• Sam Bradford - QB
    Posted 7/23/15 11:45pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford (knee) is expected to be ready to participate once training camp begins. Bradford has been rehabilitating his knee after suffering a second anterior cruciate ligament tear in as many years.

    Huddle Up: Bradford, who's in a contract year on top of everything else, hasn't taken a regular-season snap since Oct. 20, 2013 so all eyes will be on the QB when the Eagles begin camp practices Aug. 1. If -- and that's a big if -- finally healthy though, Bradford could be huge late-round steal as he's currently going in the 16th round in 10-team drafts.

  • DeMarco Murray - RB
    Posted 7/9/15 12:34pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles RB DeMarco Murray was one of two running backs with at least 40 targets last season that caught 89 percent of those targets. He caught 57 of his 64 targets. The other running back was Washington's Roy Helu.

    Huddle Up: Murray's use in the passing game figures to see a slight decline with Darren Sproles filling the primary role out of the Philly backfield. Last season, starter LeSean McCoy caught 28 of 37 targets while Sproles hauled in 40 of 62 targets. And don't forget about Ryan Mathews who also will get his share of the touches and targets.

  • Sam Bradford - QB
    Posted 7/7/15 11:41pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford may have his best opportunity yet in Philadelphia under head coach Chip Kelly, according to an anonymous NFL executive. 'If Bradford had gone anywhere else, you wouldn't even be talking about him,' the source said. The executive added that there's hope with Kelly and the Eagles after Bradford's struggles with injuries the past couple years. 'Chip Kelly is the one guy who can make Bradford a success.'

    Huddle Up: Between Nick Foles in 2013 and Mark Sanchez in the latter half of last season, Philly QBs have fared just fine under Kelly. Sure it's a small sample size, but compare his current fantasy outlook with the one he would've had with the moribund Rams' passing offense.

  • Zach Ertz - TE
    Posted 6/30/15 11:19pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles TE Zach Ertz is expected to see a sizable jump in snaps this season.

    Huddle Up: Ertz saw his 2013 numbers (57 targets-36 receptions-469 yards-4 TDs) increase almost across the board last season (89-58-702-3) and don't be shocked to see a similar leap in Year Three.

  • Sam Bradford - QB
    Posted 6/29/15 11:06pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford (knee) is expected to be in the final phase of his rehabilitation from a torn anterior cruciate ligament once training camp begins. Bradford's second ACL tear in as many seasons will require more time to recover and the Eagles may not have a grasp on how ready he is to play before the regular season begins.

    Huddle Up: Plenty of questions surrounding Bradford: Will he be ready in time? Can he stay healthy? Will limited prep time allow him to grasp Chip Kelly's offense? There's certainly upside to Bradford's fantasy prospects, but there's also a strong possibility Mark Sanchez will be seeing plenty of action early in the season.

  • Nelson Agholor - WR
    Posted 6/28/15 8:25pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles WR Nelson Agholor said he worked as an outside receiver during offseason workouts but is learning the other receiver spots as well since the team uses different formations. 'I play right side outside, right now, but I'm continuing to learn conceptually the whole deal, because that is how we work here. It's by formation and different people will be in different formations. And that's how we sugar coat what we do...That's just the game of football nowadays. It's about window dressing some of your staple concepts and that's what we'll do,' Agholor said.

    Huddle Up: Agholor was the fourth WR drafted, but he's in the discussion when it comes to projecting the top fantasy rookie wideout this season given the offense and opportunity he fell into in Philly.

  • Miles Austin - WR
    Posted 6/22/15 12:03am ET

    Philadelphia Eagles WR Miles Austin has impressed head coach Chip Kelly this offseason. Kelly praised Austin's route-running, separation and his understanding of leverage and coverage. Kelly added that Austin has good range, is intelligent and catches the ball well.

    Huddle Up: With second-year Jordan Matthews and rookie Nelson Agholor expected to lead the Philly WR corps, Austin provides a steady but unspectacular veteran presence, but the key will be health as Austin only has played a full season once in the last four years.

  • Darren Sproles - RB
    Posted 6/20/15 9:47am ET

    Philadelphia Eagles RB Darren Sproles has worked with the wide receivers as much as the running backs during the offseason as part of a plan by head coach Chip Kelly to have him more involved in the offense.

    Huddle Up: With DeMarco Murray and Ryan Matthews on the roster the Eagles will need to be creative to get Sproles on the field; using him at wide receiver certainly qualifies as "creative".

  • Zach Ertz - TE
    Posted 6/20/15 9:47am ET

    Philadelphia Eagles TE Zach Ertz has spent the offseason traveling around the country to improve as a blocker and a receiver, head coach Chip Kelly said Thursday, June 18, and RB Darren Sproles said Ertz is 'about to be a superstar.'

    Huddle Up: Plenty of reasons to like Ertz's fantasy prospects this year, and if he has Chip on board that bodes well for his opportunity.

  • Josh Huff - WR
    Posted 6/19/15 12:36am ET

    Philadelphia Eagles WR Josh Huff has shown flashes of improvements in his route running and his downfield catching ability, this spring, but consistency remains an issue. Huff has already been outplayed by rookie Nelson Agholor, who is his biggest threat for playing time in 2015. 'I'm a competitor, but I don't really pay attention to that,' Huff said. 'They brought him in because he does things really well, and I do things really well, Jordan [does] things really well, Coop [does] things really well. Whatever can help our team get over that hump, then I'm all for it. But I'm going to do everything I can to better my technique,' said Huff.

    Huddle Up: Huff, a 2014 third-round pick, mainly excelled as a kick returner last season while only catching eight passes for 98 yards on 18 targets. He figures to be battling free-agent Miles Austin for the No. 4 WR gig behind Jordan Matthews, Riley Cooper and Agholor and should remain well below the fantasy radar in all but the deepest of leagues.

  • Sam Bradford - QB
    Posted 6/17/15 10:54pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford has been in preliminary contract talks with the Eagles, but no real progress has been made. Bradford is due $12.985 million this year.

    Huddle Up: The Eagles should be in no hurry to lock up Bradford, who has been unable to stay healthy throughout his career. On the other hand, you can understand why Bradford might want to ink some sort of long term deal sooner rather than later.

  • Sam Bradford - QB
    Posted 6/16/15 10:36pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford (knee) will continue to see action in 7-on-7 drills but will not participate in 11-on-11 drills. Head coach Chip Kelly said he's hopeful Bradford will be ready for 11-on-11's in training camp.

    Huddle Up: The injury issues continue to linger for Bradford, who's missed a combined 25 games over the last two season, and it's a prime position leading the Eagles' potent offense. We'll have to check for substantial progress in training camp.

  • Zach Ertz - TE
    Posted 6/15/15 5:10pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles TE Zach Ertz has developed chemistry with QB Sam Bradford this offseason. The Bradford to Ertz connection has supposedly been commonplace at organized team activities. Ertz is excited for what Bradford can bring to the offense. 'I think we will get back to some of the deep plays,' Ertz said. 'I'll do anything I can to get open.' Ertz added that Bradford has a strong, accurate arm and can put the ball up high where Ertz is able to go up and catch it.

    Huddle Up: Developing a bond with your quarterback is always a good thing as receivers look to get a larger slice of the passing game pie. Now Ertz has to hope the quarterback he's building rapport with is able to stay on the field for 16 games.

  • DeMarco Murray - RB
    Posted 6/4/15 2:19pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles RB DeMarco Murray is expected to have the rushing workload divided between he and RB Ryan Mathews, offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur said this week. The OC would not reveal what the percentage of carries would be for either back.

    Huddle Up: Murray certainly isn't going to dominate the touches as he did in Dallas a year ago, and that shouldn't be a shocker when you consider that Mathews also signed for decent $$$ before Murray was brought aboard. Still, look for Murray to be the Eagles' clear lead back and a borderline RB1 this season.

  • Zach Ertz - TE
    Posted 6/3/15 3:13pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles TE Zach Ertz was overthrown 18.0% of the time when he has targeted by the quarterback in 2014, which was the second highest number among tight ends.

    Huddle Up: Philly now has Sam Bradford at the helm, so maybe those overthrows will stop and allow Ertz to live up to his considerable potential as one of the top fantasy tight ends.

  • Kiko Alonso - LB
    Posted 6/1/15 1:16am ET

    Philadelphia Eagles LB Kiko Alonso (knee) said his knee has been feeling really good during organized team activities. Alonso no longer wears the knee brace that protected the anterior cruciate ligament he tore last year. And while Alonzo admitted to being a little rusty, he said he was surprised by how much he has been able to do as he returns from a torn anterior cruciate ligament.

    Huddle Up: This is definitely what Alonso's IDP owners and Eagles fans are hoping to hear after the team gave up LeSean McCoy in the much-talked-about trade for the Bills' LB coming off the knee injury and missed 2014 season. Stay tuned ...

  • Mark Sanchez - QB
    Posted 5/31/15 4:24pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles QB Mark Sanchez is acting like he's the starter this offseason, despite the acquisition of QB Sam Bradford from the St. Louis Rams. 'That's the only way I know how to play,' Sanchez said. 'Everybody wants to be the starter, and I'm no different.' Sanchez added that he's feeling better this offseason than he's ever felt, referring to his surgically repaired shoulder, and said he can only get better.

    Huddle Up: Sanchez, who drew mixed reviews in starting eight games last season, might very get the chance for more if Bradford can't shake his health issues or proves slow in picking up the Philly offense. Let's see how the Philly QB situation plays out over the next few months heading into the preseason.

  • Darren Sproles - RB
    Posted 5/30/15 12:33pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles RB Darren Sproles practiced with the first-, second-, and third-team offenses during team and seven-on-seven drills Thursday, May 28. He also has the opportunity to be featured more in the passing game, according to head coach Chip Kelly.

    Huddle Up: There's no question Sproles is a talented receiver, but so is DeMarco Murray. And if the Eagles are splitting backfield touches three ways, it'll be a fantasy nightmare.

  • Sam Bradford - QB
    Posted 5/29/15 1:28pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford (knee) doesn't appear close to 100 percent health, but he could still make it back in time to start Week 1. Head coach Chip Kelly insists Bradford is on schedule. Earlier this month Bradford practiced one week only to sit out practice the next. He said it wasn't a setback and that they just wanted to push his knee to see how it responded. Not practicing suggests that it didn't respond well.

    Huddle Up: Philly would be wise not to rush the fragile Bradford back before he's ready, and that of course means that Mark Sanchez should be at or near the top when it comes to the leqague's backup QBs on fantasy draft boards.

  • Sam Bradford - QB
    Posted 5/28/15 9:40pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford (knee) was throwing on the side in individual drills Thursday, May 28, according to Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. Kelly said Bradford will begin 7-on-7 drills next week.

    Huddle Up: Good news for Bradford and the Eagles as the QB is attempting to come back from another injury, adjust to new teammates and get up to speed in a different offense all at the same time.

  • Nelson Agholor - WR
    Posted 5/26/15 5:13pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles WR Nelson Agholor possesses the speed, agility, route-running skills and big-play ability to make him an immediate contributor as a rookie, in the opinion of CBSSports.com's Rob Rang. Agholor played in a pro-style offense at the University of Southern California and can line up all over the field. Rang also cites Philadelphia's strong running game as being a positive for Agholor.

    Huddle Up: The table is ideally set in more ways than one for the first-round pick as Philly has parted ways with top wideout Jeremy Maclin, leaving the role to the rookie in Chip Kelly's potent offensive scheme. It all adds up to Agholor being one of the most sought-after rookies in fantasy drafts this summer.

  • Mark Sanchez - QB
    Posted 5/17/15 3:36pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles QB Mark Sanchez could be the team's best bet for a starting quarterback. Sanchez went 4-4 after taking over as the starter last season, and finished the campaign with a career best 64.1 completion percentage. Sanchez has played all but one game during his six-year career, showing health that's lacked by the Eagles' other options.

    Huddle Up: As the 4-4 record attests, the results certainly were mixed as Sanchez started the second half of the 2014 season in Philly, leading many to believe that it's newcomer Sam Bradford's job to lose. Still, the elephant in the room is Bradford's lengthy injury history so Sanchez might end up finishing the 2015 season as the Eagles' starter even if it doesn't start out that way.

  • DeMarco Murray - RB
    Posted 5/17/15 8:16pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles RB DeMarco Murray is going to be missed by his former team, the Dallas Cowboys, according to retired WR Michael Irvin. 'I want to upchuck sometimes when I hear the thoughts of others and (they say), 'Oh, you can put any running back behind that offensive line of the Dallas Cowboys,' Irvin said. 'I say, 'Really? Why did they hand the ball off to DeMarco Murray 392 times? Why didn't they stick anybody back there last year?' Because they already knew.'

    Huddle Up: Fantasy GMs, meanwhile, will miss the clear RB1 option they had last season in the Big D backfield as the dice will be rolled with and hopes will be pinned on Joseph Randle, Darren McFadden and even Ryan Williams and Lance Dunbar in the middle and later rounds.

  • Sam Bradford - QB
    Posted 5/15/15 2:16pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford is a perfect fit for Chip Kelly's offense because he can make all the throws with a 'top-notch' arm, is a 'better athlete than people think' and operates best out of a no-huddle attack, according to New York Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.

    Huddle Up: Most NFL fans still don't know what to make of Bradford given all the time he missed with injuries in St. Louis, but in a prime position at the controls of Kelly's high-octane attack, he's sure to elicit opinions on both ends of the fantasy spectrum this summer.

  • Riley Cooper - WR
    Posted 5/11/15 11:12am ET

    Philadelphia Eagles WR Riley Cooper may not have a starting job this season with the drafting of WR Nelson Agholor.

    Huddle Up: Cooper was nowhere near as productive last year as he was in 2013, and with Chip Kelly investing a first-round pick in Agholor it will be that much tougher for Cooper to see the field this season.

  • Mark Sanchez - QB
    Posted 5/7/15 1:43pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles QB Mark Sanchez believes he can still start this year. 'Really just talking with [head] coach [Chip] Kelly and knowing I'm coming with the opportunity to compete for the starting job, that was important to me,' Sanchez said.

    Huddle Up: As long as they don't get swallowed up by the coming Tebow side show, Sanchez and newcomer Sam Bradford should wage one of the more intriguing QB battles this summer as they vie for what figures to continue to be a productive fantasy role piloting Chip Kelly's attack.

  • Sam Bradford - QB
    Posted 5/3/15 4:08pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford was shopped to both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tennessee Titans, according to sources, but Eagles coach Chip Kelly has denied the rumors.

    Huddle Up: Shopped or not, it's water under the bridge now, and the onus remains on Bradford to show he can stay healthy and produce in a contract year while guiding what's been one of the league's top offenses since Kelly took the reins in 2013.

  • Nelson Agholor - WR
    Posted 5/1/15 1:02am ET

    Southern California WR Nelson Agholor was selected 20th overall by the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2015 NFL Draft on Thursday, April 30.

    Huddle Up: It's not the Thursday move most Philly fans were hoping for, but another Pac-12 product is joining the Eagles, who passed on Breshad Perriman, Phillip Dorsett and Jaelen Strong to take Agholor who had 104 catches for 1,313 yards and 12 TDs last season as a junior at USC. He'll have the immediate opportunity to step in for the departed Jeremy Maclin in the totally overhauled Philly offense.

  • Sam Bradford - QB
    Posted 4/28/15 4:23pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles QB Sam Bradford was acquired to be the team's quarterback, not as a trade pawn. Bradford will only sign an extension with the Eagles with a no-trade clause, as he really wants to play in the system of head coach Chip Kelly and offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur.

    Huddle Up: Given the offseason that Kelly and the Eagles have already had, nothing certainly can be ruled out at this point, especially with Marcus Mariota still two days away from finding his NFL home. Stay tuned ...

  • Chris Polk - RB
    Posted 4/26/15 10:23pm ET

    Free-agent RB Chris Polk (Eagles) is drawing interest from five NFL teams, according to sources. The teams were not disclosed, except to say one of the teams is from the NFC East.

    Huddle Up: Polk, an undrafted free agent in 2012, only logged 63 touches in his three seasons in Philly but showed a nose for the big play with a 4.7 yards-per-rush average and seven TDs and would make a for a solid bargain-basement backup RB option.

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