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Quarterback Watch - Week 6
Scott Boyter
October 11, 2005
Top Ten Fantasy QB’s to own Comment
1 STL Marc Bulger Bulger keeps on posting big numbers; he leads the league in yardage and is second in TDs thrown. You’ll put up with his interceptions because his production makes them negligible. He’s got tough matchups coming up against Indianapolis and Jacksonville, but the Ram defense is so pathetic he’ll have to keep pitching for the team to have a chance to win.
2 CIN Carson Palmer Palmer keeps rolling along. He had 239 yards and two scores against the No. 2 pass defense, and that’s good enough to keep him rated this high. He gets to feast on the Titans and Packers in upcoming games, so he should stay here for a while.
3 NE Tom Brady An astounding 350-yard, three-TD game in the din of the Georgia Dome propels Brady into the top 3. If Corey Dillon’s leg injury proves to be serious, Brady’s numbers will have to remain huge. They’ll probably have to anyway because the Pats’ pass defense has quickly become a liability due to injuries.
4 IND Peyton Manning He was poised to skyrocket back to the No. 1 slot, but didn’t have the explosive game against San Francisco everyone expected him to. But watch out next Monday night – Manning just might want to show every other team in the NFL that he can bust out any time he wants. The weak Ram pass defense should give him the chance.
5 PHI Donovan McNabb It wasn’t just his horrid numbers against Dallas (131 yards, no TDs) that knocked him from the No. 1 spot. McNabb owners need to be concerned not only about his myriad of injuries, but the fact that the Cowboys provided a blueprint for the rest of the league on how to shut Philly down. Until the Eagles show they can be a threat on the ground, defenses will pressure McNabb straight into mediocrity.
6 SEA Matt Hasselbeck Hasselbeck, who is on pace for 4,200 yards and 23 touchdowns, has quietly placed himself firmly among the fantasy elite. Grab him from some unsuspecting league owner soon, because Hasselbeck should torch Houston, Arizona, St. Louis and San Francisco in upcoming weeks.
7 NYG Eli Manning Little brother slips due to being on a bye. But all of a sudden, next week’s meeting with Dallas doesn’t quite look like the fantasy fest it did a couple of weeks ago. But then again, the Giants, unlike Philadelphia, have an actual running game, so Manning should still post strong numbers.
8 DAL Drew Bledsoe The yo-yo pulls Bledsoe back up into the top 10, especially after his incredible performance against a strong Philly D. At least they were strong until they visited Texas Stadium. The Giants rank next to last in pass defense, so a rise on this list looks like a good bet. After New York, Bledsoe will take on the vulnerable Seattle and Arizona defenses.
9 CAR Jake Delhomme Another steady game for Delhomme (243 yards, two TDs), albeit a bit disappointing one against a weak Cardinal pass D. Don’t look for an explosion against the Lions this weekend, but with Steve Smith every game has that potential for Delhomme.
10 SD Drew Brees Solid but unsectacular Monday nighter for Brees (219 yards and a single TD). Should bounce back this week facing the Raiders and their very suspect pass defense.

(Note – this listing considers the rankings of QB’s if a draft was held today)

Climbing Up The Ladder

Josh McCown (AZ) – McCown one again flirted with the 400-yard mark, this time against at least a somewhat respectable defense in Carolina. At the very least, McCown should keep Kurt Warner on the bench long enough to torch the Titans. But after the bye, it’s anyone’s guess where Dennis Green will turn.

Mark Brunell (WAS) – You’ve got to give the guy credit for putting up 322 yards and two scores against the Broncos – in Denver, no less. Upcoming games against the Chiefs, 49ers and Giants make Brunell someone worth acquiring.

Matt Schaub (ATL) – Enjoy it while it lasts, Matt. His 298-yard, three-TD day against the Pats was impressive, but Schaub should be back to riding the pine this week against the Saints. If Michael Vick should again sit out, however, Schaub will definitely be worth considering.

Sliding Back

Brian Griese (TB) – It looks like Cadillac is indeed the engine driving the Buc offense, because without him Griese’s numbers plummeted to 226 yards and no TDs against the Jets.

J.P. Losman (BUF) – Kelly Holcomb scored the “W” against the Dolphins, so Losman will probably be sitting for at least another week. Not that you were using him anyway. At least we hope you weren’t.

Aaron Brooks (NO) – Brooks was beyond horrible against the weak Packer defense, managing only three points and committing three turnovers. To make matters worse, early reports stated that Deuce McAllister tore his ACL and will be out for the rest of the season, spelling disaster for Brooks and every other Saint’s fantasy performances. Steer very clear.