• Eric Decker - WR
    Posted 5/26/16 11:12am ET

    New York Jets WR Eric Decker is skipping organized team activities this week because he is upset that the team has not re-signed free-agent QB Ryan Fitzpatrick at this point, according to a source.

    Huddle Up: Both Decker and Brandon Marshall have made it known they want their quarterback back... though if the Jets are unable to bring Fitzpatrick back, missing out on valuable time with the guys likely to replace him might not be Decker's best strategy.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick - QB
    Posted 5/26/16 11:12am ET

    Free-agent QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (Jets) has not had contract talks with the New York Jets over the last few weeks, according to a source.

    Huddle Up: So the news is... there's no news yet. But everyone still expects a Jets/Fitz reunion.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick - QB
    Posted 5/26/16 11:12am ET

    New York Jets head coach Todd Bowles said he's 'hopeful' that QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is re-signed by training camp. However, Bowles didn't say he's confident.

    Huddle Up: How many different ways can we say it? The Jets want Fitzpatrick back, Fitzpatrick wants to be back. Get it done already!

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick - QB
    Posted 5/24/16 10:45am ET

    Updating a previous report, free-agent QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (Jets) wants to re-sign with the New York Jets. 'I would like to be back,' Fitzpatrick said. He's been in a three-month contract stalemate with the Jets. Fitzpatrick dispelled rumors that he was considering retirement. 'I'm playing,' Fitzpatrick said. 'I'm playing football next year.'

    Huddle Up: You know Fitz is signing with the Jets. I know Fitz is signing with the Jets. The Jets not addressing the quarterback position with much vigor this offseason suggests they think Fitz is signing with them. And it looks like Fitz is beginning to realize the Jets are his best remaining landing spot. So make the deal already! Then we can stop fretting about the potential blow to the fantasy values of Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick - QB
    Posted 5/20/16 12:49pm ET

    The deadline for free-agent QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (Jets) could be sooner than expected. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport posits that the first legitimate deadline is when the Jets' organized team activities start Tuesday, May 24.

    Huddle Up: In the meantime, Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker owners are growing more anxious ...

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick - QB
    Posted 5/18/16 9:19am ET

    Free-agent QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (Jets) is not close to a contract agreement with the New York Jets, but Jets WR Eric Decker said he expects Fitzpatrick to be the starting quarterback in the first regular season game.

    Huddle Up: Most of the football-watching planet expects Fitz to be the Jets' quarterback, but until it happens the fantasy values of Decker and Brandon Marshall remain in limbo.

  • Muhammad Wilkerson - DE
    Posted 5/17/16 3:36pm ET

    New York Jets DE Muhammad Wilkerson isn't close to a new contract and hasn't signed his franchise tender. He may not report until training camp in July.

    Huddle Up: The Ryan Fitzpatrick situation isn't the only unresolved contract in the Big Apple as the Jets' best defensive player isn't the least bit happy. At the least, though, it will be an interesting couple months in N.Y.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick - QB
    Posted 5/12/16 10:29am ET

    If free-agent QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (Jets) is signed Thursday, May 12, or onward by a prospective team, then he will not count against that team's compensatory draft picks.

    Huddle Up: You know how teams love their draft picks, and with compensatory picks eligible to be traded next season there was no way Fitzpatrick was inking a deal before today. Of course, there's no indication a deal is imminent anyway.

  • Christian Hackenberg - QB
    Posted 5/12/16 3:38pm ET

    New York Jets QB Christian Hackenberg signed his four-year rookie contract Thursday, May 12.

    Huddle Up: Well, there was news on the N.Y. QB signing front, but obviously not of variety Jets Nation -- and the fantasy owners of Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker -- were hoping for.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick - QB
    Posted 5/10/16 4:13pm ET

    Free-agent QB Ryan Fitzpatrick's status remains in limbo with the New York Jets. Owner Woody Johnson said there's no urgency to re-sign Fitzpatrick at this point with training camp still two months away.

    Huddle Up: The game of financial chicken continues, but the alternative options remain limited at best for both sides.

  • Devin Smith - WR
    Posted 5/6/16 3:48pm ET

    New York Jets WR Devin Smith (knee) may not be ready for the start of the regular season as he continues to recover from anterior cruciate ligament surgery.

    Huddle Up: The speedy 2015 second-round pick was one of several rookie wide receivers who saw their inaugural seasons cut short by injury, but Smith faces more obstacles than the others given his expected recovery time and the dynamic duo of Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker currently heading up the N.Y. WR depth chart.

  • Geno Smith - QB
    Posted 5/1/16 2:09pm ET

    New York Jets QB Geno Smith will be the starting quarterback when offseason workouts begin, but the team is still looking to re-sign free-agent QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, according to head coach Todd Bowles.

    Huddle Up: Even though the Jets added Christian Hackenberg in the second round, the Penn State QB isn't a serious threat to challenge for immediate playing time and maintains the team's status quo: Listing Smith atop the depth chart while still exchanging contract proposals with Fitzpatrick.

  • Christian Hackenberg - QB
    Posted 4/29/16 9:51pm ET

    The New York Jets selected Penn State QB Christian Hackenberg with the No. 51 overall pick in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft on Friday, April 29.

    Huddle Up: To the surprise of few and the dismay of some, the Jets made the polarizing Penn State product the fourth QB selected in the draft. Still, Hackenberg is likely to spend his rookie season on the bench with the Jets (eventually) expected to re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  • Darrelle Revis - CB
    Posted 4/24/16 8:42pm ET

    New York Jets CB Darrelle Revis (wrist) had pins removed from his surgically repaired wrist last week. He still has two months of rehabilitation, however, after having a torn ligament repaired March 17. Revis will miss offseason workouts, but he's still on schedule for the start of the regular season.

    Huddle Up: Everything should wind up working out, but Revis' status in training camp is going to need to be monitored.

  • Muhammad Wilkerson - DE
    Posted 4/17/16 6:07pm ET

    New York Jets DE Muhammad Wilkerson (leg) is not expected to report for offseason workouts Monday, April 18. Wilkerson is still rehabbing his broken leg and has not signed his franchise tender offer.

    Huddle Up: No surprise here on several levels. Meanwhile, reports continue to circulate that the Jets are trying to deal Wilkerson, but if nothing materializes, the defensive end will either have to keep angling for a long-term deal, hold out or settle for the $15.7 million he'll earn under the franchise tag.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick - QB
    Posted 4/14/16 3:38pm ET

    The New York Jets haven't made any progress in an attempt to re-sign QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, according to owner Woody Johnson. Johnson also said it wasn't imperative that the team bring Fitzpatrick back. 'No, no. I think this is a big team. We've made our statements regarding Ryan Fitzpatrick well-known, and I'll stick with those that we've made,' Johnson said.

    Huddle Up: The staring contest continues in N.Y., but the bad news for Fitzpatrick is that no other teams seemingly are willing at bite on his asking price, either. This is sure to linger for a bit, but the feeling is a deal still gets done and Fitzpatrick is quarterbacking the Jets come Week 1.

  • Brandon Marshall - WR
    Posted 4/10/16 3:31pm ET

    New York Jets WR Brandon Marshall was cleared by a jury Saturday, April 9, in a lawsuit by a woman claiming she was assaulted in a 2012 incident, according to his attorney Harvey Steinberg.

    Huddle Up: Marshall looks as if he's cleared another hurdle from his checkered past, but even with the verdict, the long arm of the NFL might still weigh in.

  • Stevan Ridley - RB
    Posted 4/8/16 5:08pm ET

    Detroit Lions RB Stevan Ridley said he believes his best years are still ahead of him, and he said he expects to have a similar role to the one he had with the New England Patriots.

    Huddle Up: The numbers back Ridley up as he's only 27 and only has totaled 130 rushing attempts over the last two years between his 2014 knee injury in New England and his recovery/lack of use last season with the Jets.

  • Jeff Cumberland - TE
    Posted 4/5/16 11:17am ET

    Free-agent TE Jeff Cumberland (Jets) agreed to terms with the San Diego Chargers Monday, April 4, on a one-year deal. Financial terms were not disclosed.

    Huddle Up: Cumberland is not the replacement for Antonio Gates. He'll handle the blocking portion of tight end duties in San Diego, with negligible fantasy value.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick - QB
    Posted 4/1/16 12:26am ET

    Free-agent QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (Jets) and the New York Jets still aren't close on a new deal. The Jets would like to get a deal done by April 18, when the first phase of their offseason program begins.

    Huddle Up: This remains the most logical fit -- for both sides -- but the 34-year-old Fitzpatrick is still holding out of cashing in big time in the crazy league QB market, and the Jets are trying to wait him out. The Broncos appear to be the only other team that might get involved. Stay tuned ...

  • Stevan Ridley - RB
    Posted 4/1/16 7:15pm ET

    Free-agent RB Stevan Ridley (Jets) announced Friday, April 1, that he's signing with the Detroit Lions.

    Huddle Up: Ridley was a non-factor with the Jets last season, rushing for 90 yards on 36 carries, and now he'll compete with Zach Zenner and Theo Riddick for RB reps behind Ameer Adullah.

  • Stevan Ridley - RB
    Posted 3/29/16 1:56pm ET

    Free-agent RB Stevan Ridley (Jets) will visit the Detroit Lions on Tuesday, March 29.

    Huddle Up: Ridley has gone from 1,263 yards and 12 rushing TDs in 2012 to 90 and none last season as a Jets reserve following his 2014 knee injury. The Lions have an obvious RB need, but Ridley will have to show he's closer to his 2012 form than he has in recent seasons.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick - QB
    Posted 3/22/16 10:23am ET

    The New York Jets have no sense of urgency in contract talks to re-sign QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, according to owner Woody Johnson. Fitzpatrick could miss the entire offseason program because of his familiarity with offensive coordinator Chan Gailey's offense. General manager Mike Maccagnan said QB Geno Smith is a 'definite possibility' as a replacement if Fitzpatrick doesn't return.

    Huddle Up: With the Broncos signing Mark Sanchez there's less likelihood Denver makes a run at Fitzpatrick, so the Jets can take their time. Fitz is a veteran, and while his involvement in the offseason program would be a plus it's not a necessity. Nothing wrong with a little offseason drama in New York City.

  • Darrelle Revis - CB
    Posted 3/17/16 4:20pm ET

    New York Jets CB Darrelle Revis (wrist) had surgery to fix a torn ligament in his right wrist Thursday, March 17. He's expected to be in a hard cast for two to three months and will likely miss offseason training activities. However, Revis is expected to be ready for training camp.

    Huddle Up: A little puzzling as to why Revis waited this long to undergo the procedure, but all will be fine if he's back in time for training camp.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick - QB
    Posted 3/17/16 9:54pm ET

    Free-agent QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (Jets) has not made any progress in contract talks with the New York Jets, according to a source.

    Huddle Up: It's a pure waiting game now, but Fitzpatrick is running short of options as other teams haven't shown much interest at all in meeting his contact demands.

  • Kellen Davis - TE
    Posted 3/15/16 10:17am ET

    New York Jets TE Kellen Davis re-signed to a one-year deal Monday, March 14, according to a source. Financial terms were not disclosed.

    Huddle Up: Davis will compete with Jace Amaro for what limited looks the tight end role offers in the at-present quarterback-less Jets offense. Nothing in that sentence suggests a fantasy helper.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick - QB
    Posted 3/15/16 10:17am ET

    The New York Jets are not close to re-signing QB Ryan Fitzpatrick, and they are offering 'high-end backup, low-end starter' money, according to ESPN's Adam Caplan.

    Huddle Up: With the quarterback market wafer-thin it seems the Jets are playing with fire low-balling Fitzpatrick; his connection with Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker last season kept the Jets in contention and made the passing offense fantasy-relevant for the first time in a long time.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick - QB
    Posted 3/13/16 2:47pm ET

    New York Jets WR Brandon Marshall said he doesn't want to see free-agent QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (Jets) in 'another jersey.'

    Huddle Up: And why would he after enjoying a career year with 109 receptions for 1,502 yards and 14 TDs? Good news for Marshall, though, in the meantime as the other potential teams interested in Fitzpatrick -- namely the Broncos and Browns -- seem to be focused on other options, leaving the Jets and Fitzpatrick to work out the $$$.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick - QB
    Posted 3/11/16 6:37pm ET

    The Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Rams aren't looking to make a significant investment toward free-agent QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (Jets), and the Broncos effectively ended their pursuit of him by trading for QB Mark Sanchez. The New York Jets still prefer to re-sign Fitzpatrick, but they will not overpay.

    Huddle Up: The options -- and almost any leverage -- are dwindling for the 33-year-old Fitzpatrick, who is coming off a career year (3,905 yards, 31 TD passes) last season in N.Y.

  • Chris Ivory - RB
    Posted 3/10/16 4:15pm ET

    Jacksonville Jaguars RBs Chris Ivory and T.J. Yeldon will likely split carries in 2016, according to general manager David Caldwell.

    Huddle Up: Ivory totalled 277 touches in 15 games with the Jets last season while Yeldon had 218 in 12 games as a rookie with the Jags, but expect a decrease in both totals, particularly Ivory's.

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