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Tunnel Vision - Week 10
David Dorey
November 15, 2010
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Sunday Salutes
Quarterbacks Yards TD
Matt Cassel 469 4
Tom Brady 350 4
Ben Roethlisberger 387 3
Mark Sanchez 299 3
Kyle Orton 295 4
Running Backs Yards TD
Steven Jackson 148 1
Maurice Jones-Drew 123 2
Knowshon Moreno 156 1
Frank Gore 154 1
Jamaal Charles 121 1
Wide Receivers Yards TD
Dwayne Bowe 186 2
Roddy White 138 2
Mike Wallace 136 2
Mike Thomas 149 1
Andre Johnson 146 1
Tight Ends Yards TD
Rob Gronkowski 72 3
Jermaine Gresham 85 1
Anthony Fasano 107 1
Kevin Boss 81 1
Kellen Winslow 79 1
Placekickers XP FG
Olindo Mare 3 5
Adam Vinatieri 2 3
Dan Carpenter 2 3
Joe Nedney 2 3
John Kasay 1 3
Defense/Special Teams TDs Sacks TOs
Colts 1 3 5
Broncos 1 4 1
Seahawks 0 5 2
Cowboys 1 0 3
Dolphins 0 2 3

Bumps, bruises and bow outs

Percy Harvin (MIN) - Re-aggravated ankle sprain
Bernard Berrian (MIN) - Re-aggravated groin injury
Josh Cribbs (CLE) - Foot injury
Jerricho Cotchery (NYJ) - Groin injury
Mike Nugent (NYJ) - Knee injury
Kerry Collins (TEN) - Calf injury
Chad Pennington (MIA) - Shoulder re-injured
Chad Henne (MIA) - Knee injury
Matt Hasselbeck (SEA) - Wrist injury
C.J. Spiller (BUF) - Hamstring injury
Hines Ward (PIT) - Neck injury

hey, watch the hands mister

The Cowboys played lights out in New York on Sunday - literally. The new $1.6 billion stadium lost power entirely for a few seconds that plunged the entire stadium into blackness and caused a delay to the game for several minutes until enough power could be restored to sufficiently light the field.

It was likely a small advantage to the Cowboys though since they have been playing in the dark for most of the year.

I'm not telling jerry. You tell jerry

In what could easily be the worst day at the Cowboys headquarters, last Monday saw the firing of HC Wade Phillips and OC Jason Garrett was promoted to interim head coach. It was a day of tense, painful revelations and tough but necessary actions by Jerry Jones. Knowing that changes were in the winds, many of you checked out the Cowboys team web site which is the #2 most popular football site behind only But it was down. Did not work.

Of course it could have been the crush of traffic that brought it down but that wasn't it. It could have been that the Cowboys were making changes on the site to reflect the new coaching situation but that wasn't it. On the worst day in recent Cowboys history, the web site was down because coincidentally someone had forgotten to pay the bill to renew the URL Wade may not have been the only person there looking for an empty box last Monday.

Have to imagine at some cubicle at Valley Ranch a sweating network administrator spent 30 minutes tapping the refresh key while muttering "Dear God, not today. Not today. Come one baby... Not today..."

ten random observations

1. Have to love the Patriots when it comes to fantasy football. They have long been indecipherable when it comes to running backs and now that Randy Moss is gone, the wideouts are hard to predict. Last week Aaron Hernandez had five catches for 48 yards and two touchdowns (one was from a carom shot). But he has been solid with 30 to 60 yards per week and finally Brady started to connect with him in the endzone. Rob Gronkowski had scored in three games but only had more than one catch per game three times this year. So naturally this week Aaron Hernandez had three passes thrown to him with no catches - two were long passes. And Rob Gronkowski merely ended with five catches for 72 yards and three touchdowns. Will that earn him a big role next week? Roll them dice, baby...

2. Have to be impressed with the new quarterbacks this season. Sam Bradford may already have the Offensive Rookie of the Year sewn up but Colt McCoy is doing more with less against a far tougher schedule. His first start was against the Steelers when he passed for 281 yards and one score. Then he had lower games against the Saints and Patriots because both were Cleveland wins and he never had a turnover and did as much as the team needed to win. Yesterday McCoy passed for 205 yards and one score on the Jets and took them to overtime for almost the entire 15 minutes with no turnovers. McCoy is making do with little more than Peyton Hillis and Ben Watson as receivers. He should change his name to McGyver.

3. What to think about Dwayne Bowe? We all expected his great showings against the Texans and Jaguars. We were slightly surprised when he scored against the Bills since they were so easy to rush against. And he also scored on the Raiders but CB Nnamdi Asomugha was injured and his 5-63 with one touchdown was an understandable aberration. But in Denver, facing almost entirely Champ Bailey, Bowe walks away with 13 catches for 186 yards and two touchdowns? The Broncos were playing prevent from about the second quarter onward but 13 catches? No other player had more than five. That makes Bowe scoring eight times in just the last five weeks. He is a must start from now on. Even when it doesn't make sense. Fortunately, next week is when the Cardinals come to Kansas City so you will not require any second thoughts.

4. While it will not be like Sunday every week, Fred Jackson looks a little more attractive in a fantasy sense. He gained 133 yards and a score on 25 carries against the Lions and added six catches for 37 yards and a second touchdown. But just as important was that C.J. Spiller suffered what is feared to be a significant hamstring injury which means Jackson is going to get a heavier load until he gets back. He'll play in Cincy next week but then host the Steelers. But his role as a receiver will help prop up his stats if Spiller ends up gone for more than a week or two.

5. I have to give credit where credit is due. Jerricho Cotchery intentionally screwed me was a noncontributor to one of my teams in week nine when I tried to cure a bye week problem. But props to him in week 10 (when I had already dropped him) when he caught three passes for 43 yards and one score. It was that final catch on third-and-nine from the NYJ 37-yard line in overtime that gained ten yards and a first down. You watch the entire clip over at where it is the seventh video listed from the top. Cotchery went over the middle on a pattern and pulled up lame with a groin pull. He hopped on one foot eight times in pain but the pass was thrown from a scrambling Sanchez and Cotchery dove and stretched to make the improbable catch. I'd like to think a painful groin pull would not result in me falling to the ground where I would look like I was in a drunked seizure (though I would not guarantee it). I would doubt I could then dive and make a fingertip catch.

6. Here is a perfect example of the sort of year we are having. The four highest scoring teams this week were Denver (49-29), Seattle (36-18), Dallas (33-20) and New England (39-26). Gosh, how are these alike? How about each one was not favored to win the game. And each one came off being beaten if not favored in their last game- Denver (16-24 vs SF, 14-59 vs OAK the week before), Seattle (7-41 vs. NYG and 3-33 against OAK the week before), Dallas (7-45 @GB and 17-35 vs. JAC the week before), and New England (14-34 @ CLE). What ever happened to consistency? In the case of the Broncos, Seahawks and Cowboys - now what are we supposed to think? Where was that level of play before? I guess just take the most improbable win and then reverse the score you expect.

7. One of the biggest disappointments on Sunday was Jahvid Best who has been getting incrementally better in recent weeks both with the number of carries and his role as a receiver. Best faced the Bills this week and their #31 ranked defense against running backs and yet could only gain 35 yards on 17 carries and added four catches for just four yards. Maybe next year, Jahvid. 2010 is a disappointment after a hot start for the two weeks opening the season and he won't take the next step even when it should be easy.

8. It is looking more like Mike Wallace could end up sneaking into the top ten wideouts next year. He had already scored in three of the four games that Ben Roethlisberger had started and gained 296 yards in those (74 yard average). But against the Patriots, Wallace added 8 receptions for 136 yards and two more touchdowns. Much of that came when Hines Ward was forced from the game when Wallace had even more attention by the secondary.

9. Open question - what happens when the Vikings lose another game and at 3-7 have to realize that the playoffs are not going to happen? Listening to Brett Favre post game interviews are pretty painful but what will he have to play for when it is so obvious that even Brad Childress admits all is lost? Will they continue to play Favre and if so, why? After spending millions to lure Favre back, would they have the cajones to bench him? Favre sounds like a short-timer working for a company about to go out of business. Then again, maybe they should just fire Childress. Look how that worked for the Cowboys.

10. Roddy White, Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson. How is it that any of the three are not double covered in every game? Heck, all things considered, devoting three defenders to each probably would not hurt. It just never fails to amaze me at the end of games how open those three wide receivers sometimes get.

Huddle Player of the Week

Matt Cassel - Playing in the shadow of Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones means plenty of handoffs and not as many passes but when the Chiefs went to Denver they found themselves ambushed and behind 21-0 before they even knew what hit them. That left the running backs with a season low 20 carries to share and yet Cassel threw 53 passes and completed 33 for 469 yards and four scores thanks in no small part to Denver giving up the shorter throws. It was a game that happened on many benches since Cassel's previous best was only 250 yards. For teams covering a bye week - it was sweet.


Drama 101 - Somebody has to laugh, somebody has to cry

Comedy Line-up Yards TDs Tragedy Line-up Yards TDs
QB Troy Smith 356 1 QB Peyton Manning 185 0
RB Justin Forsett 95 1 RB Michael Turner 39 0
RB Jason Snelling 67 1 RB Cedric Benson 51 0
WR Kevin Walter 90 1 WR Randy Moss 26 0
WR Early Doucet 71 1 WR Reggie Wayne 34 0
WR Rob Gronkowski 72 3 WR Brandon Marshall 35 0
PK Olindo Mare 3 XP 5 FG PK Billy Cundiff 3 XP

Huddle Fantasy Points = 130

Huddle Fantasy Points = 26

Sunday Snippet

BAL 21, ATL 26 This was supposed to be more of a defensive game and there was precious little rushing and no scores on the ground. But Joe Flacco passed for 215 yards and three scores while Matt Ryan threw for 316 yards and three touchdowns. Todd Heap (4-57), Anquan Boldin (5-50) and Derrick Mason (4-48) all scored touchdowns for the Ravens. With the Falcons it was almost entirely Roddy White (12-138, 2 TD) and his 33-yard catch was the game winner. Jason Snelling had the other score on his 56 yards on six receptions. The loss drops the Ravens to 6-3 while the Falcons rise to 7-2 with the best record in the NFC.
DET 12, BUF 14 I'll be honest. What a huge disappointment. This wasn't supposed to be the Steelers vs. the Jets. The Lions at the Bills and all we get is 26 points? Really? Granted it was rain-soaked and sloppy but we were looking forward to at least twice this score if not three times. Ryan Fitzpatrick only managed 146 yards and one score but some of that went to Fred Jackson who had a season best 133 rushing yards and a score and also added six receptions for 37 yards and a second score. Steve Johnson - at home and against the Lions - only had three catches for 37 yards. Shaun Hill was able to play and threw for 323 yards but only one score. That mostly ended up with Calvin Johnson (10-128, TD). The biggest disappointment here was Jahvid Best who went against the worst rushing defense and yet only gained 35 yards on 17 rushes and had only four yards on his four catches. Just pitiful but on the plus side the Bills won their first game (and yet still did not cover the 3 point spread). This game came down to a failed two point conversion attempt by the Lions.
MIN 13, CHI 27 The Green Bay Vikings once again took one in the Favre when they could only muster 170 pass yards and one score with three interceptions. Bernard Berrian missed the game with a groin injury during warm ups and Harvin was hurt again but still had four catches for 64 yards and one score. With minimal passing success, Adrian Peterson was held to only 51 yards on 17 carries. The Bears had marginal rushing results which means it went pretty well and Jay Cutler passed for 237 yards and three scores. Johnny Knox caught five passes for 90 yards but no other receivers had more than four catches or 38 yards. Cutler hit nine different receivers - eleven if you count two interceptions. The loss forces the Vikings to start playing the "well if we won everything and..." game while the Bears are 6-3 and now tied with the Packers for the NFC North lead. No word if this is enough to get Brad Childress fired or not. If Brett Favre gives this team their best chance of winning, imagine what this would look like if he did not return. Besides 16 less interceptions.
NYJ 26, CLE 20
The Jets become the first team in NFL history to win consecutive road games that went into overtime. The Browns nearly won their third straight upset but fell short because the only weapons they have are Peyton Hillis (109 total yards, TD) and Ben Watson (5-74). Mark Sanchez ended with 299 yards and two scores thanks to the 37-yard catch and run by Santonio Holmes that won the game in overtime. Braylon Edwards (4-59) had his first game back in Cleveland and was roundly booed because no wideouts have been sighted there since. The duo of Ladainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene gained 129 rushing yards but that required 38 carries. Tomlinson also added a team high six receptions for 53 yards. The loss drops the Browns to 3-6 while the Jets rise to 7-2 and remain tied with the Patriots in the AFC East.
CIN 17, IND 23 The Bengals now own the NFL's worst six game losing streak and while Carson Palmer passed for a healthy 292 yards and two scores, he had three interceptions and Cedric Benson's attempt to victimize one of the weaker rushing defenses only produced 24 yards on 14 carries with one lost fumble. In a rarity, Chad Ochocinco (7-86, TD) actually had a better game than Terrell Owens (4-64) though the rookie tight end Jermaine Gresham (9-85, TD) was busier than anyone. The Colts won but had Peyton Manning turn in one of his worst games in years when he passed for just 185 yards and no scores. Javarris James (10-26) scored the only offensive touchdown and Donald Brown (12-50) was of marginal help. But a Colts touchdown by the defense made a huge difference and in the end the Bengals could not mount a comeback without turning the ball over. The win keeps the Colts one game up in the AFC South. The Bengals are 2-7 and are in a frenzy to get decent reservations for New Years Eve because partying in January is all they have to look forward to.
TEN 17, MIA 29 The Dolphins won despite needing to use three different quarterbacks and possibly losing both Chads for the rest of the season. Chad Pennington only lasted two plays which won't qualify him as the comeback player of the year. The Fins actually had to use the Wildcat in the third quarter because the rules preclude using a third quarterback until the fourth quarter. Ricky Williams was the better runner for the Fins with 64 yards on 11 carries though Ronnie Brown scored once on his 12 rushes for a net 11 yards. Anthony Fasano led the team with 107 yards and a touchdown on five catches while Brandon Marshall (3-34) can only dream of what is happening back in Denver these days. Randy Moss had his third season debut but only caught one pass for 26 yards late in the game. Chris Johnson gained 117 yards and one touchdown on 17 carries but the passing game was a problem with Collins getting knocked out of the game and Vince Young unable to produce a spark. The Fins are 5-4 and have Tyler Thigpen for a starting quarterback but remain two games behind the Jets and Pats. The Titans fall to 5-4 but are only one game back of the Colts in the AFC South.
CAR 16, TB 31 The Panthers could not hope to keep up with the Buccaneers and Jimmy Clausen only ended with 191 yards and no score. Mike Goodson got his first start and gained 100 yards on 23 carries but the best receiver was Steve Smith who only had three catches for 47 yards. Josh Freeman passed for 241 yards and two scores which surprisingly went to Kellen Winslow (6-65) and Arrelious Benn (2-29). Mike Williams was still the lead receiver with four catches for 68 yards. LeGarrette Blount never had any catches but rushed 19 times for 91 yards and one score. The loss leaves the Panthers one game closer to the end of this nightmare season while the Buccaneers remain just one game behind the Falcons and tied with the Saints in the NFC South.
KC 29, DEN 49

Apparently Denver figured out whatever it was that Oakland did there a few weeks ago because they did it to the Chiefs. And the Chiefs were unappreciative since the coaches did not shake hands after the game. Matt Cassel had a career game with 469 yards and four touchdowns and remarkably Dwayne Bowe (13-186, 2 TD) had few problems with Champ Bailey though in fairness the Broncos were ahead so far and so early that Denver backed up the defense and allowed a lot of underneath stuff. Jamaal Charles only had 41 rush yards but added 80 yards on five receptions along with one touchdown. Kyle Orton passed for 296 yards and four scores and may have never even broken a sweat it all went so well. Brandon Lloyd scored twice on his six catches for 90 yards and Jabar Gaffney (3-57) scored once along with Knowshon Moreno had had 50 yards on three catches and then 106 yards on 22 runs. The win ends a four game losing streak for the Broncos while the 5-4 Chiefs are now TIED WITH THE RAIDERS FOR THE AFC WEST LEAD... wow. Imagine that.

SEA 36, ARI 18 The Seahawks rolled the Cards even though it was a road game and they are not supposed to win those. Matt Hasselbeck passed for 333 yards that favored Mike Williams (11-145) and Deon Butler caught a 63-yard touchdown. Both Justin Forsett (9-64) and Marshawn Lynch (13-29) scored a touchdown as well. Derek Anderson passed for 322 yards and a score to Early Doucet (6-71). Both starting wideouts had big yardage with Larry Fitzgerald turning in 91 yards on seven receptions and Steve Breaston ending with 98 yards on four catches. The win propels the Seahawks to 5-4 which is good enough to rule the NFC West while the Cardinals drop to 3-6 and can get rid of any pretenses that they are anything nearly as good as last year.
DAL 33, NYG 20

What? Huh?

Actually some of the times when a team fires a head coach in mid-season, the team responds with a big game the next week. Doesn't always happen but it is not unprecedented. Then that team falls back to a more normal way of playing. The Cowboys came out and played inspired and emotional football while the Giants were the ones that looked lethargic and out of synch. Jon Kitna passed for 327 yards and three scores that split up between Dez Bryant (3-104), Miles Austin (2-68) and even Felix Jones (3-85). As a sign of how big an aberration this game was, the Cowboys out rushed the Giants 98 to 90 yards. Eli Manning passed for 373 yards and two scores but had two interceptions including one returned for a TD. Mario Manningham replaced Steve Smith and ended with 10 receptions for 91 yards and one score while Hakeem Nicks settled for 82 yards on five receptions with two drops. Kevin Boss (5-81) also scored in one of his rare good games. The win gives the Cowboys a reason to live for while the Giants drop to 6-3 but still sit atop the NFC East.

STL 20, SF 23
Troy Smith has won two games in a row which makes him just below Joe Montana and Steve Young in 49ers fans admiration. Smith passed for 356 yards and a score but spread the wealth with five different receivers topping 60 yards and yet none with more than 80. Delanie Walker (4-80) and Vernon Davis (4-79) were the leading receivers. Frank Gore only only had 87 rushing yards and a score but added 67 more yards on just three receptions. The Rams had an early lead but could not hold off the 49ers rally to tie the score and later kick a field goal to win. Sam Bradford passed for 251 yards which favored Brandon Gibson (8-72) though Danny Amendola (7-51) had the lone receiving score. Steven Jackson had a very nice game with 148 total yards and a score - an actual rushing touchdown! The loss drops the Rams one game behind the Seahawks for the NFC West lead while the 49ers are 3-6 and hoping everyone has forgotten about the first half of the season.
NE 39, PIT 26 The Patriots were apparently bothered by getting crushed by the Browns last week and took it out on the Steelers in Pittsburgh. That alone says all you need to know about this season. This ended up as a pass-happy game that had Tom Brady throwing for 350 yards and three scores with no turnovers. Brady even rushed in a touchdown if for no other reason that he could. Wes Welker (8-89) actually looked like 2009 and Rob Gronkowski had maybe the best game he'll ever have when he turned five receptions for 72 yards into three touchdowns. Ben Roethlisberger passed for 387 yards and three touchdowns as well which went to Mike Wallace (8-136, 2 TD) and Emmanuel Sanders (5-41). The win keeps the Patriots tied with the Jets in the AFC East while the loss ties the Steelers with the Ravens in the AFC North.

Sunday's Couch Commentary

Another wacky week with the highest scoring teams coming off embarrassing losses (if not several) and plenty of upsets all around the league. In the morning games, only the Jets managed to win on the road and that required overtime. In the afternoon, all but one of the road teams won and most of those were the underdogs.

It was a week of many upsets and surprise big games. The Bills finally won. The 49ers have won 3 of the last 4. The entire AFC East won their last game and all of the AFC North are coming off a loss.

It's just a parity fueled season with inconsistent play and teams that change from good to bad to good to bad on almost a weekly basis. But we had plenty of points and two overtime games. The two of the three last week ended 23-20 and the other went off 24-27. This week was another 23-20 and one was 26-20 only because of the touchdown catch by Santonio Holmes or it would have again been 20-23. What is it about 20-20 as the most common tied score at the end of regulation?

The Game-o-the-week is a great one. You knew it would be a fantasy nirvana when the Texans visited the Jaguars. What we didn't know was how it would end.

Texans 24, Jaguars 31

This game started innocuously enough with both teams driving deeply into the other's team territory and then settling for a field goal. It wasn't until ten minutes remained in the second quarter that the Jaguars would get the ball near midfield on a punt. They then ran Maurice Jones-Drew seven of eight plays with only one Rashad Jennings carry. Jones-Drew ended with a three-yard touchdown jaunt for the 10-3 lead.

The Texans could not advance the ball beyond their own 30-yard line and with two minutes left to play, they punted to the JAC 45-yard line where four plays later they were on the HOU 9-yard line with 42 seconds left to play. On first down, Jones-Drew ran in the score for the 17-3 halftime advantage.

Things changed in the second half when the Texans took the opening possession 80 yards for a Arian Foster 1-yard touchdown run up the middle. Andre Johnson had a 60 yard catch that ended at the JAC 6-yard line on that possession. The score was 10-17 but would not last long when the Jaguars could do nothing with the kickoff and punted to the HOU 20-yard line.

The Texans mixed passes to Andre Johnson and David Anderson to reach the JAC 9-yard line where Johnson caught the touchdown on first down. With 5:17 left in the third quarter, the score was knotted at 17-17.

The Jaguars got fired up and drove from their own 20-yard line and reached the HOU 21-yard line when the first play of the fourth quarter saw Josh Scobee miss a 39-yard field goal attempt.

But the Texans could only reach the JAC 46 yard line before Matt Schaub fumbled and while it was recovered by Houston, it lost 12 yards and the Texans punted. That gave the Jaguars the ball on their own 13-yard line with 12:50 left to play. After eight plays reached the JAC 43-yard line, it was fourth-and-one with 7:08 left to play. Would you go for it? The Jaguars did. David Garrard gained five yards to get the first down and then hit Zach Miller on the next play for a 52-yard touchdown and the 24-17 lead with only 7:08 left to play.

But the Texans came to play and they took over on their own 20-yard line. A pass to Johnson covered 19 yards. A couple of runs gained nine yards and then a pass interference call on the defense trying to cover Johnson (can you blame them?) brought the ball all the way down to the 18-yard line. Schaub hit Kevin Walter for the score but it was called incomplete. Gary Kubiak challenged and won giving the 18-yard touchdown to Walter for the 24-24 tie.

With 4:14 left to play, the Jaguars took over on their 20-yard line. A pass to Marcedes Lewis and an end-around run by Mike Thomas combined for 33 yards to the HOU 47-yard line. Another pass to Thomas reached the HOU 30-yard line at the two minute mark. But a holding call on the next play moved the ball back and on fourth and five from the HOU 25-yard line, the Jaguars kicked the go-ahead field goal with 1:39 remaining in the game. Only Scobee missed another one.

Only 1:34 left to play and the Texans began on their own 33-yard line. Schaub hit a couple of short passes to the JAC 47-yard line. Then he found Walter for seven yards to the JAC 40 yard line with 35 seconds left to play. A penalty on the next play moved it back to the 45 yard line where Schaub threw an incompletion. All he needed to do with 22 seconds left was to complete anything to make a shorter field goal attempt for the win. And he did - Joel Dreessen gained eight yards but was stripped of the ball and it was recovered by the Jaguars at the JAC 34-yard line.

There was only eight seconds left on the clock. The Jaguars were at home that always favors in overtime games. And most coaches love that safe route. But sometimes, thankfully, you have to try anyway and if you play to win, you play to win on every play. Garrard connected with Lewis for an 11 yard gain before Lewis scooted out of bounds. With three seconds left, the defense was offsides and moved the ball to the midfield stripe.

One play. Three seconds.

All the tall "hands guys" already waiting down by the goal line.

Jaguars send a triangle of receivers down the left side with Sims-Walker getting there first (and getting interfered with though not called). Lewis and Thomas showed up a split second later right when the bomb from Garrard arrived in the endzone and a leaping defender batted it down. Not straight down though, more of a 45 degrees down right into the hands of Mike Thomas who incredibly had the reaction time to catch it with his finger tips and step into the endzone for the win.

Sure, that play happens in every game if not at the end of every half. And it never works. At least almost never. But sometimes a team with only three seconds left to play doesn't want to play the averages and take the safe route. And it works.

It is a week to week league these days and many fantasy leagues even mirror the parity of it all with a scarcity of any teams with only one or two losses.

I've learned important things this past week. Like never getting comfortable with what teams are "good" or "bad". That if there is any time on that clock - if only a one second - I can still go for the win and take the chance on a long pass.

But most importantly?

Making sure domain name is not up for renewal this week.

Now get back to work...

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