• Aaron Rodgers - QB
    Posted 7/29/15 6:34pm ET

    Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers will not be limited during training camp even though he has dealt with injuries over the last few seasons, according to head coach Mike McCarthy. 'We're not counting throws all the time, and it's not a concern as it will be when he's later in his career,' McCarthy said. 'I mean, he's still very physically fit and so I don't feel like I need to protect him because of any type of elbow or shoulder issue, thing like that. But we just work through it, communicate and see where he's at every day.' McCarthy said Rodgers' playing time in the preseason will not change.

    Huddle Up: Rodgers' issue last season was a late-year calf strain which he didn't affect fantasy much as he still finished as the No. 2 QB overall. He's right back up there with Andrew Luck again this season, with those two comprising the top tier of QBs on many preseason-projection lists.

  • Eddie Lacy - RB
    Posted 7/26/15 1:25pm ET

    Green Bay Packers RB Eddie Lacy ranked fifth in yards after contact last year, and he plays 'like he weighs 300 pounds,' according to an NFC North personnel member.

    Huddle Up: Lacy had 288 touches last season -- down from 319 in his rookie campaign -- but his yards from scrimmage (1,566) and total TDs (13) both saw increases. And with the current uncertainty at the top of the first round, Lacy is right in the No. 1 overall pick mix, along with Le'Veon Bell, Adrian Peterson and Jamaal Charles.

  • Eddie Lacy - RB
    Posted 7/21/15 10:48pm ET

    Green Bay Packers RB Eddie Lacy said he doesn't set personal goals. Lacy said he focuses on whatever it takes to put the team in a position to win.

    Huddle Up: Lacy overcame a slow start to finish tied for fifth among all fantasy RBs last season with 235 points and is in the wide-open, No. 1 overall pick discussion this summer.

  • Andrew Quarless - TE
    Posted 7/14/15 10:44pm ET

    Green Bay Packers TE Andrew Quarless probably won't be imprisoned since he was charged with a misdemeanor and not a felony. Quarless was arrested for discharging a firearm in public, but he said it was an act caused by drunken stupidity, not violence.

    Huddle Up: Something to keep on as Quarless still could face a suspension from the NFL, likely meaning second-year TE Richard Rodgers would become that much more attractive.

  • Andrew Quarless - TE
    Posted 7/7/15 11:55pm ET

    Green Bay Packers TE Andrew Quarless will not be released at this time even though he was arrested this past weekend for discharging a firearm in public, according to sources.

    Huddle Up: While the Packers aren't necessarily going to discipline Quarless, he could face league punishment, and that could be enough to tip the scales toward second-year TE Richard Rodgers, who is competing with Quarless for the Pack's starting TE gig.

  • Andrew Quarless - TE
    Posted 7/5/15 1:02pm ET

    Green Bay Packers TE Andrew Quarless was arrested early Saturday, July 4, for allegedly firing a gun into the ground, according to police. Quarless supposedly was involved in a fight and fled the scene, but was apprehended. The tight end has been charged with discharging a firearm in public.

    Huddle Up: Not the kind of headlines Quarless needs as he is in a battle with second-year Richard Rodgers for the Pack's starting TE role, and any incidents and/or setbacks could swing the balance in this tight tussle. Stay tuned to see if this something that could come back to bite Quarless long term.

  • Andrew Quarless - TE
    Posted 7/2/15 10:09am ET

    Green Bay Packers TE Richard Rodgers could see more playing time in 2015, according to Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com. Rodgers played 528 snaps, while fellow TE Andrew Quarless played 695 snaps. Demovsky said he wouldn't be surprised if those numbers reversed this season.

    Huddle Up: Rodgers has been generating some buzz this offseason, but if all it means is he's on the winning side of a 60/40 split--as opposed to a more legit TE1 role--his fantasy outlook isn't quite as bright as some might have hoped.

  • Davante Adams - WR
    Posted 6/17/15 2:11pm ET

    Green Bay Packers WR Davante Adams has received significant praise from head coach Mike McCarthy and teammates for his development. 'I think Davante has done a great job in the strength and conditioning. He's been really, really good in practice throughout this deal. Davante, if you wanted me to pick an MVP or an all-star, he would definitely be atop the list,' McCarthy noted.

    Huddle Up: The Packers are loaded at wide receiver, and with Jordy Nelson out Adams is among those who has taken advantage of his opportunity to sparkle. The problem remains that after Nelson and Randall Cobb take their cut there is a limited upside to being a secondary target in Green Bay.

  • Richard Rodgers - TE
    Posted 6/17/15 2:11pm ET

    Green Bay Packers TE Richard Rodgers has progressed and taken a natural step forward, according to head coach Mike McCarthy. 'You look at the way he performed Week 1 compared to how he performed the last stretch of the season. Now you have a chance to go back and look at all the video, it's a lot more natural for him. He's not thinking about what he's doing, he's obviously focusing more on his technique and fundamentals and his awareness of what the defense is doing.'

    Huddle Up: Rodgers appears poised to take advantage of his opportunity in Green Bay. His upside isn't quite Jermichael Finley level, but as a pass-catcher in the Packers offense there is definitely opportunity--especially if Rodgers earns more regular playing time than last year.

  • Andrew Quarless - TE
    Posted 6/16/15 10:56pm ET

    Green Bay Packers TE Andrew Quarless has made strides this offseason, according to QB Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers said he thought something clicked for Quarless late last season, and he's ready to take the next step.

    Huddle Up: Quarless has been listed atop the Pack's TE depth chart for a couple seasons now, but it was 2014 third-round pick Richard Rodgers who was the team's most productive TE during the second half of last season and the playoffs. Let's see if one of the two can gain some separation and establish himself as the team's clear No. 1 TE.

  • Jeff Janis - WR
    Posted 6/14/15 4:15pm ET

    Green Bay Packers WR Jeff Janis has been working with the No. 1 offense while WR Jordy Nelson (hip) remains sidelined following hip surgery. Janis has been trying to build chemistry with QB Aaron Rodgers, which is a must for Janis to gain the trust of Rodgers and his coaches. 'It's a lot different going with Aaron because he's on a whole other level, but I'm just trying to take advantage of all the reps that I get and try to make plays whenever he comes my way,' Janis said.

    Huddle Up: The 2014 seventh-round pick only caught two passes for 16 yards in three games last season and remains behind Nelson, Randall Cobb and fellow 2014 rookie Davante Adams on the depth chart, but he's a WR on a team with Aaron Rodgers at QB so file the name away for late-round, lottery-ticket reference.

  • Davante Adams - WR
    Posted 6/12/15 5:23pm ET

    Green Bay Packers WR Davante Adams was praised by QB Aaron Rodgers for his athleticism, and Rodgers said Adams has 'humungous upside.'

    Huddle Up: Adams showed some strong flashes with 46 receptions for 570 yards and four TDs as a rookie last season (playoffs included), and there's a reason why the Pack wasn't interested in bringing back fellow wideout Jarrett Boykin. The Pack's top two wideouts -- Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb -- are locked up through 2018, but the No. 3 WR in a Rodgers passing offense has definite fantasy value.

  • Jeff Janis - WR
    Posted 6/3/15 3:13pm ET

    Green Bay Packers WR Jeff Janis was singled out by head coach Mike McCarthy Tuesday, June 2. “Jeff Janis is really moving forward. (Janis) came on at the end of last year. (He) was ready to play,” McCarthy said.

    Huddle Up: Janis is battling Davante Adams, Jared Abbrederis, and rookie Ty Montgomery for looks in the Green Bay passing game. There are plenty of numbers to go around, but Janis will need to win that battle to secure fantasy relevancy in 2015.

  • Aaron Rodgers - QB
    Posted 5/30/15 12:33pm ET

    Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers could have more freedom to change plays at the line of scrimmage this season now that offensive coordinator Tom Clements is calling plays.

    Huddle Up: This is potentially bad fantasy news for Eddie Lacy, as in the past Rodgers has demonstrated he's more than willing to call his own number at the stripe be it passing or running.

  • Jordy Nelson - WR
    Posted 5/29/15 1:00am ET

    Green Bay Packers WR Jordy Nelson did not participate in organized team activities Thursday, May 28, as he continues to recover from offseason hip surgery. A timetable for his return has not been disclosed.

    Huddle Up: The Pack isn't about to rush Aaron Rodgers' No. 1 target and fantasy's second-ranked wide receiver in 2014 so stay tuned for signs of progress later this summer.

  • Ty Montgomery - WR
    Posted 5/24/15 1:04pm ET

    Green Bay Packers WR Ty Montgomery's explosion stood out in rookie minicamp, head coach Mike McCarthy said. Team scout Sam Seale compared Montgomery to a bigger version of WR Randall Cobb.

    Huddle Up: The third-round pick is buried somewhat on the WR depth chart right now, but the Cobb comparison is intriguing and Montgomery has ample sleeper potential, particularly in dynasty leagues.

  • Andrew Quarless - TE
    Posted 4/16/15 10:09pm ET

    Green Bay Packers TE Andrew Quarless said he has been working on improving his game this offseason and believes he can be a productive part of the offense. 'I consider myself the top-echelon of tight ends,' Quarless said. 'That's really where I see myself and that's really where I'm trying to take it. A couple other guys like (Rob Gronkowski) and a couple guys who are up there. I put myself in that bracket. That's definitely where I'm training to be.'

    Huddle Up: Quarless actually hit career highs with 323 receiving yards and three TD catches on his his 29 receptions, but platooned at TE with Richard Rodgers (20-225-2) -- getting 11 starts to the rookie's five -- and at the least, that should continue in G.B., dimming the fantasy prospects for both TEs.

  • Eddie Lacy - RB
    Posted 3/29/15 2:53pm ET

    Green Bay Packers RB Eddie Lacy will have his touches limited next season in order to keep him healthy during the season, according to head coach Mike McCarthy. 'I'm conscientious of how many times each guy touches the ball, how much each guy plays, especially the running back. I think you have to be smart there,' McCarthy said. McCarthy indicated he is not looking for Lacy to abandon his physical running style.

    Huddle Up: Lacy had 38 fewer rushes and 31 fewer touches this past season than he did in rookie year of 2013 but did more with less, gaining 131 more total yards and scoring two more TDs, lending credence to McCarthy's point.

  • Jarrett Boykin - WR
    Posted 3/27/15 5:06pm ET

    Free-agent WR Jarrett Boykin (Packers) signed a one-year deal with the Carolina Panthers on Friday, March 27. Financial terms were not immediately disclosed.

    Huddle Up: Boykin, who finished with 49 receptions for 681 yards and three TDs in 2013 before being replaced by rookie Devante Adams as the Pack's No. 3 wideout a year ago, should contend for the starting gig opposite second-year stud Kelvin Benjamin.

  • Aaron Rodgers - QB
    Posted 3/27/15 5:06pm ET

    Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers may be regularly in the pistol formation in 2015, according to head coach Mike McCarthy. The Packers used the formation often after Rodgers suffered a calf injury in 2014 in order to take stress off his leg. 'I like the pistol,' McCarthy said during a break at the NFL owners meetings this week. 'I think there's a lot of value regardless of the injury to Aaron. I know he likes it. There's a place for it year-round in your offense.' McCarthy hasn't used the pistol formation for a read-option offense, and it's unlikely McCarthy will ask Rodgers to become a read-option quarterback. The pistol formation would add an element of unpredictability to the Packers offense.

    Huddle Up: Pistol formation, under center or in the shotgun, Rodgers will be in strong contention for the title of fantasy's best QB and league MVP as long as he stays fairly healthy.

  • Aaron Rodgers - QB
    Posted 3/25/15 12:22am ET

    Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has had more freedom to change plays pre-snap in recent seasons, and head coach Mike McCarthy giving up play-calling duties puts even more responsibility in the hands of Rodgers in running the offense. McCarthy and assistant coach Tom Clements will have more preparation to do during the week to make sure Rodgers has plenty of pre-snap options at his disposal. However, it's hard to know how the offensive setup will work with Clements as the primary playcaller.

    Huddle Up: Rodgers finished with the 14th-most passing attempts (520) in the league but still wound up with the third-most TD passes (39) and the second-most fantasy points (410) among QBs. The Pack knows where it's bread is buttered so more of the same can be expected from a healthy Rodgers next season, no matter who's calling the plays.

  • Jordy Nelson - WR
    Posted 3/25/15 4:26pm ET

    Green Bay Packers WR Jordy Nelson (hip) underwent hip surgery this offseason and is expected to be sidelined for six to eight weeks.

    Huddle Up: Doesn't sound like this will be an issue for Nelson with regards to missing any training camp, but he'll be at best a limited participant in OTAs. Plus, it's never a good thing when a speed receiver has work done on his wheels.

  • Randall Cobb - WR
    Posted 3/7/15 11:51pm ET

    Free-agent WR Randall Cobb has agreed to a four-year, $40-million deal to return to the Green Bay Packers, according to a source. Cobb turned down at least six offers before choosing to re-sign with the Packers, including some offers worth more money.

    Huddle Up: Could Cobb be the rare professional athlete who isn't necessarily all about the money? Sure, he might have squeezed more coin out of another squad but just about anywhere he went would have come with a downgrade at quarterback. Returning to Green Bay Cobb keeps a killer passing game intact--even if he pops the fantasy dynasty bubble of Davante Adams owners.

  • Randall Cobb - WR
    Posted 3/5/15 1:42am ET

    The Kansas City Chiefs are expected to make a run at Green Bay Packers impending free-agent WR Randall Cobb should he hit the open market.

    Huddle Up: It's no secret the Chiefs are desperate for receiver help, and Cobb would be a good fit in an Andy Reid offense. Of course, his fantasy value would take a hit as going just about anywhere away from Aaron Rodgers would be a downgrade at quarterback.

  • Randall Cobb - WR
    Posted 3/5/15 11:24am ET

    The Green Bay Packers are working to re-sign impending free-agent WR Randall Cobb, and have exclusive negotiating rights until Saturday, March 7, at 3 p.m., and exclusive signing rights until Tuesday, March 10. The team has been working to hammer out a deal with Cobb for six months. With WRs Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams under contract, the team did not feel the need to use a franchise tag on Cobb like the Dallas Cowboys did with WR Dez Bryant, and the Denver Broncos did with WR Demaryius Thomas. According to sources, the team said they would sign Cobb to a five-year deal averaging $8-9 million per season, and his agent said he feels confident they can get more on the open market.

    Huddle Up: The Pack is reluctant to pay Cobb more than Nelson, their No. 1A WR, and seem prepared to move on with the second-year Adams if necessary. Cobb may find a better deal on the open market from a WR-needy team such as the Chiefs or Raiders, but, again, his fantasy value obviously would sustain a definite hit without Aaron Rodgers throwing him passes.

  • Randall Cobb - WR
    Posted 3/4/15 12:53pm ET

    Green Bay Packers impending free-agent WR Randall Cobb is unlikely to re-sign with the team, barring something unexpected. The Packers have attempted to sign Cobb for six months with little room for optimism. The Packers have tried to sign him to a five-year deal worth around $8-$9 million per year.

    Huddle Up: Cobb might find more money in free agency, but the teams reportedly ready to throw that money at him--Jacksonville and Oakland--offer a decided step down in quarterback from the Packers.

  • Randall Cobb - WR
    Posted 3/1/15 10:36pm ET

    The Green Bay Packers are working to re-sign impending free-agent WR Randall Cobb, according to a pair of league sources. And while the two sides reportedly aren't close to any kind of deal, Cobb is viewed as a core player that the team definitely wants to keep.

    Huddle Up: While one national story iterated that the Packers weren't focusing on re-signing Cobb, most reports out of Wisconsin still say that the team's priorities are retaining free-agents RT Bryan Bulaga and Cobb -- and not necessarily in that order. Cobb is coming off a career year with 91 receptions for 1,287 yards and 12 TDs and is rumored to be seeking a multi-year deal averaging $9-10 million per season, and if the Pack want to go the franchise-tag route, they have until 4 p.m. ET Monday.

  • Randall Cobb - WR
    Posted 2/25/15 10:49am ET

    Free-agent WR Randall Cobb (Packers) may be targeted by the Oakland Raiders if he reaches free agency.

    Huddle Up: The Raiders have taken castoff Green Bay pass-catchers before; James Jones is currently on their roster. Cobb would certainly provide Derek Carr with a multi-faceted weapon and also give Oakland more flexibility with the fourth overall pick as opposed to using it on Amari Cooper or Kevin White. Or heck, why not stock up at receiver and really give Carr an arsenal?

  • Randall Cobb - WR
    Posted 2/24/15 2:40pm ET

    Green Bay Packers WR Randall Cobb said prior to the start of the 2014 season that he would prove that he deserved a contract extension, and he finished the season with career highs in catches, receiving yards and touchdowns.

    Huddle Up: Cobb and RT Bryan Baluga are the Pack's top two free-agent priorities, but it'll be that much tougher to re-sign the WR if he reaches the open market with teams such as the wideout-needy Raiders and Jets rumored to be ready to pounce.

  • Scott Tolzien - QB
    Posted 2/10/15 5:18pm ET

    Green Bay Packers QB Scott Tolzien and QB Matt Flynn both have boosters among the team's assistant coaches. The coaching staff likes Tolzien's potential, but many like Flynn because he gives a 'security blanket feel' to the team. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has said he would like to see both backups retained.

    Huddle Up: The Pack likely needs to allocate cap $$$ elsewhere, and beside, it's really not going to matter unless Rodgers misses a length of time.

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