• Le'Veon Bell - RB
    Posted 2/20/19 10:30am ET

    Updating an ongoing saga, Pittsburgh Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell will not be the recipient of the transition tag, according to general manager Kevin Colbert, Wednesday, Feb. 20. Bell will hit the open market in March.

    Huddle Up: This isn't a big surprise. Gamers will have to wait to see where he ends up to get a true valuation, but Bell will remain in the RB1 ranks, albeit with risk, for 2019.

  • Le'Veon Bell - RB
    Posted 2/20/19 1:34pm ET

    Free-agent RB Le'Veon Bell (Steelers) reportedly weighed around 260 pounds during his year off from football. The Jets are fairly concerned about the shape Bell is in after he played at 225 pounds in 2017. New York is considered to be one of the front-runners to sign Bell this offseason. Despite the weight issue, the Jets will add him for the right price. The Jets currently boast the second largest salary cap heading into the offseason behind the Indianapolis Colts.

    Huddle Up: Running back will be even more of a need if Isaiah Crowell is not retained. Bell would make a nice fit in green and white but is an RB1 candidate wherever he lands, assuming the weight won't be a big issue.

  • Antonio Brown - WR
    Posted 2/20/19 4:06pm ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown will only be traded if the team receives a significant offer in return, according to general manager Kevin Colbert. Colbert said the team will keep Brown's agent up to date during trade negotiations but will not allow Brown to talk with other teams.

    Huddle Up: Several teams likely will have interest in Brown, but the Steelers could hold onto him if they do not like the offers they receive. Brown should continue to be one of the better receivers in the NFL in 2019 and likely will be selected in one of the first few rounds of fantasy drafts.

  • Le'Veon Bell - RB
    Posted 2/20/19 5:23pm ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers impending free-agent RB Le'Veon Bell is believed to be looking for a contract this offseason that will pay him $50 million in the first two years of the deal.

    Huddle Up: Bell likely will receive interest from multiple teams and will be expecting to sign a lucrative contract with a new team. He has not played since 2017 because of his contract situation but should still be one of the top running backs in the NFL. He likely will be a first-round pick in all fantasy leagues next season.

  • Antonio Brown - WR
    Posted 2/19/19 8:20am ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown and his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, met with Steelers owner Art Rooney, general manager Kevin Colbert and executive Omar Kahn Tuesday, Feb. 19, and all left with the understanding that a trade will be the best route, according to sources.

    Huddle Up: Brown will be a stud WR1 anywhere he goes, but he may slide a little in a different offense while learning new personnel.

  • Antonio Brown - WR
    Posted 2/19/19 10:03am ET

    The New York Jets should pursue a trade for disgruntled Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown if they're serious about winning, a veteran team reporter wrote Tuesday, Feb. 19.

    Huddle Up: QB Sam Darnold had Robby Anderson and Quincy Enunwa to work with in his rookie campaign, but Brown would be an obvious upgrade for just about any offense in the league and especially so for a young, up-and-coming QB. And with new head coach Adam Gase taking over, it would be the perfect time to add a new weapon.

  • Antonio Brown - WR
    Posted 2/15/19 9:09am ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown has demanded a trade and seems to have a list of desired landing spots, but the Steelers will determine where Brown goes. According to a local beat reporter, the Steelers do not want him going to another team in the AFC North and would prefer to ship him out of the conference entirely. To ensure that, the Steelers would even accept a seventh-round conditional draft pick for Brown rather than release him and have him pick his next destination.

    Huddle Up: Paired with the recent Le'Veon Bell/transition tag reports, the Steelers appear determined to play hardball and exert as much control as possible over the situations. That could mean less-than-desirable fantasy landing spots for Bell and Brown, in particular. Stay tuned ...

  • Antonio Brown - WR
    Posted 2/15/19 9:39am ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown has no plans to meet with team owner Art Rooney II, who is currently in Florida and hoping to meet with the disgruntled wide receiver. Talks on Brown's future are expected to ramp up at the upcoming NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

    Huddle Up: A resolution keeping Brown in Pittsburgh seems unlikelier by the day, so if the right team makes the right offer to the Steelers, expect Pittsburgh to move on and cut bait with a good deal of the drama that has set back the organization of late.

  • Antonio Brown - WR
    Posted 2/15/19 11:06am ET

    Updating a previous report, Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown now plans to meet with owner Art Rooney II in the near future, according to sources.

    Huddle Up: Brown has asked for a trade, so it is not known what will happen during the meeting. He should still be considered a No. 1 fantasy receiver no matter where he plays but may not be the first receiver off draft boards.

  • Antonio Brown - WR
    Posted 2/15/19 2:22pm ET

    Updating a previous report, Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown is scheduled to meet with owner Art Rooney II next week, according to a source.

    Huddle Up: Brown probably will not return to the Steelers next season, but it is not known when the team will trade him. He can be a No. 1 fantasy receiver in 2019 no matter where he plays.

  • James Washington - WR
    Posted 2/15/19 7:25pm ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR James Washington will be 'sitting pretty' to become the No. 2 receiver if WR Antonio Brown doesn't return to the team in 2019.

    Huddle Up: Washington had a quiet rookie year, but he occasionally flashed the ability to make plays down the field. If Brown is out of the picture, Wahington's numbers could jump up significantly. Keep him in mind as a late-round sleeper.

  • Antonio Brown - WR
    Posted 2/14/19 3:43pm ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown and Steelers impending free-agent RB Le'Veon Bell are not expected to be intensely pursued by the Indianapolis Colts this offseason. The Colts will have the most salary cap space in the league this offseason and will do their due diligence, but Brown's off-field drama and Bell's asking price may be too much for the Colts.

    Huddle Up: The Colts did just fine last year without the services of Brown or Bell. Brown seems like more of an immediate need, but general manager Chris Ballard wants a cohesive and cooperative locker room. While the fantasy marriage of Brown and/or Bell with the Colts might be ideal, don't get your hopes up.

  • Antonio Brown - WR
    Posted 2/13/19 1:29pm ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown is expected to cost a first-round pick, but two high-ranking NFL executives stated they would only give up a day-two draft pick or even a fourth-round pick.

    Huddle Up: As has been stated previously, Brown will likely lose fantasy value if he is traded. However, someone like the Colts would be the most ideal fit from a fantasy perspective. To boot, the Colts possess two second-round picks and two fourth-round picks.

  • Antonio Brown - WR
    Posted 2/12/19 10:05am ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown officially requested that the team trade him Tuesday, Feb. 12, per a source. He also posted a tweet thanking SteelerNation and saying it's 'time to move on and forward.'

    Huddle Up: Most signs continue to point out of Pittsburgh for Brown, even though the Steelers will receive a dead-cap hit of least $21 million if they deal the All-Pro wideout. Wherever he lands, Brown will remain a WR1 in fantasy, but his run as the consensus No. 1 wideout appears over.

  • JuJu Smith-Schuster - WR
    Posted 2/12/19 2:59pm ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster has fared exceptionally well in three games without WR Antonio Brown. In those three contests he has averaged nine targets, 6.6 catches, 85 yards and one touchdown.

    Huddle Up: Smith-Schuster will be one of the most coveted wide receivers in the fantasy realm if/when Brown is traded. One could easily argue that JSS would deserve to be drafted ahead of Brown depending on where Brown would land.

  • Antonio Brown - WR
    Posted 2/12/19 4:57pm ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown was convicted of a summary count of reckless driving after failing to appear for a court hearing Tuesday, Feb. 12. He was pulled over for traveling over 100 miles per hour in a 45-mile-per-hour zone in November and was fined $426.77. The reckless driving count comes with a $200 fine.

    Huddle Up: It's another chapter in Brown's offseason saga. He may very well be headed to a different team and is not helping his case with this off-field incident. Even so, there will be teams licking their chops for the veteran's services. He will likely remain a WR1 depending on his uniform.

  • Antonio Brown - WR
    Posted 2/12/19 9:54pm ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown will not get traded to any of the team's rivals in the AFC North (Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns) or the New England Patriots, according to CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora.

    Huddle Up: It's unclear whether or not La Canfora is guessing or relying on a source he trusts. Either way, it makes sense since the Steelers have no interest in dealing an elite player within the division or to the one team that has emerged as Pittsburgh's biggest non-AFC North rival. Given his reported off-field issues so far this offseason, it may be in the Steelers' best interest to bite the bullet and see if they can continue the marriage Brown seems so intent to end.

  • Le'Veon Bell - RB
    Posted 2/9/19 6:32pm ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell could be pursued by the Houston Texans this offseason in order to 'elevate' the offense to next level, according to Mike Wells of ESPN.com.

    Huddle Up: Replacing Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown with Deshaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins would put Bell in prime position for at least a couple of more seasons of big production. He should be a RB1 wherever he lands, but he'd likely remain an elite option with the Texans.

  • Le'Veon Bell - RB
    Posted 2/8/19 10:38pm ET

    The Green Bay Packers could make a 'strong push' to sign Pittsburgh Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell in free agency, in the opinion of ESPN's Rob Demovsky, who believes Bell could be a true feature back in new head coach Matt LaFleur's offense.

    Huddle Up: Demovsky isn't the first person to suggest Green Bay is a good fit for Bell or that the team could (or should) target him in free agency, so this isn't a report to dismiss out of hand. For as talented as Aaron Jones is, he has struggled to stay on the field, and even at 27 Bell should have at least a couple elite years left in him. Putting Bell in the backfield next to Aaron Rodgers would land Bell right back near the top of fantasy drafts.

  • Antonio Brown - WR
    Posted 2/7/19 9:26pm ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown is due a roster bonus of $2.5 million on Sunday, March 17, which MMQB's Albert Breer believes creates a logical deadline to either trade or retain him for the 2019 season.

    Huddle Up: Between Brown and Le'Veon Bell, Pittsburgh might be the epicenter of offseason fantasy interest to see where a couple of disgruntled stars end up. Right now all the momentum seems to be heading toward Brown in another uniform next season, but things change fast. Wherever he is, Brown should remain a WR1 in 2019.

  • Le'Veon Bell - RB
    Posted 2/3/19 10:06am ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell could receive the transition tag from the Steelers, which would give the team the right to match any offer sheet the pending free agent receives from another team, a source said Sunday, Feb. 3. Pittsburgh's decision depends on how much another team would value Bell and whether the Steelers would be willing to match the offer sheet.

    Huddle Up: While it is within the Steelers' rights, this seems unlikely given the acrimonious season that just passed between Bell, the franchise and his teammates, and the league and NFLPA already are squabbling over the value of the transition tag with only a possibility of it being applied. In the end, expect Bell to move on, unimpeded, to a new team this offseason.

  • Antonio Brown - WR
    Posted 2/3/19 10:39am ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown continues to demand a trade, and has refused to return calls from team owner Art Rooney II, according to sources Sunday, Feb. 3.

    Huddle Up: So far, the season-ending acrimony between Brown and the Steelers hasn't died down as perhaps the team had hoped it would, and if the Steelers do trade Brown it will most likely be to an NFC team. Whatever transpires, Brown no longer should be the top fantasy wide receiver off the board, but he remains a WR1 no matter where he lands.

  • Antonio Brown - WR
    Posted 2/1/19 9:55am ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown said his priorities are on winning during a video interview Friday, Feb. 1, at the Super Bowl in Atlanta. 'I just want to win,' Brown told USA Today. 'I just want to win, play with a team that's gonna win. That's all I want. Doesn't matter where.'

    Huddle Up: It was Brown's first public appearance since the Steelers' season ended in a state of unrest with the unhappy Brown inactive, and it continues to sound like the two sides will part ways after nine stellar seasons.

  • JuJu Smith-Schuster - WR
    Posted 2/1/19 8:27pm ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster's 617 yards after catch were the sixth most in the NFL in 2018, and he was the only wide receiver ranked in the top 10 in the category.

    Huddle Up: Dangerous as a deep threat and as an underneath option, Smith-Schuster also finished tied for sixth in the league with 111 receptions and ranked fifth in receiving yards. He's already shown he can be a WR1, and his ceiling would only grow if Antonio Brown ends up elsewhere this offseason.

  • Le'Veon Bell - RB
    Posted 1/31/19 8:24am ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers impending free-agent RB Le'Veon Bell is of interest to the New York Jets, but they won't break the bank to get him, in the opinion of beat writer Manish Mehta.

    Huddle Up: Bell will be an RB1 in fantasy regardless of where he goes, but he will be a risk for a myriad of reasons. His body has to get used to being hit again, and with that, comes a heightened injury risk than his position already provides.

  • Antonio Brown - WR
    Posted 1/31/19 9:28am ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown can still settle his differences with the team, former Steelers coach and current CBS analyst Bill Cowher said Wednesday, Jan. 30. 'I'm hopeful that at some point, in my opinion, that coach Mike Tomlin, Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger will get in a room, shut the door and air their differences, and talk about where they are and see if there's any way they can get aligned moving forward,' Cowher told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. '... This is not a one- or two-year relationship. This is a period of time with all three of these guys. They've done some really special things. You just hate to see something get misinterpreted. If it's something irreconcilable, then you move on.'

    Huddle Up: Despite all the controversy that resulted in Brown's absence in the regular-season finale, he still logged his sixth straight season with at least 100 catches, and remains a bona fide WR1 fantasy option -- particularly in PPR leagues -- wherever he's playing next season.

  • Antonio Brown - WR
    Posted 1/28/19 7:09am ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown has not been granted permission to seek a trade, according to sources.

    Huddle Up: AB is a WR1 no matter what uniform he wears next season, but it would not be a surprise if he remained a Steeler.

  • JuJu Smith-Schuster - WR
    Posted 1/28/19 3:31pm ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster (knee) is fine after suffering a knee injury during the Pro Bowl.

    Huddle Up: The Steelers can breathe a sigh of relief. Smith-Schuster is primed to be Pittsburgh's No. 1 receiving option if/when Antonio Brown is traded. The third-year receiver is a WR1 candidate either way, but his value is obviously higher if Brown is gone.

  • Antonio Brown - WR
    Posted 1/27/19 10:41am ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown remains the subject of exploratory trade talks by the team, but Brown hasn't closed the door entirely on returning and has 'maintained a steady dialogue' with some he's close to in the Steelers organization to further that cause.

    Huddle Up: Brown has been one of fantasy's most consistent performers of the last five seasons, catching at least 100 passes and finishing as a top-three fantasy wideout in each of those campaigns. However, there are now legitimate fantasy questions and qualifiers surrounding Brown wherever he plays in 2019.

  • JuJu Smith-Schuster - WR
    Posted 1/27/19 1:16pm ET

    Pittsburgh Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster (knee) suffered a knee contusion during the 2019 Pro Bowl and is considered questionable to return.

    Huddle Up: Smith-Schuster probably will be fine for offseason workouts and could be the Steelers main option in passing game next year if Antonio Brown is traded. He posted 1,426 yards and seven touchdowns this season and can be a No. 2 fantasy receiver in 2019.

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