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Instructions for use of this form

1 - Enter the email address that you wish to change (your old email address) below and read #2 and #3 below BEFORE clicking the "Submit" button.

2 - On the next page you will see your old email address listed and a check box for these email lists (huddle_free and huddle_news12). If the boxes are not checked then the email address you entered is not in our system. You may have entered it incorrectly or you may have mistakenly entered your current or new email address. You must enter your old email address. Come back to this form and enter the email address again. DO NOT CHECK OR UNCHECK THE BOXES.

3 - On the next page, if either of the check boxes are checked you may update the email address listed. Simply replace your old email address listed on the form with your new one. Once you enter your new email address click the "save changes" button. DO NOT CHECK OR UNCHECK THE BOXES.

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