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Quarterback Watch - Week 3
Scott Boyter
September 20, 2005
Top Ten Fantasy QB’s to own Comment
1 PHI Donovan McNabb Granted, he was playing against the 49ers, but 342 yards and five TDs against anyone is incredible and warrants at least a one-week stay at the top spot. He could stay here, though, if he performs as expected at home against the Raiders.
2 CIN Carson Palmer You can’t argue with an average of more than 300 yards in two games, plus he’s chipped in five TDs. This week at Chicago should pose a tough test, but he’s done enough to skyrocket to elite fantasy status.
3 IND Peyton Manning OK. A sub-standard week one against Baltimore was understandable, but 122, no TDs and a pick against the Jags is staggering. Manning gets knocked down a couple of pegs, but should be back to the top soon after fattening up on the Browns at home.
4 STL Marc Bulger Bulger had unexpectedly low numbers in Arizona, but he’ll be fine. Home games against the Titans and Seahawks two out of the next three weeks bode well for his potential numbers.
5 NE Tom Brady Steady as it gets – 270 and a TD in a loss to Carolina. He’s in for a potential slip after playing Pittsburgh, but should soon come back to this spot.
6 OAK Kerry Collins The Raiders are 0-2, and Collins showed his penchant for fumbling yet again in the Kansas City game, but you’ve got to love what Randy Moss brings to the Oakland offense. Moss and Porter open the field for deadly screens to Lamont Jordan. Run Collins just about any time you can.
7 PIT Ben Roethlisberger It’s strange to say it, but Big Ben has proven to be a top 10-caliber QB. If he can continue to average 236 and two TDs a week, he’ll help take a lot of fantasy teams to the top.
8 GB Brett Favre Came back with a bang after his Week 1 debacle. In a losing cause he put up 336 yards and three TDs. Yes, it was against the Browns, but those numbers warrant top 10 status. Favre looks to have quickly re-established a connection with Donald Driver as his No. 1 receiver. That being said, don’t be surprised if he takes a dip after playing the Bucs.
9 CLE Trent Dilfer He’s averaging 307 yards and two TDs in two games. It doesn’t matter what defenses he’s faced – those are top 10 numbers. He’ll probably slide after facing the rejuvenated Colt D, but then again, who would have expected his hot start?
10 SEA Matt Hasselbeck Rebounded from a tough first game to go for 281 yards and two scores. Now he gets Arizona at home. Run him and don’t think twice.

(Note – this listing considers the rankings of QB’s if a draft was held today)

Climbing Up The Ladder

Kurt Warner (ARZ) – He suffered a brain cramp at the end of the St. Louis game, but he still had 327 yards, even if he had no scores. He has two real deal receivers in Fitzgerald and Boldin. Now if he only had a running game …

Sliding Back

Jake Delhomme (CAR) – Facing an aroused Saint defense and the Patriots in two consecutive weeks hurt his numbers, and it doesn’t look to get a whole lot better against the Dolphins this week.

Byron Leftwich (JAX) – Showed an incredible amount of guts against the Colts, but had absolutely no production. The leg injury he suffered late in that game looked very bad, and there’s every chance he won’t play against the Jets. Keep a close eye on this situation.

Drew Brees (SD) – What happened to the San Diego offense in the second half? If Marty Schottenheimer listens to the increasingly loud criticism to give the ball more to L.T., Brees’ numbers will fall even farther.

Trent Green (KC) – The Chiefs now have two running threats and a seemingly improved defense. Those factors have meant sharply decreased numbers for Green.

Joey Harrington (DET) – Jeff Garcia’s broken leg may have been the worst thing that could have happened to Harrington, because that took a lot of pressure off of him. Maybe he needs that pressure to perform, who knows? All we know is that, despite being surrounded by players who should be weapons, he’s among the dregs of the league with a 52.3 passer rating.

Daunte Culpepper (MIN) – Here’s all you need to know about Culpepper – Joey Harrington has been worth more fantasy points through two weeks. You could have termed the dropping of Culpepper out of the top 10 after week one a knee-jerk reaction, but not now. Keep him firmly planted on your bench until he shows a pulse – it doesn’t matter how high you drafted him.