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Quarterbacks Drafted from 1999 - 2005
David Dorey
July 11, 2005
Rnd 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005
1 Tim Couch C. Pennington Michael Vick David Carr Carson Palmer Eli Manning Alex Smith
D. McNabb     Joey Harrington Byron Leftwich Philip Rivers Aaron Rodgers
Akili Smith     Patrick Ramsey Kyle Boller B. Roethlisberger Jason Campbell
D. Culpepper       Rex Grossman J.P. Losman  
Cade McNown            
2 Shaun King G. Carmazzi Drew Brees        
  Chris Redman Quincy Carter        
    M. Tuiasosopo        
3 Brock Huard     Josh McCown Dave Ragone Matt Schaub Charlie Frye
            Andrew Walter
        Chris Simms   David Greene
4 Joe Germaine   Chris Weinke David Garrard Seneca Wallace Luke McCown Kyle Orton
Aaron Brooks   S. Rosenfels Rohan Davey     Stefan LeFors
    Jesse Palmer        
5 Kevin Daft Tee Martin Mike McMahon Randy Fasani Brian St. Pierre Craig Krenzel Dan Orlovsky
    A.J. Feeley Kurt Kittner     A. McPherson
      Brandon Doman      
      Craig Nall      
6   Marc Bulger Josh Booty "J.T." O'Sullivan Drew Henson Andy Hall Derek Anderson
  Spergon Wynn Josh Heupel  Steve Bellisari B. Bollinger Josh Harris  
  Tom Brady     Kliff Kingsbury Jim Sorgi  
  Todd Husak       Jeff Smoker  
  JaJuan Seider          
7 Michael Bishop Tim Rattay   Seth Burford Gibran Hamdan John Naverre James Kilian
Chris Greisen J. Jackson   Jeff Kelly Ken Dorsey Cody Pickett Matt Cassell
Scott Covington Joe Hamilton   Ronald Curry   Casey Bramlet Ryan Fitzpatrick
      Wes Pate   Matt Mauck  
          B.J. Symons  
Starter         Bradlee Van Pelt  

First Round - The first round has always had starting quarterbacks without exception and each player taken between 2000 and 2004 are currently starting quarterbacks. Last year gave us Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger as starters by the end of the season and J.P. Losman is on tap to start this year. Only Philip Rivers is still waiting thanks to Drew Brees. If a player goes in this round – he starts until he fails but most do not fail.

Rounds Two through Four - There has been no quarterback taken in the second round for the last four years and of the six taken in the last six years, only Drew Brees is still a starter. The same phenomena is seen in the third and fourth round which has been more popular for taking quarterbacks but has only produced two starters out of nineteen players and only Aaron Brooks remains a starter. Considering the success of first rounders, it is surprising to see that the next three rounds have only produced two current starters out of 24 quarterbacks.

Round Five through Seven - The fifth round has been a relative waste of a pick for the last six years and not one player has done more than fill in for a game or two. Both Marc Bulger and Tom Brady came from the sixth round in 2000, but they are also the only quarterbacks from that round that have done anything at all. The seventh is even worse producing only Tim Rattay who has already lost his job.

2005 - Going into fantasy drafts, only Alex Smith appears to have any starts in the near future and that’s to the worst team in the NFL last year. What to watch will be J.P Losman and Philip Rivers (if he ever gets on the field). First round picks have always become starters and has produced literally all the top quarterbacks outside of the freak sixth round in 2000.