to the source.

    Huddle Up: After back-to-back seasons of 85-plus catches and at least 1,133 yards, Jeffery struggled through a 54-80-7-4 season in nine games last season, and the Bears are going to take every measure to prevent a repeat with their No. 1 target, who's more important than ever with the offseason departures of Matt Forte and TE Martellus Bennett.

  • Kevin White - WR
    Posted 4/17/16 2:37pm ET

    Chicago Bears WR Kevin White (shin) will not have any limitations when the team starts their offseason workouts Monday, April 18.

    Huddle Up: Fantasy GMs have two additional first-year WRs in the mix this season with the the 2015 rookie seasons of White and the Ravens' Breshad Perriman completely wiped out by injuries. White is particularly intriguing given he was the seventh-overall pick a year and the Bears' need for WR help outside of Alshon Jeffery.

  • Alshon Jeffery - WR
    Posted 4/12/16 10:22pm ET

    Chicago Bears WR Alshon Jeffery is expected to seek a deal upwards of five years and $55 million, which is the deal Kansas City Chiefs WR Jeremy Maclin signed when he joined the Chiefs.

    Huddle Up: Jeffery is currently signed under the franchise tag now, which would be $14.6 million this coming season, so a longer-term deal would give the Bears some much-needed cap space. However, too many years on the deal, though, would be an iffy proposition given Jeffery's injury history as he played only nine games this past season.

  • Robbie Gould - PK
    Posted 4/6/16 9:57am ET

    Chicago Bears PK Robbie Gould is looking to add a few pounds for the 2016 season, and he is eating junk food trying to achieve his goal. 'I just know that putting on weight for me is difficult and I'm not a junk food eater,' Gould said Tuesday, April 5. He is hoping the added weight will mean added strength.

    Huddle Up: Now there's an offseason training regimen the vast majority of fantasy footballers can relate to.

  • Deonte Thompson - WR
    Posted 3/24/16 4:11pm ET

    Free-agent WR Deonte Thompson re-signed with the Chicago Bears on a one-year deal Thursday, March 24.

    Huddle Up: With only 17 career receptions in three NFL seasons, Thompson is little more than back-end WR depth and a kickoff returtner -- a role which is steadily being phased out by the league and its seemingly annual rules changes.

  • Kevin White - WR
    Posted 3/22/16 6:22pm ET

    Chicago Bears WR Kevin White (shin) is 100 percent healthy, according to general manager Ryan Pace. White missed all of his rookie season last year following surgery on a stress fracture in his left shin. Pace said it's up to White to now be mentally confident enough to play at full speed. Even though he's at full health, the Bears are still going to be cautious with White so as not to jeopardize his long-term future. White will be limited during the offseason if needed.

    Huddle Up: The 2015 seventh-overall pick's rookie season was a wash, but he's definitely a wideout to keep in mind on fantasy draft day as the Bears will be looking to replace the passing-game targets they lost with the off-season departures of TE Martellus Bennett and RB Matt Forte.

  • Martellus Bennett - TE
    Posted 3/17/16 10:39am ET

    Chicago Bears TE Martellus Bennett has been traded to the New England Patriots in exchange for a fourth-round draft pick, according to sources. The Bears also traded a sixth-round pick.

    Huddle Up: The Patriots add another quality pass-catching tight end, allowing them to return to the days of the Rob Gronkowski/Aaron Hernandez tandem. Bennett's trade also opens the door for Zach Miller to become a fantasy factor in Chicago.

  • Matt Forte - RB
    Posted 3/15/16 10:17am ET

    New York Jets RB Matt Forte said he hasn't talked about specifics of his role on the team this year, but he expects to have a substantial role in the offense. 'They see me as an every-down back,' Forte said in his first interview since signing a three-year, $12 million contract.

    Huddle Up: Forte should at minimum be the lead dog in the Jets' committee, but they have capable role players and depth in Bilal Powell and Khiry Robinson so he won't be the only back in the stable. That said, with no quarterback in place the Jets could be even more run-heavy this season than last year which would mean plenty of touches for everybody.

  • Marc Mariani - WR
    Posted 3/10/16 8:52am ET

    Free-agent WR Marc Mariani (Bears) is a hot property, as sources indicate at least four teams are interested in in his services.

    Huddle Up: Mariani's greatest asset is his ability in the return game, though he could be a serviceable back-end-of-the-rotation receiver as well.

  • Alshon Jeffery - WR
    Posted 3/8/16 5:02pm ET

    Chicago Bears WR Alshon Jeffery signed his franchise tender Tuesday, March 8. Jeffery can still sign a long-term deal by July 15.

    Huddle Up: The Bears definitely wanted to hold on to Jeffery and will be looking for a healthier un ahead from the wideout, who missed seven games this past season.

  • Matt Forte - RB
    Posted 3/7/16 9:45am ET

    Chicago Bears impending free-agent RB Matt Forte is being recruited to the Green Bay Packers by LB Julius Peppers.

    Huddle Up: Forte to the Packers would be a good fit for the offense, but it would be a killer to Eddie Lacy's fantasy value. Or maybe Peppers has seen Lacy's offseason training regimen and is skeptical he'll be in fighting shape by the start of next season.

  • Martellus Bennett - TE
    Posted 3/4/16 10:46am ET

    Chicago Bears TE Martellus Bennett's agent, Kennard McGuire, and the team are working to trade Bennett to an agreeable landing spot Friday, March 4.

    Huddle Up: This divorce was expected, but if Bennett goes and Zach Miller doesn't return via free agency it leaves a void in the Chicago offense.

  • Alshon Jeffery - WR
    Posted 3/1/16 10:06am ET

    Chicago Bears impending free-agent WR Alshon Jeffery has received the franchise tag, according to a source, after a long-term deal could not be settled despite multiple discussions with Jeffery's agent during the NFL Scouting Combine. Jeffery is still involved in ongoing talks with the Bears regarding a long-term deal, though there is still distance to cover in negotiations.

    Huddle Up: Makes sense for the Bears to cling to their only known offensive weapon, with Matt Forte already released. And it sounds as if both sides are interested in a long-term deal, so consider the franchise tag a placeholder as they work through negotiations. Meanwhile, Jay Cutler has his top target back for at least one more season.

  • Matt Forte - RB
    Posted 2/28/16 9:33pm ET

    Impending free-agent RBs Chris Ivory (Jets), Matt Forte (Bears), Alfred Morris (Redskins) and Joique Bell (Lions) are among the veterans on the radar of the New England Patriots, according to a source.

    Huddle Up: Forte obviously is the sexiest name here, but if the Pats desire to fill more of a straight-up running role -- obviously as a replacement for LeGarrette Blount -- Morris would be the better fit. Regardless -- and if -- a back does end up signing with the Pats, he'll instantly soar up the fantasy RB ranks.

  • Alshon Jeffery - WR
    Posted 2/26/16 3:19pm ET

    Chicago Bears WR Alshon Jeffery will receive the franchise tag, according to a team source.

    Huddle Up: The Bears have already passed on re-signing RB Matt Forte, but they're not going to let another play-making stud get away as they'll hold on to Jeffery, who has caught 228 passes for 3,361 yards and 21 TDs in 41 games over the last three seasons.

  • Martellus Bennett - TE
    Posted 2/26/16 10:37pm ET

    Chicago Bears TE Martellus Bennett is a potential trade candidate this offseason, but the team is in no rush to move him.

    Huddle Up: The Bears are basically hoping to be bowled over by an offer for the tight end, who is coming off his worst season in the Windy City, catching 53 passes for 439 yards and three TDs in 11 games. If Bennett is dealt, that will leave Zach Miller atop the team's TE depth chart.

  • Alshon Jeffery - WR
    Posted 2/19/16 9:52am ET

    Chicago Bears impending free-agent WR Alshon Jeffery has a chance to hit the open market because the team hasn't made a decision to franchise tag him.

    Huddle Up: Unless the Bears are blowing up their offense and starting from scratch, this is a smokescreen and they're planning to at least tag Jeffery if not lock him up long-term. With run-heavy John Fox at the helm, however, it wouldn't be a shock if the Bears opted to spend frugally at receiver and let Jeffery walk.

  • Matt Forte - RB
    Posted 2/14/16 5:25pm ET

    Chicago Bears impending free-agent RB Matt Forte is not expected to be a serious consideration for the Indianapolis Colts this offseason.

    Huddle Up: It looks like the Colts will try to get another year or two out of 32-year-old Frank Gore and possibly add another, cheaper back in the draft or free agency as they'll be focusing their cap space on an extension for Andrew Luck and shoring up the defense.

  • Matt Forte - RB
    Posted 2/12/16 10:50am ET

    Chicago Bears impending free-agent RB Matt Forte has been informed by the Bears that they will not attempt to re-sign him this offseason.

    Huddle Up: While Forte missed time with a knee injury last year he's been mostly durable throughout his NFL career, so even at the advanced NFL RB age of 30 he has something left in the tank. Look for him to sign a short-term deal with a contender in need of reliable backfield help; the Patriots and Colts would have to be near the top of that list.

  • Jeremy Langford - RB
    Posted 2/12/16 11:45am ET

    Chicago Bears RB Jeremy Langford figures to start in 2016 after the team informed RB Matt Forte on Friday, Feb. 12, they have no intentions to re-sign him.

    Huddle Up: The 2015 fourth-round pick finished with 537 rushing yards and six TDs and added 279 yards and a score on 22 catches. He's not the biggest of backs at 6-0 and 210 pounds and he averaged only 3.6 yards per carry as a rookie so there are concerns about his durability over the season as a No. 1 back.

  • Matt Forte - RB
    Posted 2/12/16 5:11pm ET

    Chicago Bears impending free-agent RB Matt Forte could be an option for the Miami Dolphins, in the opinion of ESPN.com's James Walker. Forte was coached by Dolphins head coach Adam Gase when he was the offensive coordinator in Chicago, and Dolphins RB Lamar Miller is a free agent.

    Huddle Up: The Gase angle certainly is a strong one, and that would seem to put the Dolphins among the early front-runners.

  • Matt Forte - RB
    Posted 2/11/16 9:19am ET

    Chicago Bears impending free-agent RB Matt Forte probably won't be pursued by the New York Jets in free agency despite the Jets having three impending free-agent running backs of their own.

    Huddle Up: Expect the Jets to get younger at running back, and pursuing a 30-year old free agent is not the way to accomplish that task.

  • Matt Forte - RB
    Posted 2/8/16 9:05am ET

    Chicago Bears impending free-agent RB Matt Forte could be pursued by the New England Patriots this offseason.

    Huddle Up: New England had issues with its ground game this season, though injuries--both in the backfield and along the offensive line--had as much to do with that problem as anything else. Still, if Forte hits free agency he'd be a tremendous fit for the Patriots offense, with the pass-catching skills to fill the Dion Lewis role and enough left in the tank as a rusher to handle LeGarrette Blount's workload. About the only area he hasn't had success has been at the goal line, but the way New England hurries to the line inside the five might open doors for him as well. It's certainly food for fantasy thought as the offseason officially kicks off.

  • Alshon Jeffery - WR
    Posted 2/2/16 10:00am ET

    Chicago Bears impending free-agent WR Alshon Jeffery is tops on the wish list of the Detroit Lions if WR Calvin Johnson elects to retire. However, the Bears could use the franchise tag or sign Jeffery to an extension before he reaches free agency, so Jeffery to the Lions is considered a long shot.

    Huddle Up: Tough to see the Lions finding a way to steal Jeffery out of Chicago, but he'd be a very Megatron-like replacement for Johnson if they do.

  • Alshon Jeffery - WR
    Posted 2/2/16 10:00am ET

    Chicago Bears WR Alshon Jeffery is too valuable to not re-sign with the Bears this offseason, according to ESPNChicago.com's Jeff Dickerson. Dickerson said Chicago can't afford to let Jeffery leave, especially since they drafted and developed him. If Jeffery and the Bears can't agree on a deal, then Jeffery could receive the franchise tag.

    Huddle Up: The Bears will be on their third offensive coordinator in as many seasons and may lose Matt Forte to free agency; to have any sort of offensive continuity they need to retain Jeffery as the centerpiece of their passing game.

  • Matt Forte - RB
    Posted 2/2/16 5:52pm ET

    Chicago Bears RB Matt Forte wouldn't be ruled out as an option for the New York Jets to sign if he becomes available, in the opinion of ESPNNewYork.com's Rich Cimini.

    Huddle Up: Forte is now 30, but he figures to have at least a couple of strong seasons remaining as a pass-catching weapon out of the backfield. He'll be targeted by more than a few teams if he isn't asking for the sun and the moon.

  • Matt Forte - RB
    Posted 1/28/16 4:33pm ET

    Chicago Bears impending free-agent RB Matt Forte hasn't had any meaningful contract talks with the team as of a couple of weeks ago.

    Huddle Up: Most signs remain pointing toward the 30-year-old RB hitting the free-agent market and leaving the team he's played for in all eight of his pro seasons.

  • Alshon Jeffery - WR
    Posted 1/4/16 8:47am ET

    Chicago Bears WR Alshon Jeffery, a restricted free agent, might have the franchise tag applied to him in the offseason. He was limited to nine games in 2015 due to injury, and the team may not be comfortable giving him a long-term deal. He still posted 54 receptions for 807 yards and four touchdowns.

    Huddle Up: Jeffery was the team's only legitimate downfield target this season, as the Bears got nothing from first-round pick Kevin White and their collection of secondary receivers failed to step up. Interesting to see what they're willing to commit to Jeffery in an offseason that will also likely put Matt Forte on the open market.

  • Matt Forte - RB
    Posted 1/1/16 6:33pm ET

    Chicago Bears RB Matt Forte (back) was limited in practice Friday, Jan. 1, and is listed as questionable for the Week 17 game against the Detroit Lions.

    Huddle Up: Forte has been limited all week, and although he seems to be more likely to play than not in what very well could be his final game for the Bears, his fantasy owners will need to check the Huddle's Game-Day Inactives, Injury and Weather report before kickoff Sunday.

  • Alshon Jeffery - WR
    Posted 12/31/15 5:43pm ET

    Chicago Bears impending free-agent WR Alshon Jeffery may not return in 2016 as the team is unlikely to get involved in a bidding war for him, in the opinion of beat writer Jeff Dickerson.

    Huddle Up: The Bears may part with a top-level receiver for the second straight season, which would leave 2015 first-round pick Kevin White -- who missed all of his rookie season due to injury -- as the team's (hopeful) No. 1 WR next year.

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