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Quarterback Watch - Week 10
Scott Boyter
November 9, 2004
Top Ten Fantasy QB’s To Own Comment
1 IND Peyton Manning The train just keeps on rolling, and is probably taking you toward a title if you have this ultra-stud. His next three are against Houston, Chicago and Detroit. Try not to drool too much thinking about the huge numbers Manning is about to provide you.
2 MIN Daunte Culpepper Life without Randy really sucks for Culpepper -- we've only begun to find out exactly how bad. He should have lit up the Colts with or without No. 84. He should have put up big numbers with receivers from Saint Mary's School for the Blind. Matchups against Green Bay, Detroit and Jacksonville don't look quite as good as they may have a couple of weeks ago.
3 SD Drew Brees Brees is No. 3 with a bullet after astounding performances against the Raiders and Saints, averaging 269 yards and throwing nine TDs. Too bad for you he’s on bye this week, but he gets to light up Oakland and K.C. afterward. Beware the healthy L.T. factor, though. Bulger should have done much, much more than
4 STL Marc Bulger Bulger is still way too prone to turnovers but still is usually worth 280 yards and two to three passing TDs a week. Plus, he mixes in the occasional rushing score. His top five existence is tenuous, though, with upcoming road games against the Bills and Packers.
5 KC Trent Green Two weeks in excess of 360 yards and six TDs. Plus, he gets the joke that is the Saint defense this week. Yeah, he deserves a top five slot.
6 DEN Jake Plummer The Snake is on fire, throwing for 733 yards and eight TDs against the Falcons and Texans. He's slowed this week only because of the bye. Should return in week 11 strong against the Saints.
7 PHI Donovan McNabb McNabb, especially after two very bad weeks in a row, has fallen with a thud. In three of his last four he’s averaged 179 yards and thrown for one TD. He’s dragging a lot of fantasy teams down. On the bright side, he goes up against the Cowboys, Redskins and Giants in his next three. He should retain top 10 status at the very least.
8 GB Brett Favre Before his bye, Favre had picked it back up by averaging 286 yards and throwing seven TDs – but he also threw six picks. Keep rolling with him, though, as Favre should enjoy some excellent matchups ( Minnesota, Houston, St. Louis) in the next three weeks.
9 HOU David Carr He’s slipped, it’s true. But he plays the Colts this week, then goes against the Packers and Titans at home. Carr should rebound nicely.
10 SEA Matt Hasselbeck Hasselbeck re-established his top 10 position by throwing for 285 yards and three TDs against the 49ers. He should have good numbers against the Rams this weekend, but tough matchups loom against the Dolphins and Bills.

(Note – this listing considers the rankings of QB’s if a draft was held today)

Climbing Up The Ladder

Tom Brady (NE) – Brady has put together a couple of pretty good games the last two weeks, and now gets the Bills at home then Kansas City on the road. Brady will be at least a decent play for most of the remainder of the regular season.

Brian Griese (TB) – Yeah, that Brian Griese. He has made himself a lot of money the last two weeks, whether he stays in Tampa or not. Griese faces an Atlanta D that was riddled for 499 yards and four TDs through the air by Jake Plummer, so he’s more than worth a serious look for your squad.

Jake Delhomme (CAR) – The Panthers obviously suck, but Delhomme has averaged more than 250 yards and thrown for five TDs in his last two. He should torch the Niners, Cardinals and Saints in three out of his next four.

Sliding Back

Aaron Brooks (NO) – Brooks is at the helm of a team that looks like it has plain quit. That silly-ass backward pass he threw against the Chargers is enough of a reason in itself to cast him from the top 10. He has a chance at fantasy redemption against the K.C. defense at home, but if he can’t put up big numbers he’ll be nothing but a liability for your team from here on out.

Byron Leftwich (JAX) – Leftwich is out for at least the next two weeks due to a knee injury. Even if he comes back by December, his schedule doesn’t look that great.

Chad Pennington (NYJ) – Pennington’s rotator cuff injury will keep him out from two to four weeks. It’s anybody’s guess whether or not he can regain form in time to help your team.