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Players to Target on Draft Day
Kevin Ratterree
August 30, 2011
LeSean McCoy, RB, Eagles
LeSean McCoy makes a great early first round pick in PPR fantasy leagues.

With many drafts taking place this weekend, I am presenting my final list of players to target on draft day. I treat fantasy football a little like dating. There are players I definitely want. There are players I might want if the price or situation is right. And there are players I wouldn’t touch with your pick.

I presented my Players To Avoid article early in the preseason so you know several of my draft dogs. I included Anquan Boldin on that list, but having seen where he is drafted in real drafts, I’m thinking you could do worse. So if I could change one pick from that article it would be Boldin. He has moved from a “no” to a maybe in my book. He wasn’t a target player for me in my redrafts, but I didn’t have him scratched off the list at his draft value as it is.

My redrafts are both completed, and I got a lot of the players I wanted in each case.   Many of those players will be included on this list along with others I would have found acceptable. I drafted from #2 and #8 in FFPC leagues, so I got a taste of drafting from different spots, therefore ended up with many different players on each team.  Best of luck to all of you with your drafts!

First Round

In PPR leagues, receptions are king. Yet I consistently see the running back run rule the roost in the first round. Why? Every year there is one or a few RBs that really dominate the position. Arian Foster last year roasted the field. We all want that guy. The problem is, it is never the same guy two years in a row. But we all line up with our best guesses in the first round. To me, the best strategy is this: I want a running back that is going to get a TON of receptions- Arian Foster, Ray Rice, LeSean McCoy fit the bill this year. It is hard for a guy like Adrian Peterson to make up the points difference with those kind of guys, because he simply doesn’t get enough air mail.

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