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Rest Of Season Player Rankings: Wide Receivers- Week 2
Tim Van Prooyen
September 15, 2010
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These player rankings track a player's value for the remainder of the season.

Mv Rank Player Team Bye
  1 Andre Johnson HOU 7
  2 Randy Moss NEP 5
  3 Reggie Wayne IND 7
  4 Roddy White ATL 8
  5 Miles Austin DAL 4
  6 Larry Fitzgerald ARI 6
  7 Brandon Marshall MIA 5
  8 Greg Jennings GBP 10
  9 Marques Colston NOS 10
Moving Up 10 Chad Ochocinco CIN 6
  11 Hakeem Nicks NYG 8
  12 DeSean Jackson PHI 8
  13 Steve Smith NYG 8
  14 Anquan Boldin BAL 8
  15 Wes Welker NEP 5
  16 Steve Smith CAR 6
Moving Down 17 Calvin Johnson DET 7
  18 Mike Wallace PIT 5
  19 Jeremy Maclin PHI 8
  20 Hines Ward PIT 5
Moving Down 21 Mike Sims-Walker JAC 9
Moving Down 22 Percy Harvin MIN 4
  23 Dwayne Bowe KCC 4
  24 Lee Evans BUF 6
  25 Terrell Owens CIN 6
  26 Donald Driver GBP 10
  27 Derrick Mason BAL 8
  28 Chris Chambers KCC 4
  29 Johnny Knox CHI 8
Moving Down 30 Michael Crabtree SFO 9
  31 Jabar Gaffney DEN 9
Moving Up 32 Austin Collie IND 7
  33 Robert Meachem NOS 10
  34 Laurent Robinson STL 9
  35 Mohamed Massaquoi CLE 8
  36 Bernard Berrian MIN 4
Moving Down 37 Malcom Floyd SDC 10
  38 Jacoby Jones HOU 7
  39 Steve Breaston ARI 6
  40 Pierre Garcon IND 7
  41 Santana Moss WAS 9
  42 Mike Williams TBB 4
  43 Dez Bryant DAL 4
Moving Up 44 Devin Aromashodu CHI 8
  45 Jerricho Cotchery NYJ 7
  46 Kevin Walter HOU 7
  47 Mike Thomas JAC 9
  48 Nate Washington TEN 9
  49 Devin Hester CHI 8
  50 Louis Murphy OAK 10
  51 Devery Henderson NOS 10
Moving Up 52 Mark Clayton STL 9
  53 Braylon Edwards NYJ 7
  54 Sammie Stroughter TBB 4
  55 Deion Branch SEA 5
  56 Mike Williams SEA 5
  57 Eddie Royal DEN 9
  58 Legedu Naanee SDC 10
  59 Roy Williams DAL 4
  60 Nate Burleson DET 7
  61 Dexter McCluster KCC 4
  62 Deon Butler SEA 5
Moving Up 63 Danny Amendola STL 9
  64 Lance Moore NOS 10
  65 Josh Cribbs CLE 8
  66 Josh Morgan SFO 9
  67 Patrick Crayton SDC 10
  68 Steve Johnson BUF 6
  69 Mario Manningham NYG 8
  70 Brandon Tate NEP 5

Chad Ochocinco, BengalsMoving Up
Things started out rough for the Bengals passing game, but Carson Palmer seemed to get more comfortable as the game went on and 85 took full advantage.  With T.O. keeping defenses honest and taking some of the pressure off, this could be a fantastic season for the man formerly known as Mr. Johnson.  All indications point to the possibility of this being one of, if not the, best seasons Chad has had.  He moves up the charts a bit this week with more progress likely in future weeks.

Calvin Johnson, LionsMoving Down
Besides the now infamous touchdown-that-wasn’t-a-touchdown, there were some other disturbing things surrounding Calvin Johnson last Sunday that should have fantasy owners concerned.  First, he lost his starting quarterback for at least a few games, never a good thing for all practical purposes.  Second, even though he was targeted ten times, they were primarily dink and dunk type passes, the exceptions being on the final drive when Chicago was playing prevent.  The Detroit passing game looked troubled, and for now so does Calvin’s outlook for at least a while.

Mike Sims-Walker, JaguarsMoving Down
The Jags offense looked pretty good opening day, with one glaring exception.  Sims-Walker was notably absent.  The reality is, he wasn’t, he actually played, but was shut down completely, only being thrown to twice, with no catches.  For the guy who was supposed to be the number one receiver for the team, that isn’t a great way to start.  Since it is only one week, we only drop him a few spots, but another performance like this and the floor will start to drop much more quickly. 

Percy Harvin, VikingsMoving Down
Harvin slips because he primarily was a victim of a passing game in disarray.  His quarterback hardly was around in the pre-season, he was hurt much of it, and he has the pressure of having to step into the number one receiver roll at least for a few weeks.  The Vikings passing game was out of synch all night against the Saints and the frustrations were obvious.  He was only target five times, and only caught one, primarily a victim of lack of practice between the parties.  He doesn’t drop far, but expectations should be tempered, it will take a few games for things to get smoother and for confidence to build. 

Michael Crabtree, 49ersMoving Down
The 49ers passing game was a mess in week one, and Crabtree was, other than QB Alex Smith, the biggest casualty.  After missing pretty much all of the preseason, Crabtree and Smith were nowhere near the same sheet of music, and in a game they were expected to dominate, they stunk up the joint.  Of course, we know Crabtree is good, and he’ll rebound, but there are more questions about the quarterback’s ability, which never helps a receiver.  Therefore, going forward, Crabtree’s value drops a bit, as being targeted eight times and only coming up with two catches isn’t a performance worthy of a top receiver.  He’ll have to prove he can catch a few more and get in synch with his offense to regain his higher status. 

Austin Collie, ColtsMoving Up
One of the heavily debated questions heading into the season was just which receiver would become the ‘second’ to Reggie Wayne (aside from Dallas Clark, obviously) for Peyton Manning.  While the answer didn’t become completely clear, a strong case was made that it could be Collie.  Both he and Pierre Garcon were targeted 11 times, so both retain value, but Collie caught ten of them to Garcon’s four, boosting his status.  With Anthony Gonzalez banging up his ankle, these two will be in heavy rotation, but Collie deserves the higher ranking moving forward.

Malcom Floyd, ChargersMoving Down
The initial reaction is, why such a drop, it was bad weather and he had 12 targets.  True, but the bottom line is, watching how he played these targets showed a lot.  A guy his size should be using his body to make some of these catches, pushing his will over defenders, and he simply doesn’t do it.  Many thought the arrival of Patrick Crayton would hurt Legedu Naanee, but the reality is, Floyd may end up being the one who takes a bigger knock.  Floyd has the size and hands, but he simply hasn’t shown the attitude needed to make the next step to be a top line receiver.  The hope is there that he recovers, but it might be wise to temper expectations. 

Devin Aromashodu, BearsMoving Up
The Bears will be passing the ball all over the place this year, this much is certain.  After the first week, the receiver who takes the lead in the ‘who will get the most targets’ is Aromashodu.  Cutler seems to have a good relationship with Aromashodu going back to last year and it looked at times that they didn’t miss a beat, albeit they were facing the Lions.  It is a good bet that when the season is said and done, the receiver with the most catches – not just targets – for the Bears will be Aromashodu.

Mark Clayton, RamsMoving Up
After just arriving in St. Louis a week or so before the season started, no one expected too much from Clayton, for a number of reasons.  After the first week however, he trails only Roddy White from Atlanta in targets (White had 23, Clayton 16), and hauled in ten of them for over 100 yards.  The Rams will struggle this season, but their quarterback proved Sunday he can get the ball around pretty well, and Clayton is obviously his favorite target, (his counterparts Robinson and Amendola each had 9 targets).  If he has another outing like this he’ll skyrocket up the rankings.  PPR league owners should seriously consider grabbing him this week if he’s available on waivers.

Danny Amendola, RamsMoving Up
Amendola moves into our top 70 with a strong performance for a team that looks like the passing game isn’t going to be quite as bad as many had feared.  The rookie was one of the favorite targets for the tough passes from fellow rookie Sam Bradford Sunday and will be a nice point producer as a third or fourth receiver in most fantasy leagues.  There won’t likely be a ton of touchdowns to go around here, but the team threw 55 times in their opening game against a fairly good defense, meaning there should be plenty of catches to go around, something fantasy owners like to see. 

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