• Chris Johnson - RB
    Posted 5/6/15 12:14am ET

    Free-agent RB Chris Johnson was recently stopped outside a Los Angeles restaurant by TMZ and was asked about the possibility of playing for the Dallas Cowboys. "I'd fit good in Dallas," Johnson said when asked if the Cowboys were a good option. "They need it. Yeah. That's what we're trying to do."

    Huddle Up: First, nothing like fantasy insight from TMZ, but in reality, don't be surprised if the Cowboys add a veteran RB after failing to add one in the draft -- even if the seemingly made-for-Dallas CJ2K doesn't turn out to be the option.

  • Devin Smith - WR
    Posted 5/1/15 8:06pm ET

    Ohio State WR Devin Smith was selected 37th overall by the New York Jets in the second round of the 2015 NFL Draft on Friday, May 1.

    Huddle Up: The Jets continue their two-season upgrade of the their WR corps, adding a deep threat in Smith who averaged a robust 20.7 yards-per-catch in his four seasons with the Buckeyes. He'll now complement Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker to give Geno Smith or Ryan Fitzpatrick a strong stable of wideouts.

  • Geno Smith - QB
    Posted 4/30/15 12:11am ET

    New York Jets QB Geno Smith believes the Jets are his team to lead, but acknowledges the competition he'll need to face in order to win the starting job. 'There's always other guys, and there's always going to be competition. I've always welcomed it, and I still do,' Smith said. The Jets brought in QB Ryan Fitzpatrick this offseason to compete with Smith and could bring in more competition via the draft.

    Huddle Up: New coach usually means new quarterback, but if the Jets don't land Marcus Mariota you would have to consider Smith the front-runner in New York. And given the receiving corps the Jets are providing him, he might actually be a low-end fantasy helper.

  • Chris Johnson - RB
    Posted 4/18/15 12:05am ET

    Free-agent RB Chris Johnson (shoulder) has been working out even though he was shot in the shoulder during a drive by shooting last month. Johnson has received interest from several teams.

    Huddle Up: It's starting to get late early for Johnson, who will turn 30 in September -- the not-so-magical milestone for RBs -- so look for the former Jet and Titan to likely have to settle for a short-term, incentive-laden deal as a backup.

  • Stevan Ridley - RB
    Posted 4/12/15 4:36pm ET

    New York Jets RB Stevan Ridley (knee) should be ready for the start of training camp if he does not suffer any setbacks, according to a source.

    Huddle Up: Ridley should be ready to challenge Chris Ivory and Bilal Powell for carries this season in the Jets' backfield after missing all but six games this past season with an ACL tear.

  • Geno Smith - QB
    Posted 4/6/15 4:22pm ET

    New York Jets QB Geno Smith has a lot at stake this offseason as far as money is concerned. About 32% of Smith's compensation this year is tied to offseason attendance. Smith must participate in around 80% of offseason workouts or he could miss out on approximately $276,328.

    Huddle Up: Unless the Jets wind up with Marcus Mariota in the draft, Smith is the leading candidate to start at quarterback. So with a new coach to impress as well as money on the line it makes sense for him to participate in 100 percent of the offseason workouts.

  • Jeremy Kerley - WR
    Posted 4/4/15 1:58pm ET

    New York Jets WR Jeremy Kerley could receive more playing time in 2015 than he did this past season, according to general manager Mike Maccagnan. 'In particular, I do like Kerley a little bit,' Maccagnan said. 'I've kind of scouted him coming out of college a while ago. I'm kind of excited to see him get a few more reps than he got last year in terms of his playing time.'

    Huddle Up: You'd like to think it wouldn't be hard for Kerley to outperform his 38-409-1 from last season, but since he'll be at best the WR3 behind Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker there's not much cause for optimism.

  • Geno Smith - QB
    Posted 3/24/15 4:02pm ET

    New York Jets QB Geno Smith will be the starting quarterback ahead of QB Ryan Fitzpatrick entering training camp this summer, according to new head coach Todd Bowles. 'You can't have equal first-team reps with a quarterback,' Bowles said. 'Geno will start out taking them, but that doesn't mean that Ryan can't take his spot if Ryan's playing better and performing better.' Bowles continues to say that it's too early to judge Smith off his tape alone.

    Huddle Up: Sound familiar? New offseason, same challenge ahead for Smith, who's now trying to hold off Fitzpatrick instead of Michael Vick. This time around the Jets have better WR weapons with Brandon Marshall added to the mix -- but that only puts more of an onus on the QB to get the ball where it needs to go.

  • Michael Vick - QB
    Posted 3/19/15 2:23pm ET

    Free-agent QB Michael Vick (Jets) won't be re-signed by the New York Jets this offseason.

    Huddle Up: Vick's revival with the Eagles was only five years ago, but it seems eons ago now with the QB set to turn 35 and unwanted by the QB-needy Jets.

  • Percy Harvin - WR
    Posted 3/14/15 1:17am ET

    Free-agent WR Percy Harvin (Jets) has agreed to terms with the Buffalo Bills on a one-year deal, according to a source. Financial terms were not disclosed.

    Huddle Up: The multi-dimensional Harvin looks as if he's found his fourth NFL home in the last four seasons, following coach Rex Ryan to Buffalo where he'll pair up with second-year receiver Sammy Watkins and newly acquired RB LeSean McCoy to give the Bills' offense some play-making punch. Harvin had a combined 51 catches for 483 yards and a TD and 33 rushes for 202 yards and another score with the Jets and Seahawks this past season.

  • Percy Harvin - WR
    Posted 3/10/15 6:51pm ET

    New York Jets WR Percy Harvin was officially released Tuesday, March 10. The Seattle Seahawks received a sixth-round pick from the Jets as a result. The Jets would've had to surrender a fourth-round pick if they had kept Harvin on the roster until March 19. The Jets saved $10.5 million on the salary cap by releasing Harvin.

    Huddle Up: So the N.Y. Jet chapter is officially closed on Harvin, who contributed 29 receptions and 22 rushes for 460 yards and one TD in eight games last season. It remains up in the air as to where the multi-dimensional Harvin's fourth NFL stop might be, and one possible rumored destination is New England. Stay tuned ...

  • Chris Johnson - RB
    Posted 3/9/15 6:14pm ET

    Free-agent RB Chris Johnson (Jets) was released from the hospital Monday, March 9, according to a source. Johnson was shot in the arm and is now at home resting. He did not have surgery.

    Huddle Up: Johnson is expected to make a full recovery, maybe even in time to land a new gig for 2015. And we finally have a new nickname for the former CJ2K: how about CJ-AK47?

  • Percy Harvin - WR
    Posted 3/6/15 10:23pm ET

    New York Jets WR Percy Harvin may make perfect sense for the Oakland Raiders, with Harvin expected to be released by the Jets. Raiders offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave maximized Harvin's talent with the Minnesota Vikings in 2012.

    Huddle Up: The talent-deficient Raiders are seemingly rumored to be in play for most every big-name free agent, but the Harvin-Musgrave connection does make more sense than most of the proposed hook-ups. Harvin had 29 receptions and 22 rushes for 460 total yards and a TD in his eight-game coffee break with the Jets this past season, and he would certainly find the opportunities to be just as plentiful in Oakland.

  • Geno Smith - QB
    Posted 2/26/15 1:54am ET

    New York Jets QB Geno Smith may not have big competition for the starting quarterback job, because the team is not committed to selecting a quarterback with the sixth overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. The Jets are committed to make Smith a successful starting quarterback.

    Huddle Up: If Marcus Mariota is still on the board at six it will be difficult for the Jets to pass. If they are truly committed to Smith, however, they could certainly entertain offers for that selection from, say, Chip Kelly and the Eagles.

  • David Harris - LB
    Posted 2/20/15 5:45pm ET

    New York Jets impending free-agent LB David Harris is expected to receive interest from the Chicago Bears if he hits the free-agent market, according to a source.

    Huddle Up: Harris, who just turned 31 in January, has had at least 123 total tackles in each of the last three seasons, and is sure to be a hot commodity if he hits the open market.

  • Chris Johnson - RB
    Posted 2/15/15 9:20pm ET

    New York Jets RB Chris Johnson's option was not be exercised, as expected. Johnson will become a free agent.

    Huddle Up: Johnson, who turns 30 in September, easily hit career lows with 663 rushing yards and 155 carries last season, and it will be challenging to find a new gig paying decent money given the glut of veteran RBs expected to hit the free-agent market and the exceptionally strong RB draft class entering the league.

  • Michael Vick - QB
    Posted 2/14/15 12:03pm ET

    New York Jets impending free-agent QB Michael Vick will be allowed to test the free-agent market this offseason, according to a source. The Jets could consider re-signing Vick at some point this offseason.

    Huddle Up: The Jets already have Geno Smith, and they may have a shot at either Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota in the upcoming draft. Plus, with a new coach and a new offense there's nothing tying Vick to the Jets. Now if he wants to come back as a backup at a reduced salary, the Jets may be interested.

  • Chris Johnson - RB
    Posted 2/14/15 12:03pm ET

    New York Jets RB Chris Johnson is expected to be released in the next few days, according to a source.

    Huddle Up: Johnson was more of a contributing player than a feature back for the Jets last season, and with the regime change there's nothing holding him to the team. CJ?K will likely need to find another complementary role, as he's no longer viewed as a feature back in the NFL.

  • Percy Harvin - WR
    Posted 2/11/15 12:26pm ET

    New York Jets WR Percy Harvin is expected to be cut by March 19, in the opinion of ESPNNewYork.com's Rich Cimini. Harvin has a $10.5 million cap number for 2015, and the team would owe the Seattle Seahawks a fourth-round pick if he's on the roster after that date.

    Huddle Up: Eventually, no matter how talented you are, if you're a locker room headache you run out of chances. So far Harvin has burned through three teams; looks like we'll get to find out if a fourth team is the charm.

  • Geno Smith - QB
    Posted 2/2/15 10:27am ET

    New York Jets QB Geno Smith said he still hasn't received a definitive answer from head coach Todd Bowles on the team's quarterback situation.

    Huddle Up: Don't expect a definitive answer until Bowles has a chance to see not only more film but also his quarterback(s) in person. At best Smith should be looking for an opportunity to compete for the starting gig in New York; he certainly hasn't done enough as a professional to be handed the job.

  • Geno Smith - QB
    Posted 1/22/15 10:58pm ET

    New York Jets QB Geno Smith has a lot of talent and promise, according to new head coach Todd Bowles. At the same time, Bowles acknowledged that the quarterback position is currently an open slate, with Smith and Matt Simms the only quarterbacks currently rostered.

    Huddle Up: Certainly look for the Jets to bring a QB or two this offseason -- maybe a free agent and a draft pick -- to give Smith some serious competition for the starting gig. Bowles saw first-hand with the Cards last season how bad QB play can short-circuit a team's season, and he'd rather not relive the anguish in debut year with the Jets.

  • Chan Gailey - OC
    Posted 1/20/15 10:19pm ET

    Former Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey has been named the new offensive coordinator of the New York Jets.

    Huddle Up: Gailey, who was the Bills' head coach from 2010-12, has previously been an offensive coordinator with four different NFL teams and will be the Jets' fourth OC in the last five years. The 63-year-old will also bring some much needed experience to the staff of first-time head coach Todd Bowles.

  • Chris Johnson - RB
    Posted 1/16/15 11:00pm ET

    New York Jets RB Chris Johnson, who had just 663 rushing yards this year, is expected to be released this offseason. Johnson is due to make $4 million in 2015.

    Huddle Up: Definitely expect Chris Ivory to have a new running mate in the Jets' backfield next season as Johnson's pricetag has outlived his production.

  • Todd Bowles - HC
    Posted 1/14/15 12:37pm ET

    Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles will be hired by the New York Jets for their head coaching position, a source involved in the process said Tuesday, Jan. 13. He is expected to officially sign a four-year deal Wednesday, Jan. 14.

    Huddle Up: Bowles extends the Jets' string of defensive-minded head coaches to six, but while the cupboard is not necessarily bare he doesn't inherit nearly the same level of defensive talent he worked with in Arizona. On the bright side, he's used to trying to overcome lackluster quarterback play.

  • Chan Gailey - OC
    Posted 1/14/15 12:37pm ET

    Former Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey is expected to be the offensive coordinator with the New York Jets on the new staff of head coach Todd Bowles, a source said.

    Huddle Up: Gailey has historically been more of a thrower than a ground and pound guy, which could mean some big changes for the Jets' offensive personnel. On the bright side, Gailey actually had success when forced to use Tyler Thigpen for 11 games so he could certainly squeeze something out of Geno Smith as well.

  • Geno Smith - QB
    Posted 12/30/14 2:13am ET

    New York Jets QB Geno Smith made a strong impression on the team's owner with his stellar Week 17 performance against the Miami Dolphins. 'I think he's a young quarterback who in the last five games has gotten much, much better. ...I've got confidence in Geno. I really think he can be good.'

    Huddle Up: One big game and now it looks like the Jets' owner will force his new coach and GM to build around Geno. That might take a bite out of the potential talent pool, as most coaches/GMs prefer to base their success on a player of their choosing rather than an existing player with a sketchy track record.

  • Geno Smith - QB
    Posted 12/29/14 9:24am ET

    New York Jets QB Geno Smith set a career high in passing yards (358) and tied his personal best of 3 touchdown passes in a single game with his performance in Week 17 versus the Miami Dolphins.

    Huddle Up: What do you think the Vegas odds were of Geno posting a perfect passer rating in Week 17? "Astronomical" barely scratches the surface. And yet there were signs of life for the Jets' sophomore quarterback, enough so that Rex Ryan's replacement might just give Smith a spin in 2015.

  • Eric Decker - WR
    Posted 12/29/14 9:24am ET

    New York Jets WR Eric Decker recorded 10 receptions for 221 yards and a touchdown versus the Miami Dolphins in Week 17. He finished the year with 74 catches, 962 yards and 5 touchdowns.

    Huddle Up: It certainly was different than catching passes from Peyton Manning, but Decker established himself in New York and gives Geno Smith and the new coaching staff something to build on in the passing game.

  • Percy Harvin - WR
    Posted 12/26/14 7:32pm ET

    New York Jets WR Percy Harvin (ribs) said he is confident he will be able to play in the team's Week 17 game.

    Huddle Up: The Jets offense is closing out a miserable season against the Dolphins. Harvin will be a WR3/Flex option if he suits up this week.

  • Percy Harvin - WR
    Posted 12/25/14 9:11pm ET

    New York Jets WR Percy Harvin (ankle, ribs) did not participate in practice Thursday, Dec. 25.

    Huddle Up: That's two straight missed days for Harvin, whose status remains very much in doubt for Week 17.

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