• Jordan Cameron - TE
    Posted 2/23/15 1:41am ET

    Cleveland Browns impending free-agent TE Jordan Cameron is not expected to be re-signed by the team.

    Huddle Up: Cameron had 80 catches for 917 yards and 7 TDs in 2013 but has totaled 50 grabs for 683 yards and 3 scores over his other three seasons in Cleveland, and it looks like the TE will be wearing a new uniform next season. Cameron's concussion history will be the biggest stumbling block, but there will be more than a few TE-needy teams willing to take on the risk.

  • Johnny Manziel - QB
    Posted 2/19/15 9:18am ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel is making progress during his time at a rehabilitation facility and head coach Mike Pettine said the team is proud of the progress he's making.

    Huddle Up: Perhaps if Manziel can get his off-the-field life in order it will help him shape up his on-the-field act as well. The Browns are still in need of a quarterback, and the former first-round pick has an opportunity with Brian Hoyer a free agent.

  • Josh Gordon - WR
    Posted 2/17/15 8:12pm ET

    Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon's one-game suspension late last season prompted the NFLPA to file a non-injury grievance on his behalf Tuesday, Feb. 17.

    Huddle Up: The NFLPA has Gordon's back, but it's basically a classic rearrangement of the Titanic deck chairs as the receiver obviously has larger disciplinary issues to worry about.

  • Johnny Manziel - QB
    Posted 2/12/15 1:20pm ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel still has the support of Browns owner Jimmy Haslam. 'I think it's way too early to give up on Johnny,'Haslam told the team's beat writers during a meeting. Haslam went on to say he applauds Manziel for seeking help and the team will do everything it can to support him for 'however long that takes.'

    Huddle Up: While what we've seen on and off the field with Johnny F-Ball hasn't exactly been promising, you'd think the team which spent a first-round pick on Manziel is going to give him more than two rookie-season starts to prove himself on way or the other, provided he cleans up his off-field act.

  • Josh Gordon - WR
    Posted 2/12/15 10:51pm ET

    Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon received support from team owner Jimmy Haslam, in an interview with Cleveland.com, Haslam was critical of Gordon's off-field behavior and hopes Gordon can get proper help during his suspension. When asked if the Browns would cut Gordon, Haslam said they have a year to decide, and the decision would be made 'at the proper time.'

    Huddle Up: It's not the easiest of decisions to part with a 2012 supplemental second-round draft pick, but Gordon's continued issues and unavailability have more or less forced the hand of the Browns, who need to find playmakers they can trust and rely on.

  • Brian Hoyer - QB
    Posted 2/8/15 4:27pm ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Brian Hoyer said all options are on the table as far as free agency and whether he'll return to Cleveland. Hoyer will become an unrestricted free agent this year, but Hoyer's agent has said that Hoyer could be re-signed and is scheduled to meet with general manager Ray Farmer and offensive coordinator John DeFilippo in the near future.

    Huddle Up: Hoyer, who will turn 30 next October, would join the likes of Mark Sanchez, Jake Locker and Ryan Mallett the top of a fairly weak QB free-agent class if he hits the market, but the Browns may decide to keep him around given the on- and off-field uncertainties surrounding Manziel.

  • Jordan Cameron - TE
    Posted 2/5/15 11:22pm ET

    Cleveland Browns impending free-agent TE Jordan Cameron is not interested in re-signing with the team, according to a source.

    Huddle Up: The Browns haven't officially said as much, but the feeling seems to be mutual. Cameron has played in more than nine games in only one of his four seasons so far, and his history of concussions figures to temper his market value.

  • Josh Gordon - WR
    Posted 2/4/15 12:15am ET

    Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon has been suspended without pay for at least a year for violating the league's Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse. Gordon's suspension commences immediately.

    Huddle Up: Johnny Manziel is getting another chance by entering rehab, but the franchise already has given Gordon the benefit of the doubt, and according to league sources, the troubled WR 'no longer factors into any plans,' and the team intends to pursue an impact wide receiver via the draft, trade or free agency.

  • Johnny Manziel - QB
    Posted 2/2/15 3:42pm ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel has entered a treatment program, according to publicist Denise Michaels. Manziel is expected to be in rehab for at least a few weeks, but the amount of time he's there largely depends on what a doctor recommends, according to a source close to Manziel. Manziel is voluntarily entering treatment as a result of his lifestyle off the football field, and he wants to 'figure out his value system.' Nearly 20 Browns sources are on record that Manziel showed a yearlong pattern of a lack of commitment and preparation and a dedication to nightlife that affected his preparation. 'Johnny's his own worst enemy,' one source said.

    Huddle Up: It's a positive step for Manziel both personally and professionally, though his reevaluating his value system doesn't necessarily mean he'll automatically become a good NFL quarterback. Looks like more drama to come in the Browns' OTAs.

  • Josh Gordon - WR
    Posted 1/26/15 3:54pm ET

    Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon tested positive for alcohol, according to sources, and his failed test will subject him to a possible one-year suspension. Gordon caught 24 passes for 303 yards in five games last year after leading the NFL with 1,646 yards in 14 games in 2013. Gordon is in Stage Three of an alcohol program, which requires him to be tested for alcohol for a minimum of two years. His failed drug test came after the end of the 2014 season, and it's unlikely that an appeal will work to eliminate or lessen a one-year ban for the 2015 season.

    Huddle Up: Gordon was able to shorten a season-long ban last year, but he may have run out of second chances. Worse, for him at least, is that the suspension also pushes back his potential free agency--though the Browns may cut him loose anyway rather than wait a year and hope Gordon is finally able to stay clean.

  • Josh Gordon - WR
    Posted 1/25/15 10:32pm ET

    Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon has reportedly failed another drug test and will be subject to a 1-year banishment, according to multiple league sources. Gordon would be under contract through the 2016 season, and he will only be a restricted free agent after that year due to his looming suspension for another failed substance test.

    Huddle Up: Gordon was iffy to return to the Browns in 2015 even before Sunday's news, and now it looks like he'll be headed straight to waivers with a trade no longer a realistic option. 25 years from now, we could be looking back at Gordon's spectacular 2013 season (87-1,646-9) as one of the greatest one-hit wonders of the era.

  • Johnny Manziel - QB
    Posted 1/23/15 3:52pm ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel had a big proponent last year in owner Jimmy Haslam, but Haslam now thinks the team needs a quarterback in order to get their team turned in the right direction. "We've got to get a quarterback and got to get it fixed," Haslam said. "What I would say to our fans is, we're going to continue to work really hard to find that quarterback who can make us a championship team." Haslam isn't ruling out Manziel being the starting quarterback in 2015, but he's leaving it open for other options, including QBs Brian Hoyer or Connor Shaw.

    Huddle Up: The Browns used a first-round pick on Johnny FB and are going to need more than two starts and 35 regular-season passing attempts to accurately judge what they have. It's always tough with the Browns, but more patience is needed.

  • Johnny Manziel - QB
    Posted 1/22/15 4:04pm ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel will be working with a new offensive coordinator this year in John DeFilippo, but DeFilippo is unsure if the team's quarterback next year is currently on the roster. 'We're not sure if our starting quarterback's in the building right now or not,' DeFilippo said. 'If he is, that's great. If he's not, that's great, too. Whoever's in that room is going to be coached hard, be held accountable and be expected to do the things that we expect out of Cleveland Browns quarterbacks.' DeFilippo said that all Cleveland quarterbacks will begin the offseason with a clean slate.

    Huddle Up: DeFilippo, who has been coaching the Raiders' QBs since 2012, is getting some of the credit for Derek Carr's successful rookie season in 2014 and now he'll be tasked with molding Manziel into a start-able NFL QB as the 2014 first-round pick doesn't look to be going anywhere soon.

  • Brian Hoyer - QB
    Posted 1/22/15 10:39pm ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Brian Hoyer could be re-signed this offseason, according to his agent. Hoyer is expected to meet with general manager Ray Farmer and offensive coordinator John DeFilippo in the near future.

    Huddle Up: Hoyer is going to want to start and get paid as a starter, and if the Browns are only offering backup money while they see if they can make things work with Johnny Manziel, Hoyer likely will explore the market.

  • John DeFilippo - OC
    Posted 1/21/15 12:44pm ET

    Former Oakland Raiders quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo will be hired as the Cleveland Browns' offensive coordinator. The deal has not officially been completed, but it's expected to be done by the end of the week, according to a source. DeFilippo hasn't called plays at the NFL level yet but did so at San Jose State.

    Huddle Up: The Browns' fourth OC in as many years will elicit a giant "who?" from football fans. He'll inherit Johnny Manziel, maybe Brian Hoyer, a couple very good rookie running backs, and the headache that is Josh Gordon. Good luck with all that.

  • John DeFilippo - OC
    Posted 1/21/15 5:47pm ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel could benefit from new offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, according to Oakland Raiders QB Derek Carr. Carr said DeFilippo will do great with Manziel, adding that DeFilippo has worked with a running quarterback before in Kansas City Chiefs QB Terrelle Pryor.

    Huddle Up: Addressing the Browns' quarterback issues will be DeFilippo's first order of business, and he comes with a ringing endorsement from Carr. The Browns may make the decision easier by opting not to re-sign free agent Brian Hoyer, but DeFilippo will still need to get much, much more out of Johnny Football than we saw this season.

  • Kyle Shanahan - OC
    Posted 1/7/15 3:26pm ET

    The Oakland Raiders are interested in possibly hiring Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan as their offensive coordinator, sources said Tuesday, Jan. 6. Shanahan will consider a lateral move in the offseason due to friction between coaches and the front offices, sources said.

    Huddle Up: There are few situations where a move to the Raiders would be viewed as a step up, but in Oakland Shanahan would get a stable quarterback situation and some intriguing talent in Latavius Murray, Andre Holmes and Mychal Rivera.

  • Josh Gordon - WR
    Posted 1/4/15 9:05am ET

    Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon and CB Justin Gilbert officially had their suspensions lifted. The move was procedural, as this enabled the team to remove the two from the reserve/suspended list.

    Huddle Up: Gordon has logged plenty of time on the suspended list, to the point that his years of service--and thus his ability to become a free agent--is in question. Tons of talent, but quarterback issues in Cleveland as well as Gordon's own issues are conspiring to keep him from having the same impact he had in 2013.

  • Brian Hoyer - QB
    Posted 12/30/14 2:13am ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Brian Hoyer said he likes the scenario in Cleveland, but he has to be wanted back. Hoyer said he can still coexist with QB Johnny Manziel, adding that once you've played, you don't want to sit on the bench.

    Huddle Up: Hoyer will have options--Buffalo springs to mind--if he opts not to return to Cleveland to battle Johnny Football for the starting gig. And if he leaves, maybe JFF will throw him a going-away rage; we understand he's quite the party planner.

  • Josh Gordon - WR
    Posted 12/27/14 2:22pm ET

    Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon was suspended for Week 17 for violating team rules.

    Huddle Up: Gordon was suspended for missing practice. It's Gordon's third suspension in two years. Gordon was out-of-shape and looked uninterested when he returned from his league-mandated 11 game suspension. His future in Cleveland is in serious doubt after this latest setback.

  • Josh Gordon - WR
    Posted 12/27/14 4:23pm ET

    Updating a previous report, Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon will be a restricted free agent following the 2015 season. He will not be an unrestricted free agent because he was not active for the required six games this season after being suspended for Week 17.

    Huddle Up: Reports are already saying Gordon's time in Cleveland is done after his most recent suspension for missing practice. There's a good chance the Browns try to trade Gordon this offseason, although with all of his off-the-field problems, it will be interesting to see how other teams value him.

  • Brian Hoyer - QB
    Posted 12/26/14 4:38pm ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Brian Hoyer (biceps, shoulder) did not participate in practice Friday, Dec. 26, and is listed as doubtful for Week 17. Undrafted rookie free agent Connor Shaw is expected to start Sunday against the Ravens.

    Huddle Up: Rugged spot for the completely raw Shaw and the fantasy owners of the Browns' other skill players -- most notably WR Josh Gordon -- facing the Ravens' rugged defense on the road in a must-win game for Baltimore.

  • Terrance West - RB
    Posted 12/23/14 12:27am ET

    Cleveland Browns RB Terrance West was behind RBs Isaiah Crowell and Shaun Draughn in Week 16 against the Carolina Panthers, because Crowell and Draughn had a better practice week than West, according to head coach Mike Pettine.

    Huddle Up: The rookie West didn't have an offensive touch in the Week 16 loss and has only five in the last two weeks. Things could change again this week but for the time being, West clearly can't be counted on in the Cleveland backfield.

  • Ray Farmer - GM
    Posted 12/22/14 9:02am ET

    The Cleveland Browns may look to upgrade the quarterback position in the offseason despite the presence of QB Johnny Manziel. League sources have said Browns general manger Ray Farmer has long been fascinated by Oregon QB Marcus Mariota, who is widely expected to be a top-five pick in the 2015 draft. Cleveland owns the 14th and 19th picks in the first round.

    Huddle Up: It would be admitting the Manziel pick was a bust after just more than one game of evidence were the Browns to trade up for Mariota, but there wasn't much to like about Manziel's showing so the Browns may just pull the trigger. Brian Hoyer is a free agent; they could opt to bring him back instead, though he wasn't necessarily the answer either.

  • Johnny Manziel - QB
    Posted 12/22/14 10:31am ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel (hamstring) left the team's Week 16 game early because of a hamstring injury and did not return.

    Huddle Up: Brian Hoyer took over and went 7-13-134 with one TD. He also had an interception and was sacked three times. At this point Manziel is considered questionable for the Week 17 finale against Baltimore.

  • Johnny Manziel - QB
    Posted 12/22/14 2:24pm ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel (hamstring) is questionable for Week 17 against the Baltimore Ravens after hurting his hamstring in Week 16, according to head coach Mike Pettine. Manziel is 18-for-35 for 143 yards, a rushing touchdown and two interceptions in his two starts this year.

    Huddle Up: Brian Hoyer is likely to start the Browns finale against the Ravens. Manziel is expected to be given an opportunity to be Cleveland's starting quarterback in 2015, despite his struggles this season.

  • Johnny Manziel - QB
    Posted 12/22/14 5:12pm ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel (hamstring) is out for the rest of the year due to a hamstring injury suffered in Week 16, according to head coach Mike Pettine.

    Huddle Up: Manziel should be in the mix for Cleveland's starting job in 2015 but expect the Browns to bring in some serious competition. Manziel still has a long ways to go before he's ready to lead an NFL team.

  • Brian Hoyer - QB
    Posted 12/22/14 8:06pm ET

    Updating a previous report, Cleveland Browns QB Brian Hoyer (shoulder) has no structural damage to his shoulder, but he is dealing with a significant bruise suffered in the Week 16 game against the Carolina Panthers. Head coach Mike Pettine said Monday, Dec. 22, that Hoyer is 'very sore.'

    Huddle Up: See how Hoyer progresses throughout the week, and if he can't go, rookie Connor Shaw will get the call against the Ravens, dropping the fantasy values of the Browns' surrounding offensive cast and raising the stock of the Baltimore D.

  • Johnny Manziel - QB
    Posted 12/14/14 8:50pm ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel will start in Week 16 against the Carolina Panthers, head coach Mike Pettine confirmed Sunday, Dec. 14.

    Huddle Up: Manziel had a nightmare first start on Sunday against the Bengals. Cleveland's 107 yards of offense was the lowest total of any team this season. Manziel is nothing more than a low-end QB2 for the final two games.

  • Billy Cundiff - PK
    Posted 12/11/14 9:58am ET

    Cleveland Browns PK Billy Cundiff will remain as the top kicking choice for the team, but coach Mike Pettine indicated Cundiff would have to step up his game play.

    Huddle Up: Cundiff has missed a kick in five straight games, so he'll remain on the hot seat until his accuracy returns or the Browns find someone better.

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