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Jerrel Jernigan - WR Posted 7/29/14 10:32am et
New York Giants WR Jerrel Jernigan is expected to compete with rookie WR Odell Beckham Jr. (hamstring) for a starting spot.
Huddle Up: Beckham is not helping himself by missing time with a hamstring injury. Jernigan has been a solid contributor and offers Eli Manning and the Giants a nice fallback plan.

Odell Beckham Jr. - WR Posted 7/29/14 10:32am et
Updating a previous report, New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. (hamstring) is expected to be sidelined at least another week due to his hamstring injury. Beckham was originally injured during organized team activities (OTAs), and then he aggravated the hamstring during the first training camp practice. He hasn't practiced since Tuesday, July 22.
Huddle Up: Not the best way to open your NFL career, especially on a Tom Coughlin team. Beckham needs reps with Eli Manning to carve out a role in the Giants' passing game; until he's able to get on the field and do so, his fantasy value slides.

Odell Beckham Jr. - WR Posted 7/29/14 1:47pm et
New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. (hamstring) will not play in the team's preseason game Sunday, Aug. 3.
Huddle Up: It had certainly been heading that way with the first-round pick dealing with a nagging sore hammy, but the Giants still do have 4 more preseason contests after Sunday's HOF Game so the rookie will still have time to get back on track and establish his role in the N.Y. WR corps.

David Wilson - RB Posted 7/29/14 3:52pm et
Updating a previous report, New York Giants RB David Wilson left practice with a neck burner Tuesday, July 29.
Huddle Up: The Giants and Wilson's fantasy owners can only hope this isn't a surgery-related setback for the RB who had just been cleared after recovering from last season's neck procedure. Updates will be forthcoming from the team.

Eli Manning - QB Posted 7/28/14 2:28pm et
The New York Giants are looking for QB Eli Manning to complete at least 70 percent of his passes this upcoming season, according to quarterbacks coach Danny Langsdorf. 'He's well aware of who's done it in the past and what the system can get you in terms of completion,' Langsdorf said. 'So we're trying to focus on that and really trying to do a good job of taking care of the ball and hitting open receivers.'
Huddle Up: Manning is a career 58.5 percent passer, so 70 percent would be a big jump. However, new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo is installing short passing attack that emphasizes Manning getting rid of the ball quickly. He may not reach 70 percent but Manning and the Giants offense is primed for a bounceback season under McAdoo.

Odell Beckham Jr. - WR Posted 7/28/14 4:00pm et
New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. (hamstring) missed practice Monday, July 28, to receive treatment for his injured hamstring. Head coach Tom Coughlin said Beckham probably has some tests scheduled for the hamstring.
Huddle Up: Beckham's hamstring injury is becoming concerning for a rookie receiver learning a new offensive. He's yet to participate in training camp and the injury doesn't appear to be improving. Beckham's absence is good news for Jerrel Jernigan's fantasy prospects this season. He has deep sleeper potential in the Giants offense if Beckham remains sidelined.

Mario Manningham - WR Posted 7/28/14 11:49pm et
New York Giants WR Mario Manningham (knee) said he is still not 100 percent confident in his surgically repaired knee. 'I'm working on it,' he said of overcoming that psychological hurdle. 'Every day I feel better. (I'm) going out and just trying to get back to where I was.'
Huddle Up: Manningham should be able to lock up a roster spot with his old team if he can show some solid progress after a lost season (6 games, 9 catches) last year in San Fran.

Odell Beckham Jr. - WR Posted 7/28/14 11:49pm et
New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. had tests on his injured hamstring Monday, July 28, and the results were negative, according to two sources briefed on the injury.
Huddle Up: Good news for the rookie and the Giants, who aren't about to tempt the finicky hammy gods and rush the first-round pick back onto the field this early in camp.

Rashad Jennings - RB Posted 7/24/14 4:54pm et
New York Giants RB Rashad Jennings is listed as the team's starting running back on the first unofficial depth chart of training camp.
Huddle Up: No surprise here, but just know the looking-healthy David Wilson, Peyton Hillis and fourth-round pick Andre Williams will all be angling for a share of the action.

Rashad Jennings - RB Posted 7/23/14 2:25pm et
New York Giants RBs Rashad Jennings, David Wilson and Andre Williams could be used in a three-man rotation this season to keep Jennings fresh.
Huddle Up: A three-man rotation would scuttle the fantasy value of all backs involved, though Williams is a rookie and Wilson is both injury- and fumble-prone so their spots in the rotation are hardly secure. Jennings remains the safest bet, though it seems the Giants are bent on finding ways to take touches away from him. It's worth noting that Williams has been working as the Giants' goal-line back early in camp.

Jerry Reese - GM Posted 7/23/14 9:51pm et
New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. (hamstring) tweaked a hamstring in practice Tuesday, July 23, according to general manager Jerry Reese.
Huddle Up: While it's better the injury happens now so Beckham has plenty of time to recover, he'll miss valuable camp reps as he tries to carve out a spot in the Giants' receiver rotation.

Odell Beckham Jr. - WR Posted 7/22/14 1:12pm et
New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. said he is only receiving preventative treatment on his hamstring at this point.
Huddle Up: Getting in as many reps as possible with Eli Manning & Co. will be vital for the first-round pick, who is vying for starts/playing time with Rueben Randle.

David Wilson - RB Posted 7/22/14 11:32pm et
New York Giants RB David Wilson (neck) was making quick cuts and looked like one of the most athletic players on the field Tuesday, July 22, according to Dan Salomone of
Huddle Up: The progress reports and outlook keeps getting better and better for Wilson, all the while chipping away at the fantasy stock of projected starter Rashad Jennings. See if the trends continue into the preseason.

Rashad Jennings - RB Posted 7/21/14 11:04pm et
New York Giants RB Rashad Jennings is still considered the lead running back, despite RB David Wilson's (neck) clearance for contact.
Huddle Up: Jennings is more what Tom Coughlin is seeking in a feature back, as despite the Giants' new offense he'll still push them to run between the tackles. And, of course, Jennings hasn't been plagued with a raging case of fumblitis.

David Wilson - RB Posted 7/21/14 11:04pm et
New York Giants RB David Wilson (neck) said that he has been cleared for everything.
Huddle Up: Medical clearance is the first step for Wilson; now he has to prove to Tom Coughlin he won't drop the ball every time he's in the game in order to secure enough playing time to live up to the fantasy hype he garnered a couple years back.

Eli Manning - QB Posted 7/20/14 3:49pm et
New York Giants QB Eli Manning has not had any contract extension talks with the team, according to owner John Mara. "We haven't even really discussed that yet," Mara said. "We'll discuss that at the appropriate time. Obviously it's our hope that he finish his career as a Giant."
Huddle Up: Something will get done, but until then, expect Manning to carry on in his customary un-flustered professional manner and focus on rebounding from his -- and the team's -- disappointing 2013 season.

David Wilson - RB Posted 7/17/14 7:47pm et
New York Giants owner John Mara said he expects RB David Wilson (neck) to be ready to go for training camp. 'We expect him to be playing ... all signs are he'll be ready to go,' Mara said.
Huddle Up: There's a lot of optimistic talk surrounding Wilson coming out of the Big Apple/Jersey, but it's just that -- optimistic talk -- until Wilson is back in pads taking some contact. If he does return healthy, though, you'll hear a lot of air escaping from the Rashad Jennings' balloon.

Eli Manning - QB Posted 7/15/14 3:07am et
New York Giants QB Eli Manning said he has been working hard on learning offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo's system this offseason. 'It's reenergized me,' Manning said. 'I'm trying to speed up the process of getting comfortable in the new system. I don't have 10 years. I have a few months.'
Huddle Up: Eli struggled mightily last season, and all the blame can't be placed on his offensive line. He's learning a new offense that is asking something completely different of him this season--namely, short timing routes--so he bears watching in the preseason to see if he's taking to it. The fantasy fates of Victor Cruz, Rueben Randle, and Odell Beckham Jr. hang in the balance.

Odell Beckham Jr. - WR Posted 7/10/14 6:50pm et
New York Giants WR Odell Beckham Jr. is expected to work with QB Eli Manning this week at the Manning passing academy.
Huddle Up: Hey, a little extra work never hurt any rookie -- especially one looking to get on the same page as a Manning. The first-round pick from LSU is currently pencilled in as the Giants' No. 3 WR behind Victor Cruz and Rueben Randle.

Peyton Hillis - RB Posted 7/7/14 10:25pm et
New York Giants RB Andre Williams could unseat RB Peyton Hillis as the power back by the start of the year and become a part of a three-man rotation with RB Rashad Jennings and RB David Wilson, according to writers John Schmeelk and Dan Salomone.
Huddle Up: Jennings projects to be the lead dog, and who knows whether or not Wilson can get healthy and/or hang on to the football. But the fact that this is shaping up to be a three-back RBBC is bad news fantasy-wise.

Trindon Holliday - WR Posted 7/3/14 4:46pm et
New York Giants WR Trindon Holliday likely will not make much of a contribution on offense this upcoming season because he was signed to be a kick and punt returner.
Huddle Up: As was demonstrated in his stints in Denver and Houston, Holliday's size and fumbling issues just don't lend themselves to any significant offensive touches.

Odell Beckham Jr. - WR Posted 6/24/14 10:26am et
New York Giants special teams coach Tom Quinn said he is not sure if WR Odell Beckham Jr. will be used as a returner this upcoming season, because he could have a role on offense. Beckham will be used on kick and punt returns during training camp.
Huddle Up: Good news/bad news here, in that it's good the rookie will have an expanded role in the offense but bad for those looking for a return game contribution from Beckham for their fantasy scoresheet.

Rueben Randle - WR Posted 6/24/14 10:22pm et
New York Giants wide receivers coach Sean Ryan said he has seen improvement in WR Rueben Randle this offseason. 'For me, the battle with him is consistency, and I think he's addressed it in this offseason in the way he approaches his job,' Ryan said. 'I've seen a difference in his seriousness towards his work. This spring, I thought he was locked in. I thought he did a good job learning the new offense. He's got some football intelligence to him. He sees things pretty well. But I thought he really worked hard at being locked into the meetings and on the field as well. I noticed a difference in him.' Randle also had trouble with former offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride's offense last season. He struggled getting on the same page as QB Eli Manning in a few plays that led to interceptions. The offense relied on option routes, and the ability of the wide receivers to identify the same coverages as Manning did at the line of scrimmage. Randle had issues with that and could theoretically thrive in a simpler scheme.
Huddle Up: While Randle basically doubled his rookie production in his sophomore season (41-611-6) last fall, he's still only made 4 starts in 2 seasons, but much will change now that Hakeem Nicks is gone and he'll be expected to fill the void opposite Victor Cruz.

Jason Pierre-Paul - DE Posted 6/19/14 3:08pm et
New York Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul wants to silence his critics after a lost season due to a surgically repaired back in 2013. 'I got something to prove this year, and I'm going to shut a whole bunch of people up,' he said. 'I want to shut them up, you know what I'm saying? It's not even going to be new to me. I'm confident in the way I play my game, you know what I'm saying? When I'm at the top of my game, it's ridiculous. Everyone has seen me there before.'
Huddle Up: We certainly saw it in the Giants' Super Bowl season of 2011, when he recorded 16.5 sacks and 93 total tackles. In the two seasons since then, he's had only 8.5 sacks and 93 total tackles.

Jon Beason - LB Posted 6/17/14 2:07pm et
New York Giants LB Jon Beason will not need surgery, doctors determined after he was examined by Dr. Robert Anderson on Monday, June 16. Beason is dealing with a ligament tear and a small fracture in the sesamoid bone in his right foot, and his foot will be immobilized for six weeks, with three of those weeks in a cast.
Huddle Up: At least Beason avoided another appointment with the scalpel, but it's still not a good overall health sign given that the LB has missed a whopping 29 games over the past 3 seasons.

Ryan Nassib - QB Posted 6/13/14 2:13pm et
New York Giants QB Ryan Nassib threw multiple interceptions in 11-on-11 drills Thursday, June 12, including a pick six. He looks lost in new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo's scheme and may need a great camp to keep his roster spot.
Huddle Up: This was Nassib's opportunity to stake claim to not just the Giants' backup role but as potential heir to Eli Manning. Doesn't appear to be working out as well as hoped.

Rueben Randle - WR Posted 6/12/14 8:38pm et
Updating a previous report, New York Giants WR Rueben Randle suffered an injury to his groin in practice Thursday, June 12.
Huddle Up: Something to keep an eye on as further details were scarce on the injury to the second-year wideout, who could be team's No. 3 WR with the selection of Odell Beckham Jr. in the first round.

Peyton Hillis - RB Posted 6/12/14 11:09pm et
New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin said RB Peyton Hillis has missed a few organized team activities because of a muscle strain. Hillis said he hopes to be able to participate in the mandatory minicamp next week.
Huddle Up: Unfortunately, injury issues and Hillis haven't been strangers of late, and the veteran RB could find touches hard to come by in N.Y. if David Wilson regains his health.

Eli Manning - QB Posted 6/11/14 11:51pm et
New York Giants QB Eli Manning said he is rejuvenated by the process of learning a new offense. 'It is tough, it's not easy, but it has definitely re-energized me and brought an urgency to this time of year,' Manning said.
Huddle Up: All eyes will be on how Manning adapts to the new offense, which doesn't necessarily play to his strengths. If he's re-energized and able to develop into an accurate short-game passer, however, he'll flourish in the new system.

Eli Manning - QB Posted 6/10/14 10:21pm et
New York Giants QB Eli Manning, who has taken repetitions in organized team activities, admitted that there is a bit of a learning curve this offseason when it comes to learning new offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo's offense. 'Only seven practices, so no, we haven't gotten everything down. I'm not 100 percent on everything going on,' Manning said. 'There are still some learning curves and things I gotta digest and think through. But the more reps you get at, the more looks you get, the better you're getting.'
Huddle Up: Manning also is dealing with some new supporting cast members in key positions (C J.D. Walton, RB Rashad Jennings and WR Odell Beckham Jr,) so a slow start to the season might not be out of the question.

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