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Start/Bench List - Week 11
By Whitney Walters
November 13, 2003
Sun 1 PM Sun 1 PM Sun 1 PM Sun 4 PM Sun 8:30 PM
ATL at NO KC at CIN Sun 4 PM GB at TB Mon 9 PM
HOU at BUF STL at CHI DET at SEA   (times ET)
Player List by Position
Start/Bench Codes (SBC)
S1: Must start, 1st string.
S2: Solid starter, 2nd string.
X: No start or bench indications / Could go either way.
B: Bench 'em / Too much risk.
U: Upside player / Possible sleeper.
Early Injury Status  (O): Out  (D): Doubtful  (Q): Questionable  (P): Probable
Washington (4-5) at Carolina (7-2)  
Sun, Nov 16, 1:00 PM ET on FOX at Ericsson Stadium Back to top
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Patrick Ramsey U

The offense improved from top to bottom last week under OC Hue Jackson's more balanced approach to play calling. With more balance came more comfort in the pocket for Ramsey (no sacks). With more comfort came more and better plays down field. If they can repeat this week there will be plays for Ramsey to make to Coles and Gardner.

RB Trung Canidate B Returned from injury last week and showed what he's shown since putting on a Redskin uniform, ineffectiveness. May lose his starting job to Cartwright this week.
RB Rock Cartwright X Highly effective last week and may have earned himself a start. The Panthers are tough up front, but Cartwright is very quick to the hole and runs with power. That should provide him with some opportunities to be productive. Also catches the ball well out of the backfield.
WR Laveranues Coles (P) S2 The Panthers just flat out don't have anyone in the secondary that can match up with Coles. If Ramsey gets some time in the pocket this week, Coles will torch them.
WR Rod Gardner X Really shows up when he actually does, averaging 9 catches, 96 yards and a TD in his three fantasy worthy games this season. Problem is the other six. With the change in play calling and the suspect Panther secondary, chances are good for Gardner to put up two good games in a row.
TE Whoever B Three Redskin tight ends have totaled ten catches in nine games.
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Jake Delhomme B Prior to last week Delhomme was typically doing just enough to make Steve Smith a fantasy factor. This week will be no different as the Panthers will rely again on the running attack.
RB Stephen Davis (P) S2 Even a less than 100% Davis is worth starting against a Redskin defense that allows nearly 130 rushing YPG.
RB DeShaun Foster B Filled in well for the injured Davis last week and may see some extra work as Davis will not be totally healthy on Sunday. But the only time he should be a fantasy starter is when he's the real starter.
WR Muhsin Muhammad B Hasn't scored since week one and topped 46 yards receiving only twice this season. Time to move on.
WR Steve Smith S2 Smith remains the only viable target for the Panthers. The Redskin shut-down corners (Bailey and Smoot) are playing hurt and not up to par. Smith has put up 100 yards and/or scored in the past five games. He will have his chances this week.
TE Kris Mangum B Has had over a single catch only three times this year.
N.Y. Jets (3-6) at Indianapolis (7-2)  
Sun, Nov 16, 4:15 PM ET on CBS at RCA Dome Back to top
New York Jets
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Chad Pennington S2 Pennington has developed into one of the top play-action passers in the league. He should have more success this week as the running game will likely produce against the Colts.
RB Curtis Martin X Martin hit the 100 yard mark in week eight but hasn't sniffed the end zone all year. The Colts have shown to be vulnerable to the run this season so look for a heavy dose of Martin in this one... at least until they get to the goal-line.
RB LaMont Jordan  X Getting most of the goal-line and short yardage carries and has scored the Jets' only four rushing TDs this season. Will likely continue to top out at about 8-10 carries a game.
WR Curtis Conway X Moss continues to draw extra attention but Conway fails to have any fantasy impact as Pennington (outside of Moss) spreads the ball well to all the skill positions.
WR Santana Moss S2

Chrebet is done for the year and Conway is still ineffective. Good thing Moss remains hotter than Mad Dog Inferno hot sauce.

TE Anthony Becht X Not a big factor in the offense since Pennington's return, but has the ability to produce on occasion. Will be called upon more now with the team losing Chrebet.
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Peyton Manning S2 With the injuries to the Jets' secondary they will be sitting back in soft zone coverages this week. Look for Manning to do a lot of damage underneath that coverage and down the seams. Even without Harrison he shouldn't miss a beat this week.
RB Edgerrin James S1 Doesn't get much better than facing the worst run defense in the league. Oh wait... yes it does. Without Harrison James can expect even more touches, especially in the passing game.
WR Marvin Harrison (D) B Ouch, this one's going to hurt. Harrison has been one of the most reliable receivers in the league, not missing a game since 1998. That all may change this week as it's looking likely that he will be out due to the hamstring strain.
WR Reggie Wayne S2 Wayne steps to the forefront with the injury to Harrison. So far this season he's proved he can get it done.
WR Troy Walters X Thrust into the starting lineup this week. Performed well last week when Harrison went down and it's likely that trend will continue against a banged up Jet secondary.
TE Marcus Pollard S2 Everyone is going to see a little extra action in the passing game this week so Pollard remains a solid start.
TE Dallas Clark X Saw some limited action last week and the hammy appears to be okay. Figures to be on the field all afternoon since with no third WR the Colts will be in 2-WR, 2-TE formations all game long.
Detroit (3-6) at Seattle (6-3)  
Sun, Nov 16, 4:15 PM ET on FOX at Seahawks Stadium Back to top
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Joey Harrington B

Has played better since almost losing his starting job a few weeks back. But it's never been good enough to warrant fantasy consideration. Especially this week against a strong secondary and pass rush.

RB Shawn Bryson S2

Has a chance to redeem himself this week if the Lions stay committed to the run. The Seattle front is undersized and has suffered a big loss (literally) with the season ending injury to DT Norman Hand. If the Lions pound the ball at the Seahawks' interior Bryson will pay off. He's also one of the better receiving targets available to Harrington.

RB Olandis Gary B Only a single carry last week. Bryson remains the better option.
WR Az-Zahir Hakim
Bill Schroeder
B May be the worst starting WR duo in the league.
WR Scotty Anderson B

Anderson is showing some promise as he has the speed and height to be a vertical threat. But at 6-2, 190 he lacks the bulk to deal with physical man coverage.

TE Casey Fitzsimmons X With Mikhael Ricks likely out of the picture now, Fitzsimmons is the starter. He stepped up with five catches last week, and along with Bryson provides Harrington's best targets underneath.
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Matt Hasselbeck S2 Should provide a bright spot this week in what has been a less than ideal fantasy season. With a secondary that has been wrecked by injury the Lions can't afford to blitz. With plenty of time in the pocket Hasselbeck can pick them apart.
RB Shaun Alexander (P) S2 The Lions are surprisingly tough to run on. But Seattle's ability to force the defense into nickel coverage should provide Alexander with the running lanes he needs for a good day.
WR Koren Robinson S2 Sprained ankle or not Robinson looked good last week, pulling in 5 balls for 88 yards, his best game since week three. This week provides an excellent opportunity to really get it going against an injury riddled secondary.
WR Darrell Jackson S2 Same goes for Jackson.
WR Bobby Engram X

Will get some chances as the Seahawks run plenty of 3-WR sets. But this week it will be all Robinson and Jackson.

TE Itula Mili X Has been very quiet since his two TD game in week eight.
San Diego (2-7) at Denver (5-4)  
Sun, Nov 16, 4:15 PM ET on CBS at Invesco Field at Mile High Back to top
San Diego
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Doug Flutie X Flutie is the man now, and likely for the balance of this season. But lets not get too excited here. While having success coming off the bench or in situations where opposing teams can't game-plan for him (like last week), he's a below average NFL QB when held in the pocket. That will be Denver's plan this week.
RB LaDainian Tomlinson S2 With at least a decent threat to throw the ball now, LT is finding more room to run. Without it's two speed linebackers, Denver will have a very difficult time tracking him down.
WR David Boston S2 With LT drawing most of the defensive attention, and with a QB that can get him the ball more effectively now, Boston will be very difficult to stop.
WR Tim Dwight
Reche Caldwell
B Injuries, poor play and a run oriented offense make any WR outside of Boston worth very little.
TE Whoever B With Alexander's return this week and the emergence of rookie Antonio Gates last week there are now three TEs seeing action. Stay away.
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Jake Plummer (P) S2 Any QB coming back from an injury that kept him out a month carries some risk. The ankle won't likely afford Plummer is normal mobility. But against a Charger secondary that has been riddled by 19 passing touchdowns, he may not need it.
RB Clinton Portis S1 With the return of Plummer comes the return of a passing game and far fewer 8-man fronts. You could see Portis' best game of the season this week against the very porous Charger defense.
WR Rod Smith S2 The Chargers' young and inexperienced corners continue to have problems with experienced, premier route running wide receivers. I think Smith fits that description pretty well.
WR Ashley Lelie X

Lelie was just starting to crank it up when Plummer went down. With no replacement capable of getting the ball deep his production has suffered. Plummer is back and Lelie will get his chances down field against the inexperienced Charger corners.

WR Ed McCaffrey (Q) B Still not recovering well from the leg injury and is likely to sit out again.
TE Shannon Sharpe S2 Bothered by injuries, the off week should do wonders for Sharpe. So should the soft coverage he'll be facing from the Charger safeties.
Green Bay (4-5) at Tampa Bay (4-5)  
Sun, Nov 16, 4:15 PM ET on FOX at Raymond James Stadium Back to top
Green Bay
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Brett Favre (P) X Green is the key. If the Pack can run the ball with success it will force them to bring up run support, leaving more cover-3 zones or man coverages that Favre can work with. Still, this is not a prime matchup for the injured Favre and you may need to find another option this week.
RB Ahman Green S2

The #1 fantasy running back loses his S1 status just on the off chance that the Bucs actually show up and play a little defense this week.

WR Donald Driver X Driver continues his disappointing fantasy season, showing that he may indeed be just an average receiver. He has shown in the past an inability to handle zone coverages and he'll get a healthy dose of just that this weekend.
WR Robert Ferguson U Hasn't had more than two catches in a game since September but the Pack should use him to target CB Tim Wansley, who remains the weakest link in the Bucs secondary.
WR Javon Walker X

After looking like he may have started to emerge as a prime target for Favre, last week brought a stinker, two catches for nine yards. The jury remains out.

TE Bubba Franks B Franks was never about the catches or yards, it was always about the touchdowns. With the Packers getting into scoring position much less this year Franks' fantasy value has plummeted. Splitting time with Walls isn't helping either.
Tampa Bay
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Brad Johnson S2

The Bucs passing game works best against teams that can't pressure the QB without blitz help. Green Bay fits that to a tee. With time to set up and throw, Johnson should put up solid numbers this week.

RB Michael Pittman S2

The running game has shown some improvement, but the Bucs have only scored a league low two rushing TDs. Pittman remains the workhorse, getting all but 11 of the team's carries over the past three games. Look for the Bucs to run right at the Pack to soften up their interior defense. With a likely 20+ carries and typical production out of the passing game, Pittman makes a solid start.

WR Keyshawn Johnson X Johnson posted his second straight solid fantasy performance last week, a rarity for him. Making it three in a row will be difficult against Packer CB Al Harris, who matches up well with Johnson physically.
WR Keenan McCardell S2 The most consistent Buc receiver this season. Five TDs in the past six games and no game under 68 yards in those same six.
WR Joe Jurevicius (Q) B

If he returns to action this week he'll be very limited.

TE Whoever  B The Bucs are now carrying five tight ends on their roster. None of them even got a pass thrown to them last week.
Minnesota (6-3) at Oakland (2-7)  
Sun, Nov 16, 4:15 PM ET on FOX at Network Associates Coliseum Back to top
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Daunte Culpepper S1 No pass rush. Horrible secondary play. This could get real ugly. For Oakland that is.
RB Moe Williams S2 Even after the Vikes gave up on the run last week Williams was able to put up huge numbers in the passing game. That won't likely happen this week, but against the Raiders terrible run defense the big numbers should. His only down side this week will be how many carries he loses to Bennett.
RB Michael Bennett  U While Williams has doubled his carries since returning two weeks ago, this is a prime matchup to get Bennett some work. There will be plenty of carries to go around in this one and Bennett has a great chance to break off a big run.
WR Randy Moss S1 The mild concussion he suffered last week is not expected to affect him on Sunday. Even if it did he probably doesn't need all his faculties to scorch the Raider secondary.
WR D'Wayne Bates B

Even with Culpepper putting up 44 passes last week, only FIVE went to a wide receiver other than Moss. Bates is now starting opposite Moss, but neither he nor ...

WR Nate Burleson
Kelly Campbell

... anyone else will provide enough consistency to warrant fantasy attention.

TE Jim Kleinsasser S2 Healthy and starting to put up good numbers. With all the multi-TE usage this season, Kleinsasser should be a nice late season fantasy surprise.
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Rick Mirer B The Vikings provide an interesting matchup. They are one of the league's worst pass defenses in yardage allowed, but they are second in the league with 18 interceptions. Well, that's about the extent of the interesting part. Don't start Mirer, he stinks.
RB Charlie Garner (Q) X Another week and another great matchup for Garner. The Vikings allow a league worst 5.3 YPC on the ground and have allowed a mind boggling 472 rushing yards in the past two games. It's a shame that Garner's back injury makes him an iffy start this week.
RB Tyrone Wheatley
Justin Fargas
X If Garner is held out due to the back injury, both Wheatley and Fargas will get the bulk of the carries against a Viking team that can't seem to stop the run. Problem is they will split them just like last week.
WR Jerry Rice B

This is a sad way to go out.

WR Tim Brown B

His last decent game was in week 4.

WR Jerry Porter X

It's hard to recommend any Raider WR, but Porter is young, fresh, and causes the most matchup problems each week for opposing secondaries.

TE Teyo Johnson B

Had more than a single catch for only the second time last week. His value may actually increase slightly with Mirer at QB. Not enough to make him worth a starting slot in your lineup though.

Dallas (7-2) at New England (7-2)  
Sun, Nov 16, 8:30 PM ET on ESPN at Gillette Stadium Back to top
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Quincy Carter X

Has thrown for over 200 yards only once in the past seven games. If they decide to cut Carter lose this week in order to attack the Patriots' weakness on defense, the secondary, he could surprise. If they stick with the typical conservative game plan, then expect typical conservative production.

RB Troy Hambrick X Out carried and out gained by the newly acquired Murrell last week. Not a good sign. Hambrick remains the starter, but he now has the added risk of losing carries to Murrell. Against a very solid Patriot run defense this week you may need to find another option for your fantasy team.
RB Adrian Murrell   B Since being re-signed, Murrell has seen nine carries followed by last week's 16. Now the big question this week will be whether Murrell will continue to get a significant number of carries. Even if he does on Sunday his production potential is minimal against the Patriots.
WR Joey Galloway B

May see some extra looks this week if the Cowboys open up the passing game. But Galloway has fallen way behind Glenn in the receiver food chain. Hasn't had more than two catches in the past six games.

WR Terry Glenn U

Will draw "the Law" in coverage. No matter. His speed and athleticism will give him the edge in this matchup.

WR Antonio Bryant B

Being used more often in 3-WR sets to cause matchup problems against nickel coverages. Problem is those matchup advantages are being exploited more on the perimeter by Glenn and Galloway.

TE Dan Campbell
Jason Witten
B The tight end position saw it's highest output last week, six catches and it's first touchdown. Now if that was just one guy he'd be worth something to fantasy owners.
New England
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Tom Brady (P) X Has been an inconsistent producer all season, putting up four zero touchdown games. This is likely going to be another down week for Brady. Dallas puts intense pressure on opposing QBs and they have the size and strength in the secondary to press the smallish Patriot receivers.
RB Antowain Smith B Before you dismiss Smith's 17 carries last week, remember that before his injury he was averaging about 14 carries a game. The Pats need a tough inside runner to help open up the passing game, especially with the weather beginning to turn. So expect more of the same this week but with little success against the #3 run defense.
RB Kevin Faulk  B The Pats only leaned on Faulk out of necessity due to Smith's injury. Now that Smith is back to pound the ball inside Faulk's touches will decrease, making him of little value to fantasy owners, especially this week against Dallas.
WR Troy Brown (Q) X

Brown typically struggles against physical cornerbacks that can jam him at the line and disrupt his rhythm with Brady. Dallas will provide just that challenge Sunday night.

WR Deion Branch X

Ditto for Branch.

WR David Givens X The only non-munchkin receiver the Pats have and Brady is gaining confidence in him. He leads all receivers with three TDs and his playing time is increasing as they Pats use more 3-WR sets.
TE Christian Fauria B Aside from his two TD game in week two, hasn't been productive enough for any fantasy value. Has given way to the young Graham.
TE Daniel Graham S2 This guy is big, fast and a great red-zone target that Brady will continue to exploit. He's back from injury and has put together two great fantasy performances in a row.
Pittsburgh (3-6) at San Francisco (4-5)  
Mon, Nov 17, 9:00 PM ET on ABC at 3Com Park at Candlestick Point Back to top
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Tommy Maddox S2 The yards aren't there, but has thrown six touchdowns in the last three games. The Niners bring a lot of pressure and are second in the league with 27 sacks this season. If he can show some poise under pressure he may find some success against the Niner secondary. A borderline start this week.
RB Amos Zereoue B The 3rd-down / change-of-pace role may be used more this week with Bettis hurting, but it won't be enough to reward those owners who still have Amos on their roster.
RB Jerome Bettis (Q) B Shoulder is banged up and is questionable this week. Played through the injury last week and will likely do the same Monday night. The makeshift offensive line continues to struggle. Even if Bettis gets his 20 carries (which hasn't happened yet), don't expect much against a stout Niner run defense.
WR Plaxico Burress B

Huge disappointment. Three of his last five games have been one-catch affairs. Until he proves worthy it's to the bench.

WR Hines Ward S1 On pace to break many Steeler records this season.
WR Antwaan Randle El X Will create matchup problems this week with the Niners' nickel coverage. The Steelers will use plenty of 3-WR sets to spread the Niner defense so Randle El may surprise with Burress becoming a non-factor.
TE Jay Riemersma (P) B Back from injury and will be needed as a blocker this week against the Niners' pressure.
San Francisco
Pos Player SBC Comments
QB Tim Rattay  S2

Gets another start with Garcia still not ready. Look for the Niners to attack the edges with screens to negate the strong Pittsburgh outside pass rush. This will help give Rattay the time to find big plays down field to Owens and Streets.

RB Garrison Hearst X The Niners will struggle to run on the Steelers' stingy defense. That's a recipe for sitting both Hearst and ...
RB Kevan Barlow X ... Barlow as they continue to split the carries. Expect about 50-60 total yards out of each and for one to possibly score.
WR Terrell Owens (P) S2 Owens will surely be motivated on the Monday night stage. He should be able to take advantage against a couple of cornerbacks that don't hold up will in man coverage. It's hard to expect anything huge from Owens this season, but both he and ...
WR Tai Streets (P) S2 ... Streets are great plays this week.
TE Jed Weaver B Not a part of the game plan.

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