• Marcus Mariota - QB
    Posted 6/28/16 4:26pm ET

    Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota said he will hand the ball off 40 times if that's what it takes to win. 'That's what's important to me, to (give) us an opportunity to win,' Mariota said. 'Having those two workhorses back there should help us out.'

    Huddle Up: Despite finishing in a tie for the league's worst record (3-13), the Titans attempted the 21st fewest passes in the NFL last season, and it could sensibly dip from there Tennessee has a better team this season and has beefed up the RB position considerably with the offseason additions of DeMarco Murray and rookie Derrick Henry. In other words, you're not drafting Mariota as No. 2 QB because of his aerial-volume potential.

  • Antonio Andrews - RB
    Posted 6/24/16 12:24pm ET

    Tennessee Titans RB Antonio Andrews has responded well to the added competition of RB DeMarco Murray and RB Derrick Henry, head coach Mike Mularkey said.

    Huddle Up: Andrews led the Titans with 520 yards on 143 carries last season, but no matter how good he looks in the offseason, it's expected to be the Murray and Henry Show come the games that count.

  • Dorial Green-Beckham - WR
    Posted 6/24/16 5:42pm ET

    Tennessee Titans WR Dorial Green-Beckham said he is happy with how he performed during offseason workouts and expects to be more productive in 2016 because he is more comfortable.

    Huddle Up: There's plenty of opportunity for DGB to continue to emerge as a big-play producer in the Titans' young offense after he averaged 17.2 yards per catch and hauled in four TD receptions among his 32 grabs last season as rookie.

  • DeMarco Murray - RB
    Posted 6/11/16 11:46am ET

    Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie said the amount of carries RB DeMarco Murray and RB Derrick Henry receive each game may be determined by how they are playing that game. 'I believe in just doing whatever we have to do, whatever is necessary to win the game,' Robiskie said. 'Obviously we'll have it situated going into the game, and figuring, 'Hey, we want to go this way or go that way.' If we get to going in the game and some guy gets the hot hand and that's what it takes to win the game then that is what we are going to do.'

    Huddle Up: Ugh, the dreaded hot hand. As if Murray and Henry weren't already splitting fantasy value. The alternative of drafting and using both isn't particularly palatable either, at least not until we know more about what the Tennessee offense--and the running game in particular--will look like this season.

  • Derrick Henry - RB
    Posted 6/10/16 3:56pm ET

    Tennessee Titans RB Derrick Henry has impressed the team with his hands as a receiver, which head coach Mike Mularkey said makes Henry even more dangerous.

    Huddle Up: Henry only caught 17 passes in three seasons at Alabama, but perhaps his receiving skills were underutilized in the Tide's run-first attack. In short, the more skills the rookie shows, the more touches he'll get in the timeshare with projected started DeMarco Murray.

  • Kendall Wright - WR
    Posted 6/8/16 11:09am ET

    Tennessee Titans WR Kendall Wright will not be allowed to freelance during plays like he may have been allowed to do in the past, according to offensive coordinator Terry Robiskie. Robiskie said he will expect Wright to be where he needs to be during every play. The offensive coordinator said Wright has performed well during offseason workouts.

    Huddle Up: Marcus Mariota needs to know where to find Wright on any given play, and emphasizing that he stick to his routes rather than freelance allows him to be a security blanket for the young quarterback. Should Wright adhere to this instruction it could actually increase his catch totals and make him a more valuable PPR entity.

  • Justin Hunter - WR
    Posted 6/2/16 11:10am ET

    Tennessee Titans WR Justin Hunter met with head coach Mike Mularkey before practice Wednesday, June 1, and the head man challenged him. 'I am asking him to step up and be more aggressive about it,' Mularkey said. 'To get up at the line and look at the guy across from him and tell him: 'You can't cover me.' He just needs more confidence in his body language, and everything about him. He has so much talent, he just has to believe he has the talent.'

    Huddle Up: Sounds like a familiar refrain with Hunter, who has plenty of talent but has yet to produce with any consistency at the NFL level. With Dorial Green-Beckham and Kendall Wright also in the mix Hunter will need to step up to claim a significant role in the Titans' receiver rotation.

  • Tajae Sharpe - WR
    Posted 6/2/16 1:04pm ET

    Tennessee Titans WR Tajae Sharpe saw reps with the first-team offense during practice at organized team activities (OTAs) Wednesday, June 1, and he drew praise from head coach Mike Mularkey. 'He is a very good route runner, and he is not intimidated by this level at all. He is very patient in what he does. He is working in a rotation right now with the 1s so he gets to work with (QB Marcus Mariota) at times. So I think he has been as steady as any of them,' Mularkey said.

    Huddle Up: The Titans' WR situation has some big-time sorting out to do with its mix of vets (Kendall Wright and Harry Douglas), talented-but-still-yet-to-put-it-together youngsters (Justin Hunter and Dorial Green-Beckham) and newcomers (free-agent signee Rishard Matthews and the fifth-round pick Sharpe) all vying for playing time and targets. Wright and Green-Beckham are the best bets, but the rest make for decent late-round flyer picks if you're down to throwing darts.

  • David Cobb - RB
    Posted 5/31/16 1:30pm ET

    Tennessee Titans RB David Cobb has lost seven pounds compared to what he weighed last season. Cobb said it's been nice to have time to get healthy and is motivated because of it.

    Huddle Up: Sounds like the back is entering his second training camp in better shape, but he faces a real fight just to make the roster let alone earn any amount of serious touches with the sea change -- i.e. DeMarco Murray, second-round pick Derrick Henry -- that's transpired atop the Titans' RB depth chart. His best NFL shot likely lies with another team at this point.

  • Dorial Green-Beckham - WR
    Posted 5/31/16 4:11pm ET

    Tennessee Titans WR Dorial Green-Beckham must earn a starting role in 2016, according to head coach Mike Mularkey. 'How effective is he out here, first? And then we get into these preseason games, see how much we can load him up. We also know we've got some other options too that will be competing with him. So it's not a for sure he's lining up at 'X' for us on opening Sunday. They've got to earn it.' Last week was Green-Beckham's first 'full go' week while dealing with a hamstring problem that has been a problem for years.

    Huddle Up: Green-Beckham possesses a dynamic skill-set and displayed a big-play penchant last season as a rookie, averaging 17.2 yards per catch and hauling in four TD passes among his 32 receptions, but he only had a 47.8 catch percentage and must be more proficient on the full route tree before he can be considered a bona fide starter.

  • Justin Hunter - WR
    Posted 5/27/16 2:34pm ET

    Tennessee Titans WR Justin Hunter is up to 209 pounds from the 203 pounds he played at least year thanks to aggressive workouts and a diet change.

    Huddle Up: This is a big year for the 2013 second-round pick who has disappointed in back-to-back seasons, catching a combined 50 passes for 762 yards and four TDs.

  • Dorial Green-Beckham - WR
    Posted 5/26/16 11:12am ET

    Tennessee Titans WR Dorial Green-Beckham impressed QB Marcus Mariota at organized team activities Tuesday, May 25. Mariota called Green-Beckham a stud and said he's gifted physically. 'Hopefully we can find ways to get him the football and let him do this thing,' Mariota said. Head coach Mike Mularkey said a bigger role for Green-Beckham hinges on his grasp of the playbook after the second-year receiver struggled with route-running last year. 'I think he knows that's a point of emphasis for him,' Mularkey said. 'He'll have a lot to say on whether he's that guy or not.'

    Huddle Up: The quarterback loves him. The team needs him. And if DGB can figure out this whole route-running thing there's some serious fantasy upside to be had here.

  • DeMarco Murray - RB
    Posted 5/26/16 3:01pm ET

    Tennessee Titans RB DeMarco Murray has received praise from both head coach Mike Mularkey and QB Marcus Mariota during organized team activities this week. 'I certainly liked some of the cuts I saw,' Mularkey said. 'Even without pads on, those were cuts he wasn't going to get touched on. It was going to be an explosive run. You can tell when a play is going to work and not work.'

    Huddle Up: Perhaps the Titans' run offense suits Murray better than the square-peg-in-the-round-hole fit he had in Chip Kelly's Philly offense a year ago. Look for Murray to wind up being the lead horse in the Titans' RBBC, which also will feature second-round pick Derrick Henry.

  • Marcus Mariota - QB
    Posted 5/25/16 10:14am ET

    Updating a previous report, Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota is up to 225 pounds this year compared to the 220 pounds he played at last season, not 210 pounds as previously reported.

    Huddle Up: A few extra pounds should help Mariota absorb the hits he's bound to take. So long as it doesn't slow down his elusiveness, his bulking up is a positive development for the Titans.

  • Kendall Wright - WR
    Posted 5/25/16 10:14am ET

    Tennessee Titans WR Kendall Wright said he feels more explosive at his current 195 pounds, 12 pounds heavier than he was last season.

    Huddle Up: Bigger, with more explosiveness? That's an ideal combination for Wright, who will lead a revamped Titans receiver rotation that includes a second-year Dorial Green-Beckham and free agent signee Rishard Matthews.

  • Marcus Mariota - QB
    Posted 5/22/16 2:02pm ET

    Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota has been more vocal this offseason, according to TE Delanie Walker, and he looks more comfortable with the offensive system and is making quicker decisions.

    Huddle Up: Mariota should improve and should up his fantasy-point total after missing four starts as a rookie, but he will be counting on basically the same pass-catching cast and will do good just to move up into QB2 territory.

  • Zach Mettenberger - QB
    Posted 5/18/16 9:19am ET

    Free-agent QB Zach Mettenberger (Titans) was claimed by the San Diego Chargers Tuesday, May 17.

    Huddle Up: It's not as if the Bolts are loaded behind Philip Rivers, and Mettenberger showed at least some competence in Tennessee before Marcus Mariota arrived. So he's at least worth a waiver claim.

  • Zach Mettenberger - QB
    Posted 5/16/16 11:08am ET

    Tennessee Titans QB Zach Mettenberger was waived Monday, May 16.

    Huddle Up: Mettenberger wasn't seeing the field in front of Marcus Mariota, and his value as a backup wasn't enough to keep him on the roster. Given the state of quarterbacking in the NFL, however, don't be surprised if he finds a training camp to participate in this fall.

  • Dorial Green-Beckham - WR
    Posted 5/15/16 2:06pm ET

    Tennessee Titans WR Dorial Green-Beckham has been limited by a hamstring injury this offseason, according to head coach Mike Mularkey.

    Huddle Up: DGB has the time to take things slowly as he looks to build on his 32-549-4 rookie season.

  • Derrick Henry - RB
    Posted 5/15/16 2:15pm ET

    Tennessee Titans RB Derrick Henry is going to be a 'monster' for the offense, TE Delanie Walker said, and C Ben Jones said he 'can't wait' to see what Henry does behind Tennessee's improved offensive line.

    Huddle Up: If the Titans hadn't signed free-agent DeMarco Murray, the 2015 Heisman Trophy winner would be markedly higher on fantasy wish lists. Now, a true time-share looms.

  • Delanie Walker - TE
    Posted 5/12/16 12:56pm ET

    Updating previous reports, Tennessee Titans TE Delanie Walker's new deal includes a $1 million roster bonus due Monday, May 16, and a $2.7 million guaranteed base this season, with up to $250,000 total in per-game roster bonuses. He has a $4.2 million base salary in 2017, fully guaranteed fifth day of league year, and up to $250,000 total in per-game roster bonuses. In 2018, he has a $500,000 roster bonus on fifth day of league year, a $5.4 million base and up to $250,000 total in per-game roster bonuses.

    Huddle Up: Walker is coming off a career year (94-1,088-6) and still figures to remain the Titans' top passing-game target given the uneven play of their WR corps.

  • Derrick Henry - RB
    Posted 5/10/16 4:13pm ET

    Tennessee Titans RB Derrick Henry's four-year rookie deal is worth $5.407 million and includes $3.278 million guaranteed and a $2.133 million signing bonus.

    Huddle Up: Fantasy expectations for the second-round Heisman winner are strong, but they certainly would be a lot higher if the Titans hadn't gone out and signed free-agent DeMarco Murray earlier this offseason.

  • Delanie Walker - TE
    Posted 5/8/16 1:32pm ET

    Tennessee Titans TE Delanie Walker has signed a two-year contract extension worth $14.7 million. The deal includes $8.2 million in guaranteed money.

    Huddle Up: Walker finished fifth among fantasy tight ends with a career-best 94-1,088-6 season a year ago and is poised for another TE1 season again this fall.

  • Bishop Sankey - RB
    Posted 5/6/16 12:43pm ET

    Tennessee Titans RB Bishop Sankey will share No. 20 with SS Kevin Byard during training camp, but the team isnít running a number-share program for its top players.

    Huddle Up: With all of 762 yards and three TDs on 199 rushes during his first two seasons, the 2014 second-round pick's roster spot was in danger -- and that was before the Titans added free-agent DeMarco Murray and drafted Heisman-winner Derrick Henry in the second round.

  • Derrick Henry - RB
    Posted 4/29/16 8:42pm ET

    The Tennessee Titans selected Alabama RB Derrick Henry with the No. 45 overall pick in the second round of the 2016 NFL Draft on Friday, April 29.

    Huddle Up: Well, if the Titans were going to have a RBBC, they might as well have the league's best with the Heisman-winner Henry joining offseason addition Murray in the backfield. That dilutes the fantasy value of both, though, and if you were somehow holding on to Antonio Andrews, Bishop Sankey or Patrick Cobb, it's time to move on.

  • Dorial Green-Beckham - WR
    Posted 3/27/16 8:24pm ET

    Tennessee Titans WR Dorial Green-Beckham said he views himself as a No. 1 receiver. He also said he has been talking to QB Marcus Mariota and plans to do some informal work with Mariota before the official offseason programs begin April 18.

    Huddle Up: At 6-5 and 225 pounds, Green-Beckham is an impressive target and caught 32 passes for 549 yards and a quartet of TDs asa rookie last season. However, he and Mariota will need to improve on his catch percentage, which was 47.8 percent -- which ranked 151st out of the 154 players who had 30 or more catches.

  • Bishop Sankey - RB
    Posted 3/13/16 2:59pm ET

    Tennessee Titans RB Bishop Sankey will have to prove himself this offseason if he wants to remain with the team, according to beat writer Jim Wyatt.

    Huddle Up: Remember two offseasons ago when Sankey was a hot fantasy commodity? It seems even longer ago than that as the 2014 second-round draft pick was moved aside for Antonio Andrews last season and is now even a rung further down on the depth chart with the Titans swinging the blockbuster deal for DeMarco Murray. His NFL future appears to lie elsewhere.

  • Antonio Andrews - RB
    Posted 3/3/16 5:13pm ET

    Tennessee Titans exclusive-rights free-agent RB Antonio Andrews signed a one-year deal Thursday, March 3. Financial terms were not disclosed.

    Huddle Up: Andrews, a second-year undrafted free agent from Western Kentucky, led the Titans with 520 rushing yards last season, and he'll be part of the team's backfield committee for another season.

  • Marcus Mariota - QB
    Posted 2/16/16 5:05pm ET

    Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota will be encouraged to run more in his sophomore season by head coach Mike Mularkey. 'Designed runs for the quarterback, and my feelings are he can protect himself much better running the football than he can standing in the pocket, and you've seen it over time. We're not going to run him like they run Cam Newton with some of these designed counter plays and things up the middle that are gonna expose him by any means, but I think he's such a threat in the run game for defenses,' Mularkey said.

    Huddle Up: Mariota finished with 252 rushing yards -- ninth among quarterbacks-- and two TDs on 34 rushes, which was tied for the 15th most among QBs. Considering that Tom Brady finished with as many rushing attempts as the 22-year-old Mariota, certainly expect to see more running out of the second-year QB in 2016.

  • Marcus Mariota - QB
    Posted 2/5/16 11:10pm ET

    Tennessee Titans QB Marcus Mariota was praised by retired QB Kurt Warner. 'I thought he exceeded a lot of expectations,' Warner said. 'There were things he did really well and made some great decisions. There's a lot of things he can build off of, a lot to like.'

    Huddle Up: Mariota threw for two or more TDs in half of his 12 games and finished his rookie year with 19 scores and 10 interceptions, so there are definitely things to build on heading into Year Two.

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