• Darren McFadden - RB
    Posted 4/3/15 5:15pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys RB Darren McFadden is ready to show the world that he's better than what he showed in the last couple of seasons with the Oakland Raiders, and he's confident that he'll produce more behind a great offensive line in Dallas. 'I just want to go out there and continue to show people what I can do,' McFadden said. 'I still don't think the world has seen the best of Darren McFadden.'

    Huddle Up: McFadden is certainly right that the world hasn't seen his best as he's missed 29 games in eight seasons. Be wary, though, of an old dog showing new tricks, and if the Cowboys add another RB as expected -- via the draft, trade or free agency -- it will only further diminish McFadden's already iffy fantasy stock.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 4/2/15 3:58pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys franchise free-agent WR Dez Bryant has not had any contract talks with the Dallas Cowboys at this point. The team has until July 15 to sign Bryant to a long-term contract or he will play the 2015 season on his one year-deal.

    Huddle Up: With Dez already locked up for at least a year, the 'Boys have been able to focus on free agency and draft preparations, and negotiations might not pick up again until late spring/early summer.

  • Tony Romo - QB
    Posted 4/1/15 3:31pm ET

    Updating a previous report, Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo's restructured contract will create $12.8 million in salary cap space for the Cowboys, according to a source.

    Huddle Up: While social media is abuzz with the theory that the space created by Romo's restructure is roughly equal to Adrian Peterson's salary, this isn't necessarily a move the Cowboys are making with AP in mind. Or is it...

  • Lance Dunbar - RB
    Posted 3/24/15 4:02pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys RBs Darren McFadden, Lance Dunbar and Joseph Randle figure to see a good amount of work in 2015. Head coach Jason Garrett said the team would like to continue their emphasis on inside running after losing RB DeMarco Murray to the Philadelphia Eagles. 'Absolutely,' Garrett said. 'It has to be replaced. It was a good style of football for us to play. We will try to continue to do that.'

    Huddle Up: The Cowboys finished third in the league with 508 rushing attempts, with Murray accounting for all but 116 of them. With the team's offensive front is still intact, look for the 'Boys to continue to rely on the run -- only with more of a committee approach which could also include a rookie back selected from the deep and talented incoming class of RBs.

  • Anthony Spencer - DE
    Posted 3/22/15 11:56pm ET

    Free-agent DE Anthony Spencer (Cowboys) is not expected to re-sign with the Dallas Cowboys this offseason.

    Huddle Up: Spencer only had a half-sack and 27 total tackles in 13 games in his return this past season, and with Greg Hardy coming on board, it appears as if the 2007 first-round pick will be looking for a new team.

  • Darren McFadden - RB
    Posted 3/15/15 11:17pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys RB Darren McFadden's two-year contract includes per-game bonuses each year that will give him incentive to stay healthy or fight through injuries to be on the field. In 2015, McFadden can receive a $9,375 per-game bonus. If he plays all 16 games in 2015, McFadden would receive $150,000 from the Cowboys. In 2016, McFadden can receive a $31,250 per-game bonus.

    Huddle Up: You knew any kind of contract Run-DMC signed would (wisely) be loaded with incentives after the RB has missed an average of four games a year during his seven seasons with the Raiders. In any case, expect the Cowboys to add another prominent back this offseason -- most likely in the RB-loaded draft.

  • DeMarco Murray - RB
    Posted 3/12/15 11:42am ET

    Free-agent RB DeMarco Murray (Cowboys) is flying to Philadelphia with the intent of signing with the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday, March 12. He would consider a last-minute, final offer from the Dallas Cowboys, though.

    Huddle Up: Murray has left the door open for the Cowboys, but they had to do what they had to do in getting their top priority, Dez Bryant, signed. That said, seeing Murray end up with the division-rival Eagles likely isn't exactly the next-best scenario. In the meantime, Ryan Mathews' agreement with Philly might end up being as far as that goes if the Eagles decide to sign Murray.

  • DeMarco Murray - RB
    Posted 3/12/15 7:53pm ET

    Updating a previous report, free-agent RB DeMarco Murray (Cowboys) is expected to sign a five-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles that will pay $42 million with $21 million guaranteed.

    Huddle Up: The Eagles were easily able to outbid their cash-stapped NFC East rivals and lock up the 2014 NFL rushing leader who is coming off a whopping 449 touches last season. Philly also went ahead and still signed fellow FA back Ryan Mathews on Wednesday and with Darren Sproles still on the roster, look for Murray to see a marked drop in his workload.

  • DeMarco Murray - RB
    Posted 3/10/15 8:42pm ET

    Free-agent RB DeMarco Murray (Cowboys) could land with the Philadelphia Eagles in free agency. QB Sam Bradford, who was traded to the Eagles Tuesday, March 10, played at Oklahoma with Murray.

    Huddle Up: Murray would be a welcome addition for Philly fans, who have seen their team's starting QB, RB and top receiver from last season all depart over the last few days in a flurry of activity. The Eagles are in particular need of a RB with Frank Gore recently reversing course and opting to sign with the Colts. Landing Murray, of course, would also weaken a division rival, but rest assured Philly has plenty of company with the Jaguars and Raiders also reported to be among the list of teams courting the 2014 NFL rushing leader.

  • DeMarco Murray - RB
    Posted 3/7/15 11:51pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys impending free-agent RB DeMarco Murray appears likely to re-sign with the Dallas Cowboys, according to several league sources.

    Huddle Up: Murray has already said he'd be willing to give the Cowboys a little bit of a discount, and with the market for running backs not particularly favorable--and the 2015 draft class one of the deeper running back groups in recent memory--he could certainly do worse than returning to Big D to run behind that dominant offensive line.

  • DeMarco Murray - RB
    Posted 3/3/15 4:04pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys impending free-agent RB DeMarco Murray would likely re-sign with the Cowboys if the offer they make him is equal or similar financially to offers he receives from other teams in free agency, according to league sources. Murray is expecting to have a 'vigorous' free-agent market for his services. He made $1.4 million last year, which ranked 23rd among running backs, and he led the league with 1,845 rushing yards on 392 carries in 2014.

    Huddle Up: Problem is, the Cowboys aren't likely to be in the ballpark with other competing offers after franchising Dez Bryant and re-upping with wideout Cole Beasley on a four-year, $13.1 million extension.

  • Cole Beasley - WR
    Posted 3/3/15 4:04pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys WR Cole Beasley agreed to a four-year contract extension worth $13.1 million. The extension could be worth as much as $15.1 million.

    Huddle Up: Beasley opened some eyes with a career-high four TD grabs among his 37 catches out of the slot last season and is worthy complementary piece to Dez Bryant and Jason Witten. Fantasy-wise, Beasley has some PPR upside but don't expecting too much as long as Bryant, Witten and Terrance Williams are eating up most of Tony Romo's targets.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 3/2/15 6:31pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant received the franchise tag Monday, March 2. Bryant would make $12.823 million if he signs the tender offer.

    Huddle Up: A one-year commitment allows the Cowboys to keep Bryant on the roster with limited risk should his off-the-field issues sidetrack him from the path to stardom he's currently on. And of course Dallas using the tag on Bryant means DeMarco Murray hits free agency.

  • DeMarco Murray - RB
    Posted 3/1/15 5:14pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys impending free-agent RB DeMarco Murray probably will hit the free-agent market since contract talks with him have gone slow, according to executive vice president Stephen Jones, who also added that Murray could give the team a chance to match any offer he receives during free agency. "There is an expectation that he will get back to us before he signs with another club," Jones said. "There's a hope that he would. But that would be unfair to him and for other clubs to say he's going to bring something back."

    Huddle Up: As has been the case, much depends on what happens with Dez Bryant. If the WR is tagged and is unable to work out a long-term deal, it almost certainly means that the Cowboys will be unable to match or come close to the competing offers made to Murray.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 2/28/15 9:41pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant will receive the franchise tag by the deadline Monday, March 2, executive vice president Stephen Jones confirmed Saturday, Feb. 28. The move will guarantee Bryant roughly $13 million in 2015.

    Huddle Up: The tag doesn't preclude the Cowboys from hammering out a long-term deal with Bryant, but they may be apprehensive about a commitment given Bryant's checkered off-the-field history. Bryant getting the tag also means the Cowboys are unlikely to retain DeMarco Murray, as the anticipated plan was to sign Bryant to a long-term deal and franchise the oft-injured running back coming off a career-high workload.

  • Cole Beasley - WR
    Posted 2/27/15 12:54pm ET

    Free-agent WR Cole Beasley (Cowboys) and the Dallas Cowboys are discussing a contract extension that would keep Beasley under control for multiple seasons.

    Huddle Up: The 5-8, 175-pound Beasley actually had more targets (54-49) and receptions (39-37) in 2013 than he did a season ago but doubling his TD output (4-2) attracted more fantasy attention. He's a decent -- but not great -- slot WR target for Tony Romo whose numbers should see modest increases.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 2/26/15 4:38pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant is likely to receive the franchise tag because the team is hesitant to sign him long-term due to a lack of trust off the field. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport discovered via an open-records request that Bryant was involved in an 'unknown disturbance' in a Walmart parking lot July 11, 2011. Upon further investigation, 'it was determined that there was no offense' and 'all parties were advised they were free to go.' The team has known about this incident for a while. However, Bryant has had the police called to his home six different times since 2011. None of the calls resulted in any arrests.

    Huddle Up: This stage seemed to be past Bryant and the Cowboys, but the recent reports of an impending video "release" may have stirred some old doubts. Still, this mainly seems to be a lot of overblown noise over something four years in the past, and if the Cowboys can sign Bryant to a long-term deal to both sides' liking, look for that to get done. In the meantime, there's always the franchise tag.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 2/25/15 12:41am ET

    Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant's NFL career could be in jeopardy if a video he allegedly appears is as bad as it sounds. A source said the 'incriminating video of Dallas Cowboys superstar receiver Dez Bryant is being released Tuesday, Feb. 24 or Wednesday, Feb. 25, and is so bad it's 'five times worse than the Ray Rice video and that his football career is in jeopardy.' The Cowboys have claimed no such video exists.

    Huddle Up: Sounds like nothing more than a nasty and unsubstantiated rumor for the time being and just another sidelight to the ongoing contract talks in Big D.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 2/22/15 1:20am ET

    Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant has reportedly received an offer from the team, but the Cowboys have not heard back from Bryant's agent. If Bryant does not sign a long-term deal, he could very well be franchise tagged.

    Huddle Up: The Cowboys want to keep Bryant around, and odds are they want to do so for more than just a one-year deal with a large price tag. Expect the two sides to hammer this out sooner rather than later so the Cowboys can figure out if there's enough left in Jerry Jones' couch cushions to afford DeMarco Murray.

  • DeMarco Murray - RB
    Posted 2/22/15 5:42pm ET

    Free-agent RB DeMarco Murray (Cowboys) may have a lighter workload if he is re-signed by Dallas for 2015.

    Huddle Up: Yeah, a league-high 449 touches figures to be a once-in-a-career season for the RB, who had 76 more than any other back. History shows he likely wouldn't be able to shoulder another load like that even if was asked to -- and that's no matter where he plays next season.

  • Tony Romo - QB
    Posted 2/19/15 4:32pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo has a backer in the front office, as chief operating officer Stephen Jones believes Romo has time left in his career. 'I still think Tony has a lot of time left, personally,' Jones said. 'I heard him say anywhere from four to five years, so that's a long time.'

    Huddle Up: Romo, who will turn 35 in April, is coming off arguably his best season (34 TDs, 69.9 completion percentage, 113.2 rating) and benefited greatly from the team's potent ground attack. As long as that remains formidable and the Cowboys retain No. 1 target Dez Bryant, Romo should be in line for another strong season.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 2/18/15 12:21am ET

    Updating a previous report, Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant would get $13 million instead of $30-40 million guaranteed money if he is slapped with the franchise tag. According to sources, he would likely not participate in the team's offseason program if he is franchised.

    Huddle Up: Bryant would be allowed to skip all voluntary workouts without penalty but would be required to show at the team's voluntary minicamp in June. Let's see if the two sides can hammer out a long-term deal and head off much of the drama.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 2/17/15 4:17pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys impending free-agent WR Dez Bryant could be franchise tagged, according to executive vice president Stephen Jones. 'Right now all things being equal, it's leaning more [towards] Dez with the franchise [tag] than it is not,' Jones said. 'But that doesn't mean it will stay that way.' Jones was also uncertain about having a meeting with Bryant's agent during the NFL Scouting Combine, another indication that Bryant could be getting the franchise tag.

    Huddle Up: Even if Bryant is tagged, it doesn't mean the two sides can't still work out a long-term deal -- which is seemingly what both sides desire with the terms and $$$ amount, of course, to be the haggling points.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 2/13/15 8:40pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys impending free-agent WR Dez Bryant's roc Nation agent, Kim Miale, said Bryant will continue to be represented by Miale and CAA's Tom Condon. The Cowboys are expected to place the franchise tag on Bryant before March 2.

    Huddle Up: One way or another, Bryant will remain a Cowboy, but Miale, Condon and Co. of course will be working to secure a multi-year deal for the WR, who's clearly taken his place among the NFL's elite.

  • DeMarco Murray - RB
    Posted 2/11/15 5:58pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys impending free-agent RB DeMarco Murray isn't tipping his hand to what he plans to do in free agency. 'Obviously I think they want me here,' Murray said. 'I want to be here. It's just finding the ... just what helps them, what helps me. Things like that. I think both sides want to be here, so I think we'll see where it goes.' Murray hasn't indicated if he's had ongoing negotiations with the Cowboys since the season ended. However, he hasn't distanced himself from the team since the end of the season, and he spent time with head coach Jason Garrett and QB Tony Romo last week.

    Huddle Up: The Cowboys have some big decisions to make this offseason, with the likely course signing Dez Bryant long term and franchising Murray. But when has Jerry Jones followed the likely course?

  • Joseph Randle - RB
    Posted 1/31/15 12:04pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys RB Joseph Randle was the team's primary backup this year, and there are people within the organization that believe he can be a 1,400-yard rusher as a lead back.

    Huddle Up: With both DeMarco Murray and Dez Bryant free agents the Cowboys may have some tough decisions to make with Jerry Jones' money. Maybe they believe Randle can be the guy, or maybe they're just blowing smoke to either a) put some pressure on Murray to take a reduced rate if he wants to stay or b) position themselves if they're actually willing to let Murray walk. It goes without saying that should Randle become the feature back in Dallas his fantasy value will shoot through the roof.

  • DeMarco Murray - RB
    Posted 1/23/15 3:52pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray was in pass protection on 52 more plays than any other running back on the roster in 2014.

    Huddle Up: Murray was as valuable to the Cowboys in 2014 as any RB in the league, but there's also no denying that the RB position in general simply isn't viewed in the same league light as it once was, and Murray still may find himself as the odd big-name free agent out in Big D if it comes down to a simple matter of re-signing him or WR Dez Bryant.

  • DeMarco Murray - RB
    Posted 1/23/15 7:49pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray is getting support from QB Tony Romo to stay with the team long term. Romo said he is consistently talking to owner Jerry Jones about bringing him back in 2015.

    Huddle Up: Romo also has been lobbying for the re-signing of his top target, WR Dez Bryant, but it will likely take more than that from the QB -- namely a restructured contract -- to keep both of his chief weapons around.

  • DeMarco Murray - RB
    Posted 1/16/15 4:47pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray will be tough sign to a long-term extension if WR Dez Bryant is also signed, team owner Jerry Jones said Thursday, Jan. 15. Jones called the prospect of signing both players 'possible' but not 'financially reasonable.'

    Huddle Up: Although Murray had a career season and played in all 16 games for the first time as a pro, if the Cowboys are forced to make a choice, they'll go with Dez and look for a cheaper option at what's proven to be the most interchangeable of skill positions in the league of late.

  • Scott Linehan - AC
    Posted 1/15/15 2:51pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys passing-game coordinator Scott Linehan agreed to an undisclosed contract extension Wednesday, Jan. 14.

    Huddle Up: Under Linehan's tutelage, Tony Romo hit career highs in completion percentage (69.9), TD percentage (7.8) and passer rating (113.2) to complement the team's formidable ground game, and a contract extension was a no-brainer with Linehan just coming off helping Matthew Stafford reach similar heights in Detroit.

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