• Corey Coleman - WR
    Posted 4/29/16 12:33pm ET

    Cleveland Browns WR Corey Coleman has the speed to turn short plays into long plays and will be a dynamic weapon in the offense, according to general manager Sashi Brown.

    Huddle Up: Coleman does give the Browns an explosive playmaker, but he'll need to dramatically improve his route-running or depend on the Browns to manufacture ways to get him the ball for him to have an immediate impact.

  • Corey Coleman - WR
    Posted 4/28/16 10:15pm ET

    The Cleveland Browns selected Baylor WR Corey Coleman with the 15th pick in the first round of the NFL Draft on Thursday, April 28.

    Huddle Up: After trading down twice in the first round, the Browns still were able to get their choice of wide receivers and went with Coleman, adding a much-needed speed element to their WR corps. In actuality, just about any wideout would've helped Cleveland, and don't be surprised if it takes two more this weekend before its bounty of picks is expended.

  • Johnny Manziel - QB
    Posted 4/25/16 10:47am ET

    Former Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel has been indicted by a Dallas County Grand Jury on a misdemeanor assault with bodily injury charge, according to sources in the Dallas County District Attorney office.

    Huddle Up: The indictment will do nothing to encourage an NFL team to sign Manziel; in fact, if he does sign he'll likely face some sort of league-mandated discipline before he ever sees the field.

  • Johnny Manziel - QB
    Posted 4/20/16 10:39am ET

    Free-agent QB Johnny Manziel (Browns) said Tuesday, April 19, that he is still focusing on preparing to be in the National Football League in 2016. 'I'm hoping to take care of the issues in front of me right now so I can focus on what I have to do if I want to play in 2016,' Manziel said.

    Huddle Up: The advice here is not to hold your breath in anticipation of Manziel's return to the NFL.

  • Johnny Manziel - QB
    Posted 4/19/16 1:21pm ET

    Free-agent QB Johnny Manziel (Browns) had his contract terminated by agent Drew Rosenhaus on Tuesday, April 19.

    Huddle Up: That's two agents in two months dumping Johnny Football, who still -- shockingly -- hasn't hit rock bottom yet. Next up: His domestic-violence case is being heard by a Texas grand jury this week.

  • Terrelle Pryor - WR
    Posted 4/19/16 10:58pm ET

    Cleveland Browns WR Terrelle Pryor has made great strides at the wide receiver position and even impressed new head coach Hue Jackson.

    Huddle Up: If Pryor is going to be able to crack any WR contingent, it's the Browns who lost Travis Benjamin and currently have Brian Hartline and Andrew Hawkins atop the depth chart.

  • Josh Gordon - WR
    Posted 4/15/16 10:44pm ET

    Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said he is confident that Gordon will play in the NFL this year.

    Huddle Up: If he does, it won't be without getting a huge benefit of the doubt from the NFL after reports surfaced this week about another failed drug test.

  • Johnny Manziel - QB
    Posted 4/14/16 9:45am ET

    Free-agent QB Johnny Manziel's (Browns) agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has told Manziel that he needs to get treatment or Rosenhaus will cease representing the embattled quarterback. Rosenhaus has terminated his standard representation with Manziel, but said there is a five-day window for him to rescind that decision.

    Huddle Up: Add Rosenhaus to the growing list of entities that have put Manziel on notice demanding that he clean up his act. At this juncture Johnny's football future doesn't look particularly bright.

  • Sashi Brown - TO
    Posted 4/14/16 9:45am ET

    The Cleveland Browns have been called in regards to trading their No. 2 overall draft pick, according to director of football operations Sashi Brown. Brown expects more serious calls in about a week. He added that it's highly unlikely that the Browns would trade up to the No. 1 pick, but they could trade down in order to accrue more picks.

    Huddle Up: At this point there's no reason to pile on the Browns with comments like "why whiff on one draft pick when you can trade down and whiff on multiple picks?", so we'll just note that Cleveland's roster could use a serious influx of talent and trading down for multiple picks would give them a better chance of undertaking that task sooner rather than later.

  • Johnny Manziel - QB
    Posted 4/14/16 9:45am ET

    Free-agent QB Johnny Manziel (Browns) was a passenger in a hit-and-run collision that is under investigation by Los Angeles police. Manziel and others involved were not injured and no other vehicles were involved. Manziel was interviewed and the investigation is ongoing.

    Huddle Up: Trouble seems to find Manziel. That doesn't bode well for his NFL future.

  • Josh Gordon - WR
    Posted 4/14/16 9:45am ET

    Updating a previous report, Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon will be able to reapply for reinstatement Aug. 1, according to a source. Gordon's application for reinstatement was denied Tuesday, April 12.

    Huddle Up: Raise your hand if you think the NFL is eagerly awaiting that date so they can rush Gordon back to the league. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  • Josh Gordon - WR
    Posted 4/12/16 10:32am ET

    Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon's potential reinstatement decision has been delayed until the NFL feels more comfortable. He has 60 to 90 days to steer clear of red flags, according to a league source.

    Huddle Up: It's been reported that Gordon failed another drug test last month when the test showed a diluted sample and traces of marijuana. There is no way either the Browns nor fantasy owners should be counting on Gordon in the near future

  • Josh Gordon - WR
    Posted 4/12/16 5:16pm ET

    Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon's petition for reinstatement from his indefinite drug ban was denied by the NFL, according to a source. Gordon will be able to apply for reinstatement Aug. 1.

    Huddle Up: This surely has to signal the end of the troubled and short-lived Gordon Era in Cleveland as the wideout has clearly demonstrated his recreational drug use is more important than football.

  • Joe Haden - CB
    Posted 4/8/16 5:00pm ET

    Cleveland Browns CB Joe Haden (ankle) was upset when he learned that he might not be ready for the start of the 2016 season, according to head coach Hue Jackson, and Jackson said Haden is working his 'tail off' to be ready.

    Huddle Up: The two-time Pro Bowler was limited to five starts and two passes defensed a year ago, and it sounds like he has a lot of work ahead to be ready for the opener. Stay tuned, IDP owners ...

  • Josh McCown - QB
    Posted 4/8/16 5:08pm ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Josh McCown could be an option for the Denver Broncos if the Broncos can't acquire San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick.

    Huddle Up: The 36-year-old McCown likely still remains on the Browns' roster only to fetch a possible late-round pick in a trade, but the Broncos -- and any other interested team -- are expected to wait and see if he gets released in the next few weeks.

  • Josh McCown - QB
    Posted 4/5/16 11:17am ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Josh McCown showed up for the start of offseason workouts with Cleveland Monday, April 4.

    Huddle Up: McCown remains on the Browns' roster, and he could wind up as the starter if Hue Jackson gives the quarterback he drafts a redshirt year to acclimate to the NFL. So may as well get some workouts in, right?

  • Josh McCown - QB
    Posted 3/31/16 9:59am ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Josh McCown is an option for the San Francisco 49ers if they part ways with QB Colin Kaepernick. 49ers quarterbacks coach Kevin O'Connell, who worked with McCown in Cleveland, would like to work with him again.

    Huddle Up: At one point this offseason it appeared the plan in Cleveland was to let a young quarterback learn behind or alongside McCown. Now it looks like they'll part with him and let RG3 and a rookie battle it out for the starting gig. And McCown would get to compete with Blaine Gabbert in San Francisco. This doesn't look like it will end well for anyone.

  • Josh Gordon - WR
    Posted 3/24/16 10:21am ET

    Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon's reinstatement issue hasn't been decided upon, according to commissioner Roger Goodell. Goodell said he'll seek an update next week.

    Huddle Up: The league is in no rush with Gordon, which is certainly frustrating for dynasty owners. However, some sort of resolution would be nice for everyone involved, allowing the Browns to move forward with their rebuild and dynasty owners to free up a roster spot.

  • Josh McCown - QB
    Posted 3/24/16 4:09pm ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Josh McCown is now on the trading block and also is on a speculative list of quarterbacks that the Denver Broncos will consider in order to compete with QB Mark Sanchez.

    Huddle Up: That potential list also includes Colin Kaepernick, Brian Hoyer, Ryan Fitzpatrick and a high-round draft pick, so in other words, Sanchez will be getting company -- from somewhere. The soon-to-be 37-year-old McCown, meanwhile, has become the ultimate seasonal rental QB as it appears he'll be headed to his fourth team is as many years.

  • Johnny Manziel - QB
    Posted 3/22/16 10:23am ET

    Free-agent QB Johnny Manziel (Browns) and his new agent, Drew Rosenhaus, are talking privately with teams. Rosenhaus isn't commented publicly until he has more time to develop a relationship with his new client. Rosenhaus said teams are interested in Manziel, but he didn't specify which ones.

    Huddle Up: Johnny Football has a new agent, and he's back in the news. Funny how that works. Unlikely to see him make any meaningful on-field contribution until he gets his off-field issues sorted out.

  • Josh Gordon - WR
    Posted 3/22/16 10:23am ET

    Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon has applied for reinstatement, but the NFL has stated that they will rule on Gordon's status when appropriate. The Browns are not counting on Gordon for the 2016 season because they do not know when he will be reinstated and are not sure of his mental status at this point.

    Huddle Up: Wise of the Browns to not bank on Gordon, as they have no idea what sort of football shape he's in after a season away--and that's in addition to all off the off-field issues. Fantasy owners need to treat Gordon the same way, as he's not going to walk right back to the level he played at in 2013.

  • Dwayne Bowe - WR
    Posted 3/17/16 10:39am ET

    Cleveland Browns WR Dwayne Bowe will be cut Wednesday, March 16.

    Huddle Up: Bowe was a complete bust in Cleveland, barely making it to the field after inking a contract that guaranteed him $9 million. He hasn't seen the end zone since 2013, and it's tough to see another NFL team investing in him.

  • Johnny Manziel - QB
    Posted 3/11/16 10:00am ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel was released by the team Friday, March 11.

    Huddle Up: The Browns were reportedly waiting to see if Manziel would be suspended, which would allow them to recoup some of his contract. Manziel is believed to want to play for the Los Angeles Rams. What could possibly go wrong with Manziel in LA?

  • Johnny Manziel - QB
    Posted 3/10/16 8:52am ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel was not released Wednesday, March 9, but he's expected to be cut later this week.

    Huddle Up: The offseason started so promisingly for the Browns with the hire of Hue Jackson and the prospect of starting over again at quarterback. Then the team let four starters walk on the first day of free agency and still rostered Manziel. Maybe the team needs to locate him to inform him in person of being cut? Whatever the reason, we've already shifted back to "same ol' Browns" mode--and that's not a good thing.

  • Travis Benjamin - WR
    Posted 3/8/16 11:19pm ET

    Cleveland Browns impending free-agent WR Travis Benjamin has drawn interest from the Atlanta Falcons, according to a source. Benjamin played for current Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan in Cleveland in 2014.

    Huddle Up: Benjamin is coming off a breakout season (68-966-5) with the Browns and also excels as a punt returner and certainly would appear to be a solid fit opposite Julio Jones following the release of Roddy White.

  • Josh Gordon - WR
    Posted 2/25/16 6:46pm ET

    Cleveland Browns WR Josh Gordon is on the right path, and signs are pointing towards him being reinstated, according to executive vice president Sashi Brown. Brown also said there's a spot on the roster for Gordon 'if he's doing the right things.'

    Huddle Up: With Gordon's trade value rather low, the Browns seem to be leaning on giving the troubled wideout one more chance to prove he's truly on the right path. Definitely a sleeper fantasy pick if there ever was one.

  • Travis Benjamin - WR
    Posted 2/24/16 8:59am ET

    Cleveland Browns impending free-agent WR Travis Benjamin's talks with the Browns have broken down and he will enter the free-agent market, according to his agent.

    Huddle Up: But... but... they've been close to a new deal for weeks! What happened? If Benjamin hits the open market he may just find a team with a quarterback and never look back. Or reading the tea leaves, perhaps the Browns' reluctance to open up their wallet means optimism with the Josh Gordon situation. Either way, more drama in Cleveland--and Johnny Football isn't even involved!

  • Travis Benjamin - WR
    Posted 2/23/16 9:23am ET

    Cleveland Browns impending free-agent WR Travis Benjamin is nearing a deal with the team, beat writer Tony Grossi said Monday, Feb. 22.

    Huddle Up: Benjamin and the Browns have been "near" a deal since the season ended. Barring something unusual, he'll be back catching passes from Josh McCown or (insert new Browns quarterback here). What remains to be seen is if Benjamin will be forced into the go-to role once again or if Cleveland will get Josh Gordon back from suspension.

  • Travis Benjamin - WR
    Posted 2/19/16 9:52am ET

    Cleveland Browns WR Travis Benjamin could be re-signed to a new contract shortly, according to ESPNCleveland.com's Tony Grossi.

    Huddle Up: Benjamin was moderately successful last season in Cleveland's moribund passing game. His return is at minimum a hedge against Josh Gordon's availability (or lack thereof) and would give the Browns' new quarterback, whomever it may be, at least one semi-reliable target.

  • Josh McCown - QB
    Posted 2/16/16 3:14pm ET

    Cleveland Browns QB Josh McCown said he wants to start all 16 games next season, but he's willing to mentor a young quarterback as well. 'My expectation is to come into work and be available and be ready to do whatever's asked of me,' McCown said. 'If that's to bring along a draft pick and to start until that guy's ready, then I'm willing to do that. If that's to go the full 16, I'm excited about doing that. If that's to help that guy as he takes over, whatever my role, whatever's asked of me, I'm just here to win football games,' McCown said. 'Whatever my role is, I'm all in. I just want to help.'

    Huddle Up: Having a 37-year-old veteran around to mentor a Jared Goff or Carson Wentz would be the ideal situation for the QB-starved Browns, who hold the No. 2 overall pick in the draft.

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