• Vincent Jackson - WR
    Posted 7/12/16 1:22pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Vincent Jackson will be used in the slot on a regular basis if WR Donteea Dye, WR Kenny Bell or WR Russell Shepard can play well enough to earn regular time on the outside. If this happens, WR Adam Humphries' snaps will be reduced.

    Huddle Up: With a career yards-per-catch average of 17.0, V-Jax always has been more of an outside deep threat, but he's almost certainly lost a step or two at age 33, but he still definitely has the size (6-5, 240 pounds) to be a formidable target over the middle for Jameis Winston.

  • Mike Evans - WR
    Posted 7/10/16 5:57pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Mike Evans said he lost focus during games last season. 'You know, I wasn't focused in some games and I have to do that better. I have to practice more. I have to get better in practice with it. It just comes with repetition. Last season is behind me.'

    Huddle Up: Evans finished his sophomore season with more catches (74) and yards (1,206) than his rookie campaign (68-1,051), but his TDs (3 compared to 12) and catch percentage (50.0 to 55.7) fell off, knocking him down to WR3 territory. Look for a rebound, though, this fall.

  • Charles Sims - RB
    Posted 6/23/16 1:05pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Charles Sims is expected to see more carries in 2016, in the opinion of PewterReport.com's Mark Cook.

    Huddle Up: Sims did total 107 carries, but was a distant second on the team to Doug Martin's 288. He might get a few more opportunities in 2016, but the newly-re-signed Martin remains the man in T.B. as long as he's healthy.

  • Cameron Brate - TE
    Posted 6/17/16 7:56pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers TE Cameron Brate emerged as a favorite target of QB Jameis Winston last year, and head coach Dirk Koetter has been impressed with the tight end in the red zone this offseason. Brate caught 23 passes for 288 yards and three TDs in 14 games last year and scored three touchdowns when TE Austin Seferian- Jenkins was injured. Brate will battle with Seferian-Jenkins for a starting position in training camp.

    Huddle Up: ASJ, meanwhile, put up 21-338-4 numbers in seven games, and he figures to have the edge for the starting job -- if he can stay healthy.

  • Kenny Bell - WR
    Posted 5/24/16 4:17pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Kenny Bell gives the Buccaneers a big-play threat who can stretch the field, according to QB Jameis Winston. Winston expects big things from Bell in 2016.

    Huddle Up: Keep an eye on the 2015 fifth-round pick who was one of the less-heralded WRs who missed their rookie seasons due to injury.

  • Jameis Winston - QB
    Posted 5/22/16 3:56pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Todd Monken said he was not a big fan of QB Jameis Winston when he entered the NFL, but his opinion has changed after working with him this offseason. Monken said the passing game needs to improve under Winston because it was inconsistent in 2015. 'I think from the outside you would've looked at it with all the things that were publicized in the past about him and who he is. I was dead wrong. He wants to win as much as we do. He's a competitive joker, man, he's smart, he's intelligent ... you can win a lot of games with guys like that,' Monken said.

    Huddle Up: Winston finished 13th among fantasy QBs as a rookie, but more familiarity -- a bounce-back season from No. 1 WR Mike Evans -- could have Winston verging into QB1 territory this fall.

  • Patrick Murray - PK
    Posted 5/19/16 3:52pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers PK Patrick Murray was released Thursday, May 19.

    Huddle Up: A Sunshine State shocker as the kicker (Roberto Aguayo) the Bucs traded up in the second round to draft apparently already has won the PK job.

  • Kenny Bell - WR
    Posted 5/12/16 3:38pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Kenny Bell is a player the team hopes can serve as their speed receiver. Bell ran a 4.37-second 40-yard dash but missed all last season with a hamstring injury.

    Huddle Up: The fifth-round pick is part of the Missing in Action 2015 rookie wideout club, and if recovered, he'll certainly add an element of speed to complement starters Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson.

  • Andre Davis - WR
    Posted 5/9/16 11:20am ET

    Free-agent WR Andre Davis (Buccaneers) re-signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Monday, May 9.

    Huddle Up: Davis will battle for looks at the back end of the Buccaneers' receiver rotation.

  • Connor Barth - PK
    Posted 5/3/16 12:38pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers PK Connor Barth was released Monday, May 2.

    Huddle Up: The was a done deal as soon as the Bucs moved up in the second round to draft Florida State's Roberto Aguayo, the only place-kicker selected over the three days.

  • Mike Evans - WR
    Posted 4/28/16 4:26pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Mike Evans (undisclosed) is out of practice at the minicamp Thursday, April 28. Evans tweaked something at the end of the first day of the camp.

    Huddle Up: Not the best of offseason news for those banking on an Evans rebound in 2016 after a season filled with drops, including a decline from 12 to three TD receptions.

  • Jameis Winston - QB
    Posted 4/26/16 10:38pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston has put in work to enter the 2016 season in much better shape, and his teammates were impressed with the results during voluntary minicamp Tuesday, April 26. Winston's trainer, Tim Grover, said Winston lost 18 pounds since last year. 'I was joking with him the other day. He took his shirt off, and I said 'Man, what happened to the belly?' He's got a six-pack like me. He's put in a tremendous amount of work, and I think it's going to be a great year for him and this whole team,' WR Mike Evans said.

    Huddle Up: It sounds as if things are continuing to look up for the second-year QB, who is a serious threat to the QB1 ranks after accumulating the 13th-most points among fantasy QBs a year ago.

  • Mike Evans - WR
    Posted 4/12/16 10:31am ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Mike Evans said it's fair to say he had a sophomore slump last season, adding that he need s to get back to his fundamentals.

    Huddle Up: The Bucs' combo of Jameis Winston to Evans has dynamic potential, and the fact that Evans is planning to work harder to improve his game bodes well for their prospects this season.

  • Mike Glennon - QB
    Posted 4/10/16 3:31pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Mike Glennon has a 50-50 chance of being traded before the NFL Draft, according to Mark Cook of Pewter Report. Cook noted the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets as the two most likely landing spots for Glennon if he were to be traded. Cook also speculated that general manager Jason Licht could pull the trigger on a trade if a second-round pick or a low-end second round pick and a fourth-round pick is offered.

    Huddle Up: If a second-round pick is truly the Bucs' asking price for Glennon, it's hard to imagine the deal getting done given his overall promising -- but still very much mixed -- results in his 19 games of action in three seasons. Compare that with the reported agreed-to Colin Kaepernick trade terms, which would have the Broncos dealing a low-end third-round pick to the Niners for the former Super Bowl-starting QB.

  • Mike Glennon - QB
    Posted 3/29/16 8:20pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Mike Glennon has drawn interest from the New York Jets, who have inquired about Tampa Bay's backup quarterback. He also could receive an extension from the Buccaneers if a trade does not work out. Tampa Bay has already discussed a two-year extension for Glennon that would likely be worth at least $6 million per year.

    Huddle Up: Glennon, a third-round pick in 2013, created a somewhat-favorable impression by throwing 29 TD passes in 19 games over his first two seasons before serving as Jameis Winston's backup a year ago and is of interest from QB-needy teams, including the Jets and Broncos. The Bucs, though, aren't likely to deal him unless the offer is too good to pass up.

  • Vincent Jackson - WR
    Posted 3/27/16 2:37pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR Vincent Jackson isn't 'anywhere close' to being finished as a productive receiver, according to head coach Dirk Koetter.

    Huddle Up: Jackson just turned 33 and is coming off a season shortened by a shoulder injury that turned out to be one of the least productive (33-543-3) of his career. Expect his numbers to rebound, but Mike Evans remains the Bucs' No. 1 WR.

  • Jameis Winston - QB
    Posted 3/27/16 9:26pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston growth will be measured in wins, according to head coach Dirk Koetter, and Koetter said he plans to eliminate the 'unknowns' for Winston and help him avoid unnecessary hits in order to help him succeed.

    Huddle Up: Winston at least is starting from a solid rookie-season base as he finished 12th among fantasy QBs last season after throwing for 4,042 yards and 22 TDs and rushing for 210 yards and six more scores. He's definitely in the low-end QB1 mix if you wait on drafting your quarterback.

  • Mike Glennon - QB
    Posted 3/22/16 10:23am ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Mike Glennon has drawn interest from several teams, according to general manager Jason Licht. Licht said trade discussions could continue until the NFL Draft. Licht also refuted a claim that the Buccaneers were demanding a No. 1 draft pick in exchange for Glennon. The New York Jets are just one team that has inquired about Glennon.

    Huddle Up: There are plenty of QB-needy teams, and this draft class is short on immediate help at the position. So it makes sense that backups with upside and starting experience--like Glennon and Cincinnati's AJ McCarron--get a look-see from those QB-needy teams.

  • Doug Martin - RB
    Posted 3/9/16 8:56am ET

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and free-agent RB Doug Martin are believed to be nearing a deal for around $6.85 million per season. Length of the deal is undisclosed.

    Huddle Up: This seemed to be the most logical conclusion to this negotiation, with the Bucs looking to lock in Martin before other backs cash in on the free agent market and raise Martin's price.

  • Doug Martin - RB
    Posted 3/8/16 4:39pm ET

    The San Francisco 49ers are a team to watch in the sweepstakes for Tampa Bay Buccaneers impending free-agent RB Doug Martin.

    Huddle Up: The free-spending Jaguars also are reportedly in the running to land Martin, who finished second in the league last season with 1,485 rushing yards and third with 1,673 yards from scrimmage.

  • Doug Martin - RB
    Posted 3/1/16 10:06am ET

    Updating previous reports, Tampa Bay Buccaneers impending free-agent RB Doug Martin will not receive the franchise tag. Negotiations for a long-term deal are ongoing.

    Huddle Up: The Bucs aren't willing to pay the franchise-tag premium, though they still seem agreeable to a longer-term deal that will handsomely compensate Martin. At present Tampa still seems the most likely landing spot for Martin.

  • Doug Martin - RB
    Posted 2/23/16 9:23am ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers impending free-agent RB Doug Martin likely will look for more than $6 or $7 million per season from the Buccaneers if they want to re-sign him.

    Huddle Up: The market for running backs is in decline, so Martin may find it difficult to land the big contract he's looking for. Right now, the Bucs make the most sense for a landing spot but the offseason has barely begun.

  • Jameis Winston - QB
    Posted 2/23/16 3:27pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston said that he needs to get into better shape before next season after playing in the Pro Bowl. 'The most important thing I learned is I have to get my body in shape, because those men look good,' Winston said. 'Not just the other quarterbacks-everyone. Their bodies look good. But also, (Seattle Seahawks QB) Russell Wilson's preparation at the Pro Bowl. You know, it's a relaxing event, and he is still doing everything the right way. He is the first one to the huddle, leading guys in stretches, running everywhere you go.'

    Huddle Up: Winston had a solid first season with 28 combined passing/rushing TDs and throwing for 4,042 yards, and it sounds like he's of the right mindset, realizing the need to improve never wanes in the NFL.

  • Doug Martin - RB
    Posted 2/21/16 2:04pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers impending free-agent RB Doug Martin's agent will meet with general manager Jason Licht will meet at the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine to discuss a potential deal.

    Huddle Up: Reportedly the two sides haven't been close to reaching an agreement so far. The Bucs would like to retain Martin, the NFL's second-leading rusher in 2015, but aren't going to break the bank to do it -- even at the approximate $11.5 million franchise tag. Martin, meanwhile, and it sounds like he has his sights set on testing the open market if the Bucs fail to bowl him over with an offer.

  • Doug Martin - RB
    Posted 2/18/16 9:18am ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers impending free-agent RB Doug Martin is unlikely to receive the franchise tag before free agency opens. The expected price to tag Martin for one year is in the $12 million range.

    Huddle Up: Martin is reportedly looking for $7 million a year; seems the Bucs could meet that number and get an extended commitment from Martin as opposed to throwing all that money at one season before having to go through the whole thing again next offseason.

  • Doug Martin - RB
    Posted 2/16/16 10:51am ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers impending free-agent RB Doug Martin is seeking more than $7 million per year to re-sign with Tampa.

    Huddle Up: Now we'll see how serious Dirk Koetter was when he talked about bring back Martin at his opening press conference.

  • Doug Martin - RB
    Posted 2/12/16 1:07am ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Doug Martin isn't close to agreeing on a contract extension, and Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times believes Martin will test the free-agent market.

    Huddle Up: This, of course, isn't good news for the Bucs as 2015's second-leading rusher should be one of the few running back's to attract extra attention on the open market.

  • Doug Martin - RB
    Posted 2/11/16 9:19am ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers impending free-agent running back Doug Martin may draw interest from the Tennessee Titans this offseason, in the opinion of Terry McCormick of TitansOnline.com. New Titans general manager Jon Robinson is coming off a fresh stint as director of player personnel with the Buccaneers, so he and Martin are acquainted.

    Huddle Up: There is certainly some familiarity with Martin, and the Titans definitely need help at running back, so if the Bucs don't lock him down it would make sense for Tennessee to make a run at him. It's a story line to follow in the offseason.

  • Doug Martin - RB
    Posted 2/5/16 9:44am ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers RB Doug Martin said he wants to sign a new deal to stay with the team but would also play if he is given the franchise tag.

    Huddle Up: New coach Dick Koetter has indicated he plans to have Martin at his disposal this season, so one way or another you have to figure the Buccaneers will find a way to keep him around for at least 2016 if not long-term.

  • Mike Evans - WR
    Posted 1/29/16 2:06pm ET

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers new offensive coordinator/wide receivers coach Todd Monken stated in his introductory news conference that his top priority will be to coach the team's receivers. His top priority will be finding a way to cut down on WR Mike Evans' league-leading 11 drops.

    Huddle Up: While Evans' reception total (74) and receiving yards (1,206) saw increases from his rookie season of 2014, his TD catches were way down, falling from 12 to three leading to a fantasy drop-off. Look for his drop percentage and his TD total to find happy mediums next season.

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