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Staff Sleepers, Under and Over Valued Players: Quarterbacks
August 4, 2010 Comments Comments       Print this page Print 

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Eight staff writers have all been polled who their sleepers, undervalued and overvalued players are. To make this within context of your draft, we have shown the selections against the average draft rankings and are highlighting when at least three writers have a consensus on a player.

Sleepers (Players drafted as a backup that have the potential to perform like a starter)

(3 stars)

Donovan McNabb, Washington Redskins - The change to the Redskins may have apparently lesser talent but new head coach Mike Shanahan will look to maximize what he has. And apparently, that is a lot of veteran players and a set of receivers who have never played with a quarterback the quality of McNabb.

Chad Henne, Miami Dolphins - Henne was already on the radar after ending 2009 with 300+ yard efforts in three of his final five games. Add in Brandon Marshall and there's plenty of reasons why this third year ex-Michigan quarterback holds more potential.

Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions - Stafford has his ups and downs as a rookie in 2009 but he did score in every game and even topped out with a 422 yard, five TD effort against the Browns. He was the stud quarterback of the 2009 class and has Calvin Johnson and Nate Burleson now.

(2 stars)

Alex Smith, Matt Hasselbeck

Undervalued (Players drafted as a starter but a great value where available)

(3 stars)

Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears - No doubt each league will hold at least one team owner more than willing to take a chance on the latest Mike Martz offense and that means Cutler being about the only player that will very reliably see more action and more success. Chicago seems like a round hole for a square peg offense but Cutler can throw about as well as any quarterback out there.

Eli Manning, New York Giants - Interesting thing happened last year when the rushing game took a nosedive thanks to injuries and the receiver corps were made over with youngsters - it worked. Really well. Manning makes a great backup who could be a starter with any progress from last year.

(2 stars)

Kevin Kolb, Joe Flacco, Matt Schaub

Overvalued (Players that are poor values where being drafted, if not outright busts)

(4 stars)

Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers - What to like about a quarterback suspended four to six weeks who returns just in time to see the schedule turn very badly. Oh yes, and Santonio Holmes is gone.

(3 stars)

Tom Brady, New England Patriots - Tom Brady doesn't like not having a monster contract to sign, Wes Welker returns from a blown knee and the Pats added Torry Holt which only delights opponents now. More risk than ever before.

Sam Bradford, St. Louis Rams - With a motley group of receivers and an even worse offensive line, Bradford draws the short straw in fantasy this year.

(2 stars)

Philip Rivers

Under Valued
or Sleeper
Over Valued ADP Rankings
as of 8/3
    1 Rodgers, Aaron              
    2 Brees, Drew              
  3 Manning, Peyton       U      
  4 Romo, Tony           O  
  5 Brady, Tom O       O   O
  6 Schaub, Matt     U   U    
7 Rivers, Philip     O   O U  
  8 Cutler, Jay U       U   U
9 Kolb, Kevin U U       O  
  10 Ryan, Matt         O    
  11 Flacco, Joe     U       U
12 Manning, Eli   U O U   U  
  13 Favre, Brett       O      
  14 McNabb, Donovan S S     S    
    15 Palmer, Carson              
  16 Roethlisberger, Ben O O O       O
17 Stafford, Matthew     S O   S S
18 Henne, Chad S S     S   O
  19 Smith, Alex S       S    
  20 Sanchez, Mark   O          
    21 Young, Vince              
  22 Cassel, Matt       S      
  23 Bradford, Sam O O       O  
24 Leinart, Matt       O     S
  25 Freeman, Josh           S  
    26 Garrard, David              
    27 Campbell, Jason              
    28 Moore, Matt              
  29 Hasselbeck, Matt     S S      
    30 Orton, Kyle              
DMD: David Dorey
2V: John Tuvey
DT: Darin Tietgen
KR: Kevin Ratterree
PS: Paul Sandy
TVP: Tim Van Prooyen
JUM: John Miller O: Over Valued
U: Under Valued
S: Sleeper

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