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Staff Sleepers, Under and Over Valued Players: Wide Receivers
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Eight staff writers have all been polled who their sleepers, undervalued and overvalued players are. To make this within context of your draft, we have shown the selections against the average draft rankings and are highlighting when at least three writers have a consensus on a player. With 83 wideouts to choose from, getting any consensus on a player says a lot when it comes to receivers.

Sleepers (Players drafted as a backup that have the potential to perform like a starter)

(5 stars)

Johnny Knox, Chicago Bears - Mike Martz ushers in a pass-heavy attack and while that usually features numerous wide receivers, there is no question that Knox is the most favored to see the benefit. With Jay Cutler at the helm, Knox is expected to make a big step up from his 527 yards and five scores from 2009.

(3 stars)

Chris Chambers, Kansas City Chiefs - Everyone knows about Dwayne Bowe, but Chambers averaged four catches per game and nearly 60 yards per game after joining the Chiefs at mid season. With a full offseason and training camp under his belt, he should connect even better with Matt Cassel.

Mike Thomas, Jacksonville Jaguars - Thomas managed 48 catches for 453 yards as a rookie and should be much better in his sophomore campaign as the starting flanker. He had 13 catches over just the final two games of 2009.

Devin Hester, Chicago Bears - While not as favored as Johnny Knox, Hester still carries expectations from playing the split end in a Mike Martz offense.

Legedu Naanee, San Diego Chargers - He comes super cheap and yet with all the indecision around Vincent Jackson, Naanee just might end up with notable stats for the first time.

Arrelious Benn, Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Nothing spawns optimism like a rookie and the Buccaneers could be looking at starting two of them this season. Benn gets the benefit of having Kellen Winslow concerning the defense the most.

(2 stars)

Eddie Royal, Jabar Gaffney, Devery Henderson -

Undervalued (Players drafted as a starter but a great value where available)

(3 stars)

Roddy White, Atlanta Falcons - Two straight seasons of 1200 yards and nine or so touchdowns and White has become very reliable with Matt Ryan throwing the rock.

Jeremy Maclin, Philadelphia Eagles - A bone bruise gave a scary moment at the start of camp but staffers are liking the second year from Maclin. The change to Kevin Kolb shouldn't hurt either since Maclin's career best (6-142, 2 TD) came during the only two games that Kolb started last year.

(2 stars)

Mike Wallace

Overvalued (Players that are poor values where being drafted, if not outright busts)

(4 stars)

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals - Most of the staff find it rather optimistic to take Fitzgerald before almost any other wideout when he has a new offensive focus on a balanced offense, has traded Kurt Warner for Matt Leinart and no longer has Anquan Boldin around to worry anyone. It's not about Fitzgerald, it is about everything else around him.

DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles - And once again, most of the staff don't like Jackson this year largely since he made his living on catching the deep ball last year and yet has traded the cannon of DOnovan McNabb for the more dink and dunk style of Kevin Kolb.

(3 stars)

Dez Bryant, Dallas Cowboys - Bryant will have a hard time living up to the hype. Missing most of the preseason with a high ankle sprain means not getting valuable time to meld with Tony Romo. And it is not like the Cowboys have no other receivers to catch the ball anyway.

(2 stars)

Sidney Rice, Wes Welker, Steve Breaston, Santonio Holmes, Vincent Jackson

Under Valued
or Sleeper
Over Valued ADP Rankings
as of 8/3
    1 Johnson, Andre              
  2 Fitzgerald, Larry O     O O O  
  3 Johnson, Calvin       O      
  4 Wayne, Reggie             O
  5 Austin, Miles     O        
6 Moss, Randy     U       O
  7 Marshall, Brandon       O      
  8 White, Roddy U     U     U
  9 Jackson, DeSean     O O O O  
    10 Jennings, Greg              
  11 Colston, Marques     U        
12 Rice, Sidney   O   O U    
  13 Smith, Steve NYG   U          
14 Boldin, Anquan     U   O    
15 Crabtree, Michael U           O
  16 Smith, Steve CAR             O
  17 Ochocinco, Chad           U  
18 Nicks, Hakeem U   O        
19 Welker, Wes O O     U    
    20 Harvin, Percy              
  21 Jackson, Vincent     O     O  
    22 Sims-Walker, Mike              
    23 Bowe, Dwayne              
24 Maclin, Jeremy   U   U   O U
  25 Bryant, Dez O O   O      
    26 Ward, Hines              
    27 Garcon, Pierre              
  28 Wallace, Mike     O U   U  
  29 Meachem, Robert   U          
30 Driver, Donald     0     U  
  31 Moss, Santana         U    
    32 Houshmandzadeh, T.J.              
33 Breaston, Steve O O         U
  34 Holmes, Santonio O       O    
    35 Floyd, Malcolm              
  36 Aromashodu, Devin           O  
  37 Knox, Johnny   S   S S S S
    38 Britt, Kenny              
39 Hester, Devin S S S       O
  40 Edwards, Braylon   O          
  41 Bryant, Antonio         O    
  42 Royal, Eddie S           S
  43 Mason, Derrick           S  
    44 Thomas, Demaryius              
    45 Collie, Austin              
    46 Evans, Lee              
    47 Edelman, Julian              
    48 Tate, Golden              
  49 Avery, Donnie     S        
    50 Massaquoi, Mohamed              
    51 Owens, Terrell              
  52 Benn, Arrelious   S S       S
  53 McCluster, Dexter     S        
  54 Gaffney, Jabar         S S  
    55 Thomas, Devin              
    56 Cotchery, Jerricho              
    57 Schilens, Chaz              
    58 Manningham, Mario              
  59 Burleson, Nate           S  
    60 Gonzalez, Anthony              
    61 Williams, Mike TB              
  62 Jones, James             S
  63 Cribbs, Josh     S        
    64 Jones, Jacoby              
  65 Chambers, Chris S S     S    
  66 Tate, Brandon         S    
  67 Williams, Roy           S  
    68 Doucet, Early              
    69 Robinson, Laurent              
    70 Walter, Kevin              
  71 Thomas, Mike S S   S      
    72 Heyward-Bey, Darrius              
  73 Bess, Davone       S      
    74 Berrian, Bernard              
    75 LaFell, Brandon              
    76 Murphy, Louis              
    77 Morgan, Josh              
  78 Naanee, Legedu       S S   S
    79 Gage, Justin              
    80 Williams, Damian              
    81 Moore, Lance              
    82 Nelson, Jordy              
  83 Henderson, Devery S     S      
DMD: David Dorey
2V: John Tuvey
DT: Darin Tietgen
KR: Kevin Ratterree
PS: Paul Sandy
TVP: Tim Van Prooyen
JUM: John Miller O: Over Valued
U: Under Valued
S: Sleeper

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