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Zach Mettenberger - QB Posted 7/21/14 11:04pm et
Tennessee Titans QB Zach Mettenberger was rumored to have broken his hand in an accident over the weekend, but that rumor is false.
Huddle Up: Mettenberger comes into the league with some off-the-field issues on his resume, as well as an injury history. While his hand is apparently fine, this incident isn't what the Titans were hoping for when they drafted Mettenberger as their potential successor to free agent-to-be Jake Locker.

Zach Mettenberger - QB Posted 7/21/14 11:11pm et
Tennessee Titans QB Zach Mettenberger was allegedly sucker punched in a Nashville bar this weekend but did not need medical attention. The owner of the bar said Mettenberger did not throw any punches.
Huddle Up: There were allegedly some SEC undertones to the scuffle, but the upshot is that Mettenberger escaped unscathed--and unarrested.

Justin Hunter - WR Posted 7/17/14 4:37pm et
Tennessee Titans WR Justin Hunter is drawing big comparisons to retired WR Randy Moss from WR Michael Preston. 'Not only is the sky the limit, I think he's going to be alright (personally),' Preston said. 'I know how great a player Randy Moss was, and in my mind, there's no reason Justin can't be the next greatest player. I just want to be there to support him. I know he's going to grow, make a great leap this year, and impress the city and fans with his talent.'
Huddle Up: Hunter did most of his rookie-season damage in 2 games (10-223-2 TDs), but he definitely passed the big-play eye test -- backed up by his 19.7 yards-per-catch average and 4 TDs among 18 receptions -- so if you need to take a flier on a WR4 with upside, you certainly could do a lot worse than Hunter.

Shonn Greene - RB Posted 7/15/14 12:20pm et
Tennessee Titans RB Shonn Greene could be cut if his injured right knee continues to prevent him from working out this offseason, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. Wyatt believes the team will opt to save the $2.3 million it owes Greene if he won't be able to contribute.
Huddle Up: . . . rookie RB Bishop Sankey just keeps looking better and better.

Bishop Sankey - RB Posted 7/10/14 11:47pm et
Tennessee Titans rookie RB Bishop Sankey recently said he's in great shape and is reviewing plays every day with running backs coach Sylvester Croom. Sankey believes he can have a big impact once he gets plays down and used to his teammates
Huddle Up: Sankey, the first RB selected in this year's draft, is a hot fantasy commodity entering summer drafts, and is ranked by The Huddle as a solid RB2. If you covet him, be prepared to use a fourth- or fifth-round draft pick.

Delanie Walker - TE Posted 7/3/14 4:23pm et
Tennessee Titans TE Delanie Walker has high expectations for the team's offense this year, and he's a believer that QB Jake Locker is primed to have a big season as he leads the offense. Walker's goal is to catch 80 passes this year after he had a career-high 60 receptions for 571 yards and a career-high six touchdowns in 2013. New head coach Ken Whisenhunt has a history of creating productive passing attacks, and Walker said he already has a good rapport with the coach.
Huddle Up: Walker ranked as the 12th-best fantasy TE in standard leagues last season, and young QBs can always benefit from a dependable pass-catcher over the middle so don't be surprised if Walker further solidifies himself as a TE1 this fall.

Jake Locker - QB Posted 7/1/14 8:28pm et
Tennessee Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt is looking to make QB Jake Locker a pocket passer in his offense even though mobility is one of Locker's strengths. The team will still use rollouts and bootlegs at times but most of Locker's passes will come out of the pocket. Whisenhunt has been happy with how well Locker has picked up the offense this offseason. 'Jake works hard,' Whisenhunt said. 'He's done a great job as far as studying the offense and understanding his reads. He's really done a good job with a lot of little things -- his footwork, his techniques.'
Huddle Up: Whisenhunt has had offenses run by pocket passers (Philip Rivers, Kurt Warner) in his last 2 coaching stops, but keep in mind Ben Roethlisberger's success using his mobility under Whisenhunt for the first 3 years of his career.

Michael Preston - WR Posted 6/29/14 12:17am et
Tennessee Titans WR Michael Preston has impressed wide receivers coach Shawn Jefferson and has a shot at being the team's fourth wide receiver this year. 'He is my jack of all trades,' Jefferson said. 'He knows all the positions. I can plug him in anywhere, he hustles, blocks, and is a great teammate. He has a great chance, but there is a lot of competition at this position. Right now, I'm not making any predictions, but as a coach I can't live without him. That's how much he means to me as a player and a person.'
Huddle Up: Good for Preston, but being the fourth receiver on a run-first offense like the Titans project to be isn't exactly a boon for fantasy purposes.

Justin Hunter - WR Posted 6/6/14 3:29pm et
Tennessee Titans WR Justin Hunter is the receiver that can put the Titans into the playoffs, according to receivers coach Shawn Jefferson. Jefferson added that Hunter has great ability and has bulked up (added 15 pounds this offseason), but needs to keep working to get even better.
Huddle Up: Hunter flashed ability last season and could pair with Kendall Wright to give the Titans a formidable one-two receiving punch, but the real key in Tennessee will be whether or not Jake Locker (or Zach Mettenberger) can connect with them frequently enough to generate fantasy production.

Bishop Sankey - RB Posted 5/17/14 12:47pm et
Tennessee Titans RB Bishop Sankey will miss some of the team's offseason workouts, because he is still in school at Washington. Sankey will return for the final two workouts and the June minicamp.
Huddle Up: It hurts a little that Sankey isn't getting full reps with the team this offseason, but running back is a position where that shouldn't impede his progress up the depth charts. He'll get plenty of work in prior to training camp, and the expectation is that he remains the rookie running back most likely to get an extended workload.

Zach Mettenberger - QB Posted 5/17/14 12:47pm et
Tennessee Titans QB Zach Mettenberger (knee) participated in practice Friday, May 16, with a bulky brace on his left knee, which limited his movement. 'I am not moving as fluidly as I have in the past but I am working hard to get back there,' Mettenberger said. "Being in the brace for two months, trying to learn how to walk, you lose a lot of muscle. I just have to keep working."
Huddle Up: Mobility isn't exactly one of Mettenberger's strong points anyway, so it's not as if the team needs to wait for him to regain 4.4 speed to take snaps. Any work he can get in this early in the offseason will only help as Mettenberger looks to take the starting gig away from Jake Locker.

Jake Locker - QB Posted 5/11/14 6:43pm et
Tennessee Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt said he still feels good about QB Jake Locker as the starting team's starting quarterback.
Huddle Up: There's a little less pressure on Locker now with the Titans waiting until the sixth round to draft a QB (ex-LSU standout Zach Mettenberger) but Locker has only been available for 18 starts over the past 2 seasons and owns an 8-10 record in those starts.

Shonn Greene - RB Posted 5/11/14 11:33pm et
Tennessee Titans RB Shonn Greene had surgery on his right knee and is expected to miss the remainder of offseason training activities.
Huddle Up: Greene is expected back by training camp, but if any complications arise, second-round pick Bishop Sankey -- the first RB selected in this year's draft -- will gain even more traction on fantasy draft boards.

Brian Robiskie - WR Posted 5/3/14 12:04am et
The Tennessee Titans signed WR Brian Robiskie (Falcons) to a one-year deal Friday, May 2. Financial terms of the contract were not disclosed.
Huddle Up: Robiskie will compete for a depth spot at the tail end of Tennessee's receiver rotation.

Charlie Whitehurst - QB Posted 4/29/14 4:12pm et
The Tennessee Titans are confident having QB Charlie Whitehurst run the offense during minicamp with QB Jake Locker (foot) looking on as a spectator.
Huddle Up: The Titans must be confident in Whitehurst who's backing up a QB (Locker) who has missed 14 starts over the past 2 seasons. After all, it may wind up being a lot more than a minicamp offense Whitehurst will have to run in 2014.

Shonn Greene - RB Posted 4/29/14 4:35pm et
Tennessee Titans RB Shonn Greene is on the spot to at least make the team pause a few rounds before drafting a running back next month in the 2014 NFL Draft.
Huddle Up: After back-to-back 1,000-yard seasons with the Jets, Greene only managed 295 yards and 4 TDs in 77 carries while backing up Chris Johnson last year. His 3.8 yards per carry was a career low, so don't be surprised if the Titans use a pick in the top 3 rounds to draft a RB to form a new 1-2 punch.

Jake Locker - QB Posted 4/27/14 9:54pm et
Tennessee Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt said this upcoming season will be a make-or-break season for QB Jake Locker. Locker is entering the final year of his contract, and the team is does not plan to exercise his fifth-year option.
Huddle Up: Locker did show flashes of improvement last season, but No. 1 on the QB's priority list will be staying healthy as he's nearly missed as many starts (14) as he's made (18) over the last 2 seasons.

Chris Johnson - RB Posted 4/17/14 10:32pm et
New York Jets RB Chris Johnson (knee) said he expects to receive medical clearance to resume football activities in the near future. He underwent knee surgery in January but expects to be fully healthy for training camp.
Huddle Up: For now at least, ohnson also said he wouldn't mind sharing carries, and with Bilal Powell and Chris Ivory still on the Jets' roster, look for that to be the case.

Chris Johnson - RB Posted 4/16/14 11:02am et
The New York Jets are sticking to their budget/value system. While they want free-agent RB Chris Johnson (Titans), they will not 'overpay' for him. The depressed running back market suggests Johnson will fetch $3-4 million per year maximum.
Huddle Up: It'll be a step down for CJ$K money-wise, but an incentive-laden short-term deal with the run-heavy Jets might be his best option right now.

Chris Johnson - RB Posted 4/16/14 6:53pm et
Updating a previous report, the New York Jets signed RB Chris Johnson to a two-year deal worth $8 million, with another $1 million in incentives available.
Huddle Up: That's about as good a contract as Johnson could have hoped. He'll split the workload with Chris Ivory on the run-heavy Jets.

Chris Johnson - RB Posted 4/10/14 12:37am et
Free-agent RB Chris Johnson (Titans) will not be engaging in private tryouts for anyone, according to a league source. The thinking is that he has generated six years of game film, and he's a proven commodity.
Huddle Up: At this point it's tough to see CJ?K getting anything more than an incentive-laden one-year "show me" type of deal, so why not rest on his body of work?

Chris Johnson - RB Posted 4/7/14 11:11am et
New York Jets RB Mike Goodson could be on the roster bubble if the team signs RB Chris Johnson (Titans) this offseason.
Huddle Up: Goodson has a ton of off-the-field baggage hanging over him, making him the likely cut if the Jets need to clear room for CJ?K.

Chris Johnson - RB Posted 4/6/14 3:36pm et
The Tennessee Titans have not officially released RB Chris Johnson yet because it has not been on the list of NFL transactions at this point. Johnson will not be able to sign with another team until he is officially released.
Huddle Up: Nothing it seems is ever cut and dry with CJ2K -- even his pending release from the Titans. He'll officially be on the open market soon enough, but it remains to be seen how much interest he'll generate.

Shonn Greene - RB Posted 4/6/14 3:53pm et
Tennessee Titans RB Shonn Greene said he will be fine with being part of a running back committee because it will allow the players to stay fresh. 'Nowadays it's not just one back getting the job done, it's done by committee. I take that as a good thing, because it keeps guys fresh, it keeps guys healthy, no one takes a beating like you once did when you had one back, when you used a [workhorse] back. So I welcome all those guys on the roster to come help the team out so we can get where we need to be,' Greene said.
Huddle Up: Look for the Titans to draft a back in May, and depending how high of a pick they use, Greene could remain the No. 2 RB option in Nashville.

Jake Locker - QB Posted 4/4/14 10:34am et
The Tennessee Titans are hopeful QB Jake Locker (foot) will take part in on-field work in late May, which is ahead of schedule.
Huddle Up: Getting Locker reps with his new coach and in the Titans' new offense would be a huge step towards the new regime getting off on the right foot--no pun intended.

Chris Johnson - RB Posted 4/4/14 10:34am et
Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson will meet with general manager Ruston Webster Friday, April 4. Johnson is expected to undergo a physical during the visit and be released.
Huddle Up: It's one of the worst-kept secrets in football that CJ?K will be released, and it looks like by the end of Friday he'll officially be free to start talking to other teams.

Chris Johnson - RB Posted 4/3/14 3:53pm et
The Tennessee Titans are expected to release RB Chris Johnson at the end of this week or beginning of next week.
Huddle Up: There have been no takers with CJ2K's big salary, so it looks like he'll hit the open market.

Chris Johnson - RB Posted 3/30/14 2:27pm et
The New York Jets could show interest in Tennessee Titans RB Chris Johnson if he is released this offseason, but they would have to be comfortable with his asking price.
Huddle Up: With the unproven likes of Bilal Powell and Chris Ivory currently atop their RB depth chart and the team lacking in overall offensive playmakers, the Jets could use a big-play back but like most every suitor at this stage, the price definitely has to be right.

Nate Washington - WR Posted 3/30/14 10:49pm et
Tennessee Titans WR Nate Washington is expected to remain with the team even though he is scheduled to have a $4.8 million salary cap figure for 2014.
Huddle Up: Washington, who's averaged 59-896-5 over the last 3 seasons, right now would remain the odds-on favorite to start opposite Kendall Wright.

Delanie Walker - TE Posted 3/30/14 10:56pm et
The Tennessee Titans are expected to get the ball to TE Delanie Walker more often during the 2014 NFL season.
Huddle Up: Wright hit career highs with 60 receptions, 571 yards and 6 scoring catches this past season when he finished as a low-end fantasy TE1, and figures to move up a peg or two in that group if these expectations are to be believed.

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