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Rest Of Season Player Rankings - Wide Receivers: Week 2
John Tuvey
September 14, 2011

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These player rankings track a player's value for the remainder of the season.

Mv Rank Player Team Bye
  1 Andre Johnson HOU 11
  2 Calvin Johnson DET 9
  3 Roddy White ATL 8
  4 Larry Fitzgerald ARI 6
  5 Vincent Jackson SDC 6
  6 Greg Jennings GBP 8
  7 Mike Wallace PIT 11
  8 Miles Austin DAL 5
  9 DeSean Jackson PHI 7
  10 Reggie Wayne IND 11
  11 Mike Williams TBB 8
  12 Brandon Marshall MIA 5
  13 Brandon Lloyd DEN 6
Moving Down 14 Hakeem Nicks NYG 7
Moving Up 15 Kenny Britt TEN 6
  16 Dez Bryant DAL 5
  17 Wes Welker NEP 7
  18 Anquan Boldin BAL 5
  19 Steve Johnson BUF 7
  20 Santonio Holmes NYJ 8
Moving Down 21 Dwayne Bowe KCC 6
  22 Percy Harvin MIN 9
Moving Up 23 Steve Smith CAR 9
  24 Mario Manningham NYG 7
  25 Robert Meachem NOS 11
  26 Mike Thomas JAC 9
  27 Santana Moss WAS 5
  28 Deion Branch NEP 7
  29 Davone Bess MIA 5
  30 Plaxico Burress NYJ 8
  31 Jeremy Maclin PHI 7
Moving Up 32 Jordy Nelson GBP 8
  33 Julio Jones ATL 8
  34 Early Doucet ARI 6
  35 Nate Burleson DET 9
  36 A.J. Green CIN 7
Moving Up 37 Devery Henderson NOS 11
  38 Hines Ward PIT 11
  39 Lee Evans BAL 5
  40 Lance Moore NOS 11
  41 Donald Driver GBP 8
  42 Brandon Gibson STL 5
  43 Malcom Floyd SDC 6
  44 Marques Colston NOS 11
Moving Down 45 Chad Ochocinco NEP 7
Moving Up 46 Jacoby Jones HOU 11
Moving Down 47 Austin Collie IND 11
  48 Pierre Garcon IND 11
  49 Jerome Simpson CIN 7
Moving Down 50 Sidney Rice SEA 6
  51 Mike Sims-Walker STL 5
  52 Devin Hester CHI 8
Moving Down 53 Roy Williams CHI 8
  54 Andre Roberts ARI 6
  55 Johnny Knox CHI 8
  56 Earl Bennett CHI 8
  57 Michael Crabtree SFO 7
  58 Steve Breaston KCC 6
  59 Eric Decker DEN 6
  60 Bernard Berrian MIN 9
  61 Jason Avant PHI 7
  62 Nate Washington TEN 6
  63 Randall Cobb GBP 8
  64 Greg Little CLE 5
  65 Jacoby Ford OAK 8
  66 Emmanuel Sanders PIT 11
  67 Steve Smith PHI 7
Moving Up 68 Darrius Heyward-Bey OAK 8
  69 Cecil Shorts JAC 9
  70 Michael Jenkins MIN 9

Hakeem Nicks, GiantsMoving Down
A bum knee might cost him next week's game--one of the precious few in which he isn't facing a shutdown corner, too. Every passing day brings Nicks that much closer to his Week 16 visit to Revis Island.  

Kenny Britt, TitansMoving Up
Britt ducked a suspension from Roger Goodell, then blew up the Jaguars secondary for a pair of touchdowns in Week 1. So long as he avoids trouble he's a premier fantasy wideout. Of course, Trouble knows where he lives.

Dwayne Bowe, ChiefsMoving Down
This offense looks to be in big trouble, meaning we'll see less of the Bowe who dominated defenses during the middle of last season and more of the Bowe who stumbled to the finish with two shutouts and just one touchdown in the final six weeks of 2010. 

Steve Smith, PanthersMoving Up
Not only can Cam Newton walk on water and cure cancer, he has also brought Smith's fantasy career back from the dead--for a week, at least. Memo to Newton: just keep making Smith happy; you wouldn't like him when he's angry.

Jordy Nelson, PackersMoving Up
There's plenty of productivity in the Packers passing game; the question will be backing the right horse on a weekly basis. One game (the Super Bowl) could be flukey; two games (another strong showing in the season opener) suggests a trend may be developing here. I'm not 100 percent sold yet, but I'd rather Nelson falter on my bench than thrive in someone else's lineup.

Devery Henderson, SaintsMoving Up
Marques Colston is out for a month or more, Lance Moore is gimpy... suddenly the Saints are down to a manageable number of fantasy wideout. Henderson led the team in receiving Week 1 and stands to be the benificiary of all the extra playing time.

Chad Ochocinco, PatriotsMoving Down
You'd think that with 517 yards to go around, Ocho would be up for a little more than 14.  Maybe Peter King was right and he hasn't caught on to the Patriots' offense yet. He'd better hustle, because right now he's a speck in Wes Welker's rear-view mirror. 

Jacoby Jones, TexansMoving Up
After busting a punt return for a score in the season opener, Jones now finds himself thrust into the starting lineup with Kevin Walters nursing a bad shoulder--and there are points to be had in this offense.

Austin Collie, ColtsMoving Down
Colts took a hit across the board, but particularly ravaged was the fantasy value of receivers not named Reggie Wayne. Kerry Collins had little difficulty finding Indy's primary option, but secondary targets such as Collie no longer provide the fantasy bang they did when Peyton Manning was surveying the field. 

Sidney Rice, SeahawksMoving Down
Seattle's offense looks to be in full-on struggle mode; making matters worse, Rice is battling a shoulder injury that kept him out of the season opener. Unless the Seahawks are planning their own road trip to Kiln, anything resembling Rice's 2009 numbers seems unlikely. 

Roy Williams, BearsMoving Down
You'll notice all the Bears receivers are clustered in the upper 50s; that's intentional. None emerged as a favored target for Jay Cutler in Week 1, and this has all the makings of a WRBC situation that's more frustrating than fruitful. 

Darrius Heyward-Bey, RaidersMoving Up
Hey, he caught four balls Monday night. Seriously, caught four balls--and on only seven targets, too! With most of the other Raider receivers nicked up, maybe this is his chance to prove Al Davis was right.

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