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From now until the start of the season, Dave Foral (The Huddle's IDP guru) will offer weekly, value-based rankings of defensive linemen, linebackers and defensive backs. The methodology is one he has used for several years and is composed of the following:

Past Performance - In assigning projections, Dave looks at how the player performed both during the entire previous year, and in the last 4 games of the year. If a starting player is a rookie, or a veteran involved in a trade or free-agent move, his predecessor’s production is also looked at, and how these numbers might be affected by a superior or inferior player. Lastly, if there is a change in coaching or scheme, that effect on how the IDP’s performance is anticipated.

The scoring system used is:

Solo Tackle = 2 points
Assisted Tackle = 1 point
Fumble Recovery = 2 points
Safety = 2 points
Sack = 6 points
Touchdown = 6 points
Interception = 10 points

Intangibles - Once projected points per game are complete, each IDP is evaluated on additional criteria that will have a bearing on performance. A positive in any of these categories results in a value of 1 given to the IDP in that category. These values are then added to the fantasy points per game calculated using the "Past Performance criteria above. The result is the fantasy "value" per game for each IDP.

  • CY (Contract Year) - If a player is playing in the last year of his contract, odds are he will perform at his highest level.
  • HL (Health) - If a player participated in all eligible, regular season games last year, he has proven himself to be dependable and tough, and is rewarded accordingly.
  • DL, LB or DB - If an IDP is surrounded by best-in-class talent at the other positions, he will be better allowed to perform at his best. For example, if a DB has one or two defensive linemen that are in the top tier of projected rankings, it safe to assume that there will be a fair share of QB hurries and better chances for interceptions.
  • SC (Schedule Strength) - Strength of schedule is taken into account. Against an “easy” schedule, your DL and DB corps should prosper, as the opposing team will likely fall behind and resort to passing situations. Therefore, the opportunities for sacks, INTs and tackles down field increase. Against a “hard” schedule, LB corps should prosper, as the better opponent will tend to protect its lead by running the ball to chew up time. The more run plays, the more opportunities to accumulate tackles in between the gaps and in the flats.

Once the fantasy "value" per game is established for each IDP, the rankings and overall values are assigned based on the number of league owners and number of starters per position. The number of teams used in this analysis is 12 and the starters used are 1 DL, either 3 or 4 LBs, and either 1 or 2 DBs. The rankings provide you with an order. The overall values give you an equal playing field by which to evaluate individual defensive and offensive players alike.

If there are any questions about the IDP rankings not answered here, please email Dave Foral.