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Staff Sleepers, Under and Over Valued Players: Running Backs
August 4, 2010 Comments Comments       Print this page Print 

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Eight staff writers have all been polled who their sleepers, undervalued and overvalued players are. To make this within context of your draft, we have shown the selections against the average draft rankings and are highlighting when at least three writers have a consensus on a player. Like last season, there was little consistency among staff members. This is shaping up to another year of the big running back coin flip.

Sleepers (Players drafted as a backup that have the potential to perform like a starter)

(3 stars)

Justin Forsett, Seattle Seahawks - The Seahawks have the softest schedule for running backs in the NFL and Forsett is positioned to take the best advantage. Julius Jones has never been a factor, Lendale White was sent packing and Leon Washington still has to prove healthy. That leaves Forsett as the most likely to benefit.

Montario Hardesty, Cleveland Browns - He comes cheap enough at around the 35th back taken in most leagues and could develop into the every down starter for the Browns. Granted - the Browns are on a perpetual rebuild but Hardesty looks like the one to own there.

(2 stars)

Ben Tate, Michael Bush, Fred Jackson, Clinton Portis, Chester Taylor, Leon Washington, Mike Bell

Undervalued (Players drafted as a starter but a great value where available)

(4 stars)

Ryan Grant, Green Bay Packers - This is not hard to justify since Grant goes as the 13th running back taken on average and yet he has turned in back to back 1200 rushing yard seasons and even scored 11 times in 2009. What's not to like?

(3 stars)

Jahvid Best, Detroit Lions - He's the closest thing to Barry Sanders that the Lions have seen and Kevin Smith comes off a knee injury without the benefit of the team looking forward to him being back. Best comes cheap enough and will ply his craft on the fast carpet in Detroit.

Knowshon Moreno, Denver Broncos - Moreno has one of the softest rushing schedules and in his second season should see an increase from his 1160 total yards and nine scores of 2009.

(2 stars)

Joseph Addai

Overvalued (Players that are poor values where being drafted, if not outright busts)

(4 stars)

Steven Jackson, St. Louis Rams - Apparently most of the staffers do not like a player with only one season in six years where he played all 16 games and now gets a rookie quarterback and the same crappy offensive line. No question the upside is big and the risk is even bigger.

Rashard Mendenhall, Pittsburgh Steelers - Both a brutal schedule and having Ben Roethlisberger missing time has most staffers more than willing to let someone else take the risk on Mendenhall.

(3 stars)

Matt Forte, Chicago Bears - Despite a huge drop in ranking from 2009, Forte still carries too much downside for some owners. The addition of Chester Taylor could cut into Forte's role as a receiver and that's been his only saving grace.

Ryan Mathews, San Diego Chargers - No one debates that Mathews isn't a talented rookie or that he lands in a nice opportunity in San Diego but its optimistic to consider him as the RB1 that he has been getting drafted. Lot's of risk with any rookie and taking one as your first running back rarely works out.

(2 stars)

Frank Gore, Jamaal Charles, LeSean McCoy

Under Valued
or Sleeper
Over Valued ADP Rankings
as of 8/3
    1 Johnson, Chris              
    2 Peterson, Adrian              
    3 Rice, Ray              
    4 Jones-Drew, Maurice              
  5 Gore, Frank       O     O
  6 Jackson, Steven O O   O   O  
  7 Turner, Michael       O      
8 Mendenhall, Rashard O O   U O   O
9 Williams, DeAngelo     O       U
10 Charles, Jamaal       U O O  
  11 Mathews, Ryan O   O   O    
12 Greene, Shonn       O   U  
  13 Grant, Ryan U U     U U  
  14 Moreno, Knowshon U U U        
  15 Wells, Chris             U
16 McCoy, LeSean         O U O
17 Thomas, Pierre     U     O  
  18 Benson, Cedric       U U    
19 Stewart, Jonathan   U O        
  20 Forte, Matt O         O O
  21 Addai, Joseph     U   U    
  22 Best, Jahvid U         U U
    23 Jones, Felix              
24 Brown, Ronnie     U   O    
    25 Bush, Reggie              
    26 Spiller, C.J. O            
  27 Jacobs, Brandon     S        
  28 Barber, Marion     S        
  29 Forsett, Justin S S         S
30 Tate, Ben         S O S
31 Williams, Ricky   O   S      
  32 Bradshaw, Ahmad     O        
  33 Brown, Donald             O
  34 Bush, Michael S S          
35 Hardesty, Montario S S   O S    
  36 McFadden, Darren             S
  37 Williams, Carnell     S        
  38 Jackson, Fred S         S  
  39 Harrison, Jerome       S      
  40 Sproles, Darren       S      
  41 Portis, Clinton S S          
  42 Slaton, Steve     S        
  43 Hightower, Tim       S      
    44 Tomlinson, LaDainian              
45 Taylor, Chester   O     S   S
  46 Jones, Thomas     O        
  47 Maroney, Laurence   S       S  
    48 Foster, Arian              
    49 McGahee, Willis              
50 Choice, Tashard     O   S    
  51 Lynch, Marshawn     S        
  52 Washington, Leon       S   S  
    53 Gerhart, Toby              
    54 Dwyer, Jonathan              
    55 Scott, Bernard              
    56 Smith, Kevin              
    57 Johnson, Larry              
    58 Ward, Derrick              
    59 Ringer, Javon              
    60 Buckhalter, Correll              
    61 White, LenDale              
  62 Bell, Mike         S S  
    63 Westbrook, Brian              
  64 Dixon, Anthony             S
    65 Starks, James              
    66 Snelling, Jason              
  67 McKnight, Joe   O          
DMD: David Dorey
2V: John Tuvey
DT: Darin Tietgen
KR: Kevin Ratterree
PS: Paul Sandy
TVP: Tim Van Prooyen
JUM: John Miller O: Over Valued
U: Under Valued
S: Sleeper

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