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2005 Player Rankings: IDP
Updated: August 30, 2005
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Defensive Linemen

Rank Player Team Bye Comments
1 Julius Peppers CAR 7 His best is yet to come.
2 Charles Grant NOS 10 Rivals Peppers for the top spot.
3 Michael Strahan NYG 5 Dont let his injury last yr fool you, hes still this good.
4 Kevin Williams MIN 5 The youth movement is evident at DL this year.
5 Terrell Suggs BAL 3 Former LB will dominate at DE.
6 Patrick Kerney ATL 8 The top DL for most of the 2004.
7 John Abraham NYJ 8 Another injury riddled season, but few better when they play.
8 Aaron Schobel BUF 9 Started off slowly, and still finished in the top 5.
9 Jason Taylor MIA 4 Down year in 2004, but expect better things in 2005.
10 Dwight Freeney IND 8 Inconsistent, but talented enough to make top 10.
11 Osi Umenyiora NYG 5 A healthy Strahan, will make Osi a household name.
13 John Henderson JAC 7 A run stuffer, and a force rushing the passer inside.
14 Cornelius Griffin WAS 3 One of the best DT in the league last year, best to come.
15 Bert Berry ARI 6 Berry made the jump to the desert and excelled.
16 Leonard Little STL 9 Little was hit or miss last yr, but talent warrants this spot.
17 Will Smith NOS 10 Skys the limit playing opposite of Grant.
18 Justin Smith CIN 10 Addition of Pollack and Thurman will help Smith.
12 Adewale Ogunleye CHI 4 Should benefit from 2nd year in Bears defense.
19 Simeon Rice TBB 7 Aging, and inconsistent, but still a sack master.
20 Demarcus Ware DAL 9 The rookie has already reminded Parcells of the original LT, Lawrence Taylor.
21 Shaun Ellis NYJ 8 Ellis production took a dip from 03, but is solid nonetheless.
22 Alex Brown CHI 4 Will benefit from Ogunleye's presence opposite him.
23 Reggie Hayward JAC 7 Hayward paired with Henderson and Stroud inside, look out.
24 Kenard Lang CLE 4 Lang could play some OLB, which increases his value.
25 Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila GBP 6 Sacks are his game, but isnt a tackling machine.
26 Shaun Rogers DET 3 Rogers is an elite DT, and the Detroit line is getting better.
27 Greg Spires TBB 7 Spires stepped his game with the injury to Booger McFarland.
28 Marques Douglas SFO 6 Move to SF will put him on the field more, for sure.
29 James Hall DET 3 Playing next to Shaun Rogers allows single team blocking schemes.
30 Greg Ellis DAL 9 Numbers may decline with move to 3-4 defense.
31 Darren Howard NOS 10 Howard will see time at DT, which could hurt his numbers.
32 Rod Coleman ATL 8 Career year, unlikely to duplicate.
33 Jevon Kearse PHI 6 Inconsistent statistically, but adds pressure to opposing offenses.
34 Grant Wistrom SEA 8 Injury prone, but has no quit in him on the field.
35 Macus Stroud JAC 7 Paired with Henderson as the best DT combo in the league.
36 Jarred Allen KCC 5 Rookie excelled last few weeks of the 2004 season.
37 Kenechi Udeze MIN 5 Udeze will be a force for years to come.
38 Erasmus James MIN 5 Rookie will help make Vikes DL become the best in football.
39 Aaron Smith PIT 4 Consistently good, but isnt a big playmaker.
40 Tyler Brayton OAK 5 Sub-par year, but could play some LB in 2005
41 Chike Okeafor ARI 6 Stong season in 04, but unlikely to repeat.
42 Aaron Kampman GBP 6 Excelled in 2004, but was it a mirage?
43 Kyle Vanden Bosch TEN 10 Change of scenery is exactly what Kyle needed to live up to his draft position.
44 Richard Seymour NEP 7 New contract, should be motivated to put up nice numbers
45 Tony Hargrove STL 9 Rookie showed he has the talent to get to the QB.
46 Robert Mathis IND 8 Virtual unknown, who is good for 10 sacks again.
47 Pat Williams MIN 5 Fat Pat is a run stopper and tackle machine at defensive tackle.
48 Anthony Weaver BAL 3 Playing opposite of Suggs should allow him a single blocking.
49 Jason Ferguson DAL 9 Ferguson becomes the man in the middle of the 3-4 DL, in Big D.
50 Kris Jenkins CAR 7 Injuries cost him most of 04, but will rebound in a nice way.
51 Kelly Greg BAL 3 Another nose tackle who mops up tackles.
52 Matt Roth MIA 4 Rookie who should play opposite Jason Taylor.
53 Travis Laboy TEN 10 Was up and down as a rookie, but has talent to make this list.
54 Dwanye Robertson NYJ 8 Takes over full time for Jason Ferguson, who left for Dallas.
55 Bo Schobel TEN 10 Has the potential to equal his brother Aaron at #8 on this list.
56 Ty Warren NEP 7 Shown flashes of potential, but very inconsistent.
57 Anthony McFarland TBB 7 Injury riddled 2004 season puts him here.
58 Antwan Odom TEN 10 Another 2004 rookie who should play major minutes on the Tenn DL
59 John Thornton CIN 10 Another Tackling machine at the DT position.
60 Cory Redding DET 3 Inconsiestent but has the talent to break out in 05.


Rank Player Team Bye Comments
1 Donnie Edwards SDC 10 Ageless LB who continues to excel.
2 Keith Bullock TEN 10 Will be #1 on this board for years to come, but not this year.
3 Ray Lewis BAL 3 Still a force in the middle, but as dominant as he once was.
4 Zach Thomas MIA 4 Thomas has another spectacular season in him.
5 Jonathon Vilma NYJ 8 Showed flashes of greatness as a rookie, a stud the next decade.
6 Mike Peterson JAC 7 If bumped to weakside, production would take a small hit.
7 Brian Urlacher CHI 4 Past production is the only reason he's in the top 10. an injury risk.
8 Antonio Pierce NYG 5 Moves from Redskins to the Giants, production should rise.
9 Dan Morgan CAR 7 Top 5 talent and opportunity, if not for the concussions.
10 Ed Hartwell ATL 8 Hartwell makes the jump from Ray Lewis backup, to the man in ATL.
11 James Farrior PIT 4 Kendrell Bell leaves Pitt and Farrior will continue to benefit.
12 Will Witherspoon CAR 7 Panthers most consistent LB, and sure fire starter.
13 London Fletcher BUF 9 Fletcher is another ageless LB who just produces.
14 Keith Brooking ATL 8 Hartwell will take away from his production, but still a force.
15 Jamie Sharper SEA 8 Potential move from MLB to strong side could plummet his stats.
16 Danny Clark OAK 5 Clark will see the field a ton again in 05, and produce.
17 Al Wilson DEN 9 Gets his security blanket Ian Gold back and stats should improve.
18 Nick Barnett GBP 6 Barnett hit the sophmore slump, but expect a big rebound in 2005.
19 Derrick Brooks TBB 7 How many years does he have left before the age starts showing.
20 Jeremiah Trotter PHI 6 If Trotter can stay healthy and keep the MLB job, could be top 10.
21 Takeo Spikes BUF 9 Spikes is a poor mans Ray Lewis.
22 Morlon Greenwood HOU 3 Greenwood takes Jamie Sharper's position and should excel.
23 Kendrell Bell KCC 5 Bell has top 10 talent, but hasnt been healthy in 2 years, and moves to KC.
24 Eric Barton NYJ 8 Came on at the end of 04, after moving from Oakland.
25 Odell Thurman CIN 10 Rookie is fighting for the MLB with Johnson, but will play strong side early on.
26 Chris Clairborne STL 9 Should put up nice numbers in the middle, if he can stay healthy.
27 Andra Davis CLE 4 Last years injury and scheme put him here.
28 Cato June IND 8 If June holds the WLB job, he is top 20, if not he shouldnt be ranked.
29 Julian Peterson SFO 6 Peterson's injury was just one of the 49ers problems in 2004.
30 Marcus Washington WAS 3 Washington is a force and can play all 3 LB positions.
31 Lance Briggs CHI 4 Briggs was average before Urlachers injury problems in 2004.
32 Derek Smith SFO 6 Smith put up nice numbers in the absence of Julian Peterson.
33 Sam Cowart MIN 5 Cowart gets another shot after losing his job to Vilma in NY.
34 Dat Nguyen DAL 9 Dallas is changing defenses, its uncertain if this is good or bad for Dat.
35 LaVar Arrington WAS 3 Injury always a concern, but talent warrants position.
36 Teddy Lehman DET 3 Lehman, has the talent, but can he improve last years stats.
37 Brian Simmons CIN 10 Simmons will have company in the Bengals LB core in 2005.
38 Ian Gold DEN 9 Was a fantasy stud in last stint with Denver, expect the same this time.
39 Daryl Smith JAC 7 Smith is penciled in as the WLB, and he is the future Jags MLB.
40 Derrick Johnson KCC 5 Johnson should be the defensive ROY favorite from day 1.
41 Kailee Wong HOU 3 Takes over for Jay Foreman, in the very productive middle of Texans D.
42 DJ Williams DEN 9 Williams stats will drop with Gold's return to WLB.
43 Shelton Quarrels TBB 7 Aging LB who will eventually lose his job to Rudd, but not this season.
44 Akin Ayodele JAC 7 Move to strong side has hurt his numbers, but still solid.
45 Landon Johnson CIN 10 If Johnson keeps the MLB spot, move him up about 20 spots.
46 Kawika Mitchell KCC 5 Currently the starting MLB in KC, but how long does he keep the spot.
47 Dontarrious Thomas MIN 5 Thomas is a force, but has to cut down on mistakes to stay on the field.
48 Monty Beisel NEP 7 Currently playing Bruschi's LB spot, could be in for a big year.
49 Courtney Watson NOS 10 Watson has a fight on his hands to win the spot in the middle.
50 Gerald Hayes ARI 6 Unproven LB with tremendous skills, could be a steal on draft day.
51 Chad Brown NEP 7 Brown is a ruthless pass rusher and dominate, when healthy.
52 Niko Koutouvides SEA 8 Niko will be looking over his shoulder all season at the rookie Tatapu.
53 Steve Foley SDC 10 Excellent rusher from the LB position and is in for another solid season.
54 Brad Kassell TEN 10 Should excel in the middle of this defense, if he keeps the job.
55 Jeff Ulbrich SFO 6 Ulbrich is a solid #3 LB for any fantasy team.
56 Peter Sirmon TEN 10 Sirmon is solid but not spectacular. Very similar to Ulbrich.
57 Gary Brackett IND 8 Brackett is replacing Rob Morris in the middle, but has competition.
58 Robert McCune WAS 3 Rookie will win the MLB spot by midseason if not sooner.
59 Bradie James DAL 9 Needs to cut down on mistakes, solid when he plays.
60 Jay Foreman OAK 5 Leading candidate to win weakside LB spot in Oakland.

Defensive Backs

Rank Player Team Bye Comments
1 Rodney Harrison NEP 7 At least another year as the top DB.
2 Roy Williams DAL 9 Should rebound with the Cowboys new defensive scheme.
3 Ed Reed BAL 3 Playmaker, who needs more tackles to help owners.
4 Troy Polamalu PIT 4 Troy is living up to his potential with every snap.
5 Sean Taylor WAS 3 Taylor is a head case, but has Ed Reed talent.
6 Gibril Wilson NYG 5 Wilson had a huge start to his rookie yr, before being injured.
7 Adrian Wilson ARI 6 Wilson is a scoring machine, but competition is around the corner.
8 Terrance Kiel SDC 10 Kiel had a down yr, but is too talented not to rebound.
9 Erik Coleman NYJ 8 Rookie simply dominated and will be a force for years to come.
10 Madieu Williams CIN 10 Had a huge rookie season, is sophmore slump next?
11 Bob Sanders IND 8 Too high, maybe, but when he played, he was huge in 2004.
12 Michael Lewis PHI 6 Lewis is the man in the Eagles secondary now.
13 Michael Bouleware SEA 8 Second year at SS, should make him top 10 in 2006.
14 Mike Brown CHI 4 Currently listed to take Greens spot at SS.
15 Sammy Knight KCC 5 Shouldn't be hurt by new defensive playmakers.
16 Dunta Robinson HOU 3 As he gets better as a CB, he will drop down this list.
17 Darren Sharper MIN 5 Is this a fall from grace, or the new standard?
18 Ronde Barber TBB 7 Top producing CB, year in, year out.
19 Antoine Winfield MIN 5 One of the best fantasy CB's, 2005 will be not exception.
20 Bryan Scott ATL 8 Will the addition of a real MLB hurt his production.
21 Brian Dawkins PHI 6 Aging, Yes. Still Productive, oh Yes.
22 Adam Archuletta STL 9 A down year in 2004, Adam should rebound slightly.
23 Tony Parish SFO 6 Another DB who should have a rebound season.
24 Kennoy Kennedy DET 3 Change of scenery should help production.
25 Will Demps BAL 3 Will roam free in the 46 defense and should be a tackling machine.
26 Sean Jones CLE 4 Missed all of 2004 season, but Romeo's S's produce.
27 Thomas Davis CAR 7 Hits like Roy Williams, runs like Ed Reed.
28 Nate Clements BUF 9 Clements stepped up his game in 04, is this a sign of things to come?
29 Ken Hamlin SEA 8 The Hammer needs more tackles to rise up this list.
30 Dwight Smith NOS 10 The next Sammy Knight, or Tebucky Jones?
31 Glenn Earl HOU 3 Injured most of rookie season or would be ranked higher now.
32 Terrance Holt DET 3 Has the makings of a solid FS, and should be on the field a ton.
33 Mike Minter CAR 7 Rookie Davis cuts into production for certain.
34 Jay Bellamy NOS 10 Each year they try and replace him, each year he produces.
35 Greg Wesly KCC 5 Signing of Sammy Knight will hurt his opportunities.
36 Lawyer Milloy BUF 9 Aging Vet, who isnt the playmaker he once was.
37 Ken Lucas CAR 7 Left the Hawks for the money in Carolina, tackling machine at CB.
38 Dre Bly DET 3 2004 a down yr or the new standard?
39 Charles Tillman CHI 4 Missed most of 2004, but ability warrants ranking.
40 Marcus Trufant SEA 8 As cover skills improve, opportunities decrease for CB.
41 Chris Gamble CAR 7 Young corner who should excel another year.
42 Brodney Pool CLE 4 Next great ball hawking free safety in the Ed Reed mold.
43 Stuart Schweigert OAK 5 Has the college pedigree to get it done at this level.
44 Shaun Williams NYG 5 Injury cost him most of 04, but should rebound nicely.
45 Tank Williams TEN 10 Due for a monster season, but with it be in 05?
46 Gary Baxter CLE 4 Baxter is changing teams and should be on the field even more.
47 Matt Bowen WAS 3 He is the SS in Washington, not Sean Taylor.
48 Nick Ferguson DEN 9 Takes over for departed Kennoy Kennedy at SS for the Bronco's.
49 Antrell Rolle ARI 6 Every year a rookie CB has a monster year, Rolle is that CB.
50 Eugene Wilson NEP 7 Moves to FS in 05, and should put up solid stats.
51 Chris Hope PIT 4 Will ballhawk for Steeler D, while Poly roams the line of scrimmage.
52 Tebucky Jones MIA 4 Miami wanted him and New Orleans couldnt get rid of him soon enough.
53 Terrance McGee BUF 9 Had a breakout rookie season, but will come back down to earth in 05?
54 Oshiomogho Atogwe STL 9 Has a chance to start at FS as a rookie, but has competition.
55 Lamont Thompson TEN 10 This defense will be on the field alot, Thompson will benefit.
56 Sheldon Brown PHI 6 Made Eagle fans forget Bobby Taylor in his first season as a starter.
57 Derrick Gibson OAK 5 Inconsistent SS, who is good for the occasional big game.
58 Mark Roman GBP 6 The job is his to lose, and the competition is from a rookie.
59 Mike Doss IND 8 Too talented not to list, but has issues that need to be addressed.
60 Anthony Henry DAL 9 Henry is a CB who loves to put a hat on someone in run support.