• Zach Ertz - TE
    Posted 8/27/14 3:32pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles TE Zach Ertz is expected to be more involved in the passing game this season and has shown the confidence to be a solid pass catcher, according to tight ends coach Ted Williams. 'He's one of the best route-runners I've ever seen. He takes a lot of pride in that. He has a lot of confidence. He's hard to defeat, because he doesn't take defeat very well. He feels, 'You can't cover me,'' Williams said. Williams said the team can throw when they are in a two-tight end set and that Ertz can line up at tight end, in the slot or as an outside receiver.

    Huddle Up: Ertz came on down the stretch last season as a rookie and currently is the 11th TE being selected, on average, in fantasy drafts. He's definitely a TE to target if you're one of the last GMs to address the position in a 10- or 12-team league.

  • LeSean McCoy - RB
    Posted 8/25/14 10:34am ET

    Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy (thumb, toe) said he will be fine for Week 1 after suffering a thumb injury in the team's preseason game Thursday, Aug. 21. McCoy also said that a toe injury that kept him out of a practice last week was 'feeling good.'

    Huddle Up: No reason for the Eagles to trot McCoy out this week, so he'll have ample time to rest his sore toe and thumb and be ready for the regular season opener.

  • LeSean McCoy - RB
    Posted 8/23/14 3:24pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy (thumb) practiced Saturday, Aug. 23, after spraining his thumb during the team's preseason game Thursday, Aug. 21.

    Huddle Up: McCoy left Thursday night's preseason game but he's obviously fine. There's no reason for fantasy owners to worry about McCoy's health going forward.

  • LeSean McCoy - RB
    Posted 8/22/14 9:21am ET

    Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy (thumb) said he expects to be ready for the regular season after spraining his right thumb during the team's preseason game Thursday, Aug. 21.

    Huddle Up: McCoy wasn't likely to play in the final preseason game anyway, so he'll have time to rest his thumb and toe and get ready for the games that count.

  • Nick Foles - QB
    Posted 8/22/14 2:03pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles completed 19 of 29 passes for 179 yards with one touchdown and one interception during the team's preseason game Thursday, Aug. 21. He led the offense to three scoring drives in the first half.

    Huddle Up: Foles currently owns the sixth-highest ADP (59) among QBs, and is firmly in charge of an innovative Philly offense that should again prove to be one of the league's best this season.

  • LeSean McCoy - RB
    Posted 8/21/14 8:54pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy was taken into the lockerroom during the first quarter of a preseason game Thursday, Aug. 21 to get X-rays on his right thumb. Results of the X-ray are not yet known.

    Huddle Up: McCoy, one of the handful of elite fantasy players, was seen heading off the field after scoring on a well-executed 22-yard screen pass against the Steelers. McCoy was dealing with a foot injury earlier in the week, but that didn't seem to be an issue as he had 4 rushes for 24 yards and 2 catches for 26 yards after scoring the TD. He was later shown on the sideline, but there has been no further word about the thumb.

  • LeSean McCoy - RB
    Posted 8/21/14 10:20pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy's X-rays on his right thumb came back negative, but he will not return to the team's preseason game Thursday, Aug. 21.

    Huddle Up: That noise you heard was the collective sigh of relief coming from McCoy owners, who are hoping the next time they see the RB in uniform is for the Sept. 7 season opener against the Jaguars.

  • Jeremy Maclin - WR
    Posted 8/21/14 10:20pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin walked off the field under his own power after falling and clutching his right knee during the team's preseason game Thursday, Aug. 21.

    Huddle Up: The incident definitely looked scary as the wideout fell on his own and immediately grabbed the knee, but he was back in catching passes shortly after. In short, disaster averted.

  • LeSean McCoy - RB
    Posted 8/20/14 10:33am ET

    Updating previous reports, Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy (toe) has a painful condition similar to turf toe that flared up last week. He had an MRI and an X-ray on the toe, and he even had conversations about shutting it down if the pain became unbearable.

    Huddle Up: Ruh-roh. McCoy is a top-three fantasy pick, and if there's already talk in the preseason about shutting him down... well, that's going to take a bite out of his fantasy value. We've seen turf toe bring down backs before, so it's most definitely a situation that warrants the rapt attention of the fantasy world.

  • Mark Sanchez - QB
    Posted 8/18/14 9:42am ET

    Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly has told reporters he would be open to trade offers for QB Mark Sanchez, presumably to let Sanchez have a chance at the No. 1 job with another team. Kelly also added that does not mean Sanchez will be dealt, as they need his depth-chart experience behind QB Nick Foles, but the team is always looking to improve.

    Huddle Up: The Eagles would love to turn their low-budget offseason signing of Sanchez into some bonus draft picks, and Sanchez has done his part by playing well during the preseason.

  • Chip Kelly - HC
    Posted 8/18/14 9:42am ET

    Despite missing a 47-yard field goal in his last exhibition game, Philadelphia Eagles PK Alex Henery is in no danger of losing his job, according to coach Chip Kelly.

    Huddle Up: In case you were worried about drafting a kicker in a fight for their job, sounds like Henery has the Philly gig locked down.

  • Riley Cooper - WR
    Posted 8/17/14 2:02pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles WR Riley Cooper (foot) is fully participating in practice Sunday, Aug. 17.

    Huddle Up: Cooper has been battling the foot issue for a couple weeks now and not been able to do much of anything in practices or games. He is hoping to play in the team's third preseason contest Thursday night in Philly.

  • Jordan Matthews - WR
    Posted 8/16/14 12:06am ET

    Philadelphia Eagles WR Jordan Matthews mixed in with the first-team in the preseason game Friday, Aug. 15, against the New England Patriots.

    Huddle Up: Matthews thrived against the Patriots, catching nine balls for 104 yards. Matthews has a chance to see a lot of playing time as a rookie, especially with Jeremy Maclin's injury history. He currently has an ADP of Round 12.

  • Zach Ertz - TE
    Posted 8/16/14 9:46am ET

    Philadelphia Eagles TE Zach Ertz had a pair of grabs for 26 yards and a touchdown in the preseason game against the New England Patriots Friday, Aug. 15.

    Huddle Up: Ertz worked exclusively with the first string offense in his second game of pre-season action. Through two exhibition games, Ertz has six grabs for 86 yards and a TD on seven targets. It's looking like the second year TE has a good shot at being a red-zone target. His current low ADP make him a great value pick in your drafts.

  • Jeremy Maclin - WR
    Posted 8/15/14 9:04pm ET

    As expected, Philadelphia Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin (knee) is inactive for the preseason game Friday, Aug. 15, against the New England Patriots.

    Huddle Up: Maclin has battled some injuries in camp and staying healthy is always a concern with him. Maclin has a chance to put up big fantasy numbers in Chip Kelly's offense but his Round 5 ADP makes him a bit of a risky selection given his health issues.

  • Jeremy Maclin - WR
    Posted 8/14/14 2:40pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin (hamstring) is out of practice Thursday, Aug. 14, and is unlikely to play in the second preseason game Friday, Aug. 15. Maclin's injury isn't considered serious.

    Huddle Up: This issue needn't affect Maclin's fantasy draft-board standing, but his absence does allow rookie Jordan Matthews to accumulate more live-game experience.

  • Zach Ertz - TE
    Posted 8/14/14 7:08pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles TE Zach Ertz is athletic, fast and a good route-runner, according to New England Patriots DE Chandler Jones. Ertz was said to be a handful after two joint practices with the Patriots this week.

    Huddle Up: The sleeper buzz has been out on Ertz for a while now, and the TE is creeping up the ADP ranks, now sitting just outside the top 10 at No. 11. If you're one of the last to draft a TE in a 10- or 12-team league, Ertz should definitely be among your leading considerations.

  • Jeremy Maclin - WR
    Posted 8/13/14 4:01pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin was not able to finish practice Wednesday, Aug. 13, because of a hamstring injury. Maclin said the injury is not serious and hopes to play in the second preseason game. He also had ice on his surgically repaired knee but did not say if that was a precautionary move.

    Huddle Up: There were reports earlier in the day that Maclin was having noticeable success going against the Pats' Darrelle Revis, but the wideout may have overtaxed himself in the process. However, if he's able to play and get through Friday's exhibition without incident, there's no need for any draft-board adjustments.

  • Zach Ertz - TE
    Posted 8/8/14 12:50am ET

    Philadelphia Eagles TE Zach Ertz said he's feeling more confident this year than he did in his rookie season. Ertz added he'll be looking to attack more this season instead of still trying to figure things out.

    Huddle Up: The second-year TE came on late last season, recording 25 of his 36 catches and all 3 of his TD grabs over the final 8 games. He's currently ranked as a borderline TE1, sitting 12th in The Huddle rankings.

  • Riley Cooper - WR
    Posted 8/8/14 8:31pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles WR Riley Cooper (foot) was inactive for the preseason opener Friday, Aug. 8, against the Chicago Bears.

    Huddle Up: Cooper is no longer wearing a walking boot but wasn't expected to play Friday night because he hasn't practiced in over a week. Cooper should return to practice next week and hopefully will play in the Eagles second preseason game.

  • Nick Foles - QB
    Posted 8/8/14 10:49pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles completed six of his nine pass attempts for 44 yards in the preseason opener against the Chicago Bears Friday, Aug. 8, but he was also picked off twice.

    Huddle Up: It wasn't a great night for Foles but he was without starting WR Riley Cooper. Foles and the Eagles' offense is still projected to be among the best in the NFL, so there's no need to panic over one preseason game. Foles is currently being selected in the early portion of Round 7 on average in fantasy drafts.

  • Jeremy Maclin - WR
    Posted 8/5/14 1:01am ET

    Philadelphia Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin (undisclosed) limped off the field Monday, Aug. 4, and participated in just one more play the rest of practice. Maclin said he expects to be back at practice Tuesday, Aug. 5.

    Huddle Up: Not the most of encouraging of news with Maclin coming off last season's knee issues, so keep a close eye on the developments here the rest of the week.

  • Riley Cooper - WR
    Posted 8/5/14 11:51pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles WR Riley Cooper continues to wear a boot on his right foot, and he hasn't practiced in over a week.

    Huddle Up: A troubling ongoing issue for Cooper, who is aiming to follow up on his breakout 2013 season (47-833-8).

  • Riley Cooper - WR
    Posted 8/2/14 12:06am ET

    Philadelphia Eagles WR Riley Cooper's (foot) foot injury is not considered serious, and he should be able to return to practice in a few days, according to head coach Chip Kelly.

    Huddle Up: Cooper is coming off a career-best year and has a nice chemistry with starting QB Nick Foles. He should improve on his 47/835/8 stat line from a season ago, especially with DeSean Jackson gone. Cooper is getting selected in the Round 9 range on average of fantasy drafts.

  • Darren Sproles - RB
    Posted 7/23/14 2:25pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles RB Darren Sproles' ability to win one-on-one matchups in space is what head coach Chip Kelly plans to exploit this season. Kelly said opposing defenses played a lot of man-to-man coverage against his offense last year, and his goal was to find a way to exploit the coverage this year.

    Huddle Up: Kelly's MO is spreading the field, finding mismatches and exploiting them and in Sproles he has another speedy tool to do just that. With most of the Eagles now in Year Two of running Kelly's high-speed offense, the expectation is that things will move even more quickly and efficiently--great news for the fantasy prospects of all involved.

  • LeSean McCoy - RB
    Posted 7/17/14 7:43pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy is unlikely to be in line for a smaller workload this year after leading the league in carries (314) and touches (366) last year. There were no signs that McCoy's production suffered because of his heavy workload in 2013, and he often mentions that his running style helps him take fewer big hits.

    Huddle Up: If any of McCoy's numbers are going to take a dip, it's likely his reception totals. Here's all you need to know: McCoy's 232 receptions rank third among all NFL RBs from 2010-13. The clear No. 1 on that list is Darren Sproles with 291. Sproles is now in Philly after being acquired in a trade for a 5th-round pick.

  • Jordan Matthews - WR
    Posted 7/15/14 3:06am ET

    Philadelphia Eagles rookie WR Jordan Matthews was recently praised by wide receivers coach Bob Bicknell, who said Matthews has looked very good, is physical and has a good feel for what he wants to do.

    Huddle Up: Matthews is pushing his way into Philly's receiver rotation, and in Year Two of Chip Kelly's offense there should be more than enough passing production to fill a third receiver's fantasy coffers.

  • Chris Polk - RB
    Posted 7/15/14 12:20pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles RB Chris Polk should serve as RB LeSean McCoy's primary backup this year with RB Darren Sproles maintaining a secondary role in the offense, according to ESPN.com's Joe Kaiser.

    Huddle Up: With the addition of Sproles, Polk has sort of been lost in the shuffle, and that's somewhat understandable given the 2012 college free agent only has 15 career NFL touches. But Polk is a player who belongs on the fantasy radar given LeSean's lofty status and the overall potency of Chip Kelly's offense.

  • Trent Cole - LB
    Posted 7/15/14 7:30pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles LB Trent Cole said earlier this week he feels good and believes he has at least three years left in the tank. With his experience, Cole said he knows how to rush the passer the right way and knows more about the game in general.

    Huddle Up: Cole's 55 sacks from 2007-11 trailed only the totals put up by DeMarcus Ware (80) and Jared Allen (77.5) during that span, but the soon-to-be 32-year-old has only 11 combined over the past 2 campaigns. He may be his prime, but definitely don't write him off just yet.

  • Darren Sproles - RB
    Posted 6/25/14 3:14pm ET

    Philadelphia Eagles RB Darren Sproles received praise about his work ethic from Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. 'We heard from the coaches that coached him what an intelligent football player he is and [we] learned that from the first day he was in this building and how sharp he is and how dedicated he is,' Kelly said. 'I talked to Norv Turner and he remarked to me when I saw him at one of the pro days, he said, 'You'll have to slow him down because he only knows one speed.' And that's the same thing you see. Darren practices and trains at one speed. It's awesome. He fits in with the culture that we want in terms of preparation, but it's everything we wanted when we got him here.'

    Huddle Up: A speed guy like Sproles is a perfect fit for Kelly's system; given the right opportunities, Sproles could return to his Saints level of productivity (pre-last year), which makes him a viable RB2 in PPR formats.

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