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2004 Mock NFL Rookie Draft
Todd Kleinheinz
April 14, 2004

Ever since Tom Brady and the Patriots walked off the field in Houston with the Super Bowl trophy, teams have been jockeying for free agents, hiring coaches, attending the combine and doing whatever they can to improve their team.  Many have done just that.  The Eagles signing of WR Terrell Owens and DE Jevon Kearse allowed them to address two of their most glaring needs, and they will now be able to focus on other positions, including offensive line, and defensive back.  But there are plenty of teams ahead of them on draft day, here is a look at how some of them may choose to spend their precious draft choices.

San Diego - At one point in the not so distant past, the Chargers took a QB who they thought would be their foundation for the next decade.  As it was, Cryin' Ryan Leaf, turned out to be a bust and the Chargers were left holding the bag.  A few years later, the Chargers once again found themselves in a position to take a franchise QB, but opted to trade the #1 draft pick and ultimately Michael Vick, to the Falcons.  It wasn't all bad, as the Chargers traded down and secured the services of one of the best backs in the NFL, LaDainian Tomlinson.  Now, in 2004, the Chargers are once again faced with a similar situation.  Do they take the franchise QB, or once again do they trade it away.

The Chargers would love to be able to trade down to the #4 slot with the NY Giants, who covet QB Eli Manning as their future, but the Chargers have their eye on Iowa OT Robert Gallery who is highly touted by the Raiders at #2.  So what are the Chargers to do?  The feeling here is that they will once again trade down, bypassing the franchise QB, try to grab a QB in the second or third round and take their chances that Gallery will fall.  It's a roll of the dice but that's what the draft is about.  This pick goes to the NY Giants who grab the #1 player on their board, QB Eli Manning.

1.1 - NY Giants, Eli Manning, QB, Mississippi

Oakland - The Raiders are the enigma in the draft, but when are they not.  Rich Gannon was injured last season, as was their backup, Marcus Tuiasosopo.  Both are expected to be healthy and back, but are the Raiders sure they want to enter the season with an aging QB.  Manning would have been a nice option to have, but with him off the board the Raiders must count on Gannon, and look elsewhere.

They have spent nearly 100% of their off-season rebuilding their defense, starting with defensive coordinator Bob Ryan, son of Buddy Ryan, who will implore an attacking style of defense.  They have gone out and picked up DTs Ted Washington and Warren Sapp to plug up the middle and solidify a run defense that will see LaDainian Tomlinson and Priest Holmes twice a year, as well as Duece McAllister, Travis Henry and Edgerrin James this year.  They have also signed DB Ray Buchanan to patrol the defensive backfield as a safety and are already strong at linebacker.  And with Al Davis' philosophy, this pick is looking more and more like a stud offensive player.

The Raiders will be tempted by OT Robert Gallery, but he just isn't an Al Davis type of player.  All off-season the Raiders have been making splashes, with the signing of Sapp, the designation of Charles Woodson as their franchise player, being the last team to fill their coaching vacancy, this pick needs to be a splash.  And with WR Larry Fitzgerald they get him.  The Raiders most likely will have to part ways with WR Tim Brown or Jerry Rice, possibly both, and with the emergence of Jerry Porter, a young compliment receiver is just what Al Davis wants.

1.2 - Oakland, Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Pittsburgh.

Arizona - The Cardinals, under new Head Coach Denny Green all of a sudden hear their phone ringing off the hook.  The assumption was that Gallery would end up in Silver and Black, but when the Raiders went another direction this pick will become the prime target of trade rumors, as the understanding is that San Diego at #4 has their eye on Gallery.  So any team wanting him will be calling the Cardinals and asking if they are selling.  My guess is that they will entertain the possibilities and try hard to trade down as defense is their #1 concern, but can't get enough in return to satisfy Green and will use their pick.

As a team, the strength of the Cardinals is in the offensive line, so Gallery is out of the picture.  They also drafted Pro Bowl WR Anquan Boldin last year along with Bryant Johnson, two young receivers who should only get better.  Marcel Shipp is the go-to back, while Emmitt Smith hangs on for one more year to pad his rushing record and sell tickets.  Defense is the need, but their aren't any defensive players that warrant the #3 selection.  WRs Roy Williams and Mike Williams will be tempting as Denny Green has a history of taking the best available athlete.  However, with the uncertainty at QB, big Ben Roethlisberger becomes the choice.

1.3 - Arizona, Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Miami-OH

San Diego (from NY Giants) - Somehow, but hook or by crook, the Chargers traded away the chance at a franchise QB, and still landed the player they wanted.  Although some teams looking to land the premier defensive players in the draft may make an attempt to get the Chargers to trade down again, I don't think they are going to tempt fate again.  Although there are obvious needs at WR with the departure of David Boston, and their defense was just this side of horrible last year, the Chargers will put their faith in a player that will be a pillar on the offensive line for the next decade.

They held their breath, and now they are rewarded.  The Chargers pick Robert Gallery to pave the way for LT2 and a possible 2000 yard season, as well as protect QB Drew Brees, or whomever they bring in to take snaps.

1.4 - San Diego, Robert Gallery, OT, Iowa

Washington - The Redskins, once again, were major players in the off-season, snatching up QB Mark Brunnell, RB Clinton Portis, WR James Thrash, CB Shawn Springs and a host of offensive linemen.  So what is it that they still need?  The big offensive threats of WRs Roy Williams and Mike Williams, along with TE Kellen Winslow Jr. should look very enticing to Daniel Snyder.  However, the biggest newsmaker in the Beltway was the re-hire of Head Coach Joe Gibbs.  Gibbs will look to return the Redskins to glory, and if he does, he will do it his way, which means smart, ball control offense, and stingy defense.

The Redskins have the runner (Portis), they have a smart QB (Brunell), serviceable WRs (Gardner, Coles, Thrash, McCants), a decent line (Samuels, Thomas), solid linebackers (Arington, Trotter) and an experienced defensive backfield (Smoot, Walt Harris, Shawn Springs).  So what do they need?  Some defensive linemen.  Ohio St. DE Will Smith could go here, but his talents lead him to be strictly a speed rusher, with little run support ability.  S Sean Taylor is being compared to Ronnie Lott, and don't you know Gibbs remembers his battles in the 80's and 90's with Lott and the 49ers.  But, the defense needs to stop the run first and foremost, therefor, the selection here will be a big, and I mean big, defensive tackle, Vince Wilfork.

1.5 - Washington, Vince Wilfork, DT, Miami

Detroit - The Lions selected WR Charles Rogers in the first round of the '03 draft and strong armed QB Joey Harrington in 2002.  This year the triplets don't look like they will be complete, as the two best RBs in the draft (Stephen Jackson, Oregon St. & Kevin Jones, Virginia Tech) would be a reach with this pick.  So the lions will move to their next area of concern, that being the defense backfield.

Sean Taylor, as mentioned before, is right out of the Ronnie Lott mold, and Lions GM Matt Millin is a former teammate of Lott and knows the importance of a good field general on defense.  Taylor is the complete package, fierce hitter, good instincts and comes from the University of Miami where he played against the best competition in the country.  The Lions will look to grab a CB and RB later in the draft.

1.6 - Detroit, Sean Taylor, S, Miami

Cleveland - The Browns jumped into the free agent frenzy this year with the pickup of Pro Bowl QB Jeff Garcia, who was cast off by the San Francisco 49ers for salary cap reasons.  The Browns have 2 RBs in Willie Green and Lee Suggs, and 4 very capable receivers, although Dennis Northcut says he will not play for the Browns this season and is seeking to be named a free agent because of a paper mix-up with his agent.

At this point in the draft, the Browns have no doubt run out of cellular anytime minutes trying to make a trade up for Robert Gallery, or a trade down to get extra picks and put them in place to draft a stud CB, but nothing has materialized.  Although not really in the market for a WR, another big target for Garcia to throw to may be their best option.  Kellen Winslow Jr. is possibly the best athlete in the draft, and has the ability to be a difference maker on offense like Tony Gonzalez.  The Browns go by the philosophy of taking "the best available athlete", and make it 3 straight Miami Hurricanes.

1.7 - Cleveland, Kellen Winslow Jr., TE, Miami

Atlanta - The Falcons have a new head coach, a new offensive coordinator, possibly the most exciting player in the NFL in Michael Vick,  but the same poor defense.  The Falcons went out and signed Jason Webster from the 49ers to a big money deal, to help in the secondary, and Keith Brookings remains one of the best middle linebackers in the league.  They have some nice defensive linemen, but no one that can really get after the QB.  A quality pass rusher will allow the secondary to not have to cover the wideouts for quite so long.

Oklahoma DT Tommie Harris is a possibility, but the line is already full of quick, undersized guys.  This year they go after the big guy, DE Kenechi Udeze.  Udeze  is the complete package, a converted DT, he has the speed to rush the passer as well as play solid against the run.  The Falcons might also give him some time as a defensive end in the 3-4.  This would help utilize the quickness of their current defensive linemen and help keep them away from double teams.

1.8 - Atlanta, Kenechi Udeze, DE, USC

Jacksonville - Head coach Jack del Rio will be tempted to take a strong defensive lineman, as he saw first hand what a very good defensive line could do when he was with the Carolina Panthers.  However, with a young QB in Byron Leftwich and a very strong RB in Fred Taylor (when healthy) and an aging WR in Jimmy Smith, the choice seems to be to pick up one of the top WR.

The Jags would also like to address the CB and DE position before the draft is over.  Both of the top CBs are still available, as are defensive linemen such as Will Smith, Tommie Harris, and Randy Starks, not to mention OT Shaun Andrews.  However, the offensive line is not a desperate need position, neither are defensive run stoppers.

Although a defensive coach, Jack del Rio can't let talent like Roy or Mike Williams slip by.  Either one will be a solid #2 WR behind Jimmy Smith with the ability to take over the #1 spot when he moves on.  Mike is big and talented, as is Roy, but Roy also did it for 4 solid season at Texas, and he is a bit faster then Mike.  It's almost a can't miss on either one, but the selection here is Roy Williams.

1.9 - Jacksonville, Roy Williams, WR, Texas

Houston - The Houston Texans may now be the model of how to build an expansion team from scratch.  They have their franchise QB in David Carr, and kept him upright for the most part in his second season.  They discovered Dominic Davis, a RB that can carry the ball and be an every down back, and their linebackers and secondary are very solid.  If they can come away from this draft with a starter on the defensive line, as well as get defensive and offensive line depth, the Texans will consider it a success.

If Roy Williams was still on the board it would have been hard to not take the local Texas product, but with him out of the picture, the Texans will look elsewhere.  They are not sold on Mike Williams as a star after only 2 season at UCS, and they have a top notch WR in Andre Johnson and a decent #2 in Gaffney or Bradford.  This pick falls under the "take the best available athlete, and the position of most need."  And with that being the case, the Texans swoop in and take Tommie Harris.  Harris may need to slide over and play some defensive end if he can't bulk up anymore, but his quickness and slashing to the ball make him a playmaker, and that is what the NFL is made up of.

1.10 - Houston, Tommis Harris, DT, Oklahoma

Pittsburgh - The Steelers will be very tempted to address their QB needs with this pick and grab Philip Rivers who has been steadily moving up the draft board, but the QB position is not the sole reason the Steelers struggled last season.  The offensive line could not open holes for the running game, or keep Maddox upright.  Therefore the entire offense struggled.  With an upgrade in the offensive line, the running game should improve, Maddox should be given the time to throw, and the top of the line receiving core that the Steelers have, should get back to putting up solid numbers.

One position may not fix everything, but one position can help drastically.  The Steelers still may opt to go QB with this pick, but with a few more QB prospects down the board, they elect to bypass Rivers and take massive offensive tackle, Shawn Andrews.

1.11 - Pittsburgh, Shawn Andrews, OT, Arkansas

NY Jets - The Jets offense was stuck in neutral for much of last season due to the injury to QB Chad Pennington.  With a healthy Pennington, the emergence of WR Santana Moss and the trade for Justin McCareins, the Jets offense should step it up this season.

The problem with the Jets last year, outside of their offense, was the fact that they couldn't cover anyone, and had a hard time getting off the field in 3rd down situations.  The Jets could go anywhere on defense with this pick.  They will be looking hard at Miami linebacker D.J. Williams, also DE Will Smith, but the pick here will be for speed, size, and strength.  CB Dunta Robinson gets the nod.  DeAngelo Hall has been clocked faster, but there is no denying that Robinson fits the mold of a Herm Edwards football player better.

1.12 - NY Jets, Dunta Robinson, CB, South Carolina

Buffalo - The Bills offensive production was down last year, in part because of the lose of Peerless Price, but also because of nagging injuries to Travis Henry.  This year, with Henry possibly being pushed by last years number one pick, Willis McGahee, the running game should remain solid.  And if the Bills can find an offensive lineman or two in free agency or the draft, that should allow Drew Bledsoe the time to get the ball down field.

So with the solid defense, and a solid running game, all eyes move to the passing game.  With both big offensive linemen off the board, as well as the two future stud QBs, the Bills will grab a huge weapon.  WR Mike Williams will provide them with a great target opposite Eric Moulds.  He is a big physical receiver who showed he can go up for the ball and make the catch in traffic.

1.13 - Buffalo, Mike Williams, WR, USC

Chicago - The Bears and Dolphins have been in discussions about this pick.  The Dolphins obviously have their eyes on someone, who it is, is just a matter of rumor right now.  If the Bears were to trade this pick, look for the package to include DE Adewale Ogunleye.  This scenario would allow the Bears to get an experienced pass rusher for their defense, a position they are looking to fill with this pick anyway.

If the player the Dolphins have their eyes on, isn't available in this spot, look for the Bears to still address their pass rushing needs.  They may be tempted to pick one of the top DBs left on the board, but see the D-line as their most pressing need.  With that said, the Bears pick up speed rushing DE Will Smith.

1.14 - Chicago, Will Smith, DE, Ohio State

Tampa Bay - The Bucs have been very active in the off-season, for the most part letting some of their aging players go (ie. Warren Sapp, John Lynch) and trying to plug the holes from last season.  They picked up Joey Galloway from the Cowboys for Keyshawn Johnson who was deactivated for the end of last season.  Galloway will give them a speed threat down the field.  The Bucs have also solidified their offensive line with the signing of Derrick Deese, although up there in age, he was very productive for the 49ers.

However, the Bucs may be losing the identity that made them who they are.  With the departure of some of their defensive stars, the feared Bucs defense may be a thing of the past.  Jon Gruden, and new GM Bruce Allen, will try and rebuild the defense for Monty Kiffin, one the best defensive coordinators in the business.  They start the rebuilding process with D.J. Williams.  Williams is a bit on the short side, but is speed and play-making ability make up for that.  He will be placed on the outside of the linebacking crew where he should flourish.

1.15 - Tampa Bay, D.J. Williams, LB, Miami

San Francisco - The 49ers could go in virtually any direction here.  They lost their starting QB, starting RB, and two starting WRs, along with last years starting TE and 2 starting offensive linemen.  So in other words, 7 of last years 11 offensive starters.  Although things are not as bleak as they may appear.  The 49ers resigned TE Eric Johnson, who missed most of last year with a broken collarbone, and the 49ers believe he is the best TE they've had since Brent Jones.  Tim Rattay will step in a QB, and 2003 first round draft pick, Kwame Harris will be in charge of protecting him.  Kevan Barlow was also resigned, and given the every down duties, which allowed them to part ways with Garrison Heast.

However, the lose of Terrell Owens and Tai Streets will be hard to bounce back from.  Cedrick Wilson is a serviceable WR, but is more suited as a #3, slot guy.  Rookie Brandon Lloyd showed flashes of brilliance, but asking him to be the go-to guy, and take on double teams may be to much to ask for.

The 49ers best move would be to move up for one of the top 3 WRs, but with the tight purse strings of owner John York, and the unimaginative way that the front office has gone about things, the 49ers will no doubt stay where they are.  However, they will get a bit of luck here, as Reggie Williams falls to them.  Williams is a tremendous receiver who will be pushed into starting early, but has the talent to succeed.

1.16 - San Francisco, Reggie Williams, WR, Washington

Denver (from Cincinnati) - The trade of first round picks is a bit curious from the standpoint of the Broncos.  Who could they be targeting that they wanted to move up weeks before draft day?  The smart money would be on a CB or RB, but that is out of characteristic for the Broncos.  In the past they have used late round draft picks to secure outstanding RB, such as Terrell Davis, Mike Anderson, Orlandis Gary and even Clinton Portis was taken outside of the first round.  And that is what it looked like they would do again, possibly going after Maurice Clarrett, Chris Perry, or even Tate Bell in later rounds.  As for CB, they just traded for one of the best in the NFL in Champ Bailey and it's hard to believe they would make this trade just to take a 2nd CB. 

The smart money would then be on linebackers, considering they lost Ian Gold and will need some speed in the middle of the field to take on the tough AFC West opponents.  A fast, strong, smart, linebacker?  Sounds like Jonathan Vilma's name just got called. 

Although this spot can very well go to Oregon State RB Stephen Jackson, the move is a bit off the wall and against Bronco draft history, until something comes out of Denver, we need to look at the whole picture.

1.17 - Denver, Jonathan Vilma, LB, Miami

New Orleans - No other team in the NFL is in need of an impact defensive player more then the Saints.  They would have loved for D.J. Williams to slip down and put him into their linebacker group, but sitting where they are is not a bad thing.  Defensive back is nearly a no-brainer here, as the Saints will bolster their secondary.

The only other viable option for the Saints would be to trade down in an attempt to secure another draft pick.  Aaron Brooks hasn't been the QB they had hoped for the last few season, and picking up a QB for the future in the 2nd or 3rd may be an option.  As it stands now the Saints need improvement on defense and they need it now.  New Orleans takes the best CB off the board in Virginia Tech's DeAngelo Hall.

1.18 - New Orleans, DeAngelo Hall, CB, Virginia Tech

Minnesota - Outside of offensive guard, which is a position which they usually develop rather then draft, the Vikings are set on offense.  Culpepper to Moss, with the addition of Marcus Robinson is a nice passing tandem.  They will look for WR depth as the draft goes on.  The trio of Michael Bennett, Ontario Smith and Moe Williams is as good as it gets of a team with running back by committee.  So easily the pick here is to go defense.

The biggest need on the Vikings defensive side of the ball is defensive end, which unfortunately can't be addressed here because of the lack of talented DEs.  The Vikings will then look to fill the other of their need positions, that being defensive back. Will Poole should be the pick here.  There is still a chance that the Vikings take the best offensive guard in the draft, but it would be a mild surprise.

1.19 - Minnesota, Will Poole, CB, USC

Miami - The Dolphins will be like most teams on draft day, tirelessly working the phones, trying to trade up for one of the guys they really want, that being one of the stud offensive tackles.  The Dolphin coaches and front office will be feeling the heat this season, and the playoffs are a must.  That is why the Dolphins can not afford to take a chance with this first pick.

At this point in the draft, with Philip Rivers still on the board, most teams would jump on it, however, the Dolphins do not have the luxury of drafting for the future when they need to win now, and that won't happen with a rookie QB.  The pick here should be, and will be, someone that can make an impact, and for a team built around the running game, nothing makes an impact more then a quality offensive lineman.  Vernon Carey will not only help pave the way for Ricky Williams, but he will also keep Jay Fiedler healthy enough to find WRs Chris Chambers and newly acquired David Boston.

1.20 - Miami, Vernon Carey, OG, Miami

New England  (from Baltimore) - When you win the Super Bowl, it just proves you don't have that many holes to fill, and that is the case with the Patriots.  Although the situation with Ty Law is a bit strenuous, with 2 picks in the first round the Patriots can reload anywhere and still look to make another title run.

In what may be a first in the NFL draft, no RB has been taken in the first 20 picks.  That changes right here.  The Patriots have won 2 Super Bowls behind the guts and grit of Tom Brady and a defense that is outstanding.  Combine that now with a running back that can carry the load, and the Patriots will be tough to stop.  The first running back comes off the board with the selection of Stephen Jackson.

1.21 - New England, Stephen Jackson, RB, Oregon State

Dallas - Where will the Tuna go this year in the first round?  That is the question many experts have.  Is Quincy Carter really going to be the Cowboys QB for another season or is this the year they take a QB?  Or will they opt to go defense considering they are bringing in the 3-4 defense?

The Cowboys need some offense, and at this point in the draft, if they aren't going to take a QB, they have to be looking at RB.  Hambrick was not the answer last year, maybe Kevin Jones will be.  Unless the Cowboys can work something out with the Bengals to get Cory Dillon in a Dallas uniform, this is the direction the Cowboys will go.

1.22 - Dallas, Kevin Jones, RB, Virginia Tech

Seattle - With the retirement of John Randle, the Seahawks will be looking to replace him, and bolster their run defense.  Simply by luck, one of the premier run-stoppers is still available.  The Seahawks are looking to not just contend, but to make a run at the Super Bowl this year, and with a 2nd year under defensive coordinator Ray Rhodes they may just do that.

The newest member of the Seahawks will have a long flight from Maryland, but he is just what they are looking for.  Randy Starks will fill the gaps, and be a tough run-stopper in the middle.

1.23 - Seattle, Randy Starks, DT, Maryland

Cincinnati (from Denver) - The Bengals made huge strides under 1st year head coach Marvin Lewis, and with another solid draft the Bengals will have their eyes on the playoffs.  With the anointing of Carson Palmer as the QB, and solid receivers in Chad Johnson, Peter Warrick and Kelley Washington, as well as Rudi Johnson running the ball, the offense seems to be in place. 

The Bengals were able to trade for a former Pro Bowl CB in Deltha O'Neil who can also serve as a punt returner, and the swap of first round picks still enables them to select a player at a need position.  Marvin Lewis is no stranger to the idea of great defenses win championship, remember, he was the leader of the Ravens defense the year they won the title.  This year, he no doubt was hoping one of the Miami linebackers would slip down and he would be able to plug him right into the defense, but he just missed out.  Not a horrible deal as Karlos Dansby will prove to be an outstanding linebacker under Marvin Lewis.

1.24 - Cincinnati, Karlos Dansby, LB, Auburn

Green Bay - The Packers may be the happiest team on at this point in the draft.  They have been saying for the last couple of years that they need a future replacement for QB Brett Favre, this year that player falls in their lap.

Many thought Philip Rivers would be long gone by now, but the draft is a funny thing.  Rivers will go to Green Bay and get a chance to learn from the NFL's version of Yoda, the QB Master, Brett Favre.

1.25 - Green Bay, Philip Rivers, QB, North Carolina State

St. Louis  -- The Rams will be looking at the defensive backfield or for a replacement for Grant Wistrom, at least they should be.  They may shock everyone and go with Raushaun Woods or Lee Evans, but they have to be smarter then that.

With no defensive lineman standing out right now, and a very solid CB in Derrick Strait still available, that is the way to go.  Strait is not the shut-down corner they were hoping for, but those type of players are few and far between.  Strait will be able to provide good solid coverage, and coming from the aggressive Oklahoma Sooner program, you know he will be ready to be physical and hit, something that is needed in the free flying NFC West.

1.26 - St. Louis, Derrick Strait, CB, Oklahoma

Tennessee - The Titans opted not to franchise Jevon Kearse, and in doing so have left themselves a hole on the defensive line, however, they also lost Justin McCareins who was a solid WR for them. 

Look for them to start getting Chris Brown more touches, and McNair will remain a solid, tough QB, thus keeping their offense solid.  They do however need some help to replace Kearse, if for nothing else, he demanded double-teams and created pressure.  They need to replace that pressure immediately.  Antwan Odom should be a familiar face to all SEC fans in Tennessee, and now he will be playing in the home team colors.

1.27 - Tennessee, Antwan Odom, DE, Alabama

Philadelphia - The Eagles already upgraded the two positions they needed (Terrell Owens at WR and Jevon Kearse at DE).  And after getting to the NFC Title game for the past three years, something needs to get them over the top.

A compliment WR to Owens would be spectacular, but not an immediate need.  The Eagles may look to go DT here and snag Darrell Dockett from Florida St., but the need at DB is just way to much to ignore.  Ahmad Carroll from Arkansas was a standout on the Razorback track team as well as the football team, which should say something about his speed.  He is also a complete DB, now shying away from tackles.  His greatest strength is his closing speed, and speed is just something you can't teach.

1.28 - Philadelphia, Ahmad Carroll, CB, Arkansas

Indianapolis - The Colts have steadily gotten better over the past few years, but their defense still needs improvement as evident from their playoff lose to the Patriots, where Tom Brady did nearly whatever he wanted.  They would love to get their hands on one of the three top linebackers, but it just wasn't going to happen this far down in the draft.  So to plan B it is.

Plan B is to take the best CB or S available, and for the Colts they get a combination of both.  Matt Ware can play either position, and his versatility will allow them to continue to make moves in free agency or later in the draft.  Ware can provide the depth that a team like the Colts need.

1.29 - Indianapolis, Matt Ware, CB/S, UCLA

Kansas City - Kansas City scores at will, or so it seems.  And 8, possibly 9 defenders in the box may not be out of line to stop Priest Holmes.  So what do the Chiefs do, they continue to run it, because they are that darn good at it.  However, that will wear on Holmes, and they need another outlet. 

Tony Gonzalez has been their main receiving threat for years now, and it is time to get a WR to compliment Holmes and Gonzalez.  Michael Clayton, Rashaun Woods, and Lee Evans would all fit in nicely here.  However, it is Woods' big play ability, not to mention his three 1,000 yard seasons at Oklahoma State, that give him the nod here.

1.30 - Kansas City, Rashaun Woods, WR, Oklahoma State

Carolina - The only downside to going to the Super Bowl is the very late draft pick.  However, when you are a team like the Panthers who have built a stellar defensive line, have a Pro Bowl caliber RB, and a tough, hard-nosed QB, this pick is for depth or development.

Although he may not be a starter from the get-go, he very well may be one come the season opener.  Ben Troupe has the ability to be a top flight TE in the NFL, although only an average blocker, Troupe can be the receiving target the Panthers need to move the ball even more this season.

1.31 - Carolina, Ben Troupe, TE, Florida

New England - If this team is not the model of how to put together a team, I don't know who is.  They have won 2 of the past 3 Super Bowls, have 2 first round picks this year, and still work within the salary cap.  Give this organization a gold star.

They addressed their RB needs with their earlier pick, now they can find that CB to take Ty Law's place since he is so eager to get off the Super Bowl Champions.  Spencer Shawntae will be happy to take his place on that superior defense.  The Patriots just may be set for another title run now.

1.32 - New England, Spencer Shawntae, CB, Pittsburgh