• Charles Johnson - WR
    Posted 6/29/15 11:06pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings WR Charles X. Johnson appears to have everything it takes to produce in the NFL, according to offensive coordinator Norv Turner. 'He's got great work ethic, and he's a big, strong guy. He's a 218-pound receiver that can run. He's got everything you need to be a productive player in this league,' Turner said. Turner believes Johnson has completely recovered from the knee surgery he had last offseason. Johnson has been working at split end in three-receiver sets during offseason workouts.

    Huddle Up: The lead role in a Turner-coached passing game with Teddy Bridgewater at the helm sounds like a promising situation for Johnson. However, keep in mind the Vikings are still a run-first offense so long as Adrian Peterson is on the active roster, so Johnson's upside is somewhat limited.

  • Cordarrelle Patterson - WR
    Posted 6/19/15 1:04pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings WR Cordarrelle Patterson has been working with the second-team offense, but offensive coordinator Norv Turner said he expects Patterson to carve out a role.

    Huddle Up: Patterson is working his way back up after his deeply disappointing 2014 (501 total yards, 2 total TDs) and is going to have to show some definite improvement -- starting with crisper route running -- to earn more touches on what's expected to be one of the league's most improved offenses. In other words, Patterson's fantasy stock remains low until we hear otherwise.

  • Cordarrelle Patterson - WR
    Posted 6/7/15 12:50am ET

    Minnesota Vikings WR Cordarrelle Patterson will be the primary kickoff returner this season, according to special teams coordinator Mike Priefer. Priefer said he considers Patterson to be the best kick returner in the NFL.

    Huddle Up: This is a plus for Patterson in leagues where you receive points for return yardage and scores, as well as for the Vikings' D/ST in leagues that lump all the special teams scoring in with team defenses. It remains to be seen, however, whether Patterson has improved his abilities as a wide receiver enough to warrant touches from scrimmage.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 6/3/15 3:13pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson was welcomed back by head coach Mike Zimmer Tuesday, June 2. “We welcome him with open arms, unequivocally,” Zimmer said.

    Huddle Up: For now, at least, the drama is over and Peterson is back on the field. Every day he's on the field and out of the headlines his fantasy value creeps upwards.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 6/2/15 4:36pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson, who reported to the team's OTAs Tuesday, June 2, said he's learned from his mistakes and is ready to move forward following an extended absence. Peterson said he's focused on what's in front him and wanted to get back to the team.

    Huddle Up: With no trade or restructured contact in sight, Peterson knows his RB clock is ticking at age 30, and he's not about to miss a second straight season. His presence will boost his young, supporting offensive cast as he returns to no-doubt RB1 status.

  • Mike Zimmer - HC
    Posted 6/1/15 9:47am ET

    Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer and RB Adrian Peterson have apparently cleared the air of their differences. Although Peterson still has reservations about returning to the Vikings, his relationship with Zimmer is strong.

    Huddle Up: Zimmer is the guy Peterson will primarily have to deal with--as opposed to the members of the Vikings' front office he feels didn't have his back last season--so it's a big step towards Peterson actually playing for the Vikings this season. Now there's just that little detail about the money; expect Peterson's agent, who's looking for an estimated three percent cut of a new deal, to continue playing the agitator.

  • Mike Wallace - WR
    Posted 5/29/15 1:00am ET

    Minnesota Vikings WR Mike Wallace feels at home in Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner's vertical passing system, comparing it to his time in Pittsburgh. Wallace is currently working at flanker and expects to move all over the field. He is expected to serve as the deep threat of the passing game, but Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer likes Wallace's explosiveness from any route, including screen passes.

    Huddle Up: The bottom line is that Wallace is hoping his skills are a better fit in the Twin Cities than they were in South Beach where his per-catch average dropped to 12.8 -- almost losing five yards off his 17.2 average in Pittsburgh. He might have to show it on the field first, though, before a number of skeptical fantasy GMs buy back in.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 5/27/15 11:22pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson would like guaranteed money in 2016 from the Vikings. Peterson is not participating in organized team activities but is not looking for a trade.

    Huddle Up: At this juncture Peterson lacks leverage, but he's staying away from OTAs in hopes of getting the Vikings to guarantee some or all of the $12 million his contract calls for in 2015. The $250K he'll miss out on for not showing up for OTAs is a mere drop in the bucket compared to that--heck, it may not even cover another camel for his next birthday party.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 5/26/15 1:36am ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson still wants to be traded, according to a source. Peterson intends to skip all organized team activities, which would cause him to lose $250,000 in workout bonuses.

    Huddle Up: It's unlikely a $250K loss will hurt Peterson. However, Minnesota also isn't about to give him away so unless they receive an offer they can't refuse he'll have to buck up and honor the same contract that paid him $12 million to sit on his butt last season. And if his holdout stretches past the voluntary part and into the mandatory sessions, the Vikings can go after some of the bonus money Peterson received last year. So this one's far from over.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 5/26/15 4:56pm ET

    Updating an ongoing story, the Dallas Cowboys have moved on from the idea of trading for Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson, despite persistent rumors, according to The Dallas Morning News' Brandon George. Don't entirely rule out anything when it comes to Dallas owner and general manager Jerry Jones, George says, but the belief is that the organization is largely content with their current crop of running backs.

    Huddle Up: Peterson is now threatening to retire so definitely don't rule out a trade to Big D -- especially if the asking price and Peterson's salary demands start become more favorable if the rift between the RB and the Vikes continues.

  • Cordarrelle Patterson - WR
    Posted 5/24/15 1:18pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings WR Cordarrelle Patterson once again has drawn praise from Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer -- this time for his route-running improvements. Patterson has worked extensively this offseason to become a better receiver from a technical standpoint.

    Huddle Up: The rave reviews in May are one thing, but on-field fantasy production in the games that count is another and Patterson is going to have regain the trust of all the fantasy GMs he burned with last season's disappointing disaster.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 5/22/15 2:40pm ET

    Updating an ongoing story, Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson remains in pursuit of being traded or receiving a new contract and remains away from the organization during voluntary workouts. Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer told ESPN Radio he has a target date in mind of when he thinks Peterson will return to the team, but Zimmer did not give the specific date.

    Huddle Up: It isn't out of the ordinary for Peterson to skip voluntary workouts, but then again, this is far from a normal offseason for the RB and the team. The Vikes' first mandatory workouts are scheduled for June 16-18 so that's the next big date to keep an eye on in the ongoing Peterson Watch.

  • Mike Zimmer - HC
    Posted 5/19/15 1:29am ET

    Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner has opened up the playbook to give receivers more chances to make explosive plays, head coach Mike Zimmer said at rookie minicamp.

    Huddle Up: The Vikings have some explosive receivers in Mike Wallace and Cordarrelle Patterson, and in Teddy Bridgewater they have a quarterback more capable of taking advantage of those receivers than they had when Matt Cassel was at the helm at the start of last season. Also, it doesn't hurt that defenses will likely be focusing on stopping Adrian Peterson and the Minnesota running game.

  • Cordarrelle Patterson - WR
    Posted 5/14/15 2:13pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings WR Cordarrelle Patterson has been impressive during offseason workouts, according to head coach Mike Zimmer. 'He's really done well,' Zimmer said. 'He's running routes good; he's working hard. So we just need him to continue to do those things and continue to keep getting consistent and keep improving. I've been impressed with the things that he's done.'

    Huddle Up: Patterson was a 2014 fantasy dud by all measures -- falling off his previous season's marks in all three of the "T" metrics with his targets dipping from 77 to 67, his touches falling from 57 to 43 and his offensive TDs dropping from seven to two. He'll be available for cheap after last season's disaster and could be a true sleeper given that his main WR competition consists of Mike Wallace, Charles Johnson and Jarius Wright.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 5/1/15 1:28pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson may be changing course in his pursuit of a trade as his agent, Ben Dogra, said he'd like the team to sign Peterson to an extension. 'One of the things that I appreciate with the Vikings is their resolve to say 'we're not trading him,'' Dogra told USA TODAY Sports. 'That tells me they value him not only as a football player, but what he's done for the organization. 'I actually, as an agent, not only appreciate it - I accept it. But actions speak louder than words. If that's going to happen, and you want to keep him, then show him a commitment to make him retire as a Viking. And I haven't had that solution.' Peterson has three years and $46 million left on his contract, but none of it is guaranteed.

    Huddle Up: Peterson and Dogra are increasingly realizing that they don't have a whole lot of leverage, and with the RB due a base salary of $12.75 million this year with a total cap hit of $15.4M, it would seem that if anything, any new deal would have to swing more in the Vikings' favor. Don't look for much to change here.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 4/28/15 4:10pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is 80 percent likely to remain with the Vikings, in the opinion of ESPN insider Chris Mortensen.

    Huddle Up: Even though there have been reports that Peterson is willing to renegotiate his big-$$$ contact to help facilitate a trade, the many variables still factoring into any kind of deal make that possibility a longshot.

  • Cordarrelle Patterson - WR
    Posted 4/27/15 1:41pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings WR Cordarrelle Patterson has dedicated himself to becoming a better receiver, according to general manager Rick Spielman. 'I think Cordarrelle has really grown up a lot,' Spielman said. 'I know what he has done this offseason dedicating himself to being the best receiver he can be, and how serious he is taking that, we're very excited about the future with Cordarrelle.'

    Huddle Up: The knock on Patterson coming out of college was that he was raw as a receiver, and that definitely showed during his sophomore season. If the Vikings aren't going to manufacture ways to get the ball into his hands he'll need to ramp up his receiver skills to carve out playing time. Patterson's improvement also impacts how early in the upcoming draft the Vikings might dip into the talented pool of pass-catchers.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 4/26/15 1:37pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is not being pursued by the Atlanta Falcons, according to Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff.

    Huddle Up: The Falcons tried the veteran, 30-ish RB route a few years ago by signing Steven Jackson, and it didn't exactly pan out so look for the franchise to look to the draft for RB help this time around.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 4/23/15 10:52pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson could be of interest to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, according to Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports. Robinson also added that Peterson may not be in the Dallas Cowboys' plans after all, reporting that the Cowboys have not spoken to the Vikings regarding the RB.

    Huddle Up: After a lackluster last two seasons from Doug Martin and a pedestrian trio of backs behind him on the depth chart, the Bucs certainly could use a no-doubt No. 1 back. In addition, coach Lovie Smith got an up-close dose of Peterson twice a season when he was coaching the Bears and surely wouldn't mind adding AD to his side. Stay tuned as the trade mill will be heating up with the draft now less than a week away and closing fast.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 4/22/15 11:20am ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson might have a new home in 2015, but Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley said the team hasn't talked to Peterson despite a report the Jags were one of six teams interested in trading for him. 'No, not really,' Bradley said Tuesday, April 21. 'Not between (general manager Dave Caldwell). A while ago, but it was just conversation, not any direction that we would go.'

    Huddle Up: Not that Bradley wouldn't want a workhorse back, but with the Jags building for the future it makes more sense to use the picks it would require to trade for Peterson to draft some guys who'll be around as Blake Bortles and the team's young core matures.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 4/21/15 5:15pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson remains a candidate to be traded, and a source close to the situation believes that if he isn't traded before or during the 2015 NFL Draft next week, that he will remain in Minnesota. The Arizona Cardinals, Atlanta Falcons, Dallas Cowboys, Jacksonville Jaguars, San Diego Chargers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in the mix for Peterson, and the source didn't include the Oakland Raiders, who had been mentioned in previous reports as a possible candidate. Peterson is under contract for three years and $43.25 million, but none of the money is guaranteed. The Vikes may be hard-pressed to receive a late first-round pick for Peterson, because of his age (30).

    Huddle Up: Each of the seven teams certainly need RB help, and with this many involved there's a decent chance one of them will overpay a little and come up with a deal to the Vikes' liking After all, it only takes one ...

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 4/20/15 11:43am ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson has a $250,000 offseason bonus in his contract for participating in all mini-camps, all organized team activities and reporting to training camp on time. The first day that has implications on that bonus is May 26 when OTAs begin.

    Huddle Up: That's a drop in the bucket for someone who was paid a whole lot of money to not play much football last year, not to mention someone who is due more than $12 million this season. Peterson is going to have to show up to collect, however, or convince another team to make a trade offer the Vikings deem worthy. T-minus 36 days until the showdown...

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 4/18/15 12:19pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is drawing interest from the Oakland Raiders.

    Huddle Up: If the bidding includes the fourth overall pick the Vikings would be foolish not to listen, as Peterson clearly wants out of Minnesota. Now we have to wait for Peterson's agent, father, and wife to weigh in on whether or not Oakland is an acceptable destination. And then there's the whole $12 million salary thing. Oh, and the Vikings having Peterson under contract and wanting fair value in trade if they do send him packing. So... yeah, lots of moving parts here.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 4/17/15 7:20pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson said earlier this week that he's not sure if he'll participate in the team's offseason program. Minnesota is set to start their offseason workouts Monday, April 20, with a mandatory minicamp in June. Peterson can now participate in all team activities after being reinstated from the commissioner's exempt list Friday, April 17.

    Huddle Up: Peterson still appears intent on trying to force his way out of the Twin Cities, but look for the Vikes to sit tight as they await the best possible offer. And if nothing really tickles their fancy, it'll come down to either Peterson playing for the Purple next season or not playing at all.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 4/16/15 3:54pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson has been informed that he will be reinstated from the commissioner exempt list starting Friday, April 17. Peterson will not receive any further suspension after he is reinstated.

    Huddle Up: Well, now the drama can officially be ramped up a notch or two as the Vikings were quick to release a statement welcoming Peterson back, but most indications are that the RB still prefers to move on to another team. You'll have no choice but to stay tuned ...

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 4/8/15 11:43pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is 'highly unlikely' to face more suspension from the league when he's finally off the Commissioner's Exempt List, according to a source. Peterson's next concern is clearing the way for his full return to the field this fall. 'Peterson wants to have a completely clean slate by the draft,' NFL Network analyst Ian Rapoport said.

    Huddle Up: Peterson being reinstated prior to the draft would also help the Vikings, who could move the disgruntled back for picks and dip into the deep 2015 RB class for his replacement. It would also give fantasy owners plenty of time to figure out if and where Peterson will be plying his trade this season.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 4/6/15 4:22pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is scheduled to meet with NFL officials this week to discuss his reinstatement for the 2015 season. He is eligible to be reinstated April 15.

    Huddle Up: There's no guarantee Peterson gets the nod from Roger Goodell, as his offseason has focused more on complaining about how his team wronged him rather than demonstrating any contrition for his actions. If and when he gets reinstated, then the staredown can begin in earnest between Peterson (and his agent and wife) and the Vikings.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 4/4/15 6:24pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson could be a target for the Cleveland Browns, in the opinion of ESPN reporter Jeremy Fowler. The Browns have $30.96 million in salary cap space, so they could afford to make a trade for Peterson.

    Huddle Up: If the Browns want to package one of their talented sophomore backs with a pick or two, the Vikings might be willing to listen. Or maybe Cleveland is just upping the ante, waiting for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys to get involved.

  • Cordarrelle Patterson - WR
    Posted 3/25/15 4:26pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings WR Cordarrelle Patterson will not be traded this offseason, according to head coach Mike Zimmer. 'No, no chance whatsoever,' Zimmer said. 'Cordarrelle is a young, emerging player who was with his third coordinator in three years. Quite frankly, we need to do a good job of figuring out how we can use him better and he needs to understand where he's supposed to be, the routes and everything.'

    Huddle Up: Patterson was disappointing as a sophomore, and with the addition of Mike Wallace and emergence of Charles Johnson it might be tough to find him snaps in the regular offense. However, he remains a weapon in the return game and does possess physical gifts that, if the Vikings find a way to get the ball into his hands on a consistent basis, could propel him back to "future star" status.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 3/23/15 8:28pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson's agent, Ben Dogra, said Monday, March 23, that he doesn't think 'it's in Adrian's best interest to play in Minnesota' in 2015 and beyond. Peterson remains under contract with the Vikings, and the team brass expects him to remain in Minnesota. Dogra also refused a meeting with general manager Rick Spielman several days ago.

    Huddle Up: The Vikings have already indicated that, in essence, it's not in their best interest to give Peterson away for nothing. So unless Dogra wants to negotiate a reasonable trade offer for Peterson or wants AP to sit out another season, he may want to re-evaluate what's in the best interest of his client.

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