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Team Defenses Report - Week 2
Darin Tietgen
September 15, 2005

1. Baltimore Oh, those poor Titans. Remember them. Baltimore put up a goose egg against the Colts. Think they’ll exact their revenge on the hapless Titans?

2. Pittsburgh Looked good against the Titans in Week 1, now get the Texans, who looked downright pitiful versus a similarly good Buffalo DEF.

3. Philadelphia Home opener for the Eagles, ready to take Week 1 frustrations out on an overachieving Niner offense. McNabb’s questionable, so the defense will really have to bring its “A” game.

4. Dallas Made some big plays against San Diego, facing what possibly could be the worst offense in the NFL in their home opener.

5. NY Jets – Think HC Edwards is gonna have his boys fired up for their home opener against a division rival? Uh, probably. Yeah.

6. Carolina Facing the Patriots, who make few mistakes, but if there’s a defense that can cause havoc, it’s the Panthers. Expect them to rebound from a disappointing loss to the Saints.

7. Chicago Underrated is an understatement. The Lions’ offense didn’t exactly set the world on fire in preseason and in Week 1 against a pathetic Green Bay defense.

8. New England Like mentioned above, the Panthers don’t make many mistakes, but the Patriot D is very good and you start ‘em if you got ‘em.

9. Cincinnati Sleeper DEF pick of the week. They let their in-state rivals get way too cute on offense Week 1. Will Daunte continue to struggle? If so, the Bengals may roll.

10. Indianapolis Could potentially be much higher on this list. Freeney will get to Leftwich, and the improved Colt secondary will be up to the test.

11. Tampa Bay Home opener for the Bucs. Looked good against the Vikings. J.P. Losman, despite a solid effort last Sunday, is still green.

12. Buffalo Another DEF that potentially could be ranked much, much higher. But the Bucs can control the ball with the best of ‘em.