• Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 8/3/15 9:12am ET

    Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant was reportedly involved in an altercation with CB Tyler Patmon during training camp Sunday, Aug. 2.

    Huddle Up: Bryant took umbrage to Patmon's extended bump off the line of scrimmage and the two came to blows. Eventually cooler heads prevailed, as they often do.

  • Joseph Randle - RB
    Posted 8/1/15 12:13am ET

    Dallas Cowboys RB Joseph Randle is the leading candidate for the starting running back job at this point. The team like Randle's vision and explosiveness and expect big things from him this season.

    Huddle Up: This was never really in much doubt. After some early talk of a committee, Ryan Williams was released and Darren McFadden became Darren McFadden, already injuring both hamstrings. Randle's ADP is creeping into Round 3 and that will only continue to rise as we get closer to the season.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 7/31/15 10:30am ET

    Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant said his new contract won't change the way he approaches the game. 'It's no pressure, man,' Bryant said Thursday, July 30. 'It's no pressure. That deal don't make me. It don't make me. I play this game because I love this game.'

    Huddle Up: The new contract carrot would have been nice to wave in front of Dez this year, but fantasy owners will trade that for the security of knowing he won't be holding out.

  • Darren McFadden - RB
    Posted 7/30/15 3:41pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys RB Darren McFadden (hamstring) was placed on the Active/Physically Unable to Perform list Thursday, July 30.

    Huddle Up: Shocking.

  • Joseph Randle - RB
    Posted 7/29/15 10:20pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys RB Joseph Randle received strong praise from team owner and general manager Jerry Jones Wednesday July 29. 'We have a player (in Randle) that has the potential -- and we based that on, not on what he did at Oklahoma State or how we drafted him, but by literally being a teammate around here for the last two years -- but he has the potential to be the kind of back that would step in there and be your No. 1 back,' Jones told reporters. 'If he were not here, then I wouldn't feel as good as we go into the season and what might happen,' said Jones.

    Huddle Up: Randle will get the first crack at replacing the departed DeMarco Murray. How he performs early will be key as to how much of a committee the Cowboys employ this season. Randle's 6.7 yards per carry average in 2014 was the highest of any running back with at least 50 carries. His ADP is currently Round 4.

  • Ryan Williams - RB
    Posted 7/28/15 4:33pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys RB Ryan Williams (knee) was placed on the waived/injured list Tuesday, July 28.

    Huddle Up: Sadly, this might signal the end of the NFL road for the star- crossed 2011 second-round pick, who has only been able to play in five pro games and log 58 rushes in four seasons. In the meantime, it thins out the back end of the RB depth chart for the Cowboys, who did sign undrafted free agent Gus Johnson (Stephen F. Austin) on Tuesday.

  • Darren McFadden - RB
    Posted 7/28/15 11:19pm ET

    The Dallas Cowboys reportedly are still not interested in veteran RBs Chris Johnson and Ray Rice, following the release of RB Ryan Williams on Tuesday, July 28. The Cowboys remain confident in RBs Joseph Randle, Darren McFadden and Lance Dunbar.

    Huddle Up: The Cowboys likely will see how the trio -- particularly Randle and McFadden -- holds up health wise during the preseason and how they fare in the first few games that count, and if any issues arise, don't be surprised to see Jerry Jones be quick to add a veteran back in what's being viewed as a Super Bowl-or-bust season.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 7/21/15 8:30pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant could see a decreased amount of snaps during training camp this year in an attempt to preserve his good health. According to executive vice president Stephen Jones, it will be important for Bryant and the Cowboys for him not to be 'thrown to the wolves' right away.

    Huddle Up: With the WR's shiny new deal, the Cowboys have approximately 45 million reasons -- the amount of guaranteed money in Bryant's five-year contract -- to want to keep the wideout healthy and in optimal, game-dominating condition.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 7/15/15 8:36pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant has agreed to a five-year, $70 million deal, according to a source. The deal includes a $20 million signing bonus, with $45 million of the contract guaranteed.

    Huddle Up: Looks like Dez will be showing up for the season opener, with plenty of money in his pocket. You knew the Cowboys would get the deal done; it just took the looming deadline to expedite the process.

  • Darren McFadden - RB
    Posted 7/15/15 8:36pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys RB Darren McFadden (hamstring) is expected to compete for the starting running back job but will enter training camp as the No. 2 back in part because he missed some offseason workouts because of an injury.

    Huddle Up: At this point it's a given that McFadden will be hurt, be it in camp or during the season or whatever. He can't be banked on, which is why the Cowboys will roll with Joseph Randle and hope their offensive line can make him look good.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 7/14/15 4:37pm ET

    Updating a previous report, Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant has not communicated to executive vice president Stephen Jones that he is willing to sit out training camp and regular season games if he does not receive a new deal, according to Jones.

    Huddle Up: Of the two franchise-tagged elite WRs, Bryant would appear slightly more valuable to the Cowboys than Demaryius Thomas is to the Broncos and probably has the better shot of getting a long-term deal. Expect an agreement before the 4 p.m. (ET) deadline Wednesday.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 7/14/15 10:44pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant won't necessarily lose leverage in his quest for a new contract if Wednesday, July 15's deadline passes without a long-term deal. Bryant could miss games at the start of the season and force the Cowboys to realize his importance. Bryant could then land the deal he has been seeking, while also compensating for the approximately $755,000 per week he would miss out on by sitting. he Dallas Cowboys reportedly have made an offer to Bryant that is more than the $12.8 million per year he would've earned under the franchise tag. The Cowboys have guaranteed more of the salary as well.

    Huddle Up: It's down to a matter of hours now before the deadline, and if Bryant doesn't land a long-term deal, that's obviously the worst news for fantasy GMs as the potential of missed games could knock him down and out of no-doubt WR1 status. Stay tuned ...

  • Jason Witten - TE
    Posted 7/12/15 3:12pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys TE Jason Witten was one of three league tight ends to be on the field for more than 1,000 snaps last year.

    Huddle Up: Witten, who turned 33 in May, is still on the field, but the numbers show he's not as involved in the passing game. His targets have dipped from 147 to 111 to 90 over the last three seasons while his receptions (110-73-64) and receiving yards (1,039-851-703) have followed suit. Still consider him, though, a borderline TE1 prospect.

  • Greg Hardy - DE
    Posted 7/10/15 4:20pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys DE Greg Hardy's 10-game suspension was reduced to four games Friday, July 10, after he appealed the ruling.

    Huddle Up: Wow, a 60 percent reduction for the the 2013 Pro Bowler who finished third in the league that season with 15 sacks. That means he'll miss only a quarter of the season instead of more than half, sending his IDP value shooting up the charts. Congrats if you took a chance and snared him early.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 7/10/15 11:51pm ET

    The NFL Players Association is investigating the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos about possible collusion involving unhappy franchise-tag WRs Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas. The NFLPA believes the Cowboys and Broncos talked about their unsigned wide receivers, which is not allowed in the collective bargaining agreement. They are trying to determine if collusion occurred and if they will file a claim.

    Huddle Up: Pro franchises scheming behind the scenes to keep player salaries in check??? It would hardly be shocking on several levels as the teams and agents have each been waiting for the other wideout to sign and set the market. If collusion is found, the franchises will likely face fines, but both wideouts figure to have long-term deals in place before Wednesday's deadline and maintain their elite WR1 draft status.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 7/8/15 3:55pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant has not had a lot of contract talks with the team and there is no deal imminent at this point, according to a source. The team has until July 15 to sign Bryant to a long-term contract extension.

    Huddle Up: It would certainly put minds at ease if the Cowboys were able to ink Bryant to a long-term deal in the coming week. Otherwise, there's Bryant's lingering threat about skipping the first game of the season.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 7/5/15 1:02pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant impending long-term deal may be announced after the July 4 weekend, according to Mike Fisher of CBS Dallas-Fort Worth. The comfort level in the negotiation process has supposedly increased of late. Both sides have until Wednesday, July 15, to agree on a long-term deal.

    Huddle Up: Cutting through all the the tough holdout talk and smug assertions from the Cowboys that they have the leverage in any negotiations, look for Bryant to get the long-term deal he deserves in Big D.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 7/3/15 4:10pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant has had no progress in contract talks with the team, according to sources. The Cowboys are not budging off their offer of a long-term deal with $20 million guaranteed initially and more guarantees later. The team believes Bryant is bluffing about missing a game or two in a holdout. The team also believes Bryant has financial issues and needs the money, according to the sources.

    Huddle Up: The Cowboys would appear to be holding all the cards in this high-stakes standoff, but make no mistake that they need Bryant more than he needs them so he does have some leverage. With Bryant seeking more guaranteed money, expect the sides to meet somewhere in the middle before the July 15 deadline.

  • Darren McFadden - RB
    Posted 7/3/15 4:10pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys RB Darren McFadden has topped 155 carries just twice in his seven years in the league, and he has averaged less than 3.5 yards per carry in each of the last three seasons.

    Huddle Up: Exactly, and that in a proverbial nutshell is why Joseph Randle has been one of the fastest-rising fantasy RB commodities this offseason.

  • Rolando McClain - LB
    Posted 7/2/15 5:01pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys LB Rolando McClain has been suspended four games by the NFL for violating the league's policy and program for substances of abuse.

    Huddle Up: This puts a crimp in the fantasy values of McClain (IDP) and the Dallas team D as McClain finished second on the squad last season with 87 total tackles.

  • Lance Dunbar - RB
    Posted 6/30/15 5:17pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys RB Lance Dunbar is expected to have the biggest impact of any of the running backs in the passing game, according to Jon Machota of The Dallas Morning News.

    Huddle Up: Definitely a PPR and -- to a lesser degree -- standard-league nugget to keep in mind for those expecting a repeat of DeMarco Murray's 57 receptions in 2014 for the Cowboys' lead back this season. Dunbar, meanwhile, has all of 31 receptions in 37 career games.

  • Darren McFadden - RB
    Posted 6/29/15 11:06pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys RB Darren McFadden said he's excited to be with the Cowboys and feels like he's a rookie again. McFadden also said the injured hamstring that caused him to miss time this offseason is feeling great.

    Huddle Up: McFadden is battling Joseph Randle for a share of what DeMarco Murray left behind in Dallas. On the bright side he's healthy... at least for now.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 6/28/15 1:49am ET

    The agent for Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant met face-to-face with the team for the first time in nearly four months, per sources. Bryant hasn't yet signed his $12.823 million franchise tender, and he has a deadline of July 15 to agree to a long-term deal. After that date Bryant will need to play out the season under the tender and the two sides could discuss an extension after the season.

    Huddle Up: Bryant has threatened to skip the first game of the season, and the Cowboys would prefer to lock up Dez long-term anyway so it only makes sense for the two sides to get together to see if they can reach an agreement before things spiral out of control.

  • Morris Claiborne - CB
    Posted 6/28/15 5:18pm ET

    Free-agent CB Morris Claiborne may still return to the Dallas Cowboys, after the club declined his fifth-year option. 'I think Claiborne has a real good chance to surprise,' owner Jerry Jones said recently, via the team's official website. Claiborne lost 30-40 pounds this offseason, after having surgery done on both of his knees.

    Huddle Up: The former sixth-overall pick has been a huge disappointment with only 25 starts and three interceptions in three seasons. Last season, he was limited to four games as he ruptured the patella tendon in his left knee a week after he walked out of practice after being informed he was being benched. The bottom line: Claiborne has this summer to make an impression or his days in Dallas will be done, and he certainly can't be counted on for any IDP production until he reverses his career spiral.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 6/26/15 12:04am ET

    Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant was present for a Week 1 Sunday Night Football photo shoot on Tuesday, June 23.

    Huddle Up: Well, hey, it's official then -- there can be no holdout for Dez if his SNF screen shot has been taken. Seriously, though, expect the Cowboys to ante up for a long-term deal before the July 15 deadline.

  • Darren McFadden - RB
    Posted 6/23/15 2:19am ET

    Dallas Cowboys RB Ryan Williams is unlikely to make the 53-man roster projected by beat writer Todd Archer. The team's running backs would be RBs Joseph Randle, Darren McFadden, Lance Dunbar and FB Tyler Clutts.

    Huddle Up: Williams hasn't been able to stay healthy during his NFL tenure, and the fact that he isn't expected to outperform the likes of Dallas' motley collection of backs doesn't bode well for his future as a pro.

  • Joseph Randle - RB
    Posted 6/23/15 3:31pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys RB Joseph Randle appears to be the clear leader at running back, and it's his job to lose in training camp.

    Huddle Up: Darren McFadden's offseason -- and not at all surprising -- hammy injury has clearly placed Randle atop the depth chart, but things could just as easily swing back the other way in training camp and preseason -- especially for an unproven commodity such as Randle who only has 105 carries - total -- in his two NFL seasons.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 6/18/15 2:15pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant is expected to play Week 1 with or without a long-term contract, according to owner Jerry Jones. Jones said he knows how competitive Bryant is and how much he wants to support his teammates. Jones even believes Bryant will be with the team for training camp in late July. Bryant has until July 15 to sign a long-term deal, and attended the final day of the Cowboys' minicamp Thursday, June 18 in street clothes.

    Huddle Up: Bryant has talked tough of late about holding out until he get a long-term deal, but look for that mess to be averted with the two sides striking a new deal before the July deadline. In the meantime, the rhetoric and posturing will continue.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 6/17/15 2:11pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant is expected to play in the regular season opener, according to owner Jerry Jones.

    Huddle Up: Bryant seems pretty committed to his holdout and desire for a new contract, but Jones is the guy who can assure Dez shows up Week 1 by meeting his contract demands. Should be a fun summer in Dallas watching this squabble play out.

  • Dez Bryant - WR
    Posted 6/15/15 5:10pm ET

    Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant will not show up for mandatory minicamp Tuesday, June 16, as he awaits a long-term deal.

    Huddle Up: Bryant and the Cowboys are playing a high-stakes game of "Chicken" as Dez angles for a new contract. He's already said he'll sit out the season opener, so the fact that he's not planning to attend summer workouts should come as no surprise. Your move, Jerry.

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