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Quarterback Watch - Week 8
Scott Boyter
October 26, 2004
Top Ten Fantasy QB’s To Own Comment
1 MIN Daunte Culpepper We will not let one game knock Culpepper out of the top slot. Even though his subpar day hurt a lot of fantasy teams, he’s done way too much to take any kind of a dive. Now, if he doesn’t light it up against the Giants…
2 IND Peyton Manning Manning’s 368-yard, three-TD day against the Jaguars isn’t enough to make him No. 1 yet, but his upcoming schedule (K.C., Minnesota, Houston, Chicago) could put him over the top very soon.)
3 PHI Donovan McNabb Talk about back in action – McNabb bounced back in a huge way, throwing for 376 yards and four TDs against the Browns. But don’t look for a repeat against either Baltimore or Pittsburgh the next two weeks – both teams have top 10 pass defenses.
4 STL Marc Bulger Bulger keeps his tenuous top five hold – his team lost against the Fins, of all teams, but he still had 295 yards and a TD against a very difficult pass D. He has difficult upcoming matchups against New England and Seattle.
5 JAX Byron Leftwich Another stellar day for Leftwich, albeit against a lousy pass D in Indianapolis. Games against the Texans, Lions, Titans and Vikings should serve to strengthen his top five hold.
6 HOU David Carr Carr slips out of the top five only because of a bye. This week he could return with a good day against Jacksonville. Denver will be a tough one, but then he gets great matchups with Indy, Green Bay and Tennessee.
7 GB Brett Favre Favre has surged back into the top 10 after averaging 310 and three TDs in his last two games. Washington’s No. 3 pass D could be tough, but Favre has excellent matchups ( Minnesota, Houston, St. Louis) after that.
8 KC Trent Green He had no TDs against the Falcons, but it’s not his fault that the Atlanta run D imploded. Games against Indy and New Orleans in the next three weeks should improve his numbers drastically.
9 NYJ Chad Pennington Pennington stays on this list only because of his rushing TD against the Patriots. Don’t look for him here long, though, because he has killer matchups against the Dolphins, Bills and Ravens looming.
10 SEA Matt Hasselbeck Come on – 195 yards and four INTs against the Cardinals? So he threw a TD. Big deal. This was a putrid performance that is deserving of ejection from the top 10. But if we won’t drop Culpepper after one game, we won’t drop Hasselbeck, either. But talk about hanging by a thread …

(Note – this listing considers the rankings of QB’s if a draft was held today)

Climbing Up The Ladder

Joey Harrington (DET) – Harrington had a solid 230-yard, two-TD game against the Giants, and has an excellent chance to light up the pathetic Cowboy defense this weekend. Harrington also plays Minnesota and Indianapolis back-to-back in Weeks 11 and 12, so he may be worth putting on your roster.

Jeff Garcia (CLE) – We thought Garcia would fall back to earth against the Eagles, but it just goes to show you how an emotional game can bring out the best in a player. But we’ll say it again – Garcia will disappear back into fantasy oblivion after the bye week. The Ravens and Steelers will see to that.

Aaron Brooks (NO) – He’s on the verge of the top 10 after averaging about 265 yards and a TD in his last two games. Brooks should post big numbers following his bye week against the Chargers and Chiefs.

Sliding Back

Steve McNair (TEN) – The Titans will finally be forced into sitting McNair for probably a couple of weeks – like they should have when he first hurt his sternum. If he can come back, though, he could help a fantasy team in Weeks 12-15 ( Houston, Indy, K.C., Oakland). But for the next two or three weeks he will be nothing but an afterthought.

Michael Vick (ATL) – The nightmare continues. After teasing owners with a great day against San Diego last week, he once again kicked them in the groin with one of his worst NFL days ever. Do not put yourself through this anymore. Try to get at least a little something in a trade for Vick, or just drop him altogether and eliminate the headache.