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Quarterback Watch - Week 2
Scott Boyter
September 13, 2005
Top Ten Fantasy QB’s to own Comment
1 IND Peyton Manning He did just enough, with 254 yards and two TDs against an incredibly stout Raven D, to warrant a stay at the top. If he put up those numbers against the toughest D he’ll probably face this season (and that includes New England), he may get closer to a repeat of 50 TDs than anyone previously thought.
2 STL Marc Bulger Bulger had a spectacular fantasy game in a losing cause, and should follow that up with more huge numbers against the Cardinals.
3 PHI Donovan McNabb McNabb had some pretty pedestrian numbers against Atlanta while playing through a chest injury. But he should be fine, and his numbers should explode in Week 2 against San Francisco at home. The Eagles will be foaming at the mouth for redemption, plus you know T.O. will want to crank it up a couple of notches against his former team.
4 NE Tom Brady Brady gets knocked up a notch through default – mainly because of the slippage of some former top 10 residents. But he also earned retention of his top 5 status with a big game against the Raiders. His real test comes this week on the road against the Panthers.
5 OAK Kerry Collins Collins makes a strong move after his 265-yard, three-TD performance, on the road no less, against the Super Bowl champs. We’ll find out fast whether or not the Chiefs’ defensive showing against the Jets was a mirage.
6 CIN Carson Palmer Palmer’s another one who rises mainly because of the struggles of others. Carving up the pumpkin that is the Browns defense is one thing. Let’s see how he does against what is supposedly an improved Viking pass D. For now, though, Palmer is on the cusp of being a top 5 guy.
7 SD Drew Brees The two picks against Dallas hurt, but he also had two TDs. And he goes up this week against the Denver D, which surrendered 275 yards and two scores to the immortal Gus Frerotte. Brees has an excellent chance at posting big numbers, especially since he gets Antonio Gates back.
8 CAR Jake Delhomme Should have done more against the Saints, but didn’t warrant a drop off of the list. At least not compared to some of the clunkers thrown up by other supposed “elite” QBs in Week 1.
9 JAX Byron Leftwich Squeezes into the top 10 although he only put up decent numbers (252 yards, one TD) against Seattle. He’s here, again, due to the drops of others. But he’s also here because he found a chemistry with Jimmy Smith that was totally non-existent during preseason. Add to that the potential for a track meet in Indy on Sunday, and Leftwich is all of a sudden looking pretty good.
10 KC Trent Green His running backs were just too good against New York to warrant Green having to throw very much. The Raider run D was able to hold Corey Dillon relatively in check last Thursday (he had two scores, but only 63 yards on 23 carries), so maybe K.C. will have to rely on Green’s arm quite a bit more this week.

(Note – this listing considers the rankings of QB’s if a draft was held today)

Climbing Up The Ladder

Gus Frerotte (MIA) – We’ve got to give the guy some love after carving up the Broncos. And he goes up against a Jet D that looked absolutely gutless against the Chiefs.

Trent Dilfer (CLE) – The guy put up pretty strong numbers against the Bengals (278 yards, one TD) and plays the Packers, who have completely lost their Lambeau Field mojo. He’s worth a look if you’re having problems at the position.

Anthony Wright (BAL) – Kyle Boller should be out for a long time with a toe injury, and Wright actually has a couple of potential weapons (Derrick Mason, Todd Heap) to work with, plus a good running game (trust us, it eventually will be). Give Wright a week or two to get acclimated, and he could be worth a free agent look.

Sliding Back

Daunte Culpepper (MIN) – Are you kidding? Culpepper takes a plunge from the top 10 because of a purely putrid performance against the Bucs. He can return quickly with a good game against the Bengals on the road, but he’ll really have to light it up to warrant a return to elite status. Yeah, it seems like we’re being harsh, but he was that pathetic.

Brett Favre (GB) – What in the wide, wide world of sports was that? Three turnovers, no TDs and no first downs in the second half? Against Detroit? With the loss of his best WR for the season in Javon Walker, Favre’s season is already teetering on the edge of total disaster. He may have hung around one season too long. At least he gets the chance to rebound against the Browns.

Kyle Boller (BAL) – He already looked bad against the Colts, and now he’s out for several weeks with a toe injury. Can you say career backup.