• Teddy Bridgewater - QB
    Posted 8/22/14 2:11pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater is the team's No. 2 quarterback, and the team is confident with him there. QB Christian Ponder could be traded if he performs well enough.

    Huddle Up: At this point, Bridgewater only has significant value in keeper and/or dynasty leagues unless you believe starter Matt Cassel is going to flop right out of the gate.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 8/21/14 6:42pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson (personal) did not participate in practice Thursday, Aug. 21.

    Huddle Up: As usual, it's another wash of a preseason for AD, whose mind is on the Sept. 7 season opener in St. Louis.

  • Matt Cassel - QB
    Posted 8/14/14 6:56pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings QB Matt Cassel could play the entire first half of the team's second preseason game Saturday, Aug. 16, according to head coach Mike Zimmer.

    Huddle Up: Cassel looked better than rookie Teddy Bridgewater in the Vikes' preseason opener, and will be looking to add to his lead with a strong couple of quarters Saturday night vs. the Cards.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 8/12/14 4:35pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson appears to be improving his pass-catching skills. He dropped one pass in practice Monday, Aug. 11, but had some nice catches.

    Huddle Up: It's no coincidence that AD's top fantasy seasons -- 290 points in 2009 and 307 in 2012 -- also have been the only two seasons in which he's caught 40 or more passes. Bet on a third -- in both categories -- this year.

  • Matt Cassel - QB
    Posted 8/11/14 10:54am ET

    Minnesota Vikings QB Matt Cassel will start the second game of the preseason over QB Teddy Bridgewater.

    Huddle Up: Cassel looked solid in leading the Vikings to a touchdown in their preseason opener, while Bridgewater demonstrated that he's still a rookie with some refining to do. It will take some major happenings this August for Bridgewater to leapfrog Cassel on the depth chart.

  • Teddy Bridgewater - QB
    Posted 8/9/14 1:34am ET

    Minnesota Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater completed six of his 13 pass attempts for 49 yards in his preseason debut Friday, Aug. 8, against the Oakland Raiders. He did not throw any touchdown passes, nor did he toss any interceptions. The rookie out of Louisville was also sacked twice.

    Huddle Up: Bridgewater's first pass was a nice 21-yard completion but it was called back because of a penalty. Things only went downhill from there. Bridgewater's receivers didn't help him out with some drops but the rookie will need a much better performance in his next preseason game to stay in the hunt for the starting job.

  • Linval Joseph - DT
    Posted 8/9/14 2:56pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings DT Linval Joseph (calf) was hit in the calf by a stray bullet during a shooting in Minneapolis Friday, Aug. 8. He was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released. He is expected to return to practice this upcoming week.

    Huddle Up: According to the Vikings, Joseph was an innocent bystander and the injury isn't serious. Joseph was signed to be the run-stuffer in Mike Zimmer's defense, so his presence in the interior of the defensive front is imperative if the Vikings hope to improve from last year's disaster.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 8/5/14 11:51pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson will not play in the team's preseason opener, head coach Mike Zimmer said Tuesday, Aug. 5.

    Huddle Up: No surprise here as AD hardly needs the work and extra contact.

  • Teddy Bridgewater - QB
    Posted 8/5/14 11:51pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater needs to get rid of the football quicker, according to head coach Mike Zimmer. Offensive coordinator Norv Turner's offensive scheme emphasizes a quick release.

    Huddle Up: All eyes in the Twin Cities will be on the first-round draft pick this preseason as tries to overtake veteran Matt Cassel for the Vikes' starting gig.

  • Matt Cassel - QB
    Posted 7/31/14 10:30am ET

    Minnesota Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater saw reps with the first-team offense in practice Wednesday, July 30. According to NFL Network's Albert Breer, QB Matt Cassel appears to lead the race for the starting quarterback job, but Bridgewater has closed the gap.

    Huddle Up: Bridgewater continues to draw raves from OC Norv Turner, and he's being at least worked in with the first team in just about every opportunity. The Vikings may prefer to start the season with Cassel under center, but if Bridgewater continues to perform he may make that decision a whole lot more difficult.

  • Captain Munnerlyn - CB
    Posted 7/30/14 4:53pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings CB Captain Munnerlyn (hamstring) was activated from the Physically Unable to Perform list early Wednesday, July 30.

    Huddle Up: Munnerlyn is coming off a strong 2013 showing in Carolina (2 interceptions, 12 passes defensed, career-high 77 total tackles and 2 return TDs) and the Vikes are counting on him to help revive a passing D which allowed the second-most passing yards (287.2 per game) in the league last season.

  • Matt Cassel - QB
    Posted 7/28/14 1:47pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings QBs Matt Cassel, Teddy Bridgewater and Christian Ponder have been evenly splitting reps during the early part of training camp, according to offensive coordinator Norv Turner. Turner will split the reps two ways after the team's upcoming off day.

    Huddle Up: Cassel is believed to have the edge but Bridgewater is making a strong case to start. The battle will continue during the preseason but the rookie Bridgewater could be under center when the Vikings open the season in St. Louis if he performs well in August.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 7/28/14 5:16pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson said he is looking forward to playing in the team's new offense because it is more versatile than the one the team had been using for the last several seasons. 'Let's call it what it is: I thought in the past, we've been predictable,' Peterson said. 'I'm sure you guys wrote stories about us being predictable the past seven years. You won't be able to write that story this year. That's pretty much all I'm saying. You won't be able to do that, because this offense is so versatile.'

    Huddle Up: Peterson is basically saying Norv Turner is a major upgrade over former OC Bill Musgrave, which is 100 percent correct. The Vikings have more talent on offense than some are giving them credit for and the addition of Turner will help them improve on that side of the ball. Many Minnesota offensive players like WR Greg Jennings (Round 13 ADP) are being undervalued heading into the season.

  • Christian Ponder - QB
    Posted 7/28/14 5:58pm ET

    The Minnesota Vikings are willing to trade QB Christian Ponder. Ponder has performed well during training camp but probably will be the No. 3 quarterback.

    Huddle Up: Ponder never had a realistic chance to win the starting job. Matt Cassel entered training camp as the No. 1 QB and rookie Teddy Bridgewater is closing fast. If the Vikings can't trade Ponder, there is a chance the former first-round pick could be released before the start of the season.

  • Kyle Rudolph - TE
    Posted 7/27/14 11:33pm ET

    The Minnesota Vikings have signed TE Kyle Rudolph to a five-year extension worth $36.5 million Sunday, July 27.

    Huddle Up: There are high fantasy hopes for Rudolph this season with the addition of new offensive coordinator Norv Turner, who has a track record of featuring tight ends (Jay Novacek, Antonio Gates, Jordan Cameron) in his offenses.

  • Cordarrelle Patterson - WR
    Posted 7/26/14 1:00pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings WR Cordarrelle Patterson (leg) is considered day-to-day because of a leg injury.

    Huddle Up: Far too early to be overly concerned about Patterson's health, but maybe a day or two off from practice will slow down the hype train surrounding Cordarrelle's fantasy value this season.

  • Mike Priefer - AC
    Posted 7/20/14 1:52am ET

    Minnesota Vikings special teams coordinator Mike Priefer has been suspended three games by the team for making offensive and insensitive homophobic remarks in the presence of former P Chris Kluwe. Priefer's suspension could be reduced to two games if he attends individualized anti-harassment, diversity and sexual-orientation sensitivity training.

    Huddle Up: Priefer's absence could have an impact on Cordarrelle Patterson's success in the return game, but with Patterson expected to be a larger part of the offense his returning will be a smaller portion of his fantasy value.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 7/18/14 5:16pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson will reportedly have some of his carries converted into catches as the team wants to use him more in space and alleviate his wear and tear.

    Huddle Up: Norv Turner's backs have caught passes, so there's no reason to think getting the ball to AP in space isn't a key component of his offensive game plan in Minnesota. Don't expect Peterson to be Roger Craig, but the thought of AP in the open field with just one man to run over, around, or through is definitely appealing to fantasy owners.

  • Matt Asiata - RB
    Posted 7/15/14 3:07am ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Jerick McKinnon could see the field more than backup RB Matt Asiata because of his ability as a receiver and change-of-pace runner outside or between the tackles.

    Huddle Up: Asiata would be the likely 20-carry back if Adrian Peterson were to go down, but as far as a complementary back receiving a half-dozen touches a game McKinnon is the more likely candidate. Assuming All Day stays on the field, however, neither holds much in the way of fantasy value.

  • Norv Turner - OC
    Posted 7/9/14 9:35pm ET

    Updating a previous item, Minnesota Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph has studied videos of past tight ends offensive coordinator Norv Turner has worked with before.

    Huddle Up: Rudolph has dropped weight and is gearing up for a big season under Turner, known for squeezing maximum productivity out of his tight ends. Nice to see he's putting in some homework as well; now he just needs the Vikings to settle on a quarterback.

  • Kyle Rudolph - TE
    Posted 7/8/14 10:58pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph has slimmed down this offseason, dropping about 15 pounds. 'It was more of just a focus on my diet in February and March, versus, you are out in California, you work out every day, so you feel like you can eat whatever you want,' Rudolph said. 'Nothing really changes, because you make up for it with the workouts, but when I really focused on eating lean meats, eating the salads, you see the results.'

    Huddle Up: If the Vikes find some stability at QB and Rudolph can stay healthy after playing only half a season a year ago, a return of his top-10 fantasy numbers of 2012 (53-493-9) isn't out of the question.

  • Cordarrelle Patterson - WR
    Posted 7/6/14 3:27pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings WR Cordarrelle Patterson is improving as a receiver, according to QB Matt Cassell. 'I just think his route-running and his ability to recognize defense' Cassell said. 'I think that's huge for him, and any receiver, as you move forward.'

    Huddle Up: The 2013 rookie recorded 24 of his 43 receptions, 273 of his 469 receiving yards and 3 of his 4 scoring catches in the final 6 games of last season, and all indications are that the momentum has carried over into the offseason. Expect him to be a hot WR3 commodity in drafts.

  • Cordarrelle Patterson - WR
    Posted 6/27/14 4:19pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings WR Cordarrelle Patterson has impressed CB Captain Munnerlyn this offseason. 'The time we played them, he was nothing like he is now,'' Munnerlyn said. 'I told him, 'The time we played you, I'm glad we caught you early.' Because if we hadn't have caught him early, he was tearing people up at the end up the year. He's really growing as a receiver, and I'm seeing it with my own two eyes.'' Munnerlyn played for the Carolina Panthers last year.

    Huddle Up: The platitudes continue to pour in for Patterson, to the point that he may actually be overhyped by the time fantasy draft day rolls around. Plenty of upside, but keep in mind the Vikings are still a run-first team and they still have question marks at quarterback.

  • Teddy Bridgewater - QB
    Posted 6/25/14 12:07am ET

    Minnesota Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater clarified his comments that he did not want to get drafted by the Cleveland Browns. "I think it was misinterpreted," he said. "What I was saying was I had a strong feeling about the Minnesota Vikings. I was able to meet with them five or six times in the pre-draft visits. I just had a pretty solid feeling about the Minnesota Vikings, but, you know, I try to put the pre-draft stuff behind and try to just focus on my career with the Minnesota Vikings."

    Huddle Up: Bridgewater is definitely in a better situation with Adrian Peterson, Greg Jennings, Cordarelle Patterson and Kyle Rudolph among the Vikings' weapons. Now, we'll see if he can beat out vet Matt Cassel for the starting gig.

  • Cordarrelle Patterson - WR
    Posted 6/24/14 10:15am ET

    Minnesota Vikings WR Greg Jennings said the team plans to showcase WR Cordarrelle Patterson this season. Jennings hinted that Patterson could overtake him as the No. 1 wide receiver for the team.

    Huddle Up: Patterson flashed some of his talents last season but still proved to be raw as a receiver. This year he'll benefit from the previous year of experience as well as Jennings' mentoring, Norv Turner's offense and an upgrade at quarterback so things are definitely looking rosy for Patterson.

  • Adrian Peterson - RB
    Posted 6/19/14 3:08pm ET

    Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson has no plans to be done playing football by the time the team opens their new stadium in 2016. His current contract runs through the 2017 season, but he's the only running back in the league with a salary cap hit of more than $10 million this year, and the team could cut him without a cap penalty after next year.

    Huddle Up: Peterson remains the preeminent RB in a passing-dominated league, but we have to wonder if we've already seen the best of AD with the RB having logged 2,239 total touches in 7 seasons.

  • Matt Cassel - QB
    Posted 5/26/14 12:17am ET

    Minnesota Vikings QBs Teddy Bridgewater, Matt Cassel and Christian Ponder will all get an opportunity to work with the first-teamers this offseason, but the team would like to enter training camp with an established depth chart.

    Huddle Up: Ponder would seem to be the odd-man out, and much will boil down to how fast Bridgewater picks up the team's offense. If the first-round pick proves to be a quick learner, the new coaching staff could very well be inclined to start off fresh at QB.

  • Teddy Bridgewater - QB
    Posted 5/20/14 12:17pm ET

    The Minnesota Vikings signed QB Teddy Bridgewater to his rookie deal Tuesday, May 20. Per NFL rules, all rookie deals are for four years in length. Financial terms of the deal weren't immediately disclosed.

    Huddle Up: All 3 QBs selected in the first round this year have strong chances to start, including Bridgewater who will have to climb over 2011 first-round pick Christian Ponder and beat out veteran Matt Cassel.

  • Teddy Bridgewater - QB
    Posted 5/19/14 12:19am ET

    Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said QB Teddy Bridgewater will receive snaps with the first-team offense during organized team activities.

    Huddle Up: No shocker here. As we've said previously, Bridgewater is the second draft pick of the new Purple regime and will be given every chance to win the starting gig.

  • Teddy Bridgewater - QB
    Posted 5/11/14 11:33pm ET

    The Minnesota Vikings are open to starting QB Teddy Bridgewater as a rookie.

    Huddle Up: At first glance, you'd be inclined to give the early nod to veteran Matt Cassel, but the Vikings didn't trade back up into the first round just for kicks, and the former Louisville standout certainly will be given every opportunity to win the job, especially considering there's a new coaching regime running the show in the Twin Cities.

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